We Are Dating Now

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December 05, 2005

Rating: one-point-five

How do Chae Lim and Ji Sup fare as a couple after ‘Cheers for the woman’?


Rui Chun is unhappy that a daughter is born instead of a son as claimed by Grandmother. She stresses that something must have gone wrong with Rui Chun’s pre-natal teaching. Rui Chun is angry that her mother doesn’t console her. Rui Chun hasn’t finished high school and has a child out of wedlock. The baby cries upon hearing the quarrel but Zhen Hai picks her up and kisses her face.

Hao Zhen finds her younger brother, Hao Jie a nuisance. Other boys like to make fun of her too. Before she can declare her likeness towards a guy, Jian You, they have to move again because debtors come again. Her friend, Xiu Zhi pesters her to go to church with her and she goes to avoid cleaning the family car.

Xiu Zhi shows a nice looking guy, Zai Yong (this guy acts as Cheng You in ‘Since I met you’) who is playing the piano. He is a second year university student. Hao Zhen gets interested to attend services but her heart is neither on the bible nor the priest. She decides to skip her tuition class to receive Zai Yong at the train station. Hao Jie knows of her act and extorts money from Xiu Zhi.

You will never believe it – he pretends to be her younger brother. Xiu Zhi is an only child but keeps quiet about it. He becomes forceful when she rejects to give him money to pin her against the wall. She should take off her spectacles as her eyes are beautiful. Her heart flutters when he goes near her and he snatches her purse to take the money. He then places his hand over a girl’s shoulder to date her. He laughs to tell her that her kindness will be returned.

All nearly go crazy over an athlete’s marathon win on television. Kui Ren watches it too. His sports suit makes him look old-fashioned but is suitable for traveling. Moreover, he has won bronze medals before and is considered an athlete. Although his results are outstanding, he needs to work very hard in his last year of high school to get into the best university.

So he comes to Seoul to look for Kui Shan, who is working in a bank. Having tuition here is better than in the village. He is uneasy to leave Mr Cui to stay alone in the village but he wants to be the best to provide a better living for his family. Kui Ren stares at the girl who is watching the program too. Her eyes are for Zai Yong who is back from his grandmother’s hometown.

She rehearses the lines to talk to him and Kui Ren frowns - is she mad? Upon seeing her pretending to meet Zai Yong through coincidence, Kui Ren nearly laughs till he bursts. Kui Ren follows them from the back. Zai Yong walks into a shop and Kui Ren is curious to see what she is doing outside. She tries to fix her hair nicely and sees another guy’s face in the reflection. She stares at him and leaves with Zai Yong.

Kui Shan is Hao Zhen’s godmother and chooses the name, Esther for her. It means star and Zai Yong hopes that she will shine in the end. He quickly sends her home although she longs to be under the starlit sky for a longer period because he doesn’t want to miss his favourite drama! And who is the cover girl for this week’s playboy magazine – he urges to know. This guy isn’t as innocent as he looks.

The church members work as volunteers. Zai Yong drops off the MTR when he sees a woman with a great figure. Hao Zhen and Xiu Zhi follow suit. Zai Yong wants this woman as his target to show off to his friends and be the centre of attraction. Jia Qi finally remembers who he is – they have met at Hunter nightclub before. Seeing him being attracted, she wants to meet him there.

Xiu Zhi and Hao Zhen touch their faces in amazement. It is not the seductive woman that scares them but it is the silly smile that Zai Yong shows on his face now. Kui Shan likes the innocent Hao Zhen and hopes to pair her with Kui Ren. But she screams to run to Hunter. Hunter is out of bounds to high school students as they are underaged. Xiu Zhi even bribes Hao Jie to let them in.

The waiter stops Xiu Zhi from going in – she will scare the customers with her terrible dressing and exaggerating looking flower on her head. No identification is fine but no looks will not do. Hao Zhen stares at Jia Qi dancing on the stage. Hao Jie boasts that Hunter will welcome him and Jia Qi as the only high school students because of their popularity.

Hao Jie looks at Hao Zhen’s chest – the girls are of the same age but the chest development is totally different. Hao Jie knows that Hao Zhen has a strong love rival now upon seeing Zai Yong dancing with Jia Qi. Hao Zhen gets so angry that she gulps a whole bottle of beer. Xiu Zhi blames Hao Zhen for not showing enough concern to Zai Yong to cause this to happen.

Hao Zhen finally declares her love for Zai Yong. Zai Yong is taken aback with the bruise on his face. Someone tries to get fresh with Jia Qi and he tries to be a hero to get beaten instead. But Jia Qi doesn’t get moved by his act at all. Zai Yong nearly wants to laugh – so he still has the means to attract someone. He tells her that she is too young for him. She is depressed over the rejection.

She threatens to tell Mrs Yin that Hao Jie smokes. Hao Jie tells her what really happens to Zai Yong and she is angry with Jia Qi for leading Zai Yong astray. Hao Zhen comes to Jia Qi’s school to look for her. Jia Qi looks fierce in her uniform but Hao Zhen commands her courage. Jia Qi admires her bravery and finds it amusing. It is Zai Yong who pesters her and she should talk to him. They bet to see if Zai Yong will ditch her after knowing that she is a high school student. If Jia Qi wins, she can do what she wants to Hao Zhen.

Xiu Zhi and Hao Zhen hide secretly in the coffee bar but their dressing blows their cover and Jia Qi comments sarcastically that they should have worn their uniform here instead. Hao Zhen longs for Zai Yong to spill water at Jia Qi but he says yes – they should go steady as he treats her as a woman, not a girl. His voice brings Hao Zhen back to the cold reality. Hasn’t he told her that he will not go out with high school girls?! He also tells her about the star story and Hao Zhen gets mad.

She runs to them and takes out the yellow rose from the vase to give to him. Zai Yong gets timid and also scared – are they going to fight for him? Hao Zhen pours the water on his head and it drips from the hair to the face. Xiu Zhi doesn’t stop the action and Hao Zhen throws the money on the table to give Jia Qi a treat. Jia Qi admires her for her guts and looks at Zai Yong with a disgusted expression.

Hao Zhen cries over her failure but Xiu Zhi cries even harder. She has liked Zai Yong 10 months before Hao Zhen but knowing how plain looking she is, she gives the chance to Hao Zhen. Zai Yong also feels that he is wrong and apologises, letting her crying into his chest. Rui Chun sees this and thinks that they are together – does Hao Zhen want to be pregnant like her? She gets mad with her.

Kui Ren sees a group of gangsters beating up Hao Jie so he helps him. Kui Shan and him nearly faint upon knowing that Hao Jie is a two-timer – dating a gangster’s sister and also lover to get into this mess. Kui Ren nearly bursts into pieces upon knowing that he has helped the wrong person but Hao Jie wants excitedly to be his sworn younger brother. Kui Ren ignores him and wants to buy milk. Hao Jie gives a mournful woe – how can a man drink milk and not beer?!

Hao Zhen quickly runs into Kui Shan’s home to get away from Rui Chun. She hides in Kui Ren’s cupboard as Hao Jie hides in Kui Shan’s room to hide his bruised face. Kui Ren reveals her hideout due to Rui Chun’s insistence and she gets caught. She hates Kui Ren for it. Kui Ren is stunned when Kui Shan tells him that this is the cute girl that she wants to introduce to him. Hao Jie is pleased with himself for not hiding in the cupboard but to hide behind the door in Kui Shan’s room.

The next day, Hao Zhen confronts Kui Ren for his betrayal. They are the same age but he says that she has no brain. She doesn’t study and only know how to please men like a fool to worry her parents. She curses that no girl will like him. Xiu Zhi asks Hao Zhen to get on her motorcycle. She gets frightened – is she going to tell her to jump into the river under the cold weather? No – actually her request is to be her friend.

Hao Zhen’s moods turn terrible as she can’t get into university while all get into Seoul University. Jia Qi brings the gals to the skiing ground to cheer them up. Hao Zhen gets to meet Xian Min when she is about to get knocked down. Hao Zhen has not thought of her future. Jia Qi wants to be an air stewardess while Xiu Zhi will become a dentist. She finds Xian Min attractive as he is unmoved by beautiful girls and approaches him alone. Why is he working on a public holiday?

He replies coldly that he has to make ends meet to earn his university fees – not like her to be able to enjoy herself. She confesses that she isn’t coming from a rich family. Jia Qi and Xiu Zhen are worried when they can’t find Hao Zhen. Hao Jie comes with Kui Ren. He lies to Rui Chun that he is studying with Kui Ren and also lies to Kui Ren that Hao Zhen is trying to kill herself her over her poor results.

Actually he is here to have fun with them as they refuse to let him come along. Kui Ren gets worried as they look around – it is close to midnight – where is she? Many people are arriving because it is going to strike midnight to celebrate the New Year and it is even harder to look for her. Jia Qi consoles him - Hao Zhen must have seen something interesting to stop to take a look to forget the time.

Kui Ren feels – if he is her, he will be hiding in a corner. When someone loses something that everyone has, the feeling is terrible. After his mother died, Kui Shan brings him to the amusement park but he feels worse seeing mothers with children but he has to pretend to be happy. Xian Min brings Hao Zhen to the second storey to watch the fireworks in celebrating the New Year and she forgets her unhappiness.

This is the first time Jia Qi befriends Kui Ren. She kisses him on the cheek earlier and this makes him uneasy. Xiu Zhi is also distracted – why is Hao Jie hugging her just now? When they see Hao Zhen with Xian Min, Kui Ren charges to her. Upon seeing her safe, he is relieved but he quickly lectures her. She finds it odd – why is he shouting at her?

Why ruin her chance when she is about to ask for Xian Min’s particulars. Xian Min walks away, wanting to work and Hao Zhen wants to run after him to get pulled back by Kui Ren. What is wrong with her to chase after a man at this time?! (I also find her impossible.) She still has the mood at this time after failing to get into university?! Hao Zhen gets angrier when Xian Min walks far away. She has not wanted him to help her and raises her voice at him.

He raises his eyebrow – he doesn’t dare to get married to get a daughter like her. Doesn’t she know that Rui Chun is worried about her – doesn’t she feel shameful over it? Hao Zhen is puzzled – her mother doesn’t know that she is here as she thinks that she has gone to Xiu Zhi’s grandmother’s home. Hao Jie gets shy as his lie is revealed. Kui Ren turns to Hao Jie fiercely and walks away angrily. Hao Jie runs after him – he must not let Rui Chun know the truth. Jia Qi prevents Hao Zhen from scolding Kui Ren. He is really worried about her – she feels that he is special.

