The Trio

Reviewed by: sukting

July 18, 2005

Rating: three

How long
20 episodes

Do you wish to see how Ryu Jin acts before 'Summer Scent'? How does he pair up with Kim So Yeon? This serial may be able to satisfy your curiosity. This is a story of 3 friends - their closeness and their rivalry in work and love.


The Liu family tries to escape from killers in Malaysia with Zai Wen's help. The public asks - is Da Wang unable or unwilling to return? Yun Xiu tries to stall more time for him to return and Rui Ying refuses to divulge more information although the reporters pester her. Zai Wen manages to shake off the killers after killing them in the water. Initially, Jun Qi and others think that he drowns but are relieved when he comes out of the water.

All return to Seoul on the plane. Da Wang gives Jun Qi the first watch he owns and he treasures it. Upon reaching the airport, one sniper shoots Da Wang at the head from far although the three friends have gotten tighten security. Jun Qi's face is covered with Da Wang's blood as he carries him in his arms. The sniper is engaged by sent by Da Wang's second son and Jun Qi's half brother, Jun Yu.

The flashback goes to 20 years ago when the friends are little children. As a younger child, Yun Xiu is the son of a politician who never wins in elections. He becomes the target for many classmates. Jun Qi comes to stay in this small town for a new life. (Surprise, surprise, the young Jun Qi is the actor who acts as the young Cheng Jun in 'Staircase to heaven' who looks about the same except that he is shorter.) Jiang Xi is a kindhearted lady who has a touched life. He is unaware that he is the illegible son of Da Wang who is the owner of a huge company, RiRae electronics.

Zai Wen is an orphan who fights to protect all younger orphanage siblings. The three are the best of friends since young and enjoy cycling. One day, they knock into Rui Ying on the way to school. Jun Qi accidentally falls on top of her and get embarrassed. He is attracted to her and so is Yun Xiu. She is the daughter of a politician, Shang Min. Zai Wen likes Yun Xiu's younger sister, Yun Zhen.

As adults, a horrendous accidental murder is caused by an evil classmate Ming Tai. This keeps the 3 away from Rui Ying. (Please do not ask me how and why it happens because I missed two episodes. But it has definitely something to do with Rui Ying.)This accident changes Zai Wen for worse as he turns from an athlete to a gangster after his release from jail. Years later, Yun Xiu fights hard to be a politician and has a girlfriend, Mei Li who works as a political secretary to a politician.

Jun Qi becomes president of a small computer programming company, 3D Leader. Zai Wen drifts apart from Yun Xiu because Yun Xiu doesn't want a gangster friend to ruin his reputation. But Jun Qi is still close to him. As the 3 drift apart due to politics, many obstacles test their friendship.

Yun Zhen brings food to Jiang Xi to pass to Jun Qi. She is concerned as he works late and is getting thinner. Yun Zhen is devastated when her grandmother dies and Yun Xiu rushes home to get prepared for the wake. Jun Qi and Zai Wen come along too. Zai Wan chides Yun Xiu for neglecting his family and quarrel outside the casket. Jun Qi tries his best to pacify them.

Mei Li calls Yun Xiu to meet an important politician, Wang at night. He is fed up to be at her beck and call but she reminds him not to let go of the chance. Both guys are appalled when Yun Xiu removes his mourning clothes and leaves. What can be more important than his own grandmother's funeral? Upon seeing Yun Zhen upset, Zai Wen wears the clothes to save the Zhang family from embarrassment. (This is a must watch scene to find out how heartless Yun Xiu is and how sensible Zai Wen is.)

Yun Zhen tries to dissuade Du Pai from drinking. Zai Wen is worried as she has not slept for 3 days during the mourning period. He follows her and his car too behind them (because his henchman drives it.) She gets fed up and yells at him to leave her alone. Letting them follow her makes her feel shameful. Zai Wen stops as he feels hurt but still continues following her later.

Jun Qi is disappointed that Yun Xiu keeps from him that Rui Ying is back from the US. Both drink together and Yun Xiu explains that he doesn't keep it from him deliberately. Jun Qi decides to ask Rui Ying out to let the feelings return to 10 years ago. He calls Zai Wen who is outside the Zhang eatery, observing how Yun Zhen works. He isn't eager and doesn't even wish to hear the name. He even asks Jun Qi why he is so excited to meet his first love. Jun Qi sends flowers to Run Ying's company and she is delighted.

She meets Yun Xiu and Jun Qi with the flowers. The guys don't change at all. They listen to the first song that she learns with her violin at a restaurant. Jun Qi mentions that she doesn't seem to force herself to learn the musical instrument. He likes the way she plays it. But Rui Ying wants to forget everything, including them so she gives up playing the violin. But Jun Qi points out that she can't forget as she appears in front of them again. Jun Qi sends her home in his car.

Rui Ying is amused. The only change is that there is no bicycle but a car is there to send her home. Yun Xiu will make fun of her while Jun Qi wants her to walk in quickly so that her parents will not be worried. Jun Qi walks past a shop and sees a violin so he buys it. Rui Ying recalls on the day she left, both guys charge to see her on their bicycles - being unable to dissuade her from leaving, they tell her to take care. Rui Ying places her hand on Jun Qi's hand and both part reluctantly. (I must say that Wen Xiu looks too old as a student although he doesn't gel his hair.)

Jun Qi is distracted at work. He needs to find an investor to inject funds for his company. His high school rival, Wu Ming Tai wants 34% of the company shares so he has to think over. Mei Li calls Yun Xiu. Yun Xiu is preoccupied with Rui Ying so he answers the call unwillingly. Mei Li is willing to do anything for Yun Xiu but doesn't wish to hear 'thank you' from him all the time. He then says 'I love you' twice over the phone. In case you wonder why she makes such a request - to get more support for Yun Xiu, she is going to sleep with an old politician, Senator Wang in a hotel room - what a big sacrifice! Before she removes her clothes in the bathroom, she weeps.

Mei Li wants Yun Xiu to stay away from his family as his humble background will lower his chances. Yun Xiu is frustrated and meets Rui Ying. He feels better after that. Yun Xiu gives a public speech and Zai Wen accuses him of cheating the public by raising the property prices and involved in killings. In the end, the public throws eggs at him and he is angry for being humiliated. Zai Wen has meant to give him a lecture but doesn't expect this to happen. So he walks over to him with a handkerchief.

Yun Xiu brushes his hand away and chides him for ruining his chance. Zai Wen scolds him back for not being at his grandmother's funeral - what a hypocrite to talk about helping the public! Yun Xiu then reminds him of his gangster status and how does he know about family ties since he is an orphan? Both vow not to let each other off and Yun Xiu drives away before Rui Ying can get him. Rui Ying is also present at the lecture hall to see what has happened.

