Wonderful Life

Reviewed by: sukting

September 09, 2005

Rating: three

How long
16 episodes

Have you seen Jae Won acting as a young father? Many have seen dramas showing sceneries of Paris, London, Harvard, Japan, Bali and also Milan. What about Singapore for a change? All Singaporeans must support this serial! It is able to satisfy your curiosity.


There is a sudden hijack on the plane and Shi Zhen speaks to the hijackers in fluent English while Cheng Heng defeats the pilot to get it under control. The two are happy - Shi Zhen is a first year political studies student at the university while Cheng Heng is also the first year student in the flying academy. Of course, this is only Cheng Heng's fantasy. When a gun points at his head, he raises his hands to surrender. But the culprit is only a boy who is pointing a toy gun to shame him in front of all.

Cheng Heng and Shi Zhen are on the plane to Singapore for their love ones. They knock into each other at Singapore Airport and Cheng Heng breaks Shi Zhen's watch. He isn't apologetic but laments that he also hurts his back. He offers to buy another but she rejects. He gets so angry that he dumps her things on a taxi and gets away with them on it. Shi Zhen gets mad when she gets Cheng Heng's passport instead.

With no money, she wants to get a free ride but nearly collapses upon knowing that the lift has broken down at the hotel upon arrival. She cries hard, holding the sign in despair. Dao Xian happens to see this and knowing that she is too tired to walk he carries her to the floor where Cheng Heng is staying as stated on his passport to return to him. Cai Ying opens the door and is shocked to see them. Dao Xian is her new boyfriend and she is of course jealous to see both so close together.

Cheng Heng wants to show Cai Ying that he is a romantic. So he pretends to be spiderman to give her a surprise. (This is such a stupid act) He never knows that she has a change of heart to love a richer Dao Xian. Dao Xian asks Cai Ying if she is double- dating but she denies, saying that the other guy's love for her is only one- sided. Cheng Heng is arrested for trespassing and brought to the police station.

It is only now when he knows that his passport isn't with him. It is quite hilarious as the policemen keep looking at Shi Zhen's photo and ask him whether the passport is really his. Shi Zhen comes to the police station at this time and bails him out. It is so shameful to have such a monster beside her and they start to pickle with each other. Shi Zhen claims no wonder Cai Ying dates two men but she soon regrets her words.

Cheng Heng gets angry and refuses to believe her. Shi Zhen then forces him to tour around Singapore even though she knows Cai Ying's whereabouts. Actually, she is preventing him from getting hurt to know the truth. She is quite considerate and sweet to him.

Dao Xian gives Cai Ying a compass as a present. No matter if she loses her direction or not knowing which man to choose, it gives a base. Shi Zhen forgives Cheng Heng and wants him to bring her on a cable car but she is afraid of heights. Cheng Heng happens to see Dao Xian and Cai Ying in another cable car and realises that Shi Zhen hasn't lied to him. Shi Zhen feels sorry for him but fails to console him.

Cheng Heng laments that she hasn't tried losing her boyfriend. She replies in anguish that she loses him to the sea. He drowns after saving someone and she is here for his death anniversary. Cheng Heng feels remorseful for damaging the watch, which is his only gift for her. He flies a plane to bring her to 'see' him. She cries - she is fine and apologises to come late. This pricks Cheng Heng's heart.

Dao Xian ditches Cai Ying - he dislikes two-timers and hates women who harbours over his wealth. Shi Zhen and Cheng Jun get drunk. She has no where to stay and insists of staying in his room. This is so comical - when he is bathing, she rushes into the toilet to vomit! At first, one sleeps on the sofa while another on bed. But when they wake up, they are naked in bed! (Actually it isn't as steamy as stated and I wonder what the fuss is about.) Both get shy and she is touched by the gentle way he flies the plane for her.

Cheng Heng gets frightened and runs away. She is angry with him for being so irresponsible. The two return to Korea and Shi Zhen confesses the sin to the priest. She complains to Bi Zhen that a fellow ruins her holiday so she has to return early. The fellow also lies to her that she is beautiful under the moonlight.