This is the first day of school so Hao Zhen buys flowers for Xiu Zhi. But she can’t stand Xiu Zhi’s parents saying how pitiful she is and wants to sponsor her studies. Kui Shan brings Hao Zhen and Kui Ren to a convenience store to celebrate his success to get into Seoul university. She knows that Hao Zhen isn’t good in studies but is kind at heart. Her eyes shine when seeing Xian Min coming into this convenience store to work and decides to work here too.

Xian Min is a law student in Seoul university. His family is poor so he needs to stay in the convenience warehouse to save money. He tells her that he has no time as he strives for his future. He is later upset as he has given his ailing father all his money – how is he going to settle next term’s fees? Kui Ren walks into the store with Jia Qi. Jia Qi has used him as an excuse to reject a man again.

She tells the two to look after the store upon seeing Xian Min moody. Xian Min wants her not to get near to him – he is the type who can sell his soul for success but she believes that he is a kind man. He is touched and is about to kiss her….when Kui Ren calls her to serve the many customers coming in. He nearly bursts upon seeing them like this and gets away with his coat.

Hao Zhen pays Xian Min’s fees with her earnings for the month and he gives her a hug. She feels blissful but he knows she will regret in future. He is cold to his girlfriend who brings him dinner. His pager rings and sees the caller is Hao Zhen but lies that he has no time for anything. The girl is happy as she is always afraid of hurting his pride. Rui Chun is angry upon knowing what has happened but softens upon knowing that her future son-in-law may be a judge.

She comes to the store and tells Xian Min that he needs not worry over his education as they can support him. Xian Min can’t deny that he isn’t her boyfriend but knows that he must have a clean breakup with Hao Zhen to avoid trouble. He quits his job and never returns her calls, lying that he is going to the study area. She leaves another message from home and Kui Ren happens to hear it. He frowns and skips with the skipping rope – he thinks that Xian Min is untruthful like mist.

They study in the same university and he has seen Xian Min with a girlfriend. He is mad when she doesn’t listen to him as he is giving her advice not to trust people too much. Her IQ is low and her response is slow. If she relies on her instinct….it becomes dangerous. A man who loses contact has 3 reasons – death, has a mishap or doesn’t want to keep in touch at all. She tells him to mind his own business and he becomes puzzled – yes, why is he so concerned about her?

Does Xian Min reject seeing her anymore? Hao Zhen gets frightened and goes to the university to look for Xian Min. He tells her that they have to avoid seeing each other temporarily and will return the money to her soon. She has to get into university while he gets his degree. Hao Zhen quits her job and begs Kui Ren to be her tutor as she knows that she can’t succeed even with private tuition classes.

He is unmoved – he is already busy with his economics studies and giving Hao Jie tuition. Where is the time for her? What has she said about him in the past – does he think that he is her father or her teacher? He looks up from his desk and this is so funny of her to ask him to be her tutor now. Doesn’t he give her stomach upsets? She admits…but the truth is he is good in studies!

He is startled – she can say this?! Isn’t Xiu Zhi good as well? She finds Xiu Zhi too soft and she needs a fierce teacher. He feels puzzled – why is she so interested in studies now? This isn’t her. Although she doesn’t wish to tell him, he still forces the truth out of her. Her words suddenly make him feel sour – her hand touches his shoulder to beg him. She says that there is no relationship if there is no demand. He tells her to be mentally prepared as he is very strict.

Hao Zhen starts her private candidate life with misery. She attends tuition classes in the morning and accommodates Kui Ren’s time after school. Kui Ren marks her Maths paper and frowns. His time is limited so Xiu Zhi replaces him to tutor Hao Jie. He uses a red mark to circle all her wrong answers and shows her a cold face. He points at an empty ground nearby in silence. She should know what to do – frog jumps! She is angry but thinking of Xian Min telling her to be a woman with pride, she obeys.

Kui Ren tries so hard not to laugh and complains that her voice is too soft. He is careful not to let her see it. Hao Zhen stares at him and continues upon seeing his glaring eyes. The siblings are going for the exams the next day. Jia Qi gives them sweets and cakes. Xiu Zhi gives toilet paper – to complete everything. Xiu Zhi is going to meet a male online friend whom she has not seen before to celebrate the lovers’ Christmas which is only available once in 60 years. (Strange – I thought only the Halley’s comet is like this?!)

Hao Jie hears it and jokes that he will not celebrate with any woman to get tied down. Hao Zhen leaves a message for Xian Min to meet at 4 outside the store. This day is the exam date and Kui Ren stays at home instead of staying in the library. He waits nervously – even more tense than himself taking the exam. Kui Shan asks if he is going to celebrate with Hao Zhen but he denies although he longs for it. Hao Zhen suddenly gets out of the house to buy a present for Xian Min.

Kui Ren is indifferent but also claims that he wants to buy one for Kui Shan too to go with her. She suddenly pulls his elbow – why doesn’t he ask if she does the exam properly as her tutor? He doesn’t show concern at all. He glances at her – her marks will not become higher even though he asks her. She never reports to him after her exam – what kind of student is this?

She chooses a brown sweater for Xian Min and uses Kui Ren as his model. Kui Ren walks out of the library late and wonders if Hao Zhen is home. He jumps upon seeing her still outside the store. He hides at a corner and accompanies her secretly. (This is so similar to Xiang Zhe getting angry to see Shan Mei waiting for You Zhen in ‘All About Eve’. But he gets angry to pull her away instead.) She sobs on her way home – he must be having something on to miss their date.

Kui Ren is upset when she still lies that she is fine. She offers to get Xian Min to get a girl for her but he says no coldly. He is angry – what is wrong with her for liking the jerk? Hao Jie comes out upon hearing them quarrel. Xiu Zhi and Jia Qi are waiting for them too. Xiu Zhi doesn’t have the guts to face her online pal because of her looks. They try to cheer each other up.

It is early in the morning and is about to skip at the rooftop when he sees a crying Jia Qi with a cigarette. Her mother is still working in the bar and is unable to protect her daughter from being harassed by customers. Jia Qi offers him a cigarette but he rejects as he doesn’t smoke. She jokes that he doesn’t smoke and is always skippng even after a hangover. He must be having a long life.

She remembers him saying that he lost his mother when young. For him, she is an illegitimate daughter when her mother loves a married man. Her mother still likes men but keeps on getting cheated. Kui Ren is shocked to know her background as she has not mentioned to others. So she becomes rebellious upon seeing her mother like this. She doesn’t understand why she tells him this. She only wants to pour her woes to someone but can’t tell the gals.

Hao Zhen and Xiu Zhi are too soft-hearted and they will feel pressurized if they know. But he should be able to handle the stress as a good listener. She wants to borrow something and stretches her hand. He is hesitant and lifts his hand timidly. No – she wants the rope. She skips and feels happier. Kui Ren is a special person and she can tell him all the secrets as he will not leak out. (Is she sure? Hasn’t he betrayed Hao Zhen once?! She doesn’t know it or……… )

Hao Zhen gets into university so Jia Qi and Xiu Zhi bring her to tell the good news to Xian Min. They see her with another girl. Xian Min is frank with her and only asks for her account number to pay off his debt. Jia Qi gets so mad to give him a punch. Since he thinks that Hao Zhen owes him the chance to get into university, he should also be grateful to her for leaving a bruise on his face. Hao Zhen doesn’t wish to get drunk to call Xian Min unknowingly so the three cry at the karaoke.

Hao Zhen never expects Rui Chun to invite Kui Ren and Kui Shan to their home to celebrate the occasion. Rui Chun is angered upon knowing that Hao Jie has failed. Upon knowing the breakup, she demands Hao Zhen to apologise to Xian Min (she doesn’t want to lose a judge son-in-law) but she refuses. Kui Ren asks is she is forgoing her chance to study in the university. Rui Chun’s attitude makes her embarrassed but Kui Ren tells her not to give up because of a man. Upon seeing her determination, he heaves a sigh of relief.

Hao Zhen wants to learn from her mistake – she ask Kui Ren if Xian Min will like her is she is smart. He might have loved her initially but changes his mind after meeting a smart girl. Kui Ren knows that he is really a cheat so he has the responsibility to dash her dreams. He pats on her head but later messes her hair. They started fooling around and she forgets being lost in love.

Hao Zhen starts studying and works part time in a restaurant. Many people give her a yellow rose one by one. A guy, Luo Jing Cheng who studies filmography in the same university with her likes her and decides to woo her. (This is the greatest joke of the century – to get Cui Yong Jun, the actor as Pei Ren Xiu in ‘All About Eve) to act as an undergraduate. His mature face doesn’t match with the supposedly age.)

Jia Qi and Xiu Zhi decide to check out Jing Cheng’s background. Xiu Zhi finds nothing wrong while Jia Qi fails to seduce him. They decide to ‘pass’ him. Xiu Zhi, Hao Zhen and Hao Jie are shocked to see Jia Qi and Kui Ren kissing. They are stunned – how is she able to subdue the reserved Kui Ren? Jia Qi just gets off the plane and is pestered by a man. So when she slaps him, Kui Ren is nearby watching and is forced to pose as her boyfriend to dance with her at the pub later.

Hao Zhen feels that Kui Ren shouldn’t be the type she likes and asks her. Although Kui Ren only meets Jia Qi by chance on the plane where she works as an air stewardess, she claims to like him. Hao Zhen describes Kui Ren at only age 22 but having a mind of 82! Jia Qi thinks that she doesn’t understand him as he is caring to listen to her complains – no lectures or advice given.

Hao Zhen only knows him as a friend but not as a man. Jia Qi recalls her vow that she will not touch a man that Hao Zhen likes so she asks her if she likes Kui Ren. She denies but Xiu Zhi has a bad phenomenon. Hao Zhen accuses Kui Ren for pretending to be uninterested in women but this is not the truth. Does she imply to the part where he tries learning dancing with her at the door step? He is amused – why the siblings look down on him? Kui Ren recalls how Hao Jie describes him for not knowing ABC to date women.

He is angry over it as he is also a normal guy. He is interested in only one type of woman – the type which is demure. Jia Qi has it while she doesn’t. She laughs – that is because she has a strong human fragrance till he has a nose block. She takes out Jing Cheng’s birthday invitation card to show him. He laughs it off – this is a girl’s game and Hao Zhen complains that he is too old-fashioned to be a romantic.

It is Hao Zhen’s birthday so all accompany her to see Jing Cheng. Kui Ren laughs – someone must be stupid to like Hao Zhen. Jing Cheng is wary when he sees a handsome and tall Hao Jie but is relieved that he is her younger brother. He becomes cold when seeing Kui Ren – he is staying in Hao Zhen’s home so he is his love rival. The place is decorated nicely for her 22nd birthday. He also shows all her photos. She is touched and promises never to forget it. Hao Jie notices that he is rich.