Zai Wen has tea with Rui Ying reluctantly. She knows that he has undergone hardships and she apologises. He is unhappy - she just went off when she is unhappy and leaves him in the lurch. He can never forgive her. She asks why he doesn't treat Yun Xiu better? He asks whether this is her main purpose to talk to him. She has no right to tell him anything as he worries him more than her. She replies that she has no burden now after seeing him. She has felt remorseful earlier but no more now.

Zai Wen reminds her - if he hasn't killed and been in jail before, he will not be what is today. She feels bad again. Mei Li gets a reporter to interview Yun Xiu, hoping to 'clean' his image. But he is angry when the reporter mentions about the earlier commotion and charges away. Zai Wen goes to the market with Yun Zhen and helps her to carry her things. Her tone softens upon seeing him helping her.

Yun Xiu has dinner with Rui Ying. She learns from him that Zai Wen is mad at him because of Yun Zhen because he feels he doesn't treat her well as she takes care of the whole family. Rui Ying doesn't know the details and thinks that he is too busy to care for the public to find time for his own family. She even says that his father must be proud of him now. After the meeting, he is being kidnapped and badly beaten.

Rui Ying hears the commotion over the handphone when she calls him and informs the police. Jun Qi
invents a new program and the company employees are impressed. The two rush to the scene to see Yun Xiu's empty car. He accompanies her upon seeing her shaky. Du Pai is worried and suspects to be Zai Wen's doing. Zai Wen denies and is sure that his henchmen don't do it. Poor man - Du Pai and Yun Zhen don't believe him although he kneels to them. Du Pai even kneels back to him and is frustrated when he thinks Zai Wen doesn't want to let Yun Xiu off! He complains this to Jiang Xi.

Zai Wen asks Yun Zhen - does he think that he will harm Yun Xiu? Zai Wen can't tolerate the way he neglects them. Yun Zhen replies that she works hard to help Yun Xiu out so that he will not worry about the family. So it is none of his business as she does it willingly. Sigh - it doesn't pay to be nice. She runs out and cries into Jun Qi's arm to Zai Wen's disappointment. Jun Qi assures her that Yun Xiu will be back. He is worried for him too. Zai Wen is sure that his men don't do it.

Jun Qi suggests Zai Wen to leave the underworld. Zai Wen looks at him - does he feel humiliated to have him as a friend? He shakes his head - but if Yun Zhen sees him being hardworking to do something else, she will treat him better. Zai Wen shoots back - doesn't he know that Yun Zhen likes him? He should tell her earlier to give him up instead of wasting her time. Zai Wen finds Yun Xiu a hypocrite.

Jun Qi sees through Zai Wen - he will scold Yun Xiu but he is still with him. Both are born loggerheads so Yun Xiu should be back to pickle with him. Zai Wen sighs as he is genuinely worried about him. Yun Xiu is found at a deserted warehouse and is sent to hospital because he is badly beaten. Rui Ying rushes there and sees Jun Qi. Jun Qi assures her that Yun Xiu is fine. Yun Zhen sulks upon seeing the two together and greets Rui Ying unwillingly. Zai Wen decides to seek the real culprits out to clear his name.

Everyone envies Yun Zhen for having a capable brother but she doesn't feel so. She sees Zai Wen and scolds him for pretending to show concern to Yun Xiu. He leaves the fruit basket and the wine on the ground before leaving. Yun Zhen never expects him to leave as she is only putting a forced front. Mei Li visits Yun Xiu and learns that the kidnappers blindfold him so he knows little. She wants him to make use of this chance to be famous again. He says coldly that it seems that she is happy to see this happening to him although she denies.

Rui Ying and Jun Qi have a drink to celebrate Yun Xiu's return. Mei Li wishes Yun Xiu to consider visiting her parents after his discharge but he is indifferent. Rui Ying visits Yun Xiu and sees him playing with the child patients, thinking that he is a caring person. This is very wrong indeed when she kisses him!
Zai Wen finds the culprits and forces the truth out of them - he is shocked to know that Yun Xiu plans his own kidnap in order to secure sympathy votes.

Zai Wen is unhappy with this discovery but tells his henchmen not to tell others. He wants to keep it a secret. Zai Wen's big boss is angry with his act for not informing him so he beats Zai Wen up. Zai Wen asks Yun Zhen what happens if she finds her brother to be a big cheat. Her reply is she will stand beside him regardless what happens because both are siblings.

Mei Li meets Rui Ying in the hospital with Yun Xiu and is unhappy. She reminds him that he should stay away from other women to prevent negative rumours from spreading. He is so fed up with her that he refuses to eat the sushi that she prepares for him. Jun Qi is troubled when debtors come to ask for payment and he isn't ready with the money. The police discover that Zai Wen also look for the same kidnappers and question him but he lies that he looks for them because they injure his henchmen. How can he be close to Yun Xiu as he has humiliated him in public earlier?

Yun Zhen has trouble paying for the eatery's rent so Zai Wen asks his henchman to pass the money to her. She refuses to accept and slaps the envelope on his lap. This injures him again and he jumps. She shakes her head - is he involved in a fight again? Why can't he find a decent job like Jun Qi and Yun Xiu? He doesn't answer and still places the envelope in her hand. She takes it unwillingly and promises to pay him interest. Jun Qi is forced to see Xian Tai and he now wants 49% of his shares. Two employees leave when they do not get their salary but the other two still stick with him.

He gets himself drunk and Rui Ying is worried. Jun Qi has 3 wishes - one is not to let Jiang Xi work so hard. Another is to give all his employees a stable salary. He doesn't dare to mention the last wish - that is to be with her. She wants him to be strong as in the past. There was an assignment which all deem it impossible to complete but Jun Qi succeeded. He can't be weak otherwise his employees will not trust him.

Yun Xiu is discharged and even the taxi driver recognizes him. He tells Yun Xiu to work hard and he is proud over it. Rui Ying brings Yun Xiu to watch a movie and Mei Li is displeased that he doesn't tell her that he has discharged. Shang Min isn't happy to see Yun Xiu when he sends Rui Ying home. Yun Xiu is equally unhappy and keeps all Mei Li's things in a box when he is home.

He visits Jun Qi and wonders why he is in a worse shape than him to sleep in his company. Jun Qi suddenly gets a call and prepares for his presentation. His presentation is successful but the company refuses to give him the distribution rights. His employees are worried that Yun Xiu will sell his shares to land them into trouble but Jun Qi believes that he will not do so as they are so close. He has to approach Ming Tai. Ming Tai forces him to sign on the documents. After Jun Qi signs them, his employees inform him that someone is investing 1 million won into their company.

