Reviewed by: sukting

May 28, 2006

Rating: three


Will Si Won and Na Ra create sparks as they worked together in here for the first time? What happens when a couple from different backgrounds comes together? Will things get worse when they can’t forget their past romances? This serial provides insight for this.


Cheng You goes for a matchmaking session with Shi Na reluctantly under his aunt’s pressure. Can you believe that he still wears the yellow tie that Yin Xiu (the woman he likes secretly) buys for him for the session? Shi Na comments that it is old and he smiles.

He finds vast difference in their home background although they and their siblings are left alone at home when their parents work. He comes from a small village. Before Mr Han passed away, he owned a small factory and Cheng You still wears his old company watch till now. His mother is often busy teaching piano lessons and his younger brother, Cheng Jun is going to be a teacher after his NS. Cheng You works hard to pass the entrance exam to be a diplomat’s secretary. He graduates from English faculty.

Shi Na graduates from the piano faculty and is now working in the arts academy – planning concerts/performances and arranging books in the library. Her father, Shi Min owns a big construction company. Her elder brother is studying overseas. Her mother, Shu Ji owns a boutique and she often shops accessories for her when overseas. Thus Shi Na has a large collection of earrings and shoes. Cheng You only does reading during his free time while Shi Na loves to clear the fridge and cabinet when free besides doing shopping. (See how their interest clashes?)

Seeing that he has worked through the night and orders strong coffee, she suggests drinking lemon tea instead. He suddenly asks what is most important in a marriage. She can’t answer – we see another difference instead – she takes the cab while he takes the bus to work! But we see the change in him as he drinks lemon tea to stay awake over the night doing translation for the diplomat.

He throws Shi Na’s telephone number into the dustbin and the poor woman waits for him to call. Zheng Min finds him stupid to give up a chance to know other women but chooses to wait for Yin Xiu. You will laugh – Cheng You walks on the grass barefooted to look through the notes. His two assistants try so hard not to laugh to remind him that it is about time. Shi Na gets no answer from her parents on Cheng You’s question and looks through the books to find nothing too. Before work, Cheng You looks at the photo that he has taken with Yin Xu but removes the yellow tie.

He decides to shop for another tie (this man must be fussy about ties because he already has a number at home.)Shi Na calls him and tells him to get a pink tie (because pink is her favourite colour and she wears a pink dress to her first matchmaking session with him.) When he doesn’t understand her, she comes to the shop. She sees him helping a small boy to stand up and smiles.

Cheng You gets shy when she helps him to fix a pink tie. He brings her to Zheng Min’s pub so both of his friends are also impressed. Cheng You learns that a car ride to her home needs only 10 minutes while a walk takes 30 minutes. He suggests walking as he likes that. He recites a poem on the way. She remembers how her primary school class monitor behaves like him too.

He asks her out for the third time so she invites him to a musical. Mrs Han asks Cheng You’s thinking over the matter. If he likes someone else, don’t agree to it. Shi Na’s parents don’t mind Shi Na marrying a poorer guy. What if she gets bullied in a richer family? Moreover, people around them get their daughters engaged to busy doctors, lawyers or businessmen. No one has thought of getting a diplomat as yet.

Cheng You gets to know that his aunt mortgages their home to get cash for her failing business. Shi Na’s family helps by being their guarantor. Things will get smooth if Cheng You marries Shi Na. Cheng You gets sickened by the thought. Shi Na waits for him for a long time to get his call that they should not meet again. She returns home to arrange the home shelf out of frustration. She attends another matchmaking session but meets a very sickening businessman. She asks him the same question on marriage and leaves.

Cheng You helps Mrs Han to pack the things. They do not intend to leave to settle in Seoul because the brothers are born here and his father is buried here. Shi Na wears a pink dress to see Cheng You after her matchmaking session again. She asks – is she so liberal to him – how can he not turn up for their date? Why can’t he call her directly since his mother is a teacher?

He replies – why can’t she understand him? He is tired. She describes that she is happy when he wants to meet her and is sad when he doesn’t turn up. She has tried to do well but fails him. He runs after her and tells her that his home is taken away and their condition of their matchmaking. He owes them money so he doesn’t wish to say anything. What is most important in marriage? He thinks it is love.

She smiles at him- he changes his tie. He smiles too – does it look good on him? He hopes she can find a better man and hands her his umbrella before leaving. She runs after him when both are on the overhead bridge – the condition doesn’t matter to her. Shi Na continues to send sms to him but he hasn’t returned her feelings. Zheng Min forces him to call her. Shi Na is sick in bed because of the rain.

She knows that he hasn’t decided and doesn’t wish to see him to get rejected. But upon hearing his sincere voice, she jumps out of bed and even wears the red low cut revealing dress to meet him. Her home chauffeur can’t help laughing at it. They meet at a book café and he is there reading a book on poems. She gets him a shopping catalogue on shopping mechanise so that he can still shop when busy.

Both go to the aquarium. She wants to go to other childish places like the zoo or the amusement park. Both have not been in love before but Cheng You confesses liking someone secretly. She wants to call the chauffeur over but he prefers to walk because he isn’t used to someone waiting for him. He feels a gap between them but she likes a different him. Can’t he like her?

She feels giddy and suddenly sits still on the ground and he notices that she has a fever. So he sends her home, carrying her on his back. She tries to keep her soft toys away in vain while he tries hard not to laugh. Looking around her room, he sees a big wardrobe and a piano. He also sees his umbrella near a lamp. He gets some water and puts the towel over her forehead. He has wanted to leave twice but she keeps pulling the corner of his suit jacket. She mumbles in her sleep – how nice if he is staying.

Her parents are shocked but happy to see them together. Cheng You looks good and has the ability like a general. He has backbone to reject their help too. They should not return home to give them more chances to talk! Shi Na sends Cheng You out. He feels bad that she misses him to see him although she is ill. The next day, he recalls happy times with Yin Xiu when passing a flower shop.

Yin Xiu chooses the playboy Zheng Xi and both decide to go to Japan for 3 years. Cheng You decides to wait for her. Shi Na is shocked that her parents are now at Cheng You’s home. The young couple rush there and Mrs Han frowns at Shi Na’s low cut blouse although she tries to hide it. Her parents use Cheng You’s staying over at their home over the night as an excuse to marry Shi Na off. (They are really too eager.) Although Shi Na is shy, she also expresses her urge to marry him.

Mrs Han feels cheated – is Cheng You ready to marry her? Shi Na sees the brothers’ photo with Yin Xiu in his room. Since they are close to her, she must treat her like a sister too. Cheng You frowns at her remark. He walks her home and confesses that he isn’t prepared for marriage as he still loves someone else. Shi Na keeps eating ice cream at work to release stress. Cheng You becomes observant to decide to get a brooch for the Australian ambassador upon seeing her wearing it – under Shi Na’s influence.

Shi Na sees him on television and sends him a sms. She doesn’t wish to end so early but he drinks at the pub. He then cooks at home and recalls her words. She sends another sms, wishing to meet at the astronomy centre the next time. Can he talk to her? He gets email from Yin Xiu that she is returning with Zheng Xi. They are engaged and will get married soon. He will have to move on. Zheng Min tells him to meet Shi Na and calls her to come to his pub.

Cheng You isn’t happy to see that Shi Na comes and sees his colleagues. Zheng Min has told her to come as he is upset. He blurts that he is rejected and he can marry anyone now since he is past caring over it. If not, don’t send him sms or look for him. She cries as he is too much. Zheng Min offers to send her home as he is in the wrong. She decides to call her home chauffeur – something that Cheng You dislikes to spite back. She then cries her heart out in the car.

Cheng You looks through all her sms. She is always the one to send first. He then replies yes for once to exchange with her. She knows of a nice noodle shop and he recommends it to his colleagues. He confesses that he hates rainy days to get upset and the talks often fail too. He starts to watch a sad movie like her. She asks when they can watch stars together. He replies tonight!