The practical Kui Ren replies that he should have used the money to help the poor. Jing Cheng puts a ring on her finger so Hao Jie hints to Kui Ren that he should do that to his future girlfriend. Kui Ren vows that he will rather die than to do that. Hao Zhen treasures the gift. Jing Cheng wants to kiss her but she avoids him. He presses her towards him and kisses on her lips. He has the will never to give up. Hao Zhen only feels confused instead of happy – what is wrong here?

Hao Zhen always accompanies him on shooting photos and learns some skills from him. He gets mad when she wants to give Kui Ren a call when getting his page. He will not let him have any chance. Hao Zhen rushes for their date and he is angry with her for not returning his page within 5 minutes. She has gone to the salon to perm her hair to please him. But this man demands her to change back the way she looks – he doesn’t want her to make any change without her approval.

Although she feels the pinch of wasting money, he insists of going with her to reverse the change. He doesn’t give her any chance at all – he orders steak although she doesn’t want it. Jia Qi feels that he bothers too much. If he is her boyfriend, she will give him a hard time. The permed hairstyle really suits her although Hao Zhen protests weakly. Jia Qi drags Kui Ren to Seoul Tower and requests him to be her boyfriend. She knows that Kui Ren has foresight and is also gentle.

He is right to say that all the different people stay under he same light. All have different feelings and Jia Qi now starts to look at others. Kui Ren finishes his tuition to have a meal at Hao Zhen’s workplace. He is frightened of the siblings who keep on asking about his development with Jia Qi. He teaches Hao Jie swimming a few days ago. Hao Jie dislikes studying and hopes to work secretly at a fitness club as a swimming coach to know rich girls.

You will laugh – he sets eyes on a plump woman who has a rich father owning a petroleum company. He saves her when she nearly drowns and she clings to his chest. He fights hard not to laugh upon seeing her stained mascara. Later, he asks her out in a park and even puts his jacket on the bench for her to sit on to prevent her dress from getting dirty. She is totally captivated by him.

Hao Zhen is afraid that he will be hurt by Jia Qi and asks about his decision. He replies that he is still considering. She wants to alert him but he feels that he is being looked down. Does she think that he can’t resist Jia Qi’s charm? The siblings have underestimated him. Has dating anything to do with intermediate and advanced classes?! She explains that she is worried because Jia Qi is nice to friends but cold to men.

Of course, he knows – the airport incident is a bloody example. Who can predict the future? And maybe she is the one getting hurt instead. Hao Zhen doesn’t wish to leave anyone hurt. Jing Cheng sees them together and his blood boils. Why is he giving tuition at the same area where she works? The boss is unhappy to see Hao Zhen chatting with guys when working and scolds her. Jing Cheng ends up fighting with him and Kui Ren tries to stop him. He has never seen such an unreasonable chap.

Jing Cheng yells that he has endured for a long time and throws his jacket aside, wanting to fight with Kui Ren. Kui Ren’s anger is provoked and they end up fighting together. Jing Cheng causes her to lose her job and she doesn’t know how to pay her fees. He begs in front of her classmates to ask for her forgiveness and forces her to watch a movie with him instead of giving her the chance to go for a job interview.

He tells her not to work as he will plan for her. She feels that she has lost her freedom. Hao Zhen allows him to send her back home and he deliberately kisses her in front of Kui Ren. Kui Ren drags her out – is she going to continue to see this guy? He is mad! Hao Zhen finds Jing Cheng pitiful – he only does that because he loves her too much. Kui Ren yells that it is madness – not likeness. He is worried about her – she shouldn’t date such a person.

She twists her mouth – Jing Cheng will feel secure if she treats him better. Kui Ren uses his hand to point at his own chest. Jing Cheng has told him not to pester her. Jing Cheng doesn’t return home but to hide at a corner to ambush him – can Hao Zhen still call this normal? She must be levelheaded. Hao Zhen finds another job in a fastfood outlet. Jing Cheng is angry to drag her out to make her lose her job again. She can’t tolerate anymore. He gives her a gift – an air ticket to go to Paris to continue her studies with him.

They can make their marriage simple within a month. She is taken aback but he allows no chance for her to talk. His parents will give them the fees and monthly expenses. She rejects him and wants to lead her own life without him. He gets so mad by her answer that he tears the air ticket to throw at her. Hao Zhen returns home wearily but suddenly Jing Cheng drags her into her home with him.

Her parents are taken aback when he kneels to ask for their approval to get married. Grandmother has known of the romance but she dislikes Rui Chun’s attitude so she keeps it from her. Jing Cheng continues to say that Hao Zhen loves him but can’t bear to leave her family so they should let her leave to make her happy. He even shows the ring that she wears. Rui Chun is angry – she gives herself away just because of a 1k golden ring?! Jing Cheng adds fuel to fire to add that they even have sexual relationship.

Hao Zhen yells to claim her innocence. She likes him in the past but not now. She throws the ring in front of him to return it to him. Jing Cheng looks at the ring and suddenly his eyes bulge to shout aloud. The whole family runs away from him but Jing Cheng gets a chopper to show that he is going to cut his wrist. Has she really stopped loving him? Kui Ren and Hao Jie return after a game of basketball.

Jing Cheng gets more worked up upon seeing Kui Ren to want him to leave. Kui Ren wants to teach him a lesson but Hao Jie stops him upon seeing the chopper. Hao Zhen wears the ring back timidly and suddenly Jing Cheng hugs her to cry. The guys seize this chance to subdue him. He struggles in vain as they finally throw him out. Zheng Hai consoles Hao Zhen that she should try to remember his merits. He jokes that he has to become rich to find a bodyguard to protect her.

Is she too greedy to be in love? Her friends try to cheer her up by going to Jiju island. The guys do their own cooking and discover that the chilli sauce isn’t enough. So the three gals go out to buy it. They meet Jing Cheng on the way. She softens and agrees to have a talk with him alone. The guys see them without Hao Zhen. Hao Jie tells them that they can produce the chilli sauce themselves for being so late.

Kui Ren is so angry that he shouts at Jia Qi – how can they allow Jing Cheng to take her away. Jia Qi has a shock – Hao Zhen has told them not to follow them but Kui Ren says that they should not allow her to leave alone with Jing Zheng. Don’t they know how dangerous he is? He throws aside the things in his hands and runs to look for her. Jia Qi feels wronged. She has not seen such a Kui Ren. He gets so nervous that his face turns white and he has not been fierce to her before. He is odd today.

Hao Zhen is angry when Jing Cheng pesters her to stop her from leaving. Why is he the same again? He gets fierce – how can they be more worried than him? Only he is the one who is willing to die for her. He will never give her up. Kui Ren finally sees them and Jing Cheng gets so mad that he wants to throw her into the sea. The guys manage to save her and Kui Ren beats Jing Cheng up hard.

Their whole night end up at the police station and are only released when the police discovers that Jing Cheng exaggerates his injury but he isn’t hurt at all. Hao Zhen feels bad for implicating them. Hao Zhen believes that she will forget Jing Cheng after burning the photos and drinking the ashes. Kui Ren comes to the rooftop and sees this – is she really going to drink it? How can she be as superstitious as Xiu Zhi? Upon knowing that she still has nightmares, he drags her out for a drink.

Hao Zhen has drank the second cup but Kui Ren insists that she only drinks a sip every 10 minutes. They only drink the cheap beer and she wonders if he is too stingy. She jokes that he should use the cups to pray to the gods instead. Why is he still sticking to the rules? What’s the point of being scared to get drunk? What is wrong of him to be careful? Hao Zhen starts to agree with Jia Qi that he is a man after the incident.

Men have two faces – before and after getting their women. Which is the real him? He pulls her hand to touch his face – isn’t she double-faced too? She pecks him like a woodpecker but is like a stupid bear with other men. He becomes drunk now. Sure enough, he feels his hand on his face – it’s getting hot. When has he started drinking when 10 minutes isn’t up? He sprawls on the table. Hao Zhen brings a drunk him home and he keeps yelling that he misses his mother.

He sits on the staircase and refuses to move. He hugs her – he is so sad. Hao Zhen can’t breathe – why doesn’t she ask which man he is – he is quite nice and doesn’t she know it? Hao Zhen can’t tolerate him for being so arrogant when drunk. Her face touches her hair – he still likes her for being silly. He isn’t bored when she is a woodpecker and he likes her for being stupid. There isn’t anyone as silly as her now and only she believes others so easily. She is a dinosaur indeed.

She is a panda which needs protection. He wants her to look into his eyes. She should agree that he is nicer than the other men. Can’t she tell him frankly – he hugs her tightly. She is shocked – she never knows that he behaves like a child when drunk. Kui Ren thinks that Kui Shan is his mother and hugs her, telling her not to go anywhere but stay with him. Kui Shan feels miserable and tells Hao Zhen that he loves to complain like a kid when drunk.

That is because he loses his mother when he is very young and has no chance to do that. Hao Zhen doesn’t find him cute but too heavy as she helps Kui Shan to bring him home. No matter if it is real of him to say that she is cute, the words warm her heart. Hao Zhen is afraid that Jing Cheng will look for her again so she decides to stop her studies for a year to set a roadside stall to sell udon noodles.

Xiu Zhi is in love with her senior who is her father’s student. They will be watching a movie on Sunday. Hao Zhen is happy for her – finally someone is able to appreciate her. Jia Qi prepares her makeover to make a pair of contact lenses for her. Hao Jie is unhappy with Hao Zhen’s decision – what if she meets someone they know when being a hawker? She thinks that it is even better but Kui Ren supports her.

He is down upon seeing Jia Qi’s page – telling him to fetch her at the airport. He cancels the ‘command’
and returns to the siblings. Jia Qi is right – he is a traditional man and also a conservative one. He thinks that men should make the first move. He doesn’t like to be led – there is a serious problem between them. Hao Zhen is disappointed upon knowing that Kui Ren has to go to Jia Qi.

Hao Jie feels strange upon seeing her expression. Hao Jie suddenly remembers that he has a date with the plump woman. This is not a date but an investment. This is easier than getting into university. He has no other potential except to attract women. Hao Zhen and Kui Ren paint the cart. Xiu Zhi drops one lens during the date and the senior sends her home. But Hao Jie spoils the moment by appearing.