Jun Qi keeps his seal. Ming Tai gives a wicked grin - who will expect that they will be partners 10 years later although they are bitter enemies? Jun Qi suddenly tears the papers and throws the pieces at him before leaving. He tells Jiang Xi the good news outside the building. Da Wang's car goes past and Da Wang sees him. Ming Tai is angry and calls up the company, demanding to know why it suddenly wants the deal as it isn't interested earlier. Jun Qi celebrates the success with Zai Wen.

Mei Li shops with Yun Xiu to get him new clothes but he is impatient with her. She comes to his home to find all her things in a box. He suggests a breakup and she is shattered. Yun Xiu has given up on her upon knowing that she is the mastermind behind his kidnap. Shang Min wants Rui Ying to leave Yun Xiu as he is untrustworthy. He must be getting close to her because she is rich. He shows her the photographs of him with Mei Li together. Rui Ying is badly affected as she recalls seeing Mei Li at the hospital and her mother supports Shang Min's decision too.

Mei Li wishes Yun Xiu to leave Rui Ying but he refuses so she cries. He then meets Rui Ying and wants her to stand beside him and believe him. Jun Qi gets flowers for Rui Ying to meet for their date. He drops the flowers upon seeing the two hugging together. He then drives away in tears in his car. (That is a very sad scene as his eyes turn red with tears.) Mei Li also stops her car and cries in her car too.

Yun Xiu admits that he has been with Mei Li for 4 years and she is his junior. But he doesn't love her now. Rui Ying is frustrated - how can he lie to her that he is unattached earlier? She leaves in haste. Jun Qi drinks in despair and Zai Wen joins him. He asks whether it is because of Rui Ying upon seeing the violin with him. Is it because she is now with Yun Xiu? He should hate him.

Zai Wen brings him to Yun Zhen's eatery and wants her to get Jun Qi's favourite fish soup. It upsets Zai Wen to see that she goes to another shop to get it for Jun Qi upon discovering that she has sold all. But he allows her to do so because he knows she is happy to do something for someone she loves.

Zai Wen wants wine but Yun Zhen warns him not to give it to Jun Qi who is already drunk. But he still helps himself to it. Yun Zhen is furious to see Jun Qi drinking when back and scolds Zai Wen. Jun Qi flares up - why is she so harsh to Zai Wen as he is the one doing the wrong thing? He storms out of the shop and Zai Wen follows him. He is also fed up with her - does he only have Jun Qi in her eyes?

How does she think he feels to see her treating Jun Qi so well? Jun Qi assures him that he is fine and he can also accept this fate. Zai Wen understands - although they know it and are angry to feel a stab in the heart, the pain can't be avoided. Yun Zhen runs out to pass the violin to Jun Qi.

Why is he with it? Does he want to give it to Rui Ying? Why is he so stupid? Jun Qi accepts it silently and looks at the river. I have thought that he wanted to throw it into the river…but he only carries it to walk away. How misleading this scene can be! He returns home and Jiang Xi places him on the bed. He murmured Rui Ying's name and Jiang Xi looks at he violin too.

Now it is Yun Zhen's turn to get drunk. Zai Wen tries to stop her drinking in vain. She cries - she has liked Jun Qi since young. Why doesn't he love her? She has protested against Zai Wen to carry her on his back but has to give in because her legs turn stiff from the cold. She wonders - she isn't pretty and not adorable since she scolds him but he assures her that to him, she is.

He recalls the time he hits Yun Xiu and she strikes him back to protect him. She jokes - why is it so easy to bully him? Why isn't he angry with her? His reply - whenever he is angry or sad, he will forget about it upon seeing her face. So she must not cry to upset him. She is silent but touched by his words. Rui Ying is in tears before going to sleep while Yun Xiu gets drunk.

Jiang Xi talks to Jun Xi when he wakes up in the morning. She will not tell him to forget Rui Ying but can only encourage him to work harder. She is curious to know his future other half. Jun Qi hugs her from behind to thank her for being so accommodating. Rui Ying removes her handphone battery when Yun Xiu tries to call her. Jun Qi's project is a success so the ex-employees return to work for him.

Mei Li talks to Jun Qi and Jun Qi starts to suspect Yun Xiu's motive towards Rui Ying. Still, he is gentle to wish them well and warns him not to hurt her like hurting Mei Li. Otherwise he will not let him off. Mei Li asks Rui Ying out to find out what kind of person she is. She tells her that Yun Xiu is power hungry and ambitious to climb to the top. Rui Ying doesn't believe her and still wants to help Yun Xiu in his career. Mei Li gives a crooked grin - Yun Xiu allows her to sleep with other men. Can she do it?

Rui Ying then discovers that she doesn't know Yun Xiu at all. So when Mrs Cai wants to matchmake her with other men, she isn't in the mood. Mei Li goes to see Shang Min to poison Yun Xiu too while Rui Ying is finally convinced by Yun Xiu in the park when he begs her not to leave him. Yun Zhen isn't happy to see them together but Du Pai is delighted. Shang Min is so angry with them that he slaps Rui Ying.

Yun Xiu is unhappy with Mei Li seeing Shang Min while she still tries to win him back, telling him that he still needs her help to consolidate his position. He tells her to leave him alone but she threatens to make their affair public. To her dismay, he welcomes it. Jun Qi's work is appreciated and Jun Qi is moved to tears. Zai Wen tells Yun Xiu that Jun Qi's company is doing well. He frowns when she keeps singing praises about him and even leaves him to prepare Jun Qi's favourite food.

Zai Wen meets Yun Xiu to congratulate him. Both quarrel but still drink together. Zai Wen realizes that he has wronged Yun Xiu after knowing that the real ambitious person is Mei Li. Yun Xiu is angry to find Mei Li at his home that he returns her her house key and demands to have his key back for a clean breakup. She is angry with him for doing this.

The next day, he goes for tea with Rui Ying and Jun Qi. But later, he is forced to see the Senator Jin. Jun Qi receives Mei Li's call and meets her with Rui Ying. Yun Xiu is furious when Jin refuses to back him up to give him a seat in parliament and says that he gives him money voluntarily. Meanwhile, Jun Qi is confused when Mei Li asks has duplicated copies of him running for election. This ruins Yun Xiu's chances because many MPs back him up. Rui Ying thinks that he does it deliberately and refuses to listen to him.

Zai Wen enjoys seeing Yun Zhen working and she softens giving him extra food to bring him. But she refuses to admit it, saying that they are extra food. Yun Zhen learns about the ugly secret when Zai Wen talks to his henchmen. She walks alone in the cold. Zai Wen sees it and covers her with his coat. She worries that he will get into trouble. He tells her that he will be busy for some time and she weeps secretly and wants him to call her no matter how late it is. She later returns home and cries, clinging on to the coat.