Both run to the overhead bridge. He finally understands now how she feels waiting for him. He has not adjusted his feelings and is a boring man. He will not understand her well. Does she regret her choice? She lets him hold her hand. So they can get married? She recites the poem as she has planned this during the proposal. Shi Na’s parents aren’t happy when Cheng You rejects the house they plan for the couple. It is meant for Shi Na’s brother but they wish to give to her first and Mrs Li even gets the furniture ready.

Cheng You intends to continue staying in his present apartment but Shi Na is not that used to the small size. She shows him an expensive suit that he has bought but he can’t wear it to work so he asks her to return it to the shop. Their lives are really different. She wants a lavish holiday but he only wishes to go through thick and thin with his wife. Walking in the rain, reading a book together or taking strolls is also his wish.

She is a bit annoyed with him – why not call her Shi Na but always Miss Shi Na? She has already called him Cheng You. She feels shy when her parents are shocked that he hasn’t held her hand or kiss her. He assures her that he will not dislike her. The next day, she sends a sms to let him know that she is meeting him at Zheng Min’s pub. Cheng You gets out of his apartment and smiles upon getting her grumpy sms on why he sends no message to her. He gets a sms from Yin Xiu to meet at night but he deletes it. Yin Xiu wants him to give her a call. She accidentally drops her ring and the women meet as Shi Na picks the ring.

Zheng Xi has given her the ring and Yin Xiu is uneasy to know that Shi Na is going to marry Cheng You. Shi Na is happy that their likes are similar even on the ring but still lets Cheng You chooses it. Cheng You knows that it must be Zheng Xi’s idea on the ring because Yin Xiu prefers something simple. Actually Zheng Xi knows that she doesn’t like the ring that much but accommodates him as he likes it.

You will be startled in the next scene – not because Shi Na kisses Cheng You suddenly at her doorstep but because she has many mosquito bites on her legs! The producer should not film a close up like this. The next day, she mumbles that it is so embarrassing. He urges her to walk closer to him and holds her hand, bringing her to his home. Both see Mrs Han getting Yin Xiu to play a piano piece.

You will laugh again. Mrs Han isn’t interested to see what gift Shi Na gets for her but Yin Xiu urges her instead. Be ready to sprawl on the floor to see a lady’s hat with a veil! How can she wear it when picking vegetables out in the sun?! Shi Na mentions that she has done something to make Cheng You change her address but Cheng You is too shy to let them know.

Shi Na finds it a pity that Yin Xiu doesn’t get into the piano faculty. Yin Xiu’s parents died young and she is brought up by her aunt. Shi Na never knows that Mrs Han makes handmake noodles for her. Shi Na suddenly asks Mrs Han for her ring as their wedding ring. It is significant to her but Cheng You says no. This is a memory to Mrs Han of his father. They should get their own. All surround Shi Na when she plays the piano. He then follows Yin Xiu out.

Yin Xiu knows Shi Na is pretty and innocent. Cheng You replies that she never doubts anything to make him guilty. What if he doesn’t like her to get married? He has thought that he only loves once. Shi Na overhears everything but pretends not to know. (She is still unaware that Cheng You likes Yin Xiu.) Later on the train, she hopes he will love her one day. The suit is still in the shop and she hopes that it will be sold soon. They shop for the marriage stuff. Mrs Li will take care of their wedding furniture.

He asks if she can go to Japan to fit his schedule. She has initially wanted Paris but this is still honeymoon to her. Cheng You feels bad that she has to prepare everything but she doesn’t mind as he is so busy. He needs to cultivate interest even though he has none as it is his own wedding. Yin Xiu says Shi Na must teach her dancing upon seeing her dancing on the dance floor. All call her Pink Princess although she denies and takes off her pink cardigan. (This is so funny.)He replies he likes green. Feeling bad, she leaves in Xiu Zhi’s car and refuses to let Cheng You send her home.

Yin Xiu chides Cheng You for not sending Shi Na home but eating noodles at her place. Cheng You sees no sms from her at home. She doesn’t send as she looks at the invitation cards now. He writes that he wants to be with her for a lifetime but there isn’t anything on ‘I love you’ – that is really his typical style. Yin Xiu makes him breakfast upon knowing that he often eats out. Cheng You is delighted to get his favourite dishes but she will not do it once he is married.

She looks around - his apartment is still the same. Will he change the decoration after marriage? He hasn’t called Shi Na as he is too used to receive calls. So does Yin Xiu. They are too alike. The two couples must meet up some day. Shi Na is dismayed to see Zheng Xi buying the suit. Cheng You’s colleagues ask him if Shi Na is disappointed with his declaration message on the card. The families discuss about the dowry and Mrs Han returns the money to the Lis.

Cheng You doesn’t wish Shi Na to quit her job. She should do the things she wants. He believes she can handle since he can do housework after work. Mr Li protests that she isn’t in very good health and he should not be saving money like this. Mrs Li stops the argument and suggests Shi Na to quit but let her learn cooking. Shi Na has not thought of that and Cheng You is disappointed. (Another conflict here.)

Mrs Han gives Yin Xiu her ring. She has liked it since young. Mr Han and Mrs Han laughed when Cheng You tried to steal it for her when young. So she gives her now, treating her like her daughter. (If I am Shi Na, I will also not happy with what is going on here too.) Cheng You approves of it. Zheng Xi gets Yin Xiu a sexy dress and green high heels to meet his parents. She can change anything she dislikes but not the ring. He sees Mrs Han’s ring on her finger and she removes it.

Why does Zheng Xi like her? He has no answer. Shi Na wears a blue dress and changes into Yin Xiu’s similar hairstyle. Cheng You is shocked over the change. She is angry about his family. Mr Li is already upset over the house and furniture. But they are too much to reject the dowry as they have tried to accommodate to them. She wants a breakup. Zheng Xi and Cheng You discuss with the diplomat on how to fix deals with the Japanese. We see that Cheng You wears the pink tie to work now.

Zheng Xi wants to counterattack investments but Cheng You is against it. The diplomat finds both reasonable and has to consider. Yin Xiu wants to shop for new clothes before meeting Zheng Xi’s parents. Shi Na offers to help but Yin Xiu laughs when her taste is exactly the same as Zheng Xi’s. The guys have a talk. Zheng Xi apologises for disappointing him for grabbing Yin Xiu but he feels insecure now.

The women chat too and Yin Xiu also notices a change in Cheng You. He will worry too much in the past but he is more daring now. Yin Xiu asks how Cheng You upsets Shi Na. She is not his type but has made her relook this world again. The ring should belong to Shi Na so she returns to him. He tells Yin Xiu that he has loved her for a long time.

She is upset in the past when he tells her that love hurts him. She doesn’t want him to slog so hard to get money for her study loan and shortens his own study time. He accepts the ring and looks at it. Zheng Xi is glad that Yin Xiu turns up at his apartment in the dress. Cheng You tries to contact Shi Na but she removes her handphone battery. He frowns but continues working. Shi Na goes to the shop and is dismayed that Zheng Xi buys it. Zheng Xi thinks that he sees her getting away in a cab when he tries to go after her.

Shi Na does manicure and workout to force herself not to think of him. A painter suddenly falls from the ladder and he is about to knock into Cheng You’s colleague. Cheng You sees this and shields her to get hurt. Shi Na gets to hear Mrs Li’s nervous voice to know about it and rushes to the hospital. She sees him walking out from ER with a broken arm and cries aloud when hugging him. He is puzzled but touched so he hugs her back. Why is she crying? Frightened by him? She only knows how much she loves him even though he doesn’t love her. She wants to share all her troubles and joy with him.(This scene is cute!)

He doesn’t know why she cries since he is fine. It has not occurred to him how scared she is because Mrs Li has described his injury to be very serious. He knows the embassy has called her because she is his fiancée and thus she wants to marry him. He gives Mrs Han’s ring to her. He has no experience and can be silly. Has he upset her? Give him a chance then. She doesn’t want to marry to be in love but he feels that they can develop that after marriage. She wants to be his closest now.