Hao Zhen decides to take a photo of every customer as photos are splendid presents to make one keep the past. Kui Ren is moody and she is angry – he knows all her stories but he chooses to keep from her. He discloses that he is confused over Jia Qi. Both are mismatch in everything – he doesn’t like her to smoke but she doesn’t like him to interfere. Hao Zhen is sad to have no customers on her first day.

A man comes with his children and they take a photo together. Xiu Zhi is upset when her senior asks her out only to find out what questions Dr Jiang sets for the re-exam. If he fails, he has to give up his dream of being a doctor. Xiu Zhi squats at the door and cries. Suddenly she sees a Mercedes stopping at her door. It must be Hao Jie pretending to stay her again to deceive the plump woman.

Sure enough, she sees her in the car. Hao Jie takes out Jing Cheng’s ring that Hao Zhen dumps away to give her. The girl is touched and when he is about to kiss her, Xiu Zhi reveals the truth. His efforts come to waste and he gets angry with her. She doesn’t want the girl to get cheated by a jerk. It is easy for the handsome guys to fall in love but not for ugly women to get accepted. She cries and Dr Jiang wonders what happens upon seeing them together. Hao Jie starts to think that he is wrong.

Kui Ren apologises for not turning up at Hao Zhen’s stall. Jia Qi’s mother has tried committing suicide and Jia Qi and he have been tired through the whole night. Hao Zhen pities Xiu Zhi and wonders if the two spend the night together. Jia Qi lies that she is on the plane to New York, not knowing that Kui Ren has confessed to Hao Zhen. Hao Zhen is upset with her for deceiving her and Kui Ren doesn’t understand why Jia Qi doesn’t want to tell the others the truth. Jia Qi doesn’t want to explain that her mother tries killing herself. This is not something glorious.

She warns her friends not to be overly concerned about her and Kui Ren. Hao Zhen complains that it is unfair as Jia Qi probes into everything for her case. Jia Qi replies that is because she is always unclear what is going on. They quarrel and Kui Ren has to reveal that Jia Qi’s mother is sick. Jia Qi doesn’t want the others to pity him so she leaves. Xiu Zhi also feels that Hao Zhen is getting too nosy. Does she really treat Kui Ren as a friend? Not as her brother or family.

She walks home and has not thought of that. How is it to be in love with Kui Ren? She imagines giving him a knitted accessory but he will ask if she spends money on it. She should knit for him and how can she be lacking of sincerity? Hao Zhen freezes – his strict face appears in front of her. What will he tell his lover over the telephone? Say what she wants when they meet the next day. They should pick the important things to talk over the phone. She will know what he wants to say and this is worse when kissing.

When is there a woman like her to twist her mouth to want a kiss? How shameful this is! She can imagine this and if she dates him, it is the same as jumping into fire to get burned. Kui Ren tells them that they don’t know Jia Qi well and both quarrel. Rui Chun is mad with Hao Jie working as a trainer and also Hao Zhen being a hawker. Do they want to drive her to her grave?

She drags Hao Jie home and is about to hit him when Xiu Zhi shields him. She is angry with Xiu Zhi’s mother who is a gynae. Hao Zhen must have felt bad not knowing her future even though she is an undergraduate to set up a stall. Hao Zhen gets beaten up by a fat woman who is angry with her for stealing her business and Rui Chun also loses out to her. She still refuses to fold up her business. Kui Ren tells her not to cry anymore. She thinks that she isn useless for not doing anything right.

He cheers her up and both play together. The atmosphere changes when Jia Qi pages him. Hao Zhen hasn’t patch up with her so she isn’t prepared to talk to her. Hao Jie decides to repay Xiu Zhi’s kindness by giving her a treat at a fastfood outlet. He is prepared to do anything for her for protecting him but he is not willing to be her boyfriend. Hao Jie feels bad for hurting her every now and then. He is angry upon knowing that some call her a dinosaur. She also wishes to be a beauty but she doesn’t have the chance.

Hao Jie is not good in studies and not rich. If only he can be a dentist like her but she longs to be as nice looking as him. She is still touched that he isn’t angry with her and he even helps her to get a seat in the library. He brings her to a plastic surgeon but he says that she is unsuitable so she gives up. Hao Jie tells her to train on her figure instead. Xiu Zhi helps Hao Zhen in her business but the fat woman’s son brings gangsters to ruin her stall. Kui Ren hears of the news and rush with Hao Jie.

Hao Jie shakes his head – Xiu Zhi only remembers to call him but not the police. Kui Ren carries Hao Zhen on his back to bring her home as she sprains her ankle. Why is she so unlucky? Kui Ren points out his 3 fingers which signifies the legs of a chair. They have to find the centre of gravity to be stable. This is his theory. Kui Shan and Jia Qi see them and are concerned. Jia Qi is worried about Hao Zhen but she pretends to look away.

Kui Ren needs not apologise as it is right of him to carry a friend back but she is clear on one thing. The two are too close and Kui Ren is too nice to Hao Zhen. If this goes on, she will get touched. Why hasn’t he thought of her to get angry? She leaves in her car. Hao Zhen is her good friend and although they quarrel, she reminds herself of her vow. She has to force him to keep a distance from Hao Zhen.

Hao Zhen feels better when the children look for her to get the photo. Their father has passed away and they wish to have it for their memory. She regrets not taking more for them. Jia Qi tells Hao Zhen not to torture Kui Ren. Kui Ren hasn’t agreed to keep a distance from Hao Zhen so she approaches her. She returns home and sees Kui Ren. Both feel uneasy and he is cold. She knows him – he must keep his promise. But why is she feeling sad?

Hao Zhen gets a photographer job at Lotte World and she can get enough money for her fees after 2 months. Hao Zhen takes a photo of Xiu Zhi and Hao Jie. Kui Ren eats pizza with Hao Zhen after finishing his part time job. She looks at him – does she look like the sort to pester a man? Kui Ren finds her weird – why is she treating him so well today? Has she done something wrong? This is unusual.

She complains that he wears too little to buy him a scarf and later says that he is too old fashioned and should try brighter colours. When they eat pizza, she adds the sauce and cheese powder for him. He is more used to her being fierce to him. He needs to adjust his thoughts – he can’t imagine his future – Jia Qi always talk harshly and he has a fiery temper. They have reached the bottle-neck stage.

Hao Zhen interrupts him and she tells him that she is sick. He tells her to eat medicine but she says she has no medicine. He is about to get for her when she stops him. Her heart is sick and she is interested in him. He isn’t her type but she is angry when Jia Qi tells her to leave him. She is frank to blurt everything and Kui Ren stares at her. Both get out of the house – he wants to talk to her about it.

Jia Qi stops in front of them. She is jealous and kisses him. Kui Ren is shocked and touches his lips. Hao Zhen scolds herself for being mad to interfere. Kui Ren feels that he isn’t having the right to decide. Jia Qi has threatened to have a breakup in the afternoon but she does this now. What is she up to? Jia Qi is sad – people have said that she is confident but she isn’t in front of Kui Ren. He is the first one. Kui Ren never expects her to change like that. She clings to his chest and promises not to talk to him harshly again.

Jia Qi is different from her mother in the past. But now, she starts to change for him to laugh and cry for him. She knows that she isn’t the cheery and kind type to get Kui Shan’s approval. But to make Kui Ren love her, she is willing to learn. Kui Ren confesses to her that it is hard for him to give up on Hao Zhen. He knows that he is relieved when she is happy and worried when she cries. So he doesn’t want to upset Hao Zhen. Kui Ren has thought that Jia Qi is strong enough to get angry but not upset. She is upset when hearing his description – this shows that he doesn’t understand her.

This is Hao Zhen’s last day of work. Jia Qi scolds her for knowing how to manipulate Kui Ren. She is angry and will not give him up as she finally knows how to love someone. Hao Zhen also refuses to give in. Hao Zhen is unlucky – she meets a lecher and later she hurts a customer as a waitress. But the money isn’t enough. She passes the advertisement to the passersby and Kui Ren sees her doing it. Why is she always doing something that often embarrass herself in front of him? He helps her to pass them to others.

Kui Ren is puzzled how she can hide from him for 15 days. It should be tough as they stay under one roof. It isn’t his intention to kiss Jia Qi. He has considered her words and tells her not to proceed too fast to give each other time. But there is no need to hide from each other. He gives her a contest form for a photography competition. She will win the money for her fees if she is lucky.

The two patch up and Kui Ren brings her home. They are shocked to see Jia Qi in an apron. Hao Zhen can’t believe her eyes upon seeing Jia Qi getting food for Kui Ren. So is Kui Ren – doesn’t she treat men as dirt? Is this one of the 100 expressions that she shows different men? Hao Zhen gets terrified. Jia Qi laughs as she has not seen Kui Ren so shy before. She also gets vegetables for the women.

Jia Qi knows what they are thinking. She wants to prove to Kui Ren that she has straightened her thoughts. Although Hao Zhen is loveable, she can also change for him. This is not the usual her but she vows to be his perfect woman. From the day she quits smoking that he hates and also to learn cooking from Kui Shan, she wants to be an obedient woman for Kui Shan. The change is hard and she has also said that changing is impossible, she will still do it for him. This is easier than breaking up with him.

Hao Zhen wants to take photos of a drunkard but the fellow grabs the camera that she borrows from Xiu Zhi’s mother. In order to get it back, she agrees to bring him food. Kui Ren worries for her safety and tails her, finally getting it back. Both blush when she mentions about him getting drunk and says that she is a rare species to get protected. He realizes that he loves her and is about to kiss her when she rejects as Jia Qi’s face suddenly appears in her mind.

Hao Jie and Xiu Zhi quarrel so Xiu Zhi stops her training at the fitness club where he works as an instructor. He finds himself missing her when mistaking another woman to be her. Another unexpected thing happens – both read books (Hao Jie on a playboy magazine while Xiu Zhi on a biology text) and get to see each other faces in the books! Dr Jiang then discovers the photo that both have taken and wants Hao Jie to make his stand clear to Xiu Zhi.

Hao Jie plays basketball with Kui Ren. Both have something weighing on their minds. Hao Jie is happy knowing that Xiu Zhi likes him but when she knows that he wishes to woo her because of her rich background, she ignores him. He doesn’t understand why he doesn’t get excited but he always misses her. Why? Kui Ren feels the same – he often misses Hao Zhen when he doesn’t see her. Upon learning that he has known the gal for a few years, Hao Jie tries in vain to get the answer from him.

The photo developer owner, Feng Hao gives the photos to Hao Zhen and she is disappointed that many don’t turn out well. Luckily there is a photo on the drunkard which turn out nice. She sends in for the contest without showing Kui Ren. He gets angry since he is the one encouraging her to go for the contest. Hao Zhen waits outside the door for the release of the results on the newspaper. Kui Ren also walks out in his track suit. He is also having the same purpose but lies that he is going to jog.

