Reviewed by: sukting

July 18, 2005

Rating: three

How long
16 episodes

For those "Beautiful Days" fans who are unhappy to see Ryu Si Won being separated from Choi Ji Woo, this serial is a consolation for them. Basically the rivalry between two women for the same guy.

Story/ Introduction on characters

1. Han Xian Yu - Ryu Si Won

He is the perfect nice guy. Although he comes from a rich family, he isn't a snob like Xin Xi. His first encounter with Chi Ying is a funny one - he drives too fast to Xin Xi's home and splashes mud on her sweater. She is so annoyed with him and refuses to use his handkerchief to clean it. He is puzzled upon seeing her entering the cellar - which is where her whole family stays.

However, he doesn't look down on her and when Chi Ying is asked by her mother to serve him drinks, she accidentally breaks a glass and cuts her hand. He quickly comes to her and uses his handkerchief to wrap up her wound. He gets interested in her and asks Xin Xi more about her.

To court her, he even works part time in the same restaurant as her. Even though he is recognized by his father's business associates, he still carries on working there. Too bad Xin Xi finds out about it and causes Chi Ying to lose her job. He then introduces his cousins to her to receive tuition from her.

Although Chi Ying gets angry with him for helping her, he maintains his stand and she slowly finds him a sweet guy. Both start going steady. Unfortunately, his parents find out their romance from Xin Xi and they stop them from dating each other. (The same old reason - statuses don't match.) They even arrange a match-making session to meet Xin Xi's family - the very same day that he is supposed to go on a date with Chi Ying. Xian Yu tries to postpone the time but her pager indicates no response.

This is the very same day that Chi Ying changes her pager number to prevent Cheng Zhe from harassing her. Xian Yu is worried when he can't get her. He stops the session upon knowing their intention and rushes to meet her. Upon seeing how she shivers in the cold, he hugs her. Upon knowing that Cheng Zhe harasses her, this gentle man gets so worked up and hits him. He is locked up in the jail but is released
later when Chi Ying agrees to go steady with Cheng Zhe to drop the charges.

He is heart-broken but he still doesn't accept Xin Xi. Later upon knowing Xin Xi's scheme and how Chi Ying helps her to get into the university, he gets very angry and reconciles with Chi Ying. His mother has to give in to them as he wants to study overseas with her and doesn't even mind being disowned.

Xin Xi becomes a TV presenter and pretends to give them their blessings. She still insists in driving and causes both of them to be in a coma. He loses his memory and treats Xin Xi nicer. However, he still regards her like a friend. Chi Ying finally gets him to remember her when she shields him from being hit by a car when they are out together. He clears Chi Ying's name from being framed and finally they are together.

Ryu gives the same acting as presenting a nice guy. No surprises at all as he isn't that angry enough. How I wish to see more fiery sparks!

2. Piao Cheng Zhe - Sun Zhi Chang

This man is so despicable and ruthless. Too eager to climb up the social ladder, he decides to court Chi Ying, thinking that she is Senator Lee's daughter when she walks into his house. They even kiss together. When knowing that she is only the driver's daughter, he dumps her and makes her very upset. He then turns his attention to woo Xin Xi instead. Their first meeting is hilarious. Xin Xi is late for home after a party and the gate is locked. Thus she climbs over it. Cheng he is working part time as a policeman and thinks that she is a thief and catches her. Upon knowing her identity, he lets her off.

The sly Xin Xi sees through his plot and sneers at him. He vows to seek revenge. Upon knowing that Xin Xi makes use of Chi Ying to get into the university, he uses this fact to threaten her. Senator Lee gives him a small post in his company and of course, he isn't satisfied.

Xin Xi hates to see Xian Yu and Chi Ying together and pays him to come between them. This man is so thick-skinned to lie that he misses Ci Ying and wants to patch up with her. When he fails, he keeps on paging her. He even sneers at Xian Yu for falling for his ex-lover. That is why Xian Yu hits him in rage. However, his evil plot doesn't last long when both are together soon.