Yin Xiu has a fever but gets concerned upon knowing Cheng You is injured. She knows his home has no first aid box and wants to give to him despite being sick. Zheng Xi wants to send her there. Cheng You is important to her but she is important to him. (How sweet he is!) Cheng You decides to get the first aid box from the hospital before sending Shi Na home. She accidentally smacks on his arm and he feels painful.

She then clings to him so Yin Xiu hides aside and Zheng Xi can sense her loss when sending her home. Why hide – is Cheng You’s coming marriage going to influence it? Zheng Xi is cold to others but gives everything to her. He becomes a good man because of her. Mrs Li is happy that Shi Na wants to get married but Mr Li isn’t. She promises to make Cheng You love her in future.

Yin Xiu has no medicine at home and calls Zheng Xi but he is with a woman to neglect her calls. She has to call Cheng You instead. Cheng You is amused that Shi Na cries loudly upon seeing him. It is nice to have someone doing that for him. Yin Xiu prepares the flower bouquet for Shi Na. Be amused when she wants it in pink again. Cheng Jun and Shi Na’s brother can’t return for their wedding.

Cheng You hides Shi Na’s sms from Mrs Han shyly. She has told him how much she misses him. Zheng Min, Louis and Yin Xiu check on the decorations with Yin Xiu. Cheng You steps on the grass barefooted again as he is nervous. (I think he should curb this habit too.) Yin Xiu passes the corset to fix on his suit. You will laugh when Shi Na peeps out of the window to see if he has arrived. They finally get married. Zheng Xi wants to leave early after seeing Shi Na but Shi Na is still shocked to see him.

All send them off to the airport and they wonder why Shi Na is so nervous. She wants to tell frankly to Cheng You that she has liked Zheng Xi before for 3 days in London but finds it hard to reveal. Because she has lied to him that he is her first. She is bored when he is working. Zheng Xi arrives to Japan with Yin Xiu too for work. The married couple is happy to have their first night in a big suite.

She plays a song for him after both change into their pajamas. He has wanted to be writer but gives it up. Both hope that they can forgive each other’s past misgivings. She doesn’t know why Zheng Xi comes to mind so she pretends to sleep so that both will be on separate beds! Shi Na is shocked to see Zheng Xi arriving when Cheng You goes to work. He replies that he is here because Cheng You isn’t here. (Na Ra should have worn a longer skirt – the mini-skirt exposes her fat/short legs.)

He knows Japan well and takes her around. Cheng You returns as his work finishes early but both have already left. He laughs at Shi Na’s blouse – it is so small in size like a baby. Zheng Xi put a cap on Shi Na’s head as the sun rays are strong. He jokes that she doesn’t seem to remember him but he remembers that she was interested when he brought her to the London art gallery then.

Cheng You sees Yin Xiu and both go out together. Zheng Xi recites the poem that Yin Xiu likes. He laughs upon knowing that Shi Na proposes using it to Cheng You. It really suits her style. She has wanted to tell Cheng You about their past but Zheng Xi objects. This will also hurt Yin Xiu so they can’t let them know. Cheng You and Yin Xiu reach a church. It has the words – respect and treat their loved ones well and not to quarrel easily. He is confident that Shi Na will only love him – not like Zheng Xi.(He is so sure of himself!)

Zheng Xi finds it nice to know Shi Na in a new way. He hopes that Cheng You will help her to look for her passport the next time. They promise to be truthful to their partners in future. Shi Na pretends to faint when she is unable to answer Cheng You where she has been to earlier. (This is such a stupid act.) Zheng Xi holds her in his arms but Cheng you takes over. Why is he so kind? She hugs him, promising to make him blissful. He is amused – it is her who proposes, declares her feelings and kisses before him. Now even this? He promises to do the same too.

She is happy that he doesn’t need to work and brings him to the places that Zheng Xi brings her earlier. (If Cheng You knows about it, he will explode. Can’t they go to other places?) They also sing in the karaoke. He vows never to let her cry again. She also wishes that he will be healthy always. Yin Xiu makes Zheng Xi a bouquet of flowers to bring home. He tells her why he loves her at first sight. She resembles his natural mother and also liking her favourite cd. His mother dies young after his father’s family despises her for being poor and forces them to have a divorce.

Yin Xiu also worries about herself as she also has a humble background but he is more worried she will go to Cheng You. He is waiting till he gets impatient. They recall how they dance with the music in the past. Shi Na is the first person Cheng You kisses but suddenly Shi Na retracts from him. They are back from their honeymoon but their friends are shocked they have not slept together. Both feel guilty towards each other for keeping the past but their friends think it is right of them to do that.

When both reach the doorstep, Cheng You carries her into his apartment. He jokes that she is heavy and kisses her accidentally. Both change in the same room with the backs against each other. Shi Na wants to take the cab but Cheng You says it is fine for them to take the chauffeur’s car to her parents’ home since he is already here. Cheng You rushes home as Mrs Han suddenly faints. Yin Xiu is also worried and gets there before him. Shi Na’s parents grumble about Cheng You making her return alone.

If Mrs Li has known Mrs Han to be so sickly, they will not allow her to marry Cheng You to make her take care of Mrs Han. Shi Na will not allow people to speak ill of her parents, regardless of seniority. So Yin Xiu misses Zheng Xi’s family appointment because of this. She feels it is right to stay since Cheng You isn’t back yet. She will stay at her aunt’s place for the night.

Cheng You replies Shi Na’s sms that his mother is fine and hopes that she can help to explain to his in-laws. Shi Na returns home and realizes that Cheng You has not given her his house key. So she has to bring everything to his hometown. The others are frightened of Zheng Xi – he is so cold and how can Cheng You be close to him? Zheng Li is shocked to learn that they are love rivals.

Shi Na gets jealous upon seeing Cheng You and Yin Xiu hanging the clothes together. Mrs Han is angry that Cheng You can forget the key and reprimands him. Yin Xiu notices that Mrs Han adores Shi Na a lot and regrets still keeping his house key. It is hard for outsiders to understand their relationship. They should not meet each other alone again. He also wants her to explain well to Zheng Xi too.

Cheng You brings Shi Na up a hill and her anger is appeased upon seeing many stars. She is down when knowing that Yin Xiu came here before. She is sad that she isn’t his closest yet. He is also sad that she is disturbed during the honeymoon. This is not the daring her he knows. Both decide to give each other time. She confesses that she loves him but because of guilt, she retaliates. He isn’t her first but she has liked a man before him for 3 days. Zheng Xi wants a breakup. Yin Xiu knows this will happen.

Mrs Han finds Shi Na cute although she isn’t sure if she is suitable for Cheng You but she is pure and kind. They might have a gap but he must stand by her. He worries that he can’t do well. Yin Xiu gets drunk at the pub so Zheng Min and Louis get worried. Shi Na is disappointed that Cheng You replies that he doesn’t take the matter to heart but sleeps early. Yin Xiu removes her ring.

Shi Na is getting used to life with no bathtub. She doesn’t resign and continues to work. Mrs Li and her home maid come to do the housework for her. The meal is ready but he isn’t back yet. Cheng You is unhappy to see Zheng Xi with other women so he keeps Yin Xiu company. It is not easy to get along with Zheng Xi. Cheng You brings flowers home and sees the spread on the table. Shi Na isn’t happy that the flowers are from Yin Xiu and not from him. How can he have a meal with her and not with his wife?

Cheng You feels bad but knows that she isn’t the one to fix the dinner. He is busy and wishes to have simple meals. He wants to try her cooking, not Mrs Han’s cooking. They should do it and he will help out. (Cheng You is firm that they should be independent.)

He will be away for a 4 day mission and she is unprepared for it. She will stay at home and wait for him. She checks his handphone and yells - why is her number as 68? She changes it to no 1 and he watches silently – Yin Xiu was formerly no.1. Maybe he can help to fix the soup as he is independent for 10 years. No, she wants to try it herself.