But when she presses him to go, he feels so cold – he runs out and will buy the newspaper later. Hao Zhen is disappointed when her work isn’t chosen. Kui Ren sees the results and runs back but she is already not at home. He still attends classes but he misses her so he rushes to give her a call. Jia Qi comes and he frowns – she always makes a bright entrance with her ‘in’ dressing. He confesses to her that he has wanted to call Hao Zhen and Jia Qi’s face changes. He rushes home to wait for her as she must be upset.

Xiu Zhi sees Hao Jie at home with a bandage on his hand. He has tried booking a hotel room with a woman but Xiu Zhi’s face appears and thus his performance slackens. (This scene is steamy hot as he comes out of the bathroom with only a towel covering his waist to kiss the girl forcefully in bed. Definitely more desirable than the bed scene he has with Ji Woo in ‘Staircase to heaven’. ) The girl throws him out when he is without his clothes on and he is unlucky to get his hand stuck to get hurt by the lift door.

Why? Someone comes out of another room and he tries to hide his embarrassment from others to charge into the lift flicking his hand. He doesn’t dare to let her know the cause for the injury and now he gets her to feed him. He realises that he likes her now.

He will get a library seat for the ‘bank account book’ at 6am and also accompany the ‘gold card’ for her dating sessions. When hearing her saying that she hates him, he flies into a rage and even the rice doesn’t turn tasty. The talkative person also turns quiet – as if nothing goes smoothly for him.

Hao Zhen gets a call from Jia Qi to meet her at her mother’s bar. She sees Jia Qi chasing a man away. That is her father who has abandoned her when young who last appears on her secondary school graduation day. His whole family is migrating overseas so he requests to see her. But she hates him to find love meaningless but now she is in a love hurricane. She doesn’t want to end up like her mother so she has to protect herself but Kui Ren is drifting farther from her now.

Hao Zhen blames her for not telling the truth and asks why a woman like Jia Qi likes Kui Ren. He is like a wall to her to block the wind for her. He will stand beside her - Hao Zhen is shy – Kui Ren also does the same to her. She knows that he will love a woman and not change his heart. Jia Qi begs her to help and she decides to give Kui Ren up. Kui Ren waits for her at the bus stop. He has flashback of the past.

Hao Zhen tells him that it is better for them to stay as friends. She doesn’t dare to meet into his eyes. He can’t believe his ears – she is confused with her feelings? Hao Zhen hopes that he will return to Jia Qi after the rejection. Is this the Hao Zhen he knows? Since she is so experienced, why is she still confused? She can say not to love him but he can’t. She can’t cry in her room – her grandmother is there nor at the rooftop – because Kui Ren skips there. She has to hide in the cellar to cry.

Hao Zhen now works as a parking attendant on the highway. It is cold but she needs the money. One man gives a namecard that provides free beer at ‘Heaven hotel’. Hao Jie keeps pestering Xiu Zhi on ways to make her like him again but Xiu Zhi is afraid of getting hurt again. Hao Zhen is worried that she likes a younger guy but she doesn’t know that he is her own younger brother.

Hao Zhen discovers that the man is the owner of the hotel and insists of paying him the money back. She doesn’t want sympathy. He is Zheng Xun, a nice guy who is a good listener. (Surprise, surprise, he is Ji Zhe who acts as Xian Da in ‘All About Eve’ but definitely slimmer and younger looking.) Kui Ren is back from his trip – people have said that trips help to forget worries but why doesn’t it work on him? Hao Zhen decides to lie to all that she has Zheng Xun as her boyfriend to make Kui Ren forget her.

Kui Ren is so disappointed that this happens just in a few days. He keeps drinking and forgets his rule of drinking a sip every 10 minutes. Zheng Xun seems to be much older than her and can see through what happens. Kui Ren congratulates them bitterly – he doesn’t know her well even after staying with her for 4 years. Jia Qi is also tormented to see him reacting like this. Why doesn’t he choose Jia Qi for being direct?
Jia Qi sends Kui Ren to a motel and he hugs her, thinking that she is Hao Zhen. He cries – why does she break his heart? So is Jia Qi – Kui Ren breaks her heart too.

Xiu Zhi and Hao Jie’s parents finally know of their romance now. Hao Zhen hits hr brother – how can he treat her best friend like a toy? Hao Jie is frustrated – he can be a playboy but he doesn’t toy with Xiu Zhi’s feelings. He blurts out that Kui Ren has slept with Jia Qi the other night. Hao Zhen confronts Kui Ren but he says that she has no right to scold him since she is also the type to have a change of heart soon.

Hao Zhen goes to the hotel often and misses Kui Ren. Zheng Xun tells Hao Zhen that she can treat him as a ‘life senior’. Jia Qi realises that she should give up now. Kui Ren has the look that he has gotten off at the wrong bus stop upon knowing that he has slept with her. Actually nothing has happened between them but she doesn’t explain it. But Kui Ren has thought that he should make amends to her by marrying her. Ha announces to all that they are getting married. Jia Qi gets angry – this man is really over traditional. It is destined that they should end like this. She doesn’t want him to bear responsibility.

The news hits Hao Zhen and she walks past the studio. She is delighted that Feng Hao puts up her photo of the drunkard at the window. She is happy that he likes it. She asks if he can become his assistant to learn more from him. He agrees and tells her to take photos of scenery and not people. She wants Zheng Xun to go with her on a trip to help her out. When Kui Ren knows about it, he nearly goes mad. Does she know what that means – this woman is so ignorant? He becomes shy – she really doesn’t know anything.

Hao Zhen gets angry – he can marry Jia Qi so why can’t she go out with others. He really jumps and Zheng Xun really brings Hao Zhen to nice places. He confesses that he likes Hao Zhen. She thanks him for the trip and goes to the hotel again. Suddenly a well-dressed woman comes in and he gets nervous. He said that she is his business partner. Hao Zhen thinks that Jia Qi must be angry with Kui Ren for proposing abruptly and arranges a romantic moment with flowers and the ring.

Jia Qi feels tormented and insists on a breakup. Hao Zhen gets mad - doesn’t she love him so much and now she leaves without telling her. They should get along well now. She cries in the hotel and Zheng Xun walks aside to go to somewhere. The caller demands him to be there immediately. The woman comes – she is Zheng Xun’s wife. Hao Zhen doesn’t know that he is married. She has found out a few affairs and now she has no more strength to quarrel or fight with mistresses.

The woman can see that Hao Zhen is very innocent. Zheng Xun is a good lover but not a good husband. She bears with it because of their children and he is dependent on her wealth. Hao Zhen feels pitiful – she has thought of liking him but now she can’t face him anymore. She is like wanting to wear a life jacket to prevent drowning but discover that she has worn a metal singlet to sink under the sea.

Kui Ren learns the truth from Hao Jie and asks nervously if anything happens between them during the trip. He is relieved when she says no and blames her for not checking out the facts. He is scared that she will get cheated again. Kui Ren will not be able to nag to her soon as he will be enlisted in the army with Hao Jie soon. Jia Qi has confessed to her on the incident and he agrees to the breakup.

Feng Hao rejects all the photos and she helps him out. Kui Ren changes the cellar into a dark room the whole night so that Hao Zhen can develop photos there. Hao Zhen is upset to learn that he is going to the army soon. She is angry not to see him and he replies that he is tired to run after her all the time. She wonders why Jia Qi is so cold to the news. Jia Qi doesn’t wish to see the two for the time being.

Kui Ren feels reluctant to leave as there are few army holidays. He reminds her to study hard and she can use his empty room. She must also work hard and prevent getting cheated. She runs to the bus station to send him off but they are on different seats. Kui Ren deliberately tells the old man sitting beside Hao Zhen that she is his girlfriend so the old man recalls his past to exchange seats with him.

He leans on her shoulder to sleep on the bus. He is happy that she is here and only wants her to treat him to spicy noodles. She takes a picture of him as remembrance and he nearly weeps in front of her. He requests Hao Zhen to take care of Kui Shan. He has no chance to tell Hao Zhen that nothing happens between him and Jia Qi because Xiu Zhi comes at this time.

Xiu Zhi runs out to bid Hao Jie goodbye but she runs out without shoes and Hao Jie buys a pair as a farewell present. Hao Zhen is happy reading Kui Ren’s letters and looks forward to visit him with Kui Shan. What has he wanted to tell her the last time? She grumbles as Kui Ren warns her not to get fired to take the day off instead of getting touched to see her. He finally tells her that nothing happens between him and Jia Qi and kisses her, holding her hand tightly.

It is his day off but she is busy shooting photos for married couples. He gets disappointed but gets a pair of lover rings. He practices his proposal lines – will she agree to have breakfast with him and hear his nagging daily? (This scene is very cute.) He hides a ring in a piece of bread but …what if she eats it? It is better to give her personally. But she is careless – he puts it in again.

But he frowns upon seeing her back with a man and remembers his senior’s words – the first date will end up in disaster and will not last long. Has she liked another man? That is the staff working in the marriage agency. Can’t she watch her behaviour not to get into a man’s car easily? They quarrel and he asks – does she like him? She is disappointed that he doesn’t trust her. (This is just to fill the gap for the tapes, sigh….) He decides to give up and wears the ring on his finger after eating the bread in tears.

She is anxious when Kui Ren doesn’t return on another leave day. She completes her studies and becomes a photographer. Xiu Zhi works in a clinic and Jia Qi is now a model. But she doesn’t get in touch with Hao Zhen and changes her telephone number. Kui Ren finishes his NS and her heart flutters. Xiu Zhi urges Hao Zhen to contact Jian You. Hao Zhen is in the dark room when Kui Ren returns. Will he get disappointed when back to see her? But they are like strangers when they meet each other.

Xiu Zhi wonders why Kui Ren chooses to work in a small company instead of a big organization. He misses the interview to send someone to hospital but the boss admires him to hire him. Hao Zhen is meeting Jian You soon. Kui Ren’s boss is Jian You and Kui Ren is surprised when he introduces him to Jia Qi. He wants Kui Ren’s opinion of choosing her as the model. She knows her value as a small company will need her for success. She will decide after reading their proposal. Jian You leaves to meet Hao Zhen. Jia Qi is surprised that Hao Zhen and Kui Ren have broken off.