He slowly finds that he really likes Xin Xi but she still despises him. So by chance, he takes pictures of her for committing the car accident and threatens to expose her deed to the public. He gets a high-flying post and is engaged to Xin Xi. He knows that Senator Li will not let him off and thus keeps a copy of the evidence to safeguard his own interest. His brother sends the evidence to Chi Ying when Cheng Zhe is missing for a few days.

Cheng Zhe is nearly drowned in his car when he is attacked by Senator Li's men. Xin Xi begs him to let her off but alas, it is too late as Chi Ying presents the evidence to the police. Xin Xi becomes a fugitive when Senator Lee's career is ruined when the ugly news spread through the media. She requests Cheng Zhe to die with her as she will not get used to imprisonment and poor life. Cheng Zhe agreed as he loves her and they drive out to the sea to sink under water. What a romantic way to die!

His acting is okay as he makes you feel that this villain is not totally heartless. He does love someone and is willing to sacrifice for her. To make sure that Chi Ying is silent for good, he removes her life support and hopes that she will die. But this helps her to wake up and she doesn't suffer from memory loss instead!

3. Li Chi Ying - Choi Ji Woo

She is too self-sacrificing till you will think that she is a dinosaur. She is headstrong, good in studies and cares for her family. When her brother gets involved in an assault case, her mother begs her to sit for the university entrance exam on Xin Xi's behalf so that Xin Xi's mother will settle the case for them. She agrees reluctantly. She fails her own exam because she doesn't turn up and needs to resit for the following year. She treasures this chance and works very hard to save up the education fees.

She is blind to like a scum like Cheng Zhe and thus she doesn't trust men anymore, especially rich ones since Xin Xi is a snob herself. She is alarmed to find Xian Yu being her colleague and thus treats him coldly. But after that, she finds him a nice guy and gets along well with him.

She has wanted her family not to be dependent on Senator Lee's family but it seems that they are always in trouble. Her brother loses money in stocks and they lose their chance to move out from there. This is also when her father and brother get to know about her taking the exam on Xin Xi's behalf. This has only been a secret between Chi Ying and her mother. Both men decide that they should move out for good after borrowing money from friends.

She obeys Mrs Liu's demands and does try to avoid Xian Yu at first. But his sincerity touches her. On the eve of their departure from Korea for their further studies, she is alarmed to wake up from a coma, being accused for killing a pedestrian in a car accident. She is devastated upon seeing Xian Yu still in a coma and is depressed when he can't recognize her. His parents blame her for the ordeal.

She is angry upon knowing that Xin Xi frames her and vows to look for evidence. However, Cheng Zhe bribes all the witnesses and she fails. Not giving up, she creates a website and tries other means. Never know that she can be so persistent all of a sudden? Xin Xi tries in vain to change her mind.

She tries all ways to help him (reminds you of You Zhen in 'Winter Sonata', doesn't it?) and fails. In desperation, she decides to leave him alone, just like what his parents has suggested. When she walks away, Xian Yu suddenly finds her familiar. When a car suddenly comes, he screams out to her and remembers everything. She hugs him in joy. (just the same way as in 'Beautiful Days'.) Both are happy when her name is cleared and they are together again.

No surprise from Choi. The character is still about the same as the others. Over tolerant and gentle. How can someone bottle up the grief for so long?

4. Li Xin Xi - Piao Shan Ying

Rich and beautiful, she is very scheming and spiteful. In order to get into the university and she knows that she has no wits to clear the papers, she forces Chi Ying to stand in for her. She proudly condemns Chi Ying's stupidity to get into college but Xian Yu thinks likewise as he notices that Chi Ying is able to handle difficult questions even though she doesn't attend night classes.