Jun Qi returns home and tells Jiang Xi about it. Jiang Xi guesses that it is Da Wang's doing so she goes to see him. She tells him that Jun Qi is uninterested in politics but he cites that he is planning for his future as he can see his potential. Shang Min frowns when seeing Zai Wen close to Yun Xiu but still demands him to check on the case. Zai Wen warns Jun Qi of the dangerous Mei Li. Rui Ying tries to cheer a disappointed Yun Xiu and he blames Jun Qi for his predicament. Jun Qi can't explain the matter as he is also clueless.

Jiang Xi persuades Jun Qi to run for election. Yun Zhen bursts into tears when Zai Wen comes to see her in a piece. Jun Qi considers it and decides to run for Yun Xiu's sake. So now he is in the limelight now. Reporters start interviewing Jun Qi at his new workplace. The new investor has provided him a new office, claiming to inject more funds and hires more employees too. Da Wang steals a glance at him before leaving, signaling to Jiang Xi not to arouse Jun Qi's attention.

Rui Ying comes to congratulate him when he shows her the new conference room in his office. Yun Xiu meets Senator Song before Mei Li comes to console him upon seeing him drinking. Does he want to lose to Jun Qi? She drags her home and sleeps with him for the night. She deliberately opens the door for Rui Ying only wearing her lingerie the next morning. (This reminds me how Shi Lan does to Han Ni in 'Tomato' too.) So Rui Ying runs away in tears while Yun Xiu chases Mei Li away after knowing what has happened.

Yun Xiu refuses to meet Jun Qi while Rui Ying parts with Yun Xiu. She decides to help Jun Qi in his election campaign. Yun Xiu cries for a while (I never expect a man to do that) and decides to pit against Jun Qi in the same constituency. Rui Ying gets resources for Jun Qi. Zai Wen is also around and both guys are shocked that Rui Ying doesn't know about it. She lies that she is too busy to find out and hurries to walk away. Jun Qi offers to give her a lift but she rejects him upon seeing him so busy.

Zai Wen goes after her. Both are still having bad ties. Zai Wen is a weird guy. He is glad that she knows the truth but he doesn't like her to desert Yun Xiu to fend on his own. Rui Ying tries in vain to talk Yun Xiu out of it - she has lost trust in him so why beg him now? Zai Wen arranges Yun Xiu to meet Jun Qi. The three sit together but the two have a heated argument later. Jun Qi can't tolerate the accusation that he chooses to get close to Rui Ying by using this method.

Jun Qi wonders why he changes so much while Zai Wen replies that this is his usual self. Rui Ying checks the popularity figures and is glad that Jun Qi is doing well. Yun Xiu warns Zai Wen not to get too close to Yun Zhen and scolds her for associating with a gangster to ruin his image. Yun Zhen retorts that he has disregarded his family's existence all along and insists of going out with Zai Wen. Zai Wen is touched when she watches movies with him. Obviously his big boss isn't happy with what he is doing.

Du Pai happens to see them together and later finds Mrs Zhang touching Yun Xiu' face on the poster. He gets so angered that he slaps her on the street. Zai Wen manages to stop him and learns that she has deserted them to run away with another young man when both siblings are young. She is later cheated of her money and is a grocer now. She begs to see Yun Xiu but he rejects her. Du Pai thinks lowly of Zai Wen and forbids him to woo Yun Zhen.

The tension heats up when both candidates give speeches. Their poor friends have no choice but to listen to all rallies that both hold. The final round comes when both are competing together on the same spot. All have a shock of their lives when Yun Xiu claims that Jun Qi's campaign comes from secret influential support and regards it as a scandal. Xiang Xi faints into Zai Wen's arms upon hearing it. Du Pai is angry with him for doing this as he himself doesn't do that to opponents during his past elections.

Du Pai nearly bursts when Yun Xiu regards him too soft to his rivals and that is why he never wins. Du Pai doesn't know how to apologise to Xiang Xi. Jun Qi is surrounded by reporters and is having a headache on how to explain about it. Zai Wen's big boss is brought back for questioning by the police by placing drugs among crabs and also for messing up the election campaigns. He is so angry that he gets his men to beat Yun Xiu up. He has wanted Zai Wen to destroy Jun Qi's chances but he helps Jun Qi instead. Zai Wen doesn't harm Wen Xiu's gang so as not to offend both friends. Zai Wen decides to quit the underworld for good when he sees what has happened.

Yun Zhen walks home and wonders if Zai Wen gets into trouble again. He behaves oddly by telling her to stay with Mrs Zhang for the time being and close the eatery for a few days. He is afraid that his gang will harm her and leaves his necklace with her after kissing her forehead. She leaves after informing Du Pai. Zai Wen's henchman takes the rap and goes into hiding with Zai Wen.

Yun Xiu is discharged and Mei Li wishes him to treat her as before but he declines. She still thinks that he has hopes for the election. It is voting day and the two guys meet again. The counting of votes begins and all the friends look nervously at the television report. Jun Qi is the winner - winning Yun Xiu by 2%. He wishes to stop the cold war between them but Yun Xiu refuses. Jun Qi explains his stand on the election - he agrees to it because he doesn't wish to be intimidated by the underworld.

Why can't Jun Qi do the same as Yun Xiu? Yun Xiu refuses to believe him. Jun Qi worries over Zai Wen's disappearance - aren't they responsible for it? Wang praises Jun Qi for doing well. Jun Qi may not notice but he is as ambitious as Yun Xiu. No wonder both can be friends. Jun Qi requests Rui Ying to see him in the parliament office. He needs her to find resources for him. But she is too busy to help him out.

She wonders why he gets her company to do it since he has enough manpower now. Jun Qi is more assured to work with her. Mei Li sees them together and informs Yun Xiu. She believes that he will win the next round. Yun Xiu stresses that they can't be together again although Rui Ying leaves him. Shang Min tells Rui Ying to move back home.

Mei Li asks Jun Qi out. She finds Rui Ying a loose woman to leave her man when he is in trouble. She reveals that why the two break up. Mei Li doesn't deny that her 4 year bond with Yun Xiu is definitely stronger than Rui Ying's feelings. Jun Qi finds his parliament work too busy and interferes with his management of 3D Leader. He asks Rui Ying out to find out what is happening.

Rui Ying is uneasy to face him since he asks her out late at night. She reveals she breaks up with Wen Xiu. Zai Wen doesn't want her to be a two-timer to switch between Yun Xiu and Jun Qi. She is at first annoyed by his remark but now realizes that he is right. (Zai Wen sure has a clear mind!) She hopes Jun Qi will give her more time. Regardless if she is Yun Xiu's girlfriend, it is unchangeable that she is still Rui Ying.