Yin Xiu keeps all the clothes away while Shi Na asks her how to make the soup. The two use the pub’s kitchen. Zheng Min and Louis wonder what happens if both know the truth as it is Cheng You’s favourite dish. Shi Na knows how to choose ingredients but isn’t good in cooking. Yin Xiu finds her resembling someone but the man cooks exceptionally well. Shi Na nearly spits the soup upon knowing the person is Zheng Xi. Shi Na looks at Mrs Han’s ring and is alarmed that Yin Xiu isn’t wearing the ring. Yin Xiu has wanted the ring but it isn’t hers.

Shi Na is so innocent to ask her who Cheng You formerly likes. It doesn’t matter to her that he is late for home as they are married. Yin Xiu envies her for being strong like Princess Mermaid but both do not want to be bubbles in the end. Shi Na is busy setting the dishes for Cheng You’s return but he is late. She is angry – what is she to him? Will he care even if she disappears? He rushes home to see everything dumped in the dustbin and she isn’t around. Yin Xiu goes to Zheng Xi’s house to see him with another woman.

She pushes the clothes to him and apologises to him for wasting his money. Some of them are as expensive as the ring. She also discovers many of other women’s things among them. Thanks for giving her the complicated feelings. He tells the woman to leave and Shi Na gets drunk at the pub. Cheng You clings to another man to dance, much to Cheng You’s anger. He drags her out.

Yin Xiu returns to Zheng Xi’s home to give him a slap. Shi Na forces Cheng You to release her hand. Hasn’t he loved a woman longer than her? He is too much. She loves him and his past. She is only scared that he doesn’t love her. Who says so? He kisses her forcefully. Yin Xiu confesses that she likes Cheng You for 10 years although they never reveal to each other. But she hopes to find someone better than her not to ruin his future. She later loves Zheng Xi even though he is often with other women.

He pulls her back and confesses that he only says breaking up in a fit of anger. He is timid and despicable. Even though she may not forget Cheng You, it is fine with him as he loves her. (He is magnanimous, isn’t he? He can hide his displeasure so well. ) Cheng You carries Shi Na on his back home.

Yin Xiu tells Zheng Xi not to look and he keeps laughing. (Have a good laugh at this scene.) How can she be having so many tears? She has never cried in front of Cheng You before and this feels good for him because he is the first to make her cry. Cheng You and Shi Na finally sleep together for the first time. He changes her clothes before she sleeps. She isn’t completely drunk as she recalls the kiss.

He cooks bean sprout soup which she dislikes but she drinks it. Cheng You doesn’t want her to act like a child anymore to let his friends mistaken. It is also bad to get drunk. He is amused that she wants him to stick to formality address. He doesn’t know if he gets married or is raising a kid. (He does look like a parent scolding his child here for misbehaving.) She yells – how can he kiss a kid.Zheng Xi goes to the zoo – somewhere he didn’t go when young. Cheng You finds him similar to Shi Na although he denies. Cheng You is busy with work but goes to bed early with her.

She refuses to get close to him as she wants to know his ex. Her friends find her silly and Zheng Min advises Cheng You from telling the truth. They will divorce if Princess Pink knows about it. Xiu Zhi is angry that they deceive Shi Na (Hasn’t they forgotten that they also don’t tell anything on Zheng Xi too?) Shi Na drops the photos that Cheng You has taken with Yin Xiu in the past. She sees that it is raining and thinks of Cheng You’s words so she fetches him from the bus stop.

Mrs Han comes to visit them but Cheng You isn’t happy that Shi Na neglects her parents to rush to see Mrs Han since she already has Yin Xiu for company. Shi Na wonders why Cheng You obstructs her from getting close to Mrs Han. If she knows that he only sees Yin Xiu as Mrs Han’s daughter, she will not get married. He walks back home and returns later but she is gone. He stays at home and thinks over her words. She suddenly gets home and hugs him. Both kiss and are in bed again.

Cheng You gets her pink flowers after his morning jog to give her a pleasant surprise. He has improved in his romantic sense. He thanks her for making him blissful and holds her hand before they part for work. She hugs him too and he jokes that this becomes a habit. She thinks of the photos. She removes one photo frame to find the poem written at the back of the photo. She sobs at work, wiping her tears with her pink fingernails. Ren Xi is attracted by Zheng Min and decides to take him if Xiu Zhi isn’t interested. Yin Xiu realizes that Zheng Xi only pretends to like reading to please her.

What else has he kept from her? His skills in cooking and Yin Xiu is surprised that he cooks steak well. Cheng You returns home and chops the potatoes smaller as she cooks. Shi Na reads the book he buys but sleeps after a while. He carries her to bed and tells her that he is going to meet the other couple. She gets nervous while Zheng Xi gets jealous when Yin Xiu still stays with Zheng Min and Louis. He leaves and the men get tense when Zheng Xi’s stepmother wants to meet Yin Xiu.

Yin Xiu is unable to meet Shi Na as she has a fever so Zheng Xi goes to the supermarket on his own. You will laugh upon seeing how she tries to hide from him. He knows that but they need to rehearse to try to be friends. Shi Na asks why both parties must lie to be in love. Both come to fetch Cheng You and Yin Xiu who sit at the back of the car. (Another storm in a tea cup to brew here.)

Cheng You worries when Yin Xiu says that she has a forehead and touches her forehead to make the two sitting in front uneasy. Shi Na lies that she is fine as she needs to lead the way to the house (remember the house intended for her brother?) Zheng Xi sees that Cheng You passes the book to Shi Na and comments that it is the same one that Yin Xiu buys. Cheng You sees that Shi Na is angry and exchanges seats.

He offers to cook so that Shi Na goes fishing with Zheng Xi. She quickly returns to see Cheng You caring for Yin Xiu to feel disappointed. Yin Xiu likes the house – it is good to see dawn from here. She recalls how Cheng You cares for her as an orphan. Shi Na is dismayed that Zheng Xi thinks that he isn’t needed to take care of Yin Xiu since Cheng You is there. Shi Na is dismayed that he hasn’t deleted their London photos and threatens to delete his records. They stop fooling when Cheng You comes.

Love is trust to her and Shi Na is jealous to see the two wiping dishes together. Zheng Xi finds Shi Na unable to conceal his feelings like him and tells her to treat that they are close siblings. She believes that Cheng You needs time to change. He assures her that things will be the same but she breaks down to cry. Yin Xiu and Zheng Xi leave to let the two settle their dispute.

Zheng Xi can’t smile or get angry without Yin Xiu. He can’t live without her – this is love. (What a way to show his love for her – this is quite special.) She reveals that his stepmother wants them to part and he is disturbed. Cheng You tells Shi Na that he doesn’t like her to cry in front of other men. (He starts to feel that he loves her now as her husband.)

He has hurt her. Now it is his turn to hug her in his arms and recite the poem but she can’t believe him now. Zheng Xi insists of bringing Yin Xiu to meet his family. Even it is not easy, they will still get married. Zheng Min teases Cheng You for loving Shi Na – wanting to be at home early at all times now. But Yin Xiu will have a harder time than him.

Yin Xiu nearly trips from the ladder when fixing the bulb but Cheng You holds her on time. He is here at the shop after knowing what Zheng Xi’s mother has done to her. He leads her out, wanting to confront Zheng Xi. Shi Na is outside and is shocked that both women are wearing the same dress. Cheng You comments that this is the type he likes. Shi Na is angry – how can he hold another woman’s hand?

Xiu Zhi complains about it and Zheng Min holds her hand. Does this imply anything to her too – they have to trust them. Ren Xi finds him macho and likes him. Cheng You wants Zheng Xi to have better ties with his family so that they will not bully Yin Xiu. Yin Xiu is his family so he is concerned. Zheng Xi hints that Shi Na may not understand it. Cheng You is disappointed that Yin Xiu is getting married.

Cheng You drinks with Mr Li and finally knows about his intentions to make the couple stay at the house. It is a way to show his love for the couple and he really accepts Cheng You with open arms. Be touched when Mr Li cries. The chauffeur drives Shi Na home for carrying too many things. Cheng You waits for her and doesn’t blame her when he takes the things over. He sighs – he might need to resign to help in the housework. How can he like such a woman? She is overjoyed and wants him to say repeatedly.