Jian You hasn’t disappointed her. He is still as handsome as before. He is also happy to find his first love. He gets her a purple hair clip. This present is only given to her 13 years later. She likes it very much. He falls for her immediately. Kui Ren brings documents for him and he is talking to her over the phone. He wants to hear her voice after getting home. He asks Kui Ren if he has met his first love. Kui Ren thinks of Hao Zhen and replies yes. Kui Ren should understand him then. He likes her smiling face. Has Kui Ren found a photographer? He decides to give Hao Zhen the job.

Hao Zhen is surprised to see Jian You. He comes happily to shake her hand and Kui Ren realizes that they like the same woman. He wants to find out more about her from Kui Ren. He has seen how shy she is but Kui Ren has only seen how fierce she is to him. Hao Zhen finally knows why Jian You helps her up at the skating ground in the past. He wants to know her name. He likes the photos taken. Jian You has joined the photography club during his university days. Although he isn’t very skilful, he can tell that Hao Zhen has potential especially with people. He engages her to take the company’s photos.

They go for a Indian meal. He takes her notebook and puts his photo into it and takes out her photo. She will not date other men then. Can they start dating? She takes out Kui Ren’s photo – can she forget him? Jian You emails to her – she has captured his heart. She smiles when reading it using the home computer from Hao Jie’s room. She doesn’t know why she is hesitating.

He is her first love, gentle, handsome and rich. Why is she stopping? Hao Jie is unhappy with Mrs Wu always fixing matchmaking sessions for Xiu Zhi. Hao Jie wants to be a model so he becomes Jia Qi’s chauffeur to wait for a chance. But Xiu Zhi’s heart dies upon knowing it to feel that he is immature. So she starts dating with the hospital director. This is the first time Hao Jie feels threatened. This Dr Quan Zhan Cheng seems to like Xiu Zhi very much.

This name is so funny? Why is it approve in Chinese? He definitely disapproves them to date. Hao Zhen tells him that Xiu Zhi wants to settle down so it is his problem. Why is he no money and ability? He is already so old but is like a high school student. If he really loves her, he should do something. Jia Qi refuses to shoot for Jian You as she must choose the photo. She is popular now and when she turns to see Hao Zhen, she discovers how she misses her.

Hao Zhen doesn’t mind her wanting to change the photographer. Jia Qi turns to Kui Ren – has he forgotten Hao Zhen but he says that it is Jian You’s idea. So she gives her a chance. He tells the nervous Hao Zhen to calm down – who knows Jia Qi better than her? Both are professionals and Hao Zhen urges her to show her confident side. She is so pretty and Hao Zhen doesn’t wish to miss any shot.

The two go for a sauna. Jia Qi smiles – Kui Ren is a stupid fool to miss her. She wants to help her to be famous and she doesn’t need a man now. Kui Ren wants Hao Zhen to dress nicely and she is surprised to see Jian You. Jian You has wanted to see a common Hao Zhen after work and Kui Ren finds it hard to tell him that Hao Zhen is his first love. But he pesters him – how she looks like and how they meet?

Hao Zhen can’t recall this – don’t they meet in Kui Shan’s room? She doesn’t remember but he can. Jian You is baffled – how can a handsome guy be ditched? This woman is special indeed. Jian You only needs
30 minutes to get attracted by Kui Ren. He is also disappointed as Kui Ren seems to be persistent in love. He will not let his first romance to end in the same way. Jian You sends Hao Zhen on a car trip. She can’t see Kui Ren’s reaction at all. Kui Ren sees them going away and recalls the past. He must wake up now.

Hao Zhen needs more time to consider and he is relieved that she hasn’t rejected him although he is a little disappointed. Kui Ren wishes to keep their past from Jian You – he doesn’t wish Jian You to be upset and Hao Zhen will lose a chance to like someone else. Rui Chun is happy to know that a rich guy likes Hao Zhen and comes to confirm with Kui Ren. She is moneyminded but Kui Ren still respects her to tell the truth. She is so delighted that Jian You is an only child. Jian You’s father invests in his company and this shows that no one else will inherit the wealth!

Rui Chun has been to a fortune teller. The fellow predicts that Hao Jie will be rich but he is still not settled down. He even wants to steal money to enroll into a modeling agency. So he has made a mistake as she is Hao Zhen instead. She urges Hao Zhen to go out with Jian You. She feels no dignity in front of Kui Ren upon seeing her mother’s reaction. Jian You wins the chance for the next contract although they lose out in the selection to another large company.

Hao Zhen feels apologetic – has they lost because of her? Jian You says no but Jia Qi jokes that it is only ordinary. Jian You asks why Jia Qi parts with Kui Ren. Kui Ren freezes as he is afraid that Jia Qi will blurt everything. But she tells everything and she finds Jian You’s reaction strange. So this is real – he feels like a fool to trust Kui Ren to confess everything to him.

Kui Ren is sorry about it and he is only her past. He has missed his home so much. Jian You tells him that he isn’t affected by it. She has thought that he will be angry. Kui Ren knows that she will see nothing to treat a man well when she is in love but he doesn’t know that she picks on him because she loves him. (Her
past is even more colourful on the number of boyfriends she has – will he forgive her after knowing?)

Hao Zhen tells Jian You that she doesn’t love him and he accepts this but he will not give up to give her a handphone as a present. They go to the aquarium and he hugs her. He will bring her anywhere she likes to go. Kui Ren is testing his new handphone. This new toy doesn’t suit him but he can’t reject Jian You’s offer. Hao Zhen teaches him and he is about to give her this but she replies that Jian You has given her one.

She asks what he wants ass no. 1. He is about to say her but says the home number. For hers, Jian You has keyed in as his first number. She also adds in hers as 0 because her position in his heart is zero. She asks if she should accept Jian You. He is moody – he is of course okay because he is more outstanding than him. Hao Zhen also records his number in her handphone.

Jia Qi helps the company to get a deal and she asks Kui Ren. Is he between Jian You and Hao Zhen again? He is so pathetic. Is he really ok? He conceals his feelings. Jia Qi asks why he doesn’t know how Hao Zhen loves him. She tells him that Hao Zhen has waited for him but he hasn’t returned. Upon seeing his startled expression, she scolds him stupid. He really doesn’t know it.

He invites Hao Zhen to a coffee shop and she is confused. Why don’t they meet at the staircase or the rooftop? He recalls that they have not dated formally. He confesses that he is upset over the breakup so he rather accepts the training and doesn’t allow himself to think too much. Why doesn’t he contact her? He gives up after a few times calling her in vain. She confesses that she waits for a long time too. How can she visit him as he leaves angrily? She isn’t the strong person he thinks.

Jian You’s call reminds him and he releases her hand. Knowing the truth makes him sink in despair. Jian You hopes that he knows everything before Kui Ren. She should tell him that they are dating and not to Kui Ren. She isn’t clear about it so she consults Kui Ren. Jian You works overtime so Rui Chun cooks food to demand Hao Zhen to send to him. She has never been more satisfied since the last day she sees him. Jian You brags to all about his new girlfriend but Kui Ren loses his appetite upon seeing them so intimate.

A colleague, Zhi Ying is secretly in love with Kui Ren for a long time. How nice to have a girlfriend – it seems Hao Zhen has stayed in Jian You’s office for long. She requests Kui Ren to sit with her in the same taxi as she gets frightened to be alone at night. He hears this and gets nervous. He knocks the door and comes in – Jian You has rested his head on her lap to quickly sit up. She gets embarrassed too – Jian You is just like a kid. Kui Ren feels hurt and says that Zhi Ying wants him to accompany her home.

Jian You smiles and knows it. Kui Ren drinks with Hao Jie. Hao Jie gives Xiu Zhi up. He is like what Zhan Cheng says – to be selfish to make Xiu Zhi cry instead of happy. Kui Ren is also drunk – has Hao Zhen kissed Jian You? If they kiss, he will kill her! What is good about Jian You? Will he know her better than him? Although he knows that Jian You is nice to her, he finds it unbearable to see them together. You will laugh – the two guys sit back to back to complain to the women on their handphones and keep scolding each other for making so much noise. The women’s hearts flutter upon hearing their speeches.

The two are so drunk that Kui Ren even carries Hao Jie to his home on the second floor instead of the first floor. The next day, they search themselves and their things are still with them. Both check their handphones. (This is another cute scene.) Hao Jie has called Xiu Zhi thrice – what has he told her? Kui Ren also gets frantic upon seeing his records – Hao Jie only sees him talking – even after he wakes up. What has he told Hao Zhen too?! How will Hao Jie know as he can’t remember what he says to Xiu Zhi too? Both lower their heads.

Let us return to the past and I will give you the ring to say I love you. This is what Kui Ren tells her. She approaches him but he avoids her to rush to work. Why does he drink? He must have hated her? This guy always avoids her after a hangover and no exception for this time. Xiu Zhi is getting engaged. So Hao Zhen brings her to try the gown. She doesn’t seem happy – so is Hao Jie during mealtime.

Hao Zhen corners Kui Ren when he is skipping. Can he choose properly to be a friend or lover? He shouts back at her – he also wants to do that but he can’t control himself. She tells Jian You that she disappoints him but she can’t help it. When Kui Ren hears the news from Jian You, he runs to the photo studio. He puffs when she is taking photos of others to date her on Sunday. What happens recently?

Xiu Zhi has escaped from the engagement venue and Mrs Wu creates a scene at their home. Now Kui Ren also straightens his thoughts to date her. The development leaves her confused. The two go to the garden to cycle and they are amused that they have not started dating after knowing each other for a long time. She is surprised that he cooks dishes well. He has learned how to do it after Kui Shan comes to Seoul. He doesn’t wish to lose to his classmates’ mothers so he puts in a lot of effort.

They even take lovers’ sticker photos. This is what a old-fashioned Kui Ren will not do. What is impossible in the past becomes normal now with her. But they can’t paste it on their handphones as these are presents from Jian You. They feel that someone is spying on them upon looking at the handphones. Grandmother sees them kissing – is Hao Zhen a two-timer? But she is shocked that Kui Ren can be so romantic.

Hao Zhen discusses with Feng Hao. He is once a commercial photographer but he finds it sickening to earn money through this to take human photos instead. He feels that Hao Zhen is like him so she is unsuitable for commercials. Both also like people so she should go professional. Rui Chun seizes her home - how can she give up a rich guy to be with Kui Ren? She feels ashamed by Rui Chun but she refuses to change her life like this. Since she refuses to listen to her, Rui Chun approaches Kui Ren.

Kui Shan is unhappy when Rui Chun tells him to look for a rich woman to improve his standard of living. Kui Ren is the most sensible person she knows and never lets her worry. Although Rui Chun is an elder, she tells her that everyone can tell that Hao Zhen loses when standing beside Kui Ren. But she still likes Hao Zhen for being obedient. So she has to think twice too. They quarrel on who should move out to avoid each other. Hao Jie tries to stop the commotion in vain.