Jun Qi raises the issue of pollution by RiRae Electronics. Jun Yu is angered and reveals Jun Qi's identity of his half brother to Yun Xiu. Da Wang is not happy with the accusation but he is contented that Jun Qi is upright. He has not realised the problem even though he is the company's chairman. He decides that it is about time to let Jun Qi know the truth. Zai Wen is stabbed but still runs to protect Yun Zhen upon learning that she is kidnapped. The police arrests all the gangsters and he touches her face before fainting.

Du Pai is angry that Yun Zhen's arm is put on cast although she tells him that Zai Wen saves her. Jiang Xi hopes that Yun Xiu will not blame Zai Wen or Jun Qi for her ordeal. Zai Wen's henchman is fed up - why must he be hurt because of them? What is the meaning of the trio? To him, the other two are selfish and Zai Wen is the only one caring for them.

The operation is a success and they only have to wait for Zai Wen to wake up. Jun Qi is apologetic towards him. Zai Wen never lets any mishap to happen to both of them. Du Pai is angry that Mrs Zhang visits Yun Zhen. Zai Wen calls for Yun Zhen in a coma and she allows him to touch her face in tears. Jun Qi is shy upon seeing both so close together. Both guys have owed him too much but Zai Wen holds his hand to give him a reassuring smile.

Mrs Cui recognizes Jun Qi from the newspaper and wonders what the two guys are up to by running against each other in the same constituency. She is puzzled on why she chooses Yun Xiu as she finds Jun Qi a fine man after meeting him on an occasion. She suspects that Rui Ying has broken up with Yun Xiu as she doesn't mention about him now. Jun Qi informs Rui Ying about his new company product coming up but she is too busy to come over.
Yun Zhen knows how terrible hospital food is and decides to cook for Zai Wen the next time. Jun Qi raises the issue of the polluted water issue caused by RiRae Electronics to harm human health. His 2 elder brothers are enraged. Mei Li still pesters Yun Xiu by luring him to see her and lying that she has a car accident. She forces him to meet Senator Jin and Wang with her.

Jun Qi's new product fails and the stock market crashes. Jun Qi apologises for the blunder. He denies the rumour that his company is in trouble. Yun Xiu reads the news and Jun Qi realizes that Ming Tai is behind it. Ming Tai disposes Jun Qi as GM to take over the position as the biggest shareholder. Although they are classmates, he can't help it. Jun Qi never knows that he is so interested in his company. Jun Qi sees the transferring of shares documents by Yun Xiu and is stunned.

Ming Tai sneers that their so-called bond is broken for good. Jun Qi confronts Yun Xiu - why sell the shares without telling him? Yun Xiu sees nothing wrong with it as he needs the money. But how can he give them to Ming Tai? Yun Xiu realizes that he is being tricked as although he dislikes Jun Qi now, he will not do such a nasty thing to hi. But he refuses to tell him that he sells them to Jun Yu. He is fed up - Jun Qi's father will definitely not leave him in the lurch. Why is he acting like he doesn't know that he is the son of RiRae Electronics? How can he keep his real identity from them?

Jun Qi is taken aback as Jiang Xi tells him that his natural father is dead. He recalls how his classmates label him as a bastard to take on his mother's surname. Jiang Xi admits that she was only 24 then and Da Wang was married. So she left him to forget him only to realize that she was pregnant. She wanted to treat him dead so she told Jun Qi that. Da Wang didn't know of his existence till she saw Jun Qi in financial difficulties so she approaches him.

Jun Qi closes his eyes in anguish - is this for his own good to plan his future? At first, he has thought that Yun Xiu's accusation is bitter over his defeat as a sore loser. Now his nomination to be a Senator and having connections is real. He calls Rui Ying, wishing her to accompany him for a drink. She tells him that she has returned home and wonders if anything happens to him. He drives to office to stay for the night.

Du Pai is angry with Yun Zhen for transferring money into Zai Wen's account to pay the hospital bills. Zai Wen is jobless and how to give him a chance? He can treat Zai Wen as his son but definitely not a son-in-law. Zai Wen's henchman wonders why Zai Wen only does things for others. Rui Ying reads news on Jun Qi's company and calls him but it becomes his turn not wanting to see her now.

Jun Qi tells Jiang Xi that he will settle his company affairs on his own. He has no impression of his father and can't let go the strong feelings in disliking Da Wang. Rui Ying is unable to make him feel better. He regrets not being as brave as Yun Xiu to declare his feelings for her. Yun Zhen sneaks to visit Zai Wen in hospital from home. She is alarmed seeing him sitting in the cold on the bench and scolds him. What happens if he catches flu? He is confused so he goes there to do some serious thinking.

Will she be fortunate to be with him? She replies that she will as long as he isn't a gangster. They must not give up because of Du Pai. Jun Qi's workers see Jun Qi at parliament house. Jun Qi wants him to look for other small shareholders to help out since they already have 32% of the shares. Wang wants Jun Qi to stop the investigation of the RiRae case from the top's instruction. Senator Jin also applies the pressure. Jun Qi gets a call from Da Wang but he has nothing to say to him.

Rui Ying finally knows what is wrong with Jun Qi. She is also at a loss what he should do. But Jun Qi decides to fight for his own rights. Jun Yu wants Yun Xiu to pass all important documents to him. Zai Wen sneaks out of hospital to see Yun Xiu upon learning what has happened. Yun Xiu explains to Rui Ying that he sells the shares to get a senator post but never expects Ming Tai to set the trap. Rui Ying regrets knowing a person like him and even loved him before.

Da Wang arranges to have a meal with Jun Qi but he is still angry with him. Zai Wen accuses Yun Xiu for ruining Jun Qi and happens to see the document. He gives up on him after punching him in the face. Yun Xiu doesn't have to see him again as forgiving his own family is good enough. Rui Ying finds Jun Qi sitting on her doorstep. He declares his feelings for her now. She walks away hurriedly but agrees to consider to make him delighted.

Yun Zhen worries upon finding Zai Wen missing and informs Jun Qi. Both are relieved on his return. Jun Qi hopes he treats Rui Ying better. It is not that Zai Wen dislikes her but he doesn't like her to come between the 2 guys. So he will not oppose to them together. Zai Wen learns about his parentage but doesn't know how to console him. Jun Qi can vouch to him that he wins the election with a clear conscience.

Mei Li senses that Yun Xiu is moody. Yun Xiu realizes that Jun Yu sends a tape to the parliament house on deframing Jun Qi, saying that he takes bribes under his name. The special case unit shows the tape to Jun Qi and he is shocked to see it. Where does it come from? Jun Qi is shocked that it is from Yun Xiu and maintains that he will not do such a thing since they are friends. Wang and Jin gather that Yun Xiu is too sore over the defeat so he does this. Jun Qi goes to the police station to assist in the investigations. Both guys drink in despair while Zai Wen learns about it on television.