Shi Na is unhappy upon knowing that Cheng You only moves in under Mr Li’s request and changes her pajamas into the normal one instead of the sexy lingerie. They move into the new house but Cheng You is uneasy when her parents give them a car. Zheng Xi takes the box from his closet and finds Shi Na’s photos. (Why do the two guys develop the same habit of keeping everything in a box? But the way that Yin Xiu discovers them is so different.) He smiles at them. Zheng Xi is glad to see Cheng You trying to adapt to the Lis. He asks for Shi Na’s handphone number to ask her about certain things.

Mrs Han faints when meeting Yin Xiu. The doctor diagnoses her to have a weak heart and needs to be hospitalized for a long time. She wants her to lie to Cheng You for her that she will only come later. Zheng Xi and Shi Na shop together for food since Mrs Han is coming. Since Yin Xiu treats Mrs Han like her mother, she is also his mother-in-law so he should get her something. Yin Xiu tries to hide the fact but ends up crying into Cheng You’s arms. The two see this upon return and Shi Na runs away. (The two are too much – how can this happen twice?!)

Cheng You goes after her and is shocked to know that she already knows that Yin Xiu is his ex. Zheng Xi is displeased that Yin Xiu keeps from the couple to take care of Mrs Han. What about their marriage plans? Are they going to end? She chooses not Cheng You but family. He is tortured by her choice. Mrs Han feels that their new home is too big for them. She intends to stay with Yin Xiu for the night but Shi Na dislikes it. Mrs Han is shocked to know that Cheng You once likes Yin Xiu. (Shi Na can’t hide her thoughts at all.)

Mrs Han has known that Yin Xiu likes him but she treats her like a daughter. Shi Na is unable to forgive Cheng You. He collects his briefcase left at Yin Xiu’s shop the other day. Both decide not to be close to each other. Shi Na and Cheng You take the family photo with the Lis. Zheng Xi wants to cancel the wedding photo shoot slot but Yin Xiu is already here trying the wedding gown. She decides not to take care of Mrs Han anymore. He jokes that she must be ditched to get accepted by him again.

Shi Na sees Cheng You going to work alone. Zheng Xi knows that Cheng You needs to be back early to iron the problems so he offers to work at his home with Zheng Li. Shi Na sees Zheng Xi’s car and snaps why he is here. She stops upon seeing the guys working together. Their relationship still strains and Zheng Xi can see it. Zheng Xi wants to look around their home. Shi Na knows he is the one to suggest to come. He is worried what happens that day but can’t call her. Still, he hopes the best for her.

He teaches her how to look back. He is tormented too but since both will not meet, that is solved. If she can’t forgive Cheng You for lying, both of time lie about their past too. (This is so true!) Cheng You doesn’t like Shi Na to smile or cry at other men. He carries her to the sofa when she hurts her foot by a broken glass. (I can’t help laughing as there are so many scenes of this.)

Both forgive each other. Yin Xiu collects Zheng Xi’s suits from the laundry and is shocked to find his photos taken with Shi Na in 1999. (Why does he hide it in his pocket?!) He doesn’t want her to feel that Shi Na is hostile to her. Yin Xiu recalls how uneasy they are. Zheng Xi discovers that she has seen the photos. Cheng You and Shi Na decide to separate for a while. Zheng Xi admits meeting Shi Na but has no feelings now. Zheng Xi apologises but he is really scared to let them know. Z
Zheng Xi goes on an assignment trip so Yin Xiu comes to see Cheng You at work. Shi Na is honest and he wonders if he is right to marry her. Yin Xiu finds it hard to tell him. Marriage isn’t easy and she cries too frequently because of his lies. He feels bad for hurting Shi Na too much.

Yin Xiu can see that he loves Shi Na. He puts his pay into Shi Na’s account but isn’t happy that she is still using Mr Li’s credit card to buy things. (I am baffled too – because she is already a married woman! And by right it should be the other way round because I provide my parents the supplementary visa cards.) He allows her to continue since she likes shopping. She needs not cancel the card to suit him. She wants him not to read newspapers at work to talk to her during breakfast but they have nothing to say to each other.

He is puzzled why Shi Na wants to meet Zheng Min. What is Zheng Min doing with someone’s wife? Louis wonders if he is jealous. (He is definitely jealous!) Shi Na wants to buy wine from him for Cheng You’s birthday. Zheng Xi coughs when driving back to Seoul from work. He looks at his handphone phonebook – no. 1 is Yin Xiu, 11 is Cheng You and 77 is Shi Na. He calls neither. He reaches home to see no one and is disappointed. He has wished to see Yin Xiu. He suddenly feels guilty and lies on the bed.

Yin Xiu decides to return to stay in the hometown. Louis and Zheng Min are shocked that she hasn’t discussed with the guys although they agree to help her take care of her flower shop. She is hesitant upon seeing Zheng Xi’s car outside his apartment. Still, she walks in to see him lying on the bed. She wipes his sweat. Is he ok? He opens his eyes and asks how long he has slept. He has fainted and must have caught a chill to have a high fever. He can’t understand her decision till death. He knows that his past saddens her.

Yin Xiu decides to be with Mrs Han but will not see Cheng You. This is the same as choosing Cheng You to him. Now he is too tired to see her. She hasn’t cared for him like this to think that family is more important than him. She should not make use of him and should delete him from her memory. (I start to pity this poor man. He may be dating many women but his heart is empty. ) Shi Na wants Cheng You to see Yin Xiu since he knows that she is leaving.

Zheng Li likes Xiu Zhi but she doesn’t like him not belonging to the high class. Moreover, he is the eldest child with 3 younger siblings. Shi Na is unhappy to know from Zheng Li that Yin Xiu has looked for Cheng You at work. All are shocked to know that she has broken up with Zheng Xi. Yin Xiu reveals to Cheng You that Mrs Han is sick. She parts with Zheng Xi not because of her but of Cheng You. She has liked him for a long time but suppresses her urge to tell him.

Why does she say now? She should say earlier but she wants to rest for a while. Shi Na is concerned when Zheng Xi is still unwell when he sees her. The poor man is still coughing. Shi Na is shocked that Yin Xiu knows her past. That is why he is so troubled. Upon opening the letter box, Zheng Xi sees the ring and holds it in his palm. Shi Na looks at an expensive dress. Cheng You offers to buy it for her but she finds it better to look for a business suit for him. (Don’t worry – that is not a pink dress but a dark green one.)

She hooks his arm – how nice to walk home daily like this. He doesn’t want to sleep separately from her again. She is jealous that he meets Yin Xiu earlier but worries as Yin Xiu is taking care of Mrs Han. She dislikes Yin Xiu to put up an angel mask. She checks his handphone and sees Yin Xiu’s sms asking him to forget what she has said. She is upset to see Yin Xiu’s photo taken with Cheng You stored in it. (She simply doesn’t trust Cheng You to see what he keeps.)

If only she trusts him. The couple arrives at Cheng You’s home to visit Mrs Han. Why not let they know of her illness? Both take care of her and Shi Na gets jealous to tell Yin Xiu to leave when she comes. She later feels bad and wants him to apologise for her. Still, she follows them and takes a photo of them secretly. The two look intimate but they are actually discussing about something serious. Cheng You is taken aback to know that Mrs Han is critically ill and is too late for her to go for the operation.

Cheng You hugs Shi Na at home – what should he do since Mrs Han is really sick. She doesn’t know how to console him although she hugs him back. Zheng Xi asks if she has cried for too long since she hasn’t brought up the matter to Cheng You. Zheng Xi is fine but he only worries for her. Shi Na tells him that she meets Yin Xiu and his face changes. Yin Xiu is now his support so he regrets parting with her. He only calls Shi Na to tell her that Cheng You is trustworthy.