This is so coincidental - Dao Xian is Cheng Jun's senior and Cai Ying is also back to woo him. Cheng Heng is angry to see him. Actually he wants to talk to Shi Zhen again as he is apologetic over what he has done. Shi Zhen is cold to him but softens when he apologises. But he can't say that he has feelings for her because he has not revealed to Cai Ying how he thinks of her. He is too drunk and Shi Zhen has to bring him home but is angered when he calls Cai Ying's name in his dream.

The two are together in the same room for the night again although nothing happens this time. Bi Zhen wants to know their relationship but they keep from her. Shi Zhen brings him to work. It is weird that Cheng Heng likes playing with children although he is afraid of them. She feels her heart beating fast. Cheng Heng is chased out of home for being a spendthrift and he is so thick-skinned to stay at her home.

He finds Cai Ying waiting for him at his house door when he is with Shi Zhen. Cai Ying is angry to see them together. Shi Zhen accuses her of starting first and is angered when Cheng Heng helps her. Cai Ying still lies when he confronts her. The women quarrel and Shi Zhen wins. Cheng Heng chooses to help Cai Ying and she leaves after feeling nausea.

Cheng Heng watches a movie with Cai Ying. He jokes that he will kill himself when a child suddenly appears when he is still young. Shi Zhen wears a pink wig and wears revealing dressing to buy a pregnancy kit to see if she is pregnant. (It is not really that shocking - she only wears a low cut vest to match demin outfits)She is alarmed to meet Dao Xian there. She wants to escape after buying but sprains her ankle. Dao Xian recognizes her but she denies. Dao Xian shakes his head and carries her on his back again. Why is she always so special when he meets her? Which is the real her?

The present look is unsuitable for her and she is prettier the last time. Coming to think of it- he carries her every time! Cai Ying happens to see them and forces her down his back. Why is Shi Zhen always snatching her man?! Shi Zhen asks Cai Ying - who is better to her? It seems that she likes Dao Xian more so Shi Zhen wants Cheng Heng as her husband.

Cai Ying pushes her to the floor before leaving. When she is with Cheng Heng, she becomes gentle, which is pretentious. Shi Zhen is stunned that she is pregnant after testing. Dao Xian wants to establish a better friendship with Cheng Heng but he says that he doesn't like guys! Dao Xian tells him that Cheng Heng can have Cai Ying since he is uninterested in romance. As his senior, he gives him advice - Cai Ying is someone Cheng Heng can't digest. He should find someone who matches him and is responsible.

Cai Ying pretends not to know Dao Xian and pretends to be close to Cheng Heng to spite back at him. Shi Zhen confirms her pregnancy at the clinic. It is doomsday for her. What can she tell him - she has a child and they should start their romance now? Shi Zhen wants to look for Cheng Heng but sees Dao Xian instead. He is happy to meet her - this is really fate but she can't return his smile.

Dao Xian brings her to find him but she is angry - she will not look for someone with a stranger again. She has a bad experience in the past. They see the two and all get embarrassed. Cheng Heng asks if she is looking for him but she denies. Cai Ying hooks Cheng Heng's arm to leave and Dao Xian also places his hand on Shi Zhen's shoulder to leave in another direction. The two are angry with each other. Cai Ying tells Cheng Heng that Shi Zhen isn't simple but he is too jealous to listen to her. (You must watch this scene as it is quite hilarious.)

Upon out of the gate, Dao Xian releases Shi Zhen gentlemanly. Does she like Cheng Heng - even so, she should not be so sensitive. Cheng Heng's mind is full of Shi Zhen's images. Why is he jealous? Shi Zhen is sick at work and Cheng Heng feels bad - has she taken her medicine? He can get for her. Both are now working at the same restaurant for their fees. Cheng Heng even cooks for her and she feels touched. Cheng Heng asks how she befriends Dao Xian and she asks if he is jealous. He denies and she is disappointed.

She brings him to the amusement park but hesitates telling him about her pregnancy. He remembers that it is Valentine's Day and gets chocolates. But they are for Cai Ying and she chooses the most expensive one out of revenge. He even begs her to let him off to meet Cai Ying before 12 so she gives up. Cheng Heng wonders if she wants to tell him that she loves him so he leaves quickly. Shi Zhen cries in the church - how to marry a child now as he ruins her life? Shi Zhen suddenly goes missing and Bi Zhen scolds him. He will feel guilty forever for what he has done. He sees her on the way and maintains that they should be friends.