Rui Ying visits Zai Wen in hospital and has not seen Yun Xiu at all. Jun Qi is hit by setbacks - the tape of his subordinates bribing officials is sent to the authorities and he isn't in a good mood. Zai Wen hopes she can console Jun Qi. He entrusts him to her on Jun Qi's behalf and also as a friend's request. Rui Ying is relieved that he finally forgives her and agrees to it.

Jun Qi is chilled by the politics' dark side but Rui Ying wishes him to be strong. Since he can overcome his company's hurdle, he can handle the sticky situation. The voters choose him as their Senator because they trust him. Jun Qi holds a press conference, declaring that he believes Yun Xiu has nothing to do with it as it is his subordinate and not Yun Xiu sending it. Yun Xiu asks why he trusts him? It is the 20 year friendship that Jun Qi trusts but he confesses that he does have doubts about the declaration letter sent to Senator Jin.

Yun Xiu notices that both of them dig out ugly stories of each other to hurt one another. Jun Qi is troubled when their meeting doesn't end with a drink as he expected although he is sincere to help Yun Xiu. Rui Ying suggests him to check the letter's handwriting with an expert. This is prove Yun Xiu's innocence. Jun Qi takes out the letter and compares with cards that Yun Xiu sends to him to find the difference.

He discusses with Zai Wen - Yun Xiu must have something worth extorting from Senator Jin so he has no choice at all. Zai Wen has initially thought of Yun Xiu as the culprit but knows that he is innocent after watching the tape. Both feel ashamed for not trusting him. He must be feeling miserable now. Jun Qi wonders who does it - Zai Wen's reply makes him jump. It is Jun Yu's doing. Both should find him now as he needs their help. Sure enough, Jun Yu warns Yun Xiu not to look for Jun Qi.

Yun Xiu knows that both brothers are completely different. Yun Xiu will not admit defeat to him now. Don't forget that Jun Qi is still his friend although both have drifted apart. Yun Xiu will never stay idle if Jun Yu wants to harm him. Both guys appologise to Yun Xiu. What does he have to hide from them. They have a drink with him and know everything. Yun Xiu feels better.

He initially blames Mei Li but now knows that it is his own doing. Yun Xiu wants to resign but Jun Qi will nto let him take the rap alone. He wishes Yun Xiu to help out at his company. Yun Xiu can't resist his offer and thus the three are together again. Yun Xiu has wanted to get a lot of things but loses what he has. Jun Qi has revealed his likeness towards Rui Ying and hopes that Yun Xiu will forgive him. Yun Xiu has adjusted his feelings and knows that Jun Qi will make her happy.

The three recall how the two knock into each other. Yun Xiu talks the same words that Jun Qi told him - he must be good to her so that he has no chance to be their third party. Jun Qi makes the promise. Yun Xiu jokes that both men are so scary to be persistent to be devoted to a woman for 10 years. He will help Zai Wen to persuade Du Pai to accept him as his brother-in-law.

The three go to Yun Xiu's home to seek his approval. Du Pai is annoyed that they combine forces to go against him. Zai Wen vows to make Yun Zhen happy and Du Pai tells the three to sit properly. He will nto agree to it now but will give a probation period. The three laugh, knowing that he has changed his opinion of Zai Wen. Yun Zhen has known that Zai Wen isn't afraid of anyone except Du Pai. She is touched when he calls her name in his coma. So he must take care of himself in order not to upset her further. Zai Wen hugs her to give her the assurance.

Yun Xiu wants Senator Jin to return his 10% company shares - which are the shares that Jun Qi gives him. if not, he will make the matter public since he has nothing to lose now. Senator Jin has to give in to him. Ming Tai challenges Jun Qi - why is he still interested in the company as he has 50%? Jun Qi corrects him - it should be 40% now since Yun Xiu has gotten his share back. Moreover, Jun Qi knows the transfer of asserts declaration letter is a fake so he is going to be sued.

They are still rivals. The last time Jun Qi is retrenched so he is doing the reverse. The employees are close to Jun Qi and he will seek the other shareholders' help. They will meet at the shareholders' meeting. Ming Tai nervously asks for Jun Yu's help but Senator Jin stops him. They have better things to do for the coming election. Ming Tai causes the shareholders to lose confidence in him because of the dipping sales so they vote for Jun Qi to take over the chairman position.

Jun Qi recalls how Ming Tai victimizes his classmates and Ming Tai leaves with hatred in his heart. Yun Xiu gives Zai Wen and Yun Zhen some money to open a shop. Can't he help his sister? Rui Ying and Jun Qi recall the colliding incident that happens 10 years ago and he kisses her. Jiang Xi worries that Jun Qi is the third party between Rui Ying and Yun Xiu. Although he assures that both have broken up, she isn't convinced that Rui Ying can forget a breakup easily. (It is natural that she thinks this way because I share the same thoughts too.) Why must he woo his friend's ex-girlfriend?

Jun Qi is frustrated - he is sick of leading a stupid life to give up his love to someone else. Da Wang is eager to make Jun Qi one of his successors and requests for a meeting. Jun Qi will not prevent his parents from meeting but he doesn't wish to be implicated to meet his another family. Jun Yu is responsible for causing his company to be ruined. It can be that they will never treat him as family.

He asks his friends out, seeking their opinion. He is concerned that his relationship with Jiang Xi has strained. Yun Xiu points out that his weakness is he worries too much. He should see them to trash things out. Zai Wen will be happy if his family comes to look for him. Jun Qi is uneasy to meet someone as family whom he has not seen for 30 years of his whole life. They advise him to consider from Jiang Xi's position. But Yun Xiu shakes his head, if he were him, he will not wish to have nasty brothers to look to either. Zai Wen tells them that he has a job now.

Yun Xiu laughs - he is curious - what else does he knows except judo? He is right - Zai Wen is going to be a judo instructor soon since Yun Zhen is opening a boutique. That leaves Du Pai to take care of the eatery. Jun Qi informs them that he is getting married. Zai Wen protests - how can he move a step earlier than him and Yun Zhen?

Jun Qi tells Rui Ying that he has informed Yun Xiu of their good news. He is touched that Yun Xiu is accommodating to him as he feels awkward. Rui Ying wishes to work after marriage and Jun Qi agrees to it. She requests to meet both his parents but should he also meet his other family? Jun Qi can't imagine meeting them. But since Jiang Xi has a hard time bringing him up and is answerable to Da Wang, he agrees to it. Da Wang has hoped to marry Jiang Xi but his two sons oppose.

His eldest son, Jun Yuan's reaction is heated. How can Da Wang be sure that Jun Qi is his son and he will never apologsie to Jiang Xi. Jun Qi feels disgusted - what will the public think of their ugly side. He storms and drives away. Da Wang is apologetic to them but Jiang Xi is contented to meet him once a while. She notices that Da Wang has heart problems but he still works hard.