Knowing that Xian Yu prefers sweet girls, she straightens her hair and tries to be gentle to him. However, this tactic doesn't work on him. He keeps asking her about Chi Ying instead and even asks her to pass a hair band to her. That is the last straw and thus she plans to seek revenge on her. She says nasty things about Chi Ying to Mrs Han. This makes Mrs Han dislike her and she smiles when her plan works.

At first, she even gets Cheng Zhe to rape Chi Ying. He stops midway as he feels remorseful.

However, she commits a dreadful mistake. Xian Yu and Chi Ying are her passengers but she is persistent to drive the car although she is drunk. She ends up killing a pedestrian while both of them are in a coma. She doesn't wish to get caught and thus moves Chi Ying to the driver's seat.

Unknown to her, Cheng Zhe records the whole incident down. She feels guilty when seeing both unconscious and have to be on life support to stay alive. However, Chi Ying shows signs of waking up. She gets very frightened and confesses to Cheng Zhe. She has wished to surrender herself to the police to reduce her guilt but Senator Lee forbids it as this will ruin his reputation.

When Chi Ying wakes up, she gets back to her normal self again, blaming her for remembering the wrong facts out from the coma. My sympathy for her sinks to zero again. Chi Ying asks the nurses and also suspects Cheng Zhe to be the culprit so she also gives him a warning. He feels uneasy and thus bribes the witnesses to help Xin Xi.

Since then, she is under his mercy. She suffers from depression and even faints at work. To protect her, Senator Lee tries to kill him. But his plan is backfired and an arrest warrant is out for her. She is used to such a comfortable life and thus unable to accept the setback. She ends her life which is tragic.

Piao is good in her acting and she is successful in making you hating her so much.

Favourite character
Xian Yu, as he is so pleasant.

Most hated character
Xin Xi - she is such a spoilt brat. To think that she even wants Chi Ying to be driven out of the home as she wants Xian Yu to herself.

Interesting scenes
The first scene of Xian Yu wrapping Chi Ying's wound. He is so sweet!

Chi Ying is down with fever but she still works. Xian Yu is worried after touching her forehead and she refuses to rest. So he walks a few streets to get the medicine for her. She receives it with mixed feelings upon seeing his warm smile in sweat.

Xin Xi joins the English Literature society just because Xian Yu is in it. But Xian Yu is always on disappearing acts because he works in the restaurant. She goes there, intending to give him a surprise. He leans beside her to serve her. But she is mad, seeing Chi Ying serving another table and realizes his reason to work. She quarrels with Chi Ying, causing her to lose her job. Xian Yu resigns too.

Xin Xi dresses the same way as Chi Ying - straightened hair and also with a hairband, trying to impress Xian Yu in vain.

Xian Yu gets to know how much Chi Ying has suffered for her family and feels the anguish .

Chi Ying avoids Xian Yu by staying with her aunt in the holidays. Xian Yu comes and persuades her to reaccept him again.

Chi Ying manages to get her driving license with Xian Yu's help and she is overjoyed.

Chi Ying ties her scarf around Xian Yu's neck before leaving for home as the weather is cold. Xian Yu sees that a car is coming and shouts at her to step back. Xian Yu finally recognizes Chi Ying and she is happy over it. Both hug in tears.

It is said that this serial appeases Ryu's fans for not seeing him together with Choi in Beautiful Days. If you notice it, Ryu is normally portrayed as a rich man's son. He is actually a rich man's son in real life and thus needs no special arrangement to learn how to act like one. The air is already there regardless of whatever clothes he wears. But it can be boring as his and Choi's hairstyles are the same as in 'Beautiful Days'.

It is a fairy tale and is quite impossible to happen in real life. Please don't expect too much as this simple story offers little development. Notice a trend that is common in Korean dramas - the lead actress must disappear for a while to let the lead actor search round and round for her………

But if you are a true Ryu or Choi fan, you may go for this one. Also watch out for Kim Hyun Joo who makes a cameo appearance as Xin Xi's younger sister. It can be fun to see how they started out.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***(Scale of 5)

On story : ***(Scale of 5)

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