Shi Na wishes to salvage their marriage since she is the one to propose first. Zheng Xi and Shi Na look at each other’s rings. Mrs Han is sad to know that Zheng Xi has broken up with Yin Xiu. Cheng You is puzzled when he doesn’t see Shi Na at the pub where all celebrate his birthday and she is the planner. Shi Na hugs Cheng You when he is back. Shi Na feels that she is bad to Yin Xiu as Yin Xiu has given in to her so many times. She goes to the bridge and later buys a suit for him while he gets the dress for her.

This is their first gift for each other. Both regret the marriage. Shi Na shows Cheng You the photo she has taken of them. She now thinks that she is the third party, not Yin Xiu. She decides to part since he has only loved one woman. He explains that he marries as he believes he will love her one day. Aren’t they in love now? Is this a game to her? She drives to Cheng You’s home while he calls up all her friends wanting to know where she has done to.

Yin Xiu tells her that she is only Cheng You’s past but Shi Na can’t handle it. Cheng You comes to have breakfast with his in-laws and is surprised that Shi Na isn’t there. Cheng You can’t concentrate at work to get home to see all her clothes gone later. She has moved back to stay with her parents. He gets upset – can’t she trust him? She shows her handphone that stores her photo when taken during their first date. He has not seen her smile for a long time.

It seems that she only knows how to cry after knowing him. Cheng You apologises to Zheng Xi for hurting him. Zheng Xi asks if he will continue to let Yin Xiu continue like this. He should try to win her back. No, he should not upset her. Cheng You seems to miss Yin Xiu and only Shi Na loves him. Cheng You gets home to see the slippers and toothbrushes in pairs. He gets drunk and goes to his in-laws. He pleads with Shi Na to forgive him and don’t part with him.

Cheng You confesses loving Yin Xiu in the past. The guys play tennis and Yin Xiu is going to Japan soon. Zheng Xi wants him to make her stay and mentions he knows Shi Na 6 years ago. Yin Xiu is scared that Cheng You will get hurt so she parts with him. Cheng You is upset but hugs Shi Na. He can’t take it but freezes upon that it is the truth. So both have a reason to part. How can she keep from him – he gets angry to weep and leave. Cheng You gets drunk and Zheng Min sends him to Zheng Xi’s home.

He knows he is childish but he can’t accept it. He nearly punches him but faints. Zheng Min also asks what happens between them but it is too complicated for Zheng Xi to explain. Cheng You wakes up the next day. Zheng Xi knows it seems that he wants to hit him so he can do it now. It seems that marriage isn’t important to them but it is to him. Shi Na changes her handphone no. and wants to be her single past.

Zheng Xi apologises to Shi Na for blurting the truth. Cheng You is angry to see the two back together. He takes his arm away from her. Now she should know how it is like not to get trusted. They have married blindly so they are even now. Cheng You is going to the U.S. for assignment soon. Zheng Xi asks can he really go as who can take care of Shi Na and Mrs Han? Cheng You is tormented.

Yin Xiu’s documents to go to Japan are ready and sent to Zheng Xi. Zheng Xi will send them to her to avoid meeting her. She is here with the flowers so she leaves them at his doorstep but later, she removes them. Shi Na comes to Cheng You’s apartment and sees Yin Xiu. She is here to return the key to Cheng You. Cheng You runs after her and chides her for being too selfish to think of herself. (I agree with that.) They decide to break off. (This is so tiring when they keep mentioning this.)

Zheng Li can’t afford much but Xiu Zhi likes the roadside stall earrings that he has gotten for her. He starts holding her hand. The couple visits Mrs Han and Shi Na gets Mrs Han a new handphone so that she can call them anytime once pressing the first button. She plays a piano piece with her and Cheng You smiles. Mrs Han thanks her for loving Cheng You. Shi Na opens the envelope at home and sees the divorce documents. Mrs Han suddenly passes away and all cry over it.

Cheng You and Shi Na prepare for the wake. He asks Shi Na if Yin Xiu should wear the mourning clothes since Mrs Han treats her like a daughter. He apologises for giving her pressure but Shi Na knows that Mrs Han will allow that.

Cheng You needs not ask for her approval. Shi Na decides to stay as Mrs Han also likes her and he has to deal with so many relatives. Cheng You knows that she will since their meeting on the first day. Yin Xiu runs a fever again but she still helps out.

The in-laws come and they do not know that the couple is parting. The emotional Mr Li cries first as it is so unexpected so Cheng You can’t cry in front of him. It is painful for him being unable to voice out his feelings and they want Shi Na to take good care of Cheng You.

Who will wear Mrs Han’s hat now? Cheng You finally weeps when Shi Na sings Mrs Han’s favourite song. (The two really act in this scene well.) The two change their funeral clothes out and Shi Na wishes to leave. Zheng Xi comes late as he just returns from his assignment. He sees Yin Xiu in mourning clothes and frowns. He pays his last respects and leaves in haste. Shi Na knows he is also here for Yin Xiu and she quickly gets her out to meet him.

Yin Xiu gives up everything to move here but this is the ending. Zheng Xi blames himself but she cites that she sees clearer now. He is worried for her and doesn’t wish to lose everything. She should join Cheng You to go to the U.S. She has nothing left except Cheng You. Cheng You is angry upon thinking Shi Na is leaving with Zheng You. His anger diminishes as she is taking the train so he sends her to the station.

He tells her that he is going to the U.S. for 2 years. She has not thought that he will go. He wants to get well along with her but has no confidence. He doesn’t wish to quarrel with her again. Yin Xiu comes to his home and cries. Cheng You’s assistant gives him the forms to fill up for him and his family to go to the U.S. He feels feverish and returns home to sleep.

He returns to his hometown to see Yin Xiu dusting his home. She isn’t used to losing Mrs Han. He can’t believe that he is parting with Shi Na right after 6 months. Yin Xiu is sure that Mrs Han will talk them out of the divorce if she knows it. She notices that he is ill. She then asks if she can go to the U.S. with him. Cheng You becomes hesitant and she says that she is joking.

Zheng Xi keeps Shi Na company upon knowing that she is sick too. She is alone in the big house while Cheng You has moved back to his old apartment. He gets her flu medicine. She jokes that he is romantic but he has done it to the wrong woman. He tells her to move out soon as it is dangerous to be alone. He asks what love is. He lets Yin Xiu go with Cheng You and has a headache now.

The Lis are supposedly to have a long wedding anniversary holiday but they cut it short. Mr Li is too worried for Cheng You. Shi Na can’t handle them and has to call Cheng You back. The elders are surprised to see how wan he has turned. They offer to stay and Shi Na rejects but Cheng You allows. Both develop a fever that night so they sleep together in bed. But soon, they quarrel upon knowing both see their ex again.

Shi Na meets Zheng Xi at the pub. Cheng You isn’t happy and takes her back to his apartment. Why does she always let him see them together? She is his! (See how jealous he becomes? He is simply too furious!) Can they go to the U.S.? He has not asked Yin Xiu as he knows he only wants Shi Na. In fact, he avoids her after she makes the suggestion. He is upset for not being with her. Seeing that Shi Na is still wearing the ring, he cites that his world change after seeing her.

He knows that Yin Xiu wants the rings but he wants Shi Na to have it. He loves her more than Yin Xiu. He can avoid seeing and looking at Yin Xiu. She returns the ring to him and leaves. Cheng You is upset over what happens. Zheng Xi returns from his jogging and sees Yin Xiu. She should have given him a call and not come her to see if he is fine. He doesn’t want her to go to the U.S. Cheng You returns to his home to get Mrs Han’s photo and sees the hat in the cabinet.

He recalls seeing Yin Xiu sweeping the leaves to a corner. Shi Na thinks Yin Xiu is too much to go to Cheng You’s home frequently. Yin Xiu reads over Mrs Han’s recipe book and cries – she has destroyed the couple. She has borrowed it from Mrs Han, wanting to copy them down before giving to Shi Na. Cheng You is angry and nearly punches Zheng Xi when he mentions Shi Na’s name – don’t let him catch him seeing them together again. So he loves Shi Na now.