He has destroyed Xiu Zhi’s engagement and both decide to cohabit. But he is jobless and has asked in vain from Jia Qi for money. He has hoped to approach Kui Shan for help but his happens. Hao Zhen apologises to Kui Ren for the incident. Kui Ren starts to feel inferior because of Jian You. Hao Jie has wanted to steal Rui Chun’s account book but Rui Chun discovers it. She faints and is sent to hospital. Hao Jie gives up his thought and Hao Zhen feels bad for neglecting the fact that Rui Chun to quarrel with her.

Kui Ren consoles Hao Zhen – Rui Chun is strong and will not be deterred by the setback. Hao Jie finally finds Rui Chun in their home taxi after searching the MTR station and feels remorseful. He is already over 20 years old but is never filial to her. Now he even tries to steal her money. She still opposes Hao Zhen to be with Rui Ren as she doesn’t want her to end up like her.

Kui Shan fulfils her promise to treat them as strangers. Hao Zhen and Kui Ren have to date secretly at the staircase. Hao Jie has wanted to give up but when Xiu Zhi still waits for him at the rented home and her parents drive her out, he is upset and they still agree to cohabit. Hao Zhen doesn’t approve it but can’t think of a better way. They are braver than her and Kui Ren.

Kui Ren jokes that they should just get married instead of going through the dating process. He doesn’t want to get hurt by her again. He even pesters her to send him to the company’s entrance. It is a time for equality and him to be modern. Hao Zhen is amused. He hugs her before she leaves and Jian You sees it. How can Kui Ren betray his trust? Haven’t they ended? They quickly separate and Jian You punches him. The two have a talk and of course, It doesn’t work and he gets another bruise on his face.

Kui Ren decides to be the bad guy to keep her by his side. Jian You rejects his resignation letter so he decides to finish his assignment before he leaves. He looks for Hao Jie and Hao Jie is desperate for being jobless. Zhen Hai likes him but he has no say at home. He buys Rui Chun’s favourite oranges and is surprised to see Jian You there. Grandmother supports Hao Zhen and treats Kui Ren better.

Rui Chun tries to recommend Hao Jie to work for Jian You. Hao Jie wants to be independent. Hao Zhen comes in and the two guys greet her. She is shocked. Rui Chun wants to force Kui Ren to return upstairs but he insists of staying. She is angry as her guest is Jian You. He smiles as he knows that he is not a guest but is as close as their family. Hao Jie is shocked – he has thought that Kui Ren is too stiff and worries for him. He never expects him to deal with it well.

Jian You stares at Kui Ren. He recalls what Jia Qi tells him and will find a loophole to defeat him. Hao Zhen knows her mother is unbearable and consoles Kui Ren. She decides to be frank to Jian You but is shocked that Hao Jie can’t bear the harsh life to work for Jian You’s father. She can’t embarrass him in front of Hao Jie and Kui Ren knows that she hasn’t said anything since Jian You is cheery.

He is disappointed with Hao Jie for not being firm enough to betray him. She feels that he should understand how desperate he is. Kui Ren is most upset to be unable to help him. Hao Zhen tells Jian You about her feelings but he still insists of wooing her. He only complains for being unable to meet her earlier. Moreover he isn’t her first love so he deserves a chance. Hao Zhen can’t reject him at all.

Jian You sends her home and sees Kui Ren standing fiercely outside the door. She has rejected Kui Ren’s date to meet Jian You. Upon seeing her with his flowers, he flares up to throw them at his car. Hao Zhen is angry and says that Jian You will not be unreasonable as him to throw tantrums. Kui Ren is sad that she compares them and she is angry that he thinks her as a two-timer.

Jia Qi tells Kui Ren to star a war with Jian You and not Hao Zhen. Kui Ren wants to propose to her with the ring he buys during the army days but Zhen Hai is cheated of his money to nearly lose their house. Rui Chun cries and Hao Zhen is tired that Zhen Hai is missing. He nearly wants to kill himself but returns. Rui Chun is taken care of by Xiu Zhi. Her parents refuse to help them and Dr Min has wanted her to break up with Hao Jie as exchange. Hao Jie refuses and resigns from Jian You’s company.

He becomes a model but trips on the stage on his first assignment. He has given up his star dream to work hard. He refuses to pretend to break off with Xiu Zhi. If she lies, her parents will find him useless. They have not liked him and now they will never get their trust. Xiu Zhi has nothing to say. Hao Jie seems brainless in the past but now he is mature. She is already part of their family and must go through all odds.

She is willing to do anything and he wants her to promise not to break up. Xiu Zhi finds him handsome and behaving like a man now so she gives him a kiss. Kui Ren seeks for Kui Shan’s help in vain and Jian You wants him to pass the money to Hao Zhen. Hao Zhen has rejected his help so he hopes that Kui Ren can pretend to help her. Kui Ren is hurt – he can’t do this but Jian You can so he passes the money to her parents. Hao Zhen is angry that Rui Chun treats Jian You like her son-in-law. Now she owes him too much.

Kui Shan gives Kui Ren her savings but he returns to her. She is afraid that the incident will hurt their sibling ties and senses that Kui Ren is very upset. She decides to find another place for him to stay. Zhen Hai brings Da Zhe home to see Xiu Zhi. Xiu Zhi insists of staying. She loves every bit of Hao Jie and can’t leave him. He cheers her up like her father. He touches her hair – she is still his child.

Hao Zhen doesn’t know that Jian You brings her to his father’s company dinner. Kui Ren is furious to see them together and walks away. Zhi Ying follows him into the taxi when Hao Zhen runs after Kui Ren. Jian You also follows and Kui Ren tells the driver to start the car as his presence adds fuel to fire. Hao Zhen calls him but a woman accepts the call so she gets jealous. They quarrel with each other again. Why is she like a dog to listen to Jian You’s commands?

She feels that he is the one acting weird. Why can’t he feel better since she is the one who owes Jian You the money? It is her birthday and she is tricked to go to an expensive restaurant to see her family with Jian You. Hao Zhen is angry when he proposes in front of them and wants to leave. Rui Chun scolds her for dashing her hopes and keeps the ring for him when he deliberately says that he is too eager to push her too hard. Grandmother and Zhen Hai don’t approve this and drink to hide their expressions.

Hao Zhen get drunk with Xiu Zhi. She returns home, not knowing that Kui Ren prepares a cake for her in the cellar. She cries – why does he forget it? He is already hurt when Rui Chun brags with Jian You’s big ring. Has Hao Zhen regretted her choice because his ring is too small to satisfy Rui Chun? Xiu Zhi and Hao Jie stamp their chops on the wedding certificates.

Although Hao Jie has failed in his last attempt, a photographer has seen his talent and now he becomes a famous model for a famous clothes brand. Da Zhe has approved their marriage but Mrs Wu still rejects so they decide to force her to agree to it since she can’t get them to divorce. Kui Ren is fast to fix his chop on it to congratulate them. Hao Jie is delighted that a model student becomes so firm and he has thought that he will oppose to it. He envies them for trusting each other.

Hao Zhen also adds her chop and both feel happy for them. Still, both are in cold war and they stop separately although they take the same bus. She gets off at the photo studio while he returns home. She is shocked to know that the siblings are moving out. He also wishes to part for a while to avoid seeing how her family sucks up to Jian You. This is also to prevent tension between the families too. Their hearts are not close even though they stay under a roof but might be better if they stay away.

Hao Zhen prepares breakfast for them before they leave on a lorry. They only shake hands and not hug with each other when they part. They finish packing at their new home and Kui Ren is in tears when eating the food. Hao Zhen visits Kui Shan at the bank but she requests her not to see Kui Ren again. He wants to go for an accountant licence and studies hard in the tuition class or the library. Kui Shan regrets letting them know each other. Hao Zhen doesn’t dare to look for him then.

Hao Jie and Xiu Zhi prepare for their wedding. The busy Hao Jie becomes arrogant to miss the supposed dates to test the gowns. The three friends are together again. Jia Qi wants to help Hao Zhen to get Kui Ren back. Why doesn’t Hao Zhen take the initiative to call him? Why can Jia Qi forget Kui Ren? She tries so hard in vain but Hao Zhen hasn’t tried. She will regret her choice.

Hao Zhen is firm this time to tell Jian You that he should give up. He gets anxious – is she angry over the proposal case? She tells him that Kui Ren still stays in her heart. They hurt more than they love each other but they are waiting for each other. He wants Kui Ren to give Hao Zhen to him so he tells him that Hao Zhen only feels apologetic towards him. She sees him at the staircase and blames him for not telling her that he is here. She wants him but he tells her that they should break up. This breaks her heart.

He knows her better than anyone else but she doesn’t know how to reject others. Xiu Zhi informs her that she has faked a wedding card to show Kui Shan that Hao Zhen is marrying Jian You. This is to test to see if Kui Ren will rush to the wedding venue to get her. This is just like how Hao Jie gets her. They must force him to make the move. But she is so disappointed that he only congratulates her. That chills her heart.

He is actually inattentive for days during his lessons but tells her not to think of other men. It is her wedding and the woman he loves is gojng to be someone’s bride. She calls him – this is her last chance to ask him – can she really marry Jian You? He throws the receiver and runs, wanting to stop the wedding. He can’t get a taxi and runs all the way there but there is no one. He is late.

Xiu Zhi’s wedding is postponed as Hao Jie postpones it despite her protest to continue his work. Hao Zhen’s wedding is a fake but she waits long in vain for him to appear before making the call but he hangs up on her. It seems that he doesn’t want to stop her. Hao Zhen congratulates Xiu Zhi to fall out of love with her. They should not cry for men any more but Xiu Zhi has no choice as Hao Jie is already her husband.

Kui Ren returns home drunk to cry and Rui Chun is angry that Hao Zhen wants to break up with Jian You. Now Kui Ren is out so why can’t she love Jian You? Since she doesn’t listen, she will approach Jian You. Xiu Zhi chases Hao Jie out and he moves to stay with her parents. Although Dr Min dislikes him, he is her son-in-law so both elders decide to make him suffer. Xiu Zhi tries to drive him away but he insists to stay to curry favour with his in-laws. He will return if she doesn’t like it.

Xiu Zhi will see how he survives. He mentions that the house is big and wonderful so she can return after dinner. Xiu Zhi is so mad but is helpless against it. Jia Qi tells Kui Ren that the wedding ploy is a fake to test him. He is unhappy, thinking that Hao Zhen is involved in this but Jia Qi tells him that she only knows it later. Kui Ren feels the pain – has he missed one more chance? So she hopes him to propose to her? He goes to the studio- she is there eating with Jian You. He is late again.