Shi Zhen tells him that she wants to study overseas and gives him a present. He suddenly feels reluctant. Both look at each other's backs. Shi Zhen's present includes a paper aeroplane - this can fly into her heart but the pilot hasn't started flying it. One year later, Cai Ying and Cheng Heng are dating. He dresses smartly for Mr Han's 60th birthday. Mr Han cites his wish to have a grandchild.

Bi Zhen drops a bombshell by bringing Cheng Heng's daughter, Xin Yu to them. Cheng Heng opens his mouth - he is framed - how can he be so unlucky? Bi Zhen says that Shi Zhen dies after giving birth. Cheng Heng jokes that this is really like a movie but his father hits his head. Cai Ying leaves in rage upon knowing this. How can it be a misunderstanding - his daughter's face looks exactly like him?

Cheng Heng insists of bringing Xin Yu for a DNA test to prove that she is really his daughter. The test is done at Cheng Bi's hospital and upon seeing she is really his, he gets hit on the head by his parents again. They are already angry with him on the way to the hospital and he doesn't dare to face them from the car mirror. What really upsets him is not the existence of his daughter but Shi Zhen's death. He recalls how happy she is in the air with him in the past.

Cai Ying tells Dao Xian the news and his heart bleeds internally. He suddenly can't see anything in front of him - has such an adorable girl leave the beautiful world? Cheng Heng shouts to the sky to apologise to Shi Zhen. He has not shown her enough concern but he will take care of their daughter. Shi Zhen suddenly wakes up from the nap on the bus. It seems that she hears her shouting. (I wonder why she suddenly perms the same hairstyle to look like Ji Woo in 'Winter Sonata'.)

Mr Han has sent a wreath to Mrs Zheng and she also thinks that she is dead.This is only Bi Zhen's act and Mrs Zheng also reconciles with the sisters upon knowing what happens. Bi Zhen feels that it is unfair for Shi Zhen to bring up Xin Yu alone so she returns her to them. All along, Shi Zhen has been staying with her priest to give birth to Xin Yu. Shi Zhen doesn't want Xin Yu to stay with the Hans so the three women go to the Han residence.

Mr Han doesn't blame Cheng Heng anymore since Shi Zhen will punish him at night. He has a shock of his life upon seeing her face. The two start to quarrel again and give different versions of what happens during the one night stand. She insists of bringing up Xin Yu up alone. But what can she do when she is still jobless? Cheng Heng scolds her for not having plans. Shi Zhen jeers at him - she will handle their lives but Cheng Heng insists of keeping the child but she says that she will die without Xin Yu. Cheng Heng softens.

Mr Han wants to register Xin Yu under Cheng Bi's name since they are still childless after 5 years. The couple can't accept it and leaves. Xian Zhu wonders why the brothers are so different. They are doctors but yet Cheng Heng can get a child in a strike. Why can't Cheng Bi? This hurts Cheng Bi and he leaves silently so Xian Zhu regrets her words. The two families refuse to give up Xin Yu so they decide to let them marry. Cheng Heng shouts that he wants to kill himself but Chang Min doesn't believe him.

Cheng Heng has no courage and should marry Shi Zhen to bear the responsibility but he rebukes - how can women always be the injured party? Chang Min thinks Cheng Heng has himself to blame to grow the seeds. Shi Zhen and Cheng Heng think of the same thing - how to get married without any love element? Cheng Heng gets frightened when Bi Zhen comes to look for him. He hides from her and Chang Min gets attracted. Both go out and Chang Min even forgets to return Cheng Heng's calls.

Shi Zhen gets drunk and is nearly knocked down by Dao Xian's car. He can't believe his eyes and is overjoyed that she is still alive. Bi Zhen keeps Dao Xian's name card when he gives his number if Shi Zhen needs his help. Shi Zhen tells him that she is marrying Cheng Heng. Why is she marrying young and if Dao Xian has time to attend their wedding, he can grab her hand and escape together. Dao Xian feels a stab in his heart although he doesn't know why.

Cheng Heng wants to explain to Cai Ying but she is now close to Dao Xian to ignore him. She wants him to fix her computer and describes that he is attractive when he is working. He says nothing as he knows her motive in doing so. Dao Xian doesn't want him to look for Cai Ying since he is getting married but he denies. Dao Xian is serious - he will rather cry himself than to let Shi Zhen cry.