Zheng Xi is startled to see callies in his living room and Yin Xiu has fixed a meal for him after getting her documents. She has decided not to wait for him. She has not thought of making use of Zheng Xi and can’t ask him to forgive her. She comes to Cheng You’s home with her luggage and decides to stay over the night before leaving. Zheng Xi gets nervous when he can’t get her and Cheng You informs him that she is there so he quickly comes over.

Yin Xiu gives Shi Na the recipe book. She has also added some new recipes at the back for her. She can forgive her since she is going to Japan soon. Shi Na feels bad now. Cheng You also apologises to Yin Xiu. Yin Xiu wakes up having a fever and is surprised to see Zheng Xi sitting beside her. Besides being shaken in her feelings, the other thing that Yin Xiu makes him worry is her frequent fevers. He hugs her tightly – he forgives her as she wishes so can she also do the same to him? The answer is obvious.

The Lis are angry to know what has happened. Mr Li chides Shi Na for being selfish. How can she leave a lonely Cheng You now just after he loses his mother? She is a kind daughter but yet she is unable to console her husband. Her own feelings are less important and they should help each other as family. (This old man is so wise and thoughtful! He sees through Shi Na inside out.) She reads through Mrs Han’s quotes after each recipe on marriage and cries. She truly regrets now.

Cheng You walks up the bridge, recalling the past and he is going to the U.S. earlier. Xiu Zhi informs Shi Na that he is really going outstation and she runs to the airport. She is upset when he gets into the customs. He walks out later. She pulls his arm – don’t go as she still loves him. Although it isn’t smooth for them, she is scared of not seeing him again. He is amused – don’t do this in public as many are watching. She releases him reluctantly. So she loves him?

Isn’t there another month’s time before he goes? Cheng You is actually only going away for 1 week and doesn’t know who gives her the wrong information. Still, he is grateful to the culprit. How can he go away like this without settling the matter? He thanks her for saying she loves him and sending him off. He plants a kiss on her lips suddenly. (He becomes so open suddenly. It beats more than saying ‘I love you’.)

Shi Na brings pink roses to Mrs Han’s grave and meets Yin Xiu. Mrs Han must be sad to know that they have quarreled. Shi Na wants Yin Xiu to look for Zheng Xi. He returns home to find Yin Xiu playing the cd. Both dance and they can go to the U.S. after marriage. He takes out the ring to put on her finger to recite the poem together. They protest when each other gives the vegetables they dislike but still eat in order to please each other.

Cheng You sends Shi Na emails daily from Washington. He hopes she waits for him and she learns to read the poem book. Mr Li is angry to see Shi Na dressing up and planning her make-up the whole day. Is she going to have an affair to be unfaithful to Cheng You? (I can’t stop laughing at this one.) Shi Na comes to the bridge and hugs Cheng You. She wears the dress he has bought for her. He looks at her tenderly as he has not seen her for a long time so he misses her. His first wish is to be truthful to her, his second is to treat her well and his last is to have a long journey with her ahead. He puts the ring back on her finger.

Shi Na doesn’t wish to go to the U.S. They should live apart to start their romantic stage again. He has given up his chance to go to the U.S. because of her to form a family here. So Zheng Xi is going on his behalf. Zheng Min and Zheng Li have a chat at the pub. They claim to be just trying out to have girlfriends but upon seeing Ren Xi and Xiu Zhi dancing with other men, both drag them back.

Their faces really change and the women love it. Xiu Zhi complains that they are not even married and he restricts her. Zheng Xi holds her hand – who says so? They should get married soon. Mr Li has scolded Shi Na so she reflects on her mistake. She hugs him and he regrets not telling Mrs Han about his thoughts. He likes Shi Na’s smiles more than anyone else. He upsets her but she is still beside him. (It is a touching scene when he says this in front of her photo he puts at his apartment.) It is good to start all over again.

He kisses her and they stay together for the night. (You will laugh when he starts wearing brighter shirts. Dark pink or red shirts to suit Shi Na’s taste while Shi Na wears light green shirts.) Mr Li is angry with Shi Na for not being back the whole night and prepares his golf club. He is ready to hit her when she reaches home, thinking that she is out with another man. The Lis are surprised to see her back with Cheng You. Both are happy that they are together again but of course, they disapprove them to stay apart to start their dating processes again. They find this meaningless!

Yin Xiu and Zheng Xi register their marriage and she is amused that Zheng Xi is happy to own something (or rather someone) now. Cheng You and Yin Xiu are no longer the insecure people unsure of their feelings. Zheng Xi and Shi Na greet each other too. Their partners have changed for them but Shi Na has not heard ‘I love you’ from Cheng You’s mouth. The four have a nice gathering.

Shi Na laments that Mr Li should not only like her husband. Cheng You smiles – he should also change his address to call her wife too. Louis finds it so mushy but longs to be in love too. Both have a walk in the woods and she is delighted to hear the words ‘I love you’ from his mouth. She is thrilled and promises to stay by him forever. They need to have blissfulness, trust and love in their marriage. They return to his home and read the poem book together in the garden before entering the house.

Introduction on characters

1. Han Cheng You – Ryu Si Won
He comes from a poor family but works hard to become a diplomat. He is warm but he isn’t a romantic. He is determined not to ask favours from his in-laws. This is why he rejects all the help that the Lis offer. But after realizing that they are not out to snub him but really accepting him with open arms and showing their love for Shi Na, he gives in. Being serious in work, he neglects Shi Na. And being unable to forget Yin Xiu, this affects their relationship. Always being together also arouses Shi Na’s jealousy.

He wears blue clothes during the start but later wears bright pink clothes to suit her likes! See how much he changes after marriage – he starts to buy Shi Na clothes. He also emails frequently to her when he is overseas. He gets jealous when seeing her with Zheng Xi. He finally knows who he finally likes now.

Si Won’s acting improves and matches well with Na Ra. Seeing how he treats her like a child will make you laugh non-stop. I do hope to see more of them together in future.

2. Xu Zheng Xi – Lee Hyun Woo
He is Cheng You’s senior and is also a successful diplomat. He is cold because of his parents’ divorce. He is only nice to Cheng You and his buddies. His colleagues find him too icy and demanding. He is posted back to Korea after 3 years in Japan – Yin Xiu also follows him there. But knowing that Cheng You and Yin Xiu share a deep relationship, he feels insecure. He doesn’t voice it out but he feels worse as time goes by, knowing that she doesn’t treat him as her closest.

Although he bears with it initially and even tells Shi Na to be like him to pretend to know nothing about it, he can take it no more and starts to see other women. But still, he feels empty and starts regretting his choice when she wants to leave for Japan. We should not doubt his love for her as he is too afraid of losing her. This actor only provides a satisfactory performance as more can be expected.

3. Liu Zheng Min – Choi Woo Je
He is a close friend of Cheng You and opens a pub. Although he looks serious, he is actually wacky. What makes me puzzled is his choice in picking Ren Xi as his girlfriend. He has told Cheng You that Shi Na si childish but he also chooses a childish girlfriend.

4. Yin Zheng Li - Kang Suk Woo
He is Cheng You’s junior and is also a diplomat. He has younger siblings but like Cheng You, he isn’t deterred by setbacks and strikes to work hard. He finally wins the bossy and picky Xiu Zhi over with his sincerity and patience. But sigh – he and his big mouth always land others in trouble.

5. Li Shi Min
He is Shi Na’s father who owns a big construction company. Thus he knows a lot of interior designing to build big houses. He is very understanding and dotes on his daughter. He gets emotional easily to cry in public easily. Knowing Cheng You’s predicament and thinking, he doesn’t force him to accept all his offers. He reasons with him and also gives advice on how to improve their relationship. Although he calls him ‘Son-in-law Han’, they are really as close as father and son.

6. Louis – Toni
He is a bartender and chef in the pub. Although he is the youngest among all, whatever he says makes sense. This serves as good advice to all.

