The Heirs


Section:Korean Dramas


Number of Episodes:20


Language: Korean

Korean Title: 상속자들

Average Rating:       (out of 1 rating)

Also Known As: The Inheritors / Heirs: He Who Wears the Crown Must Bear Its Weight


Heirs is about the young, rich inheritors of affluent Korean families. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) is the second son of Empire Group Corporation, born from a mistress and exiled to Los Angeles. He is ashamed of his birth secret and craves love from his step-brother, Kim Won, who shuns him. Tan meets and falls for Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), a poor girl working multiple part-time jobs. Her mute mom is the housekeeper at Kim Tan's household. Through a welfare program by Tan's father, Eun Sang gets to attend the elite Empire Group High School but will her secret of being poor be revealed? And will she and Tan be able to bypass the huge gap in their lives to be together? Kim Woo Bin plays bully Choi Young Do, the rich ex-best friend of Kim Tan and enters this love triangle.


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The Heirs

Reviewed by: sukting June 10, 2015

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Year produced2013How long20 episodesStory1. Park Shin-hye as Che En SangDown-to-earth and very law-abiding, she diligently works part-time jobs to support herself and her mother, and gets caught in a love triangle between Tan and Ying Dao. She lives in Tan's home, since her mother is a live-in housekeeper. She grows up with Chan Rong, her best friend, and is enrolled in Di Guo High School on a welfare scholarship.Tan comes...

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01-10-2014 02:58 AM


I only gave it two stars because of the great supporting actors'performances. The roles of the leads were both victims, victims, victims. It was insulting to both Min-ho and Shin-Hae. I don't know why they signed on for the abuse. Terrible plot!


11-21-2013 04:32 PM


Too many staredowns and slow pace. Definitely wish it was KWB PSH pairing instead.


10-16-2013 10:31 PM


Very similar to Boys Over Flowers synopsis with lots of rich guys and one poor main girl character.

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