The two brothers decide to ruin Jun Qi by making use of reporters. Jun Yuan will deal with Jun Qi while Jun Yu with Yun Xiu. Mei Li reveals to Yun Xiu about the fake letter of him giving the shares to Senator Jin is posted on the net. Newspapers reveal Jun Qi's connection with Da Wang. Jun Qi's employees try to prevent reporters to interview Jun Qi and he hides in his office. Senator Wang frowns - no wonder he finds the submission entry of Jun Qi into parliament odd to be backed by Da Wang in the first place.

Da Wang calls Jun Qi up to apologise to him for upsetting him. Wang knows that Da Wang only makes the nomination while Jun Qi gets his position through legal means. He suggests an appeal but Jun Qi decides to resign from his post. He hopes that Senator Wang will help Yun Xiu and he agrees to it, wondering why the friendship bond is still strong despite what has happened. Da Wang is angry with Jun Yuan's act and posts him to work in America's branch office.

Mei Li still dreams of Yun Xiu returning to politics. She tells him that Wang will help him but he knows, even with his help, he will become his puppet. He decides to become a politician who cares for the public's benefits. He decides to join an upright but small political party to start a hard but righteous way. They will be rivals later. He hates her for planning his life but hopes that they can be friends starting from the first day they meet in university.

Jun Qi concentrates on his company. His employees find it a pity of him to step down from politics but he knows his limits. He feels that it is more fortunate to work with them and gets Rui Ying to meet them. Rui Ying wishes to meet Jun Qi'a parents. Da Wang gets nervous although he has been through many situations. The four have a meal and his parents like her even more when Jun Qi finally calls Da Wang 'dad'. Both send out wedding invitation cards.

Yun Xiu feels a sense of loss but still congratulates the couple with the others on their wedding day. Da Wang is at his wits' end when his business deals decrease. The couple enjoys their honeymoon. The sea reminds him of his childhood. She plays a song for him on her violin and he remembers the past. RiRae
Electronics is affected by the scandal and has a heart attack. The couple shortens their trip to return home.

Rui Ying knows Jun Qi feels frustrated not knowing how to face his father and consoles him. Da Wang puts Jun Qi in charge of the company. He has the capability to let the business revive again. Jun Qi starts feeling the pressure and has problems sleeping at night. Jun Yu is displeased with Da Wang's decision. Jun Qi gives a speech in the company and many are pleased. Jun Yu meets Jin and asks for help.

Yun Zhen and Zai Wen get married and coax Du Pai to forgive Mrs Zhang. Da Wang has no choice but to go overseas when many accuse him of getting the underworld to have a hand in his business. The deals fail as the confidence in RiRae electronics is shaken. The public parade on the street to protest against him. Da Wang entrusts Jun Qi to manage the company on his behalf. Jun Qi finally calls him father and wishes him to take care. Jun Qi discusses with Shang Min over it and suspects Jun Yu to have a hand in it.

10 months later, Yun Xiu wins the by-election to take over Jun Qi's position in parliament. Yun Zhen is pregnant while Jun Qi expands the company to open another branch - RiRae Motors. Zai Wen is still happy with his instructor job too. Da Wang realizes that it is Wang's conspiracy to have connections with his company to sell the cars to overseas companies at a high price. He vows to return to proclaim his innocence. Jun Qi's two friends decide to help him as the case implicates many people.

Shang Min thanks Zai Wen for napping rapists and drug smugglers for him. Unknown to all, Zai Wen is actually working undercover for the government to arrest the crime offenders. Shang Min approached him when he was in jail and he agreed to work for him. That is why he is still in the underworld but he also keeps it as a secret from Yun Zhen.

Jun Qi and Zai Wen arrive in Malaysia. They see a thief stealing a woman's handbag and Zai Wen gives chase. The woman secretly plants a tracking device on Jun Qi's bag. Mei Li doesn't understand why Yun Xiu is risking his life to help Jun Qi. This is his first time to be so happy to be upright. He will voice the matter in parliament for Jun Qi to gain public support.

Da Wang records his message on using the DV. He discloses the underworld politics and is apologetic to those who lose their jobs because of the scandal. Jun Qi discovers the tracking devise too late. And the repeated scenes again come back to the beginning where Da Wang is shot. Zai Wen and the cops fail to nail the sniper who escapes from the bus. Jun Qi clutches to the watch and sobs. How do things turn out to be like this? Jun Yu reminds Jun Qi that he will have to report to the police after the funeral.

Jun Qi is frustrated with him - he will never sell RiRae cars to any overseas company regardless how bad the situation is. So Jun Yu has nothing to say to him anymore. Yun Xiu gets beaten up before going to work while Shang Min loses an important diskette when a thief steals it on his way home. Jun Qi is nearly abducted but Zai Wen manages to save him and the culprit escapes.

Jun Qi leaves home while Rui Ying and Jiang Xi escape in another car separately. Both still have important documents at hand and hope they can give them to the police. What a stupid move not to ask for protection - both parties are assaulted and the men take everything away, including the recorded tape by Da Wang. Yun Xiu highlights this incident to a reporter. Mei Li places a recording device on Wang's car and it tapes the conversation of the ugly deals that he chats with Jin.

Wang suspects her of helping Yun Xiu so he gets his men to kidnap her. Her key with her photo with Yun Xiu is left on the car handle. Yun Xiu is puzzled when Mei Li ask to meet him at a remote area although she has something important to tell him. He informs the other two guys and Zai Wen calls the police after sensing something amiss. Mei Li hints in vain to Yun Xiu to escape and she is knocked down by a car, trying to shield him from danger. Zai Wen handcuffs the killer but Mei Li dies after giving Yun Xiu the recorder. Yun Xiu is very upset over it, discovering how much he really loves her.

Jun Qi feels bad for implicating all his friends. Rui Ying consoles him - actually she has made another copy of the tape and it is hidden among the other movie videos they keep at home. Yun Xiu manages to find the key on Wang's car and he highlights the matter during parliament, playing the conversation. Wang and Jin are pale and are arrested. Wang is jailed for life while Jin is in jail for 20 years. Jun Qi's brothers are also arrested for illegal trading.

All are relieved that the air is cleared. Yun Xiu is in tears when scattering Mei Li's ashes. He regrets not treating her well when she is alive. Jun Qi also regrets giving Da Wang the same treatment too. Both their fathers have changed due to society pressure but Zai Wen is determined to be a good father. Jun Qi holds the watch and the three insist of carving a better future to be persistent in their dream.