7. Quan Shu Xi/Mrs Li – Jung Young Suk
She is Shi Na’s mother who owns a boutique. So Shi Na never lacks clothes and accessories. She must have passed her curiosity genes to Shi Na. She is also like her to blow things out of proportion. She dotes on Shi Na and knows that she is very childish. Luckily, she often listens to Mr Li and doesn’t intrude into the couple’s married life. They are a loving couple.

8. Li Shi Na – Jang Na Ra
She works in the arts academy. Unlike Cheng You who has to worry how to make ends meet when young, she has everything provided for. Even a chauffeur is there to wait for her when going out. But most of her habits change after knowing him. She learns to take buses and becomes thrifty.

However, I really disapprove of her of still using Mr Li’s supplementary card after marriage. This shows that she hasn’t grown up. The way she adores pink is really over the top. She is too extreme. She reminds me of ‘Barbie’ in ‘My MVP valentine’.

She has the cheek to say that Cheng You still likes Yin Xiu. Yet she forgets that she also keeps the truth of knowing Zheng Xi before hand. Serves her right when he gets jealous to give her a taste of her own medicine. I find her very petty and unreasonable – love is selfish but she has never done any personal reflection on what she has done too. And so impulsive to want to end her marriage like this…..she is so selfish not to consider Cheng You’s feelings when he just loses his mother.

She gives herself unnecessary stress and worrying to cry so often. To check on his handphone is an act that I totally disapprove. She should trust Cheng You who is trying so hard to forget Yin Xiu. That is why he keeps the shoe box on top of the shelf. They really lack trust between them.

Na Ra plays this role well – the agony of facing a husband who doesn’t show enough affection. The way she tries to please Mrs Han with the hat do create a few laughs. But after that, we may get bored to see her frowning face all the time. She should have worn stockings in most beginning scenes – it can be disturbing to see mosquito bites on her legs.

9. Shen Yin Xiu – Myung Se Bin
She is Cheng You’s childhood friend and likes Cheng You secretly. She gets to know Cheng You by learning piano from Mrs Han. She is a florist and is gentle and sweet. But because they are too similar in character, both wait for each other to do the confession. That is why both don’t end up together.

She starts to transfer her attention to Zheng Xi but discovers that she can’t forget him – ending up hurting Zheng Xi instead. After Cheng You’s rejection, she starts to know who she loves and accepts Zheng Xi. Se Bin improves slightly in acting but not really fantastic.

10. Che Ren Xi – Kim Min Joo
She is Shi Na’s friend and is immature like Shi Na. She is also loudmouth like her. Zheng Min will have a hard time with her. It is said how he falls for her – it happens too fast for all to accept.

11. Wu Xiu Zhi - Gong Hyun Joo
She is Shi Na’s friend who is headstrong but very loyal. She knows Cheng You’s past but chooses not to tell Shi Na to prevent her from being hurt. But still, Shi Na discovers the truth. She is quite wild and she often drives the women to go for spins in her sports car.

12. Song Cai Lin/Mrs Han – Na Yung Hee
She is Cheng You’s mother who works hard as a piano teacher to support her two sons. She neglects her health as a result and has a weak heart. She thinks that Cheng You deserves someone better and Yin Xiu is an orphan. So she only accepts her as her daughter and not daughter-in-law.

She knows that Shi Na is kind-hearted but at times, she is too reliant on Yin Xiu to disclose everything to her instead. It might be the social class difference that she can’t fit in. I find her so unfair, wanting to give Yin Xiu her ring and not to Shi Na. Is this a way of compensating? I can never guess what she wants.

Favourite character
Cheng You, he tries hard to salvage his marriage and is working hard on his diplomat job. He is also a filial son to Mrs Han and Shi Na’s parents. A close second is Zheng Xi but he gives Yin Xiu too many chances and he gets hurt instead.

Most hated character
Shi Na – her childish and over bearing behaviour causes all people around her to get affected. Her friends are also a naughty lot to give destroying suggestions than constructive ones.

All should not miss the duet by Na Ra and Si Won. This is the first time both have worked together. This song is ‘I will guard you’. It was played in the wedding and honeymoon scenes. The two also sang it separately. The producer really knew how to make sure of their talents.

Interesting facts

Who started the ‘silly woman’ trend? Many might think that it is Suh Ah’s Kim Sam Soon or Jung En’s Tai Ling. But if we think further, the person should be Na Ra. She has done her part in ‘A joyful girl’s success’ and ‘I Love Patzzi’. Just when all start to portray silly women roles, she shook away the image to become a pink princess. She added new colours on herself.

Many wondered if Na Ra can cause a princess sensation just like Kim Jung Eun in ‘Princess Lulu’. It is about Shi Na who only knows how to dress herself and has no special talent. Na Ra thinks that Shi Na is also childish but she has all the qualities to be a perfect woman. She started to wear branded clothes to improve her taste and lowered her voice to become more mature. She is already 25 years old but her baby looks might hinder her acting so she had to work hard on other areas.

She has acted as a poor woman in many dramas and thus wanted a change which all praised it to be successful. She was nervous to be a rich woman for the first time. Her dressing is so different from the past but many like it.

The sponsors sponsored 3 billion won of jewels for Na Ra for the 3 months of filming. Needless to say, bodyguards followed her everywhere to prevent any loss. Na Ra looked forward to Shi Na’s love encounter. She wanted to get married but the one has not appeared.

Na Ra was nervous over the public bath scene in Japan. She took special precautions in her clothing. She made the crew and her father nervous. But to me, it wasn't a big deal - what is the fuss about except baring her shoulders?

Na Ra fell ill easily as she flew from China to Korea and vice versa for her shooting assignments. Due to time jag and also the food she ate, she often vomited. She ended up looking pale on screen but the producer said that she did a good job in portraying the sadness. Many found Si Won’s acting improving. Many thought that he might be upset over his breakup to do so well.

Why was the honeymoon scenes shot in Japan? KBS planned to introduce it into the Japanese market. About 100 Si Won’s Japanese went to the venues daily to catch a glimpse of him. What will he be if he doesn’t act - he wants to be a professional car racer.

It had been a long time since he acted in dramas so he took that he was a newcomer but he ended up having the others regarding him as their senior. He felt the pressure and the responsibility.

When he first read the script, he thought it would be nice to marry Shi Na in reality. But he might not agree to have matchmaking sessions for himself as he believed love needed cultivation. He was curious to know who would act as her. Upon knowing that Na Ra was the one, he was worried - can she manage it? But it proved that his worry was groundless. She was very feminine - not girlish.

They had only worked on a jewelry commerical 4 years ago. if they were not familiar with each other, there would be a barrier between them. They kept talking to each other to know each other better. But upon knowing that she had many thoughts on his previous works, he was very surprised. She was among the actresses who became friends with him easily.

The scenes where he was drenched in the rain - this was the first time he permed his hair. He washed his hair before going to KBS and when he looked into the mirror, he was unused to see his curly hair. And when he started shooting it, he kept getting bothered on how he looked. Many teased him for being vain.

Si Won’s highest record was to go without sleep for 3 days. But he enjoyed working with his favourite crew. He immediately agreed to act in this drama after reading the script. He was shooting this drama when he got to know that he was chosen as the no. 1 idol in Singapore. His Singaporean fans took trouble to fly to Korea to tell him the good news. He was overjoyed over it and thanked all for their support. After this, this serial garnered 16% ratings and he was also pleased.


Cheng You and Yin Xiu keep telling each other that they will not meet but they keep meeting. Sigh – how can Zheng Xi and Shi Na not get upset or believe that there is really nothing between them? More can be explored into the conflicts Shi Na and Cheng Yu face due to their different background or upbringing. But the producer only harps on their past love relationship. It becomes like a repeatedly playing record for the last few episodes. I always believe that there is something else for a marriage – family ties, values, monetary settlement for expenses………..

Love is only a portion of marriage life. But it is a pity the producer doesn’t look into this. Thus this drama becomes plain after a while which bores me with the repeatedly same dialogues. Luckily, the cast gives quite a fine performance although the co-stars may be unknown. But still, it is just a normal romantic drama which doesn’t give much food for thought.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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