Cheng Heng is speechless upon hearing that. Cheng Heng yells - how can he get married at 22 years old? He wants to study and woo women. How can he ruin his own happiness? Mr Han kicks him aside and leaves him to look after Xin Yu alone. He tries in vain to pacify her but during the process, he begins to love his pretty daughter. You will laugh - he brings her for school lessons and Chang Min reveals that she is his daughter although he lies that she is his niece. When she cries, he brings her out to feed her.

He is exhausted after half a day and tells Shi Zhen to marry him. But his suggestion isn't having her legally registered and Shi Zhen is angry with him. Since he doesn't know how to treasure his wife and daughter, there is nothing she can do. Mr Han is angry with Cheng Heng for returning Xin Yu to Shi Zhen and chases him out of the house. He cries - how can he survive without Cai Ying?

Xin Yu cries at night and Shi Zhen brings her out. Why doesn't she sleep to give Shi Zhen a break? She wants to continue her studies but she can't do anything now. Cheng Heng feels sorry for her. Shi Zhen has an enjoyable meal with Mr Han but is angry with Cheng Heng. Mr Han is happy to get a daughter as he longs for daughters all along. She kicks a can and hits Dao Xian's head with it. He pretends to be in pain to worry her. Shi Zhen asks Cai Ying why Cheng Heng is missing.

Cai Ying is very harsh to Shi Zhen and Dao Xian stops her. He offers to help Shi Zhen but both see Cheng Heng at the gate now. The four are together again. Cai Ying gets proud - hasn't she told Cheng Heng not to look for her again? Cheng Heng hugs Shi Zhen instead - they are getting married. This is like giving Cai Ying a slap on the face and she gets mad with Cheng Heng. He doesn't want Dao Xian to look for his wife. He leads Shi Zhen away before she can respond.

What is he trying to do now? Cheng Heng fixes a marriage contract - they marry legally but he wants time to say goodbye to his youth and romance. They get married because of Xin Yu but they can give each other freedom. No 1 - they can divorce after 5 years. No. 2 - Xin Yu can choose who to follow then. No. 3 - they don't intrude into each other's lives. No 4 - they should not have any other child. No. 5 - they must have each other's rooms. Chang Min informs everyone of the marriage through the notice board so there is no turning back for Cheng Heng now but Dao Xian smiles at this.

On the engagement day, Cheng Heng's friends bargain over the dowry. Cheng Heng wonders why the guy who carries the engagement gifts behind the cuttlefish mask is someone who he is unfamiliar with. He is dismayed to see that he is Dao Xian! (His expression is sure classic and annoyed!). He yells aloud that there is no way he is going to get the gifts from him. Bi Zhen manages to stop him and the show goes on.

They settle at Mrs Zheng's eatery. Shi Zhen is forced to sing but Cheng Heng is the only unhappy one. He mumbles when drunk - can he really get married like this? He has wanted to be a captain. But why has his identity changed to husband, father and son-in-law? (Jae Won really shows Cheng Heng's helpless feelings here.)His words make Dao Xian feel very insecure. He hopes Shi Zhen gets happiness but can Cheng Heng really give it to her? Should he do something?

Dao Xian asks Shi Zhen if she needs his help - doesn't she tell him to grab her hand to escape the last time? She smiles shyly, not knowing how to react. Dao Xian tells her that she can give him a SOS if she needs him. He can do anything for her. It is not easy for Shi Zhen to bring up Xin Yu. She has the courage so she should be fortunate. Cheng Heng sees them talking but he isn't happy with it. Dao Xian is angry when Mrs Min gets a maid to clean his room. He feels trapped so he suggests to Chang Min to be his new roommate. Chang Min promises to get a new house.

All attend the wedding but the married couple doesn't look happy. It looks like a funeral burying their youth. Dao Xian smiles and signals to Shi Zhen. Does she need him to escape from here? She smiles and shakes her head. She is destined to lead this kind of life. When the couple bows to each other, Cheng Heng tells her to look better while she tells him to smile. He hates Chang Min to shout cheers for Shi Zhen but has to carry her out of the hall. Dao Xian and Cai Ying feel unsure of this.

