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Wonderful Life

Reviewed by: BiInLurve August 08, 2006

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Cast: Kim Jae Won as Han Seung-wan Eugene as Jung Se-jin Lee Ji Hoon as Min Do-hyun Han Eun Jung as Lee Chae-young Joo Hyun as Han Bum-soo (Seung-wan's father) Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Yoon Tae-hee (Seung-wan's mother) Kim Hye Ok as Pyo Jae-kyung (Se-jin's mother) Choi Joon Yong as Han Seung-pil (Seung-wan's older brother) Yoon Hyun Sook as Baek Hyun-joo (Seung-pil's wife) Kim Hyo Jin as Jung Il-jin (Se-jin's older sister) Kim...

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Wonderful Life

Reviewed by: sukting September 09, 2005

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

How long 16 episodes Foreword Have you seen Jae Won acting as a young father? Many have seen dramas showing sceneries of Paris, London, Harvard, Japan, Bali and also Milan. What about Singapore for a change? All Singaporeans must support this serial! It is able to satisfy your curiosity. Story There is a sudden hijack on the plane and Shi Zhen speaks to the hijackers in fluent English while Cheng Heng defeats the pilot to...

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06-24-2009 09:45 PM


This movie was really funny at the beginning but I love to see Eugene to be with Lee Ji Hoon. I'm not trying to say that I hate Kim Jae Won. Do not offended me.


03-20-2007 06:57 AM


After watching few of korean series that i thing most of them are the best.but this is the best ever. First time after all make me laught and cry at the same time.the actor and actres of cause shin bi working hard to make this series worth than anything.very nice ending.....luv kim jae won, eugene,lee ji hoon,jung da bin and all crew.never borred even thousand time watching.


02-08-2007 12:00 AM


The kid is so cute.How she does the 'I Love You' thing.You have no idea how many times I've watched it (yes,from the beginning).And I can't help but squeeze out a few (or a bunch of..haha) tears here and there.If you're the type that likes to cry (like me),just prepare your tissues towards the end.Even my cousin who couldn't shed a tear managed to squeeze out a drop or two.Haha.I'll have to say it's one of my favourite dramas.Nothing too out of the ordinary,typical story line,but the twists here and there makes it worthwhile.Oh,and I usually root for Kim Jae Won,but the tables are turned here,I was tilting towards Lee Ji Hoon instead.Haha.

lady vardarien

01-19-2007 12:00 AM


really fun to watch....and the best part is Shin Bi - 'I love U' ;)


01-19-2007 12:00 AM


befOre wOnDerfuL Lyf was aiReD in i was soOo exCiteD cOz of the niCe tRaiLeR heRe in the phiLippines..i jUst can't wait foR the aiRing day tO cOme..i riLy Luv the stOry beCause it was sOo fun duRing the 1st time they met..i also Love the paRt wheRe janine cRieD a Lot becaUse of having a mOther anD fatheR whO quarreLs a Lot beCause it is a LessOn 2 evRy paRents tO Let them feeL to thieR chiLd that they Love eaCh otheR tO make the famiLy gRow..

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