Although she tells Jian You not to contact her, Rui Chun urges him to woo and he appears daily to give her lunch before leaving. He misses her to look for her but doesn’t want to give her pressure. She doesn’t wish to see any man. Is the parting having such a bad effect. He can help her out of the shadow. Only love can cure it. But she doesn’t want to cry over love and hopes he will look for another woman.

Hao Zhen sees Kui Ren at the staircase. Kui Ren asks why she hasn’t mentioned to him. Her heart has died and he is in tears. He is an old-fashioned person who doesn’t know how to express himself and keeps everything to himself. Is he too late? She has no more hopes on him and he can’t bring himself to tell him that he is actually late on that day. Rui Chun chooses a dress for her to date Jian You and meet his parents. She can’t take it anymore. She says clearly to Jian You but Rui Chun keeps asking him to return.

Rui Chun will only stop after she marries Jian You. Hao Zhen cries on the street after seeing a loving couple with a scarf. She has chosen for him and confesses her feeling to him to make him miserable and Jia Qi to leave then. She hopes Rui Chun can be her friend for a day. She tells her her true feelings and Rui Chun gives in to her. Rui Chun looks for Kui Ren to apologise. She also feels that Hao Jie is being looked down so she also understands. But this is natural being parents.

He tells her that they can’t return to the past. Hao Jie changes into a doting son to accompany Da Zhe to the public bath and also helps out when Mr Jiang is playing golf. The two discover why Xiu Zhi loves him. He is playful but is caring – the most important is he is true to Xiu Zhi. Hao Jie knows Xiu Zhi is their only daughter so he promises to stay with them. Xiu Zhi can’t believe her ears when knowing that Mrs Jiang arranges them to meet together. She has thought of him to be a devil who seizes her daughter.

He plays a tape to apologise to her but she will not forgive him easily. Hao Jie is keen for success in his career but it is meaningless without her. She should understand him. Even though he may marry countless times, his only bride is still her. Jian You gets the ring from Rui Chun and wishes them to be lovers only for a day as his last wish. She is apologetic as she should be more firm to reject him as what Kui Ren has said. This is the first time he feels that being confident doesn’t imply that it is successful. He knows that there is something that Kui Ren can’t do – that is to be her friend.

Xiu Zhi and Hao Jie have a wonderful wedding. Hao Jie becomes the in-laws favourite child and Rui Chun is jealous. Hao Jie is grateful that his in-laws educate her so well and he should be filial to them. All turn up except Kui Ren. Xiu Zhi throws her bouquet and Jian You gets it for Hao Zhen. Jia Qi sees Kui Ren standing at a corner. He looks at them and congratulates the couple. They snap photos. Hao Zhen is surprised to know that Kui Shan is attached and both wish to remember their happy faces. They still part.

Almost every love story has a beautiful ending. Xiu Zhi and Hao Jie have a daughter, Xiao Tian. Hao Jie turns from an irresponsible man to be a dedicated husband and father. This is a legend as his career takes off as well as Jia Qi to be popular artistes. He believes everyone can succeed – if everyone is like Xiu Zhi to go through all odds to love and trust him, she will be blissful.

Hao Zhen is like what Feng Hao predicted to be a famous photographer to win many awards and hold an exhibition. Jia Qi congratulates her – although she is also famous, she has to use personal connections to make her take her photos now. Hao Zhen gives the photos to the editor and the handsome young man wishes to ask her out. He is interested in her for a long time. It has been a long time but she is uninterested in romance so she rejects him.

Kui Ren sends Kui Shan and his brother-in-law to the train station. He has obtained his accountant license and opens his own firm. He should be with them to visit his father but he is busy with work. Kui Ren passes the television shop and recalls the past when he first meets Hao Zhen. The ring he wears on the last finger reminds him of her too. When he sees Hao Zhen at the waiting area, he wants to get off the train but the doors shut. She is back to Seoul after taking photos.

She calls Xiu Zhi and wants to visit Xiao Tian. Now, she can’t bear to go to far places to take photos as she misses this little niece. She likes to take the train and recall the days she is with Kui Ren. Kui Ren sits on the staircase to recall the past – is she happy with Jian You? He stands up with his briefcase and suddenly meets her. They finally know how much they miss each other.

Upon knowing that Jian You is only her friend and the siblings have worked hard to clear all their debts, he looks at his finger. She notices that he isn’t as old-fashioned anymore and looks dashing in the business suit. Does he have a girlfriend now? He smiles and tells her the ring is for her. He has wanted to give it to someone he loves but she says that no one else will wear it upon knowing the story.

He puts the ring onto her palm. She might not want to wear it but he wants her to accept it. Although it is late by many years, he has said his piece. Hao Zhen looks at it and wears on her finger – the finger for marriage. This simple ring is shinier than a diamond ring. She looks at him happily and asks what they should do over the weekend. Both smile and have tears in their eyes. They are inseparable now.

Introduction on characters

1. Cui Kui Ren – So Ji Sup
He is an athlete and is also good in studies. But he is very conservative and is not willing to reveal his thoughts or speak his mind easily. But this character causes Hao Zhen to wait for him for so many years. What a waste of time! Si Sup is okay in this role.

2. Yin Hao Jie – Kwon Sang Woo
He is a year younger than Hao Zhen. But he is more daring than her in breaking the rules. From an insensitive, playful and arrogant playboy, he becomes a mature and responsible man after many setbacks in elopement with Xiu Zhi. Unlike Hao Zhen who is armed with a degree, he daydreams of becoming a model since he fails to get into university – which he gets the success later. He has learned not to judge someone’s looks to look for inner beauty. Sang Woo is quite loud and comical in this role.

3. Yin Zhen Hai – he acted as Yun Xi’s father in ‘Hotelier’
He is Hao Zhen’s father who is over trusting towards friends to get cheated repeatedly. Hao Zhen must have inherited his genes always loving the wrong men.

4. Yin Hao Zhen – Chae Rim
She is over hungry for love and is never level-headed when in love to get hurt repeatedly. I have the feeling that the producers hate Shan Mei a lot to cause distress to Xiang Zhe in “All About Eve’. In ‘I’m still loving you’, we see how hard she has to try to make her teacher as her husband. In here, she has to go through numerous breakups to get the right man. Chae Rim seems to be only capable of acting cute and innocent. I’m tired of this – when will she really grow up?!

5. Jiang Xiu Zhi – Lee Hee Jung
She comes from a family of doctors and wears dark rimmed glasses. Her looks are ordinary but she is good in studies. She resembles Kim Hee Sun in ‘My Fair Lady’ with the glasses but only passable in acting.

6. Jiang Jia Qi – Choi Yoon Young
She is beautiful and confident but she has a sad past. But she is willing to shed her wild and overbearing ways to accommodate Kui Ren. This actress is quite stony in acting too.

7. Cui Kui Shan – Kim Na Woon
She is Kui Ren’s elder sister who likes Hao Zhen very much to be her sister-in-law. She is also protective towards Kui Ren, not willing to let him be wounded by anyone.

8. Rui Chun
She has to be a taxi driver to support the family so she doesn’t want her daughter, Hao Zhen to follow her footsteps. Many will dislike the way she sucks up to Jian You and Xian Min. It shows obviously that she is so desperate for money.

9. Grandmother
She is unlike her daughter, Rui Chun and always encourages Hao Zhen to look for true love.

10. Dr Jiang Da Zhe
He is a loving father to Xiu Zhi and is Zhen Hai’s good friend although their wives quarrel.

11. Dr Min Tai Xi
She is influential and also sharp. That is why she is always at loggerheads with Rui Chun. As Xiu Zhi’s mother, it is understandable that she wants a better match for her than Hao Jie who seems so immature and trustworthy to take care of her.

12. Wu Jian You
He is Hao Zhen’s first ‘love’ and also Kui Ren’s boss. From a nice guy, he becomes an aggressive person to pursue Hao Zhen due to Rui Chun’s encouragement. But he is still a gentleman to let go of Hao Zhen. My goodness – I can never tolerate an actor applying so much make-up and red lipstick on his face!

13, Feng Hao
He is the owner of a photo studio and also Hao Zhen’s teacher to guide her in photography. He knows her style well so he encourages her to do well.

14. Zhan Cheng
He is Xiu Zhi’s colleague and Xiu Zhi’s parents have hoped that he will be their son-in-law. He is still polite to Hao Jie although Hao Jie is nasty to him.

Favourite character

Most hated character
Kui Ren for being so indecisive to tell Hao Zhen his feelings. The second is Rui Chun for being such a money-digger – she makes me sick for being so thick-skinned to beg guys to accept her daughter.

Interesting facts

Ji Sup got to know Seung Hun during his modeling days. So did Sang Woo through a movie. They befriended each other through Seung Hun as wine friends. Through this serial, both got even closer and often go out together.

Ji Zhe and Yong Jun were also amused to act as Chae Rim’s boyfriends in here. They joked that they were jealous with Dong Gan for being her lover in ‘All About Eve’ so this was a chance for compensation.


The serial should stop at 16 instead of 24. It has drained away all my patience. However, I derive lots of pleasure to see Hao Zhen getting ditched repeatedly. I have the wrong impression that Shan Mei is getting tortured for the payback in causing misery to Xiang Zhe in ‘All About Eve’. Chae Lim hasn’t improved in her acting despite having different hairstyles in here. Moreover, the producer gets actors from ‘All About Eve’ to act as her boyfriends and this can cause confusion to those who just start watching Korean dramas.

Will a woman be so unlucky to meet so many lousy men? I doubt so. If so, this poor woman is really a jinx. The producer simply stretches his imagination too far. And when the true lovers meet up, they keep guessing what each other is thinking. Come on, both are mature adults and who is in the mood to get indulge in the childish games? This is so tiring and repetitive. This certainly doesn’t go well with me as I am an impatient person. Kui Ren is so impossible to expect Hao Zhen to make the first move to tell him first. This is ridiculous – shouldn’t a man take the initiative?

We will gather why the other actresses still remain as unknowns today. They really do poorly in this serial and their looks are common to be easily forgettable. Thumbs up for Sang Woo and Ji Sup – both guys try their best in this serial. They deserve to be famous today. But alas – even their existence can’t revive this drama because the script is very poorly done. This is strictly for fans of Ji Sup, Sang Woo and Chae Rim.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ** (Scale of 5)

On story : * (Scale of 5)

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