Chang Min doesn't know their relationship and still introduces to them. Dao Xian drives Cai Ying home and passes her his handkerchief. She can cry if she wants and since they can't stop this, they have to give the couple their blessings. The two quarrel and don't go for their honeymoon. They have nowhere to go except to hide at their new home. He threatens to give her a thrilling first night while she challenges him to it. Both are alarmed when their mothers come and they hide in the closet.

Cheng Heng feels bad when hearing Mrs Han scolding Mrs Zheng. So he fixes breakfast for Shi Zhen the next day. She feels happy while Cai Ying is alarmed to know that Dao Xian and Chang Min are going to be the couple's neighbours. Cheng Heng explains to Cai Ying that he and Shi Zhen are friends. Cai Ying wonders if they are happily married. Shi Zhen quickly answers yes.

Dao Xian wants to shake Cheng Heng's hand politely but he refuses. Dao Xian has thought he grows up but it seems he is still the same. Dao Xian doesn't like the way Cai Ying stresses to Cheng Heng that they are a pair as he has told her that they are only friends. He points out to her that she can visit him but he doesn't want her to use this as an excuse to get back at Cheng Heng.

They go back to the Hans but Xin Yu develops a slight fever so they can't visit Mrs Zheng. Cheng Heng feels bad upon seeing his brother and sister-in-law getting neglected. Mrs Zheng is disappointed of them not coming. The couple is forced to be in the same room for the night so they put Xin Yu between them. Shi Zhen loves her adorable daughter. Cheng Heng asks if Xin Yu is as cute as him but it is a waste on his looks since he is only 22 years old as a married man.

Suddenly, Mr Han comes to check on them. He even tells them to work harder - he is the only son for 5 generations so he has high hopes on them for another grandson. Cheng Heng quickly jumps to Shi Zhen's side to lie beside her. It is funny that he intrudes to see if both are just putting up an act.

Cheng Heng is angry that Mrs Zheng refuses to take care of Xin Yu. How are they going to continue their studies and looking after her the same time? Cheng Heng even stresses that he will not want any family allowance from them and Shi Zhen shakes her head at his childishness. They return home. Xin Yu looks cute but it isn't cute taking care of her. She cries all the time so Shi Zhen decides to let him have a taste of being a mother for a night. She takes a sleeping bag to sleep in the yard.

Cheng Heng is tortured and decides to seek revenge. Xin Yu refuses to drink milk and he tells her that he really yearns to write his thesis. You will laugh - he tells her that he is the only nice man in the world and others are lechers! Cheng Heng locks Shi Zhen up in the sleeping bag so that she can't go to the toilet. Her screams wake Dao Xian up and he rushes to help her. She thinks that he is Cheng Heng and gives him a slap on the face without looking! (Eugene has the makings of becoming a comedian here.)

She rushes to his toilet before she apologises. He doesn't blame her as she looks very adorable. She helps him to fix a nice breakfast and labels his food in the fridge. Seeing how capable she is, Dao Xian likes her more. Cheng Heng wants to release Shi Zhen but is alarmed to find her missing. He gets tense - where is she? How does she escape from prison? He sees her coming out from Dao Xian's home and is angry. Cai Ying sobs - Mrs Min knows her background and disallows her to see Dao Xian again. Although he isn't her own child, he is still the youngest in the reputable family.

Cheng Heng is alarmed to know that he will be enlisted in the army soon. He is apologetic to Shi Zhen - she has to bring up their daughter alone again. Cheng Heng writes in to apply to put his studies on hold. He is shocked to see Dao Xian there applying to stop his studies. Dao Xian has no choice but to give up his dream as he has an incurable eye ailment.

This will worsen his eyesight in no time and he can't fly the plane anymore. Cheng Heng needs to go for his army check up but Shi Zhen throws Xin Yu to him - he shouldn't be dating others now and she has an exam. He has to catch Xin Yu in his arms. He recalls the past to give Cai Ying his first kiss so that she will miss him but this promise can't be fulfilled.

Cheng Heng has no choice but to let the canteen vendor take care of Xin Yu before he goes out. Cheng Heng sets up a website for Xin Yu. It isn't fortunate the first time he sees her. He is too young and too fluttered. He isn't prepared to accept her then. Now he hasn't started being close to her and has to part. He really feels sorry but he truly loves her.