Introduction on characters

1. Piao Jun Qi - Ryu Jin
He is a cheerful and promising young man although he has no idea about his parentage. He works hard to provide Xiang Xi a better life. After knowing his parentage, he is actually overjoyed because he has longed for fatherly love. He loves Rui Ying but still gives her his blessings although he knows that Yun Xiu is his love rival as he treasures brotherly ties too.

I like this character - he is so accommodating towards friends. He will compete for love but it is understandable that he begins to dislike Yun Xiu upon knowing that he is his love rival. But still, he can put his unhappiness aside to wish them well. He is idealistic but also pragmatic. He is a talented and knowledgeable person who shines in many areas. Ryu Jin has done his part well although he can do better for emotional scenes.

2. Zhang Yun Xiu - Son Ji Chang
He is an ambitious man who wants to be a politician. He can do anything to achieve his aim. But his failure makes him a better person to become a sincere and upright man. I know that this actor is in for another baddy role upon seeing his face here. I have seen him as a villain in 'Truth' so I am not surprised that he is not likeable here again in the initial stage. He does not project a good role as his expressions are stiff.

3. Li Zai Wen - Lee Jung Jin
He becomes a gangster after landing up in jail and is forced to give up his judo dream. He is initially bitter over the misfortune to be a cold and unfeeling person. He becomes a caring person after Yun Zhen and and Shang Min manage to melt his heart. Although he may seem harsh to Yun Xiu, he cares for him. Yun Zhen often gives him the cold shoulder or hurls nasty remarks at him. He is stern and fierce to his gangster subordinates but to her, he completely softens in front of Yun Zhen to coax her or to talk to her gently.

Please imagine the scenes - she only reaches his shoulder in height but he gives her unconditional love. Either following her meekly from the back or his eyes are completely fixed on her even though she is busy to attend to him in the eatery. He isn't discouraged by her harsh treatment. The scene where he carries her on his back when she is drunk is so hilarious. She looks so tiny on his back but he is patient with her to declare his love to win her over completely. How romantic this guy can be! This actor is very convincing in the role although he may lack the star appeal.

4. Zhang Du Pai - Joo Hyun (Cui Rong Qi's father in 'Hotelier')
He thinks that he is a failure in life and that is why he pins all his hopes on his only son. But upon seeing how nasty he becomes, he starts to question himself whether he has given him too much pressure.

5. Cai Shang Min - Kim Yong Gun
He is a upright politician who protects the citizens well. Knowing that the underworld has designs to enter the parliament and to prevent the ruthless politicians from gaining power, he works with Zai Wen secretly to give them biggest hits to stop their influence from growing.

6. Liu Da Wang - Jung Wook
He is a rich man but he only knows Jun Qi's existence when Jun Qi is 30 years old. Unknown to Jun Qi, he is beside him to go through all the ups and downs. Jun Qi is initially unforgiving towards him but later the pair seeks understanding towards each other to form a strong bond.

7. Cai Rui Ying - Kim So Yeon
Rui Ying is a reporter. But she is a gullible woman and only knows how to escape from reality. I don't know what the two guys see in her. When Zai Wen is in trouble, she flees. When others tell her how hopeless Yun Xiu is, she doesn't believe them. Jun Qi also suffers at her hands when she doesn't believe that he has no intention to pit against Yun Xiu in politics.

I agree with Zai Wen's comments - she is not a reliable friend when they run into trouble. She is so indecisive to be so nice to the two men. Giving Jun Qi false hopes to break his heart and later parts with Wen Xiu without giving him as a second chance. She also fails as a girlfriend - not helping both when they are troubled. But as Jun Qi's wife, she does a better job in providing him all the support.

Sorry to disappoint So Yeon's fans but she is only average in the role here. With limited expressions and exposure in this serial, her role is so easily forgotten.

8. Song Mei Li - Hwang In Young
She is an ambitious woman who loves Yun Xiu but uses despicable means to help him when the need arises. Who will expect her to be the mastermind behind his kidnap? I doubt anyone can ever dream of it. However, I don't think she should be so shameless to forgo her dignity to beg Yun Xiu to return to her. Once a man has a change of heart, it is impossible to tell him to return. This actress isn't good enough too - the death scene is supposed to be touching but I feel neutral.

9. Zhang Yun Zhen - Jung Da Bin
She is Yun Xiu's younger sister who seems possessive and unreasonable. But she has a kind heart and will stand up against any unfair treatment. She initially treats Zai Wen badly but later appreciates what he has done for her. I find the scenes between them cute, which are even better than the love scenes between the leads. She is like a chilli padi who is very fierce despite her size. This actress is good although she is bony.

10. Piao Jiang Xi - Yoo Ji In
She is Jun Qi's mother who wants to give him a simple childhood as much as possible. She doesn't want to make him feel proud to be the heir of a big business empire and is determined to make him start from scratch. But upon seeing him working so hard and going through the painful process of unreciprocated love, she feels bad for him and yearns to spare him the agony.

11. Li Jun Yuan
He is Jun Qi's eldest brother who is against him all the time. He is boorish and is also tactless.

12. Li Jun Yu
He is the scheming second brother who has the brains to manipulate his other siblings. But this actor can be too superficial in his acting that I can't tolerate it.

13. Senator Wang
An old politician who is shrewd and ambitious. He is also lustful - if not, he will not want Mei Li to be his plaything in secret.

14. Senator Jin
Another schemer who is capable of manipulating the stock market with his ties with the brokers.

15. Mrs Zhang
She is remorseful for letting her children down after running away with a man when they were young. Yun Zhen forgives her easily but not the other two men. She is concerned over her children and protects Yun Zhen well upon knowing that she is in trouble.

Favourite character
Zai Wen, he doesn't ask for recognition for helping his friends and often takes the rap or shoulder the blame. Poor man - I don't think he deserves this as he is so nice. A close second is Jun Qi, he considers for others before thinking for himself.

Most hated character
Rui Ying, her indecisiveness causes friction between Jun Qi and Yun Xiu.


This is only an average drama. Initially, I thought it is like 'Bad Friends' but it proves me wrong when it deals with the rivalry between the friends and the political/business competition. It can be quite amusing when Jun Qi and Zai Wen take turns to be the mediator among the three. It seems that Yun Xiu is the only unreasonable and petty fellow among them. However, there is little chemistry between the three men.

The friends overcome all differences to join forces in the end. This serial again sets the women to be second fiddle again. As usual, I don't mind because my face already turns green after watching too many lovey-dovey Korean dramas these days.

The Zai Wen and Yun Zhen couple is so cute. They may pick on each other but they also show concern for each other. They may look like a complete mismatch in appearance but they are the best compatible pair among the lot. Storywise, it fails to arouse tension because many scenes are projected blandly. I don't even find excitement in the final episode. What a pity! Only watch it if you wish to see a young Ryu Jin.

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