Cheng Heng finally sees Cai Ying and they have a nice time. He massages for her in the sauna and teases her. (I feel like straggling his neck for forgetting his family completely.) Shi Zhen is worried when Cheng Heng hasn't returned her calls. The disappearance of Xin Yu and Cheng Heng worries Shi Zhen so she asks Dao Xian for help. Bi Zhen is dating with Chang Min and is annoyed when Cheng Heng calls him to tell him that Xin Yu is with the canteen vendor. She then pretends to be her mother and take her away to continue dating with Chang Min.

They order a family meal and Bi Zhen tells Xin Yu that they must scare her father. The baby smiles at her. Dao Xian and Shi Zhen arrive at the flying academy. Shi Zhen is alarmed that someone abducts Xin Yu. She nearly collapses into Dao Xian's arms. (This is a very touching scene as Eugene acts well.) Mrs Zheng returns from her trip to see Bi Zhen and Chang Min at her home door from her holiday trip. Bi Zhen then realizes that she has forgotten to tell Shi Zhen.

Although Dao Xian assures Shi Zhen that all is fine, she only settles her heart when she sees her baby. Mrs Zheng hits Bi Zhen for joking again. How will she feel if she loses her child as a mother? Shi Zhen vows to punish Cheng Heng for abandoning Xin Yu. Dao Xian drives her back. He feels the pain upon seeing her tears. He wishes to share her agony but is helpless to do that.

When she returns home to see him with Cai Ying, Shi Zhen is totally devastated. His irresponsibility makes her decide to leave him. Cheng Heng wants to make her stay but says hurting remarks instead. This incident leaves a scar on her and Xin Yu and they can no longer forget this day. He regrets his act and Dao Xian reprimands Cai Ying too - hasn't he told her not to see Cheng Heng again? She replies that she is dirty and she doesn't want to look up to a prince. She decides to give him up.

Dao Xian brings her to see his 3 elder half-brothers. She realizes why he doesn't mention about his family. They look down on him as the offspring of the third wife who is dead. His eldest brother, Duo Xian is most nasty to him. Mrs Min, the first mother is the CEO of Kidsbear. Dao Xian has 2 other mothers and 6 other siblings. So he isn't the prince that she has thought. Will she go overseas with him to escape from his family? Actually, he also wants to keep her away from Cheng Heng.

Upon reaching home, Shi Zhen hears Mrs Zheng for scolding Bi Zhen for not taking good care of her so she goes to the church. She doesn't know that Cheng Heng calls her. She laments that she can't be an ambassador to marry a pilot she loves. Life isn't a bed of roses but she has to continue living. Why can't they try to love each other? Cheng Heng brings her home and Dao Xian is relieved to see that.

Cheng Heng is sincere in his apology and to prove that, he wears the spiderman costume again. She is fierce and wants him to stop the nonsense. He suddenly yells that he can't remove the mask and she has to take it off for him. Only when it is out then she starts smiling. He knows that he is forgiven. Shi Zhen throws the mask at his face but he promises to try hard. He will try to love and show concern to her just like how he does to Xin Yu. Although he is hesitant in his speech, his sincere expression makes her heart beat fast. Cai Ying decides to go overseas with Dao Xian. Dao Xian makes this decision to help Shi Zhen get Cheng Heng totally and to forget her.

Cheng Heng changes his attitude and works at Mr Han's construction site to earn more money. Shi Zhen asks Dao Xian shyly why men only like Cai Ying. His reply is she is pretty and slim. She isn't happy to hear that - so she isn't attractive? Dao Xian laughs - the attractiveness needs makeup so she asks Bi Zhen for help. Bi Zhen says she doesn't have a sexy image as she is adorable. Shi Zhen is bored - what can she do since men are lustful? Shi Zhen pretends to be cute and sexy but this scares Cheng Heng. He thinks that she is mad and gives her a bump on her head.

Bi Zhen continues to teach Shi Zhen to cook but he doesn't give her face, saying that she is feeding pigs. She is so furious that she eats everything alone. She gives up as she lacks Cai Ying's elegance. Dao Xian tells her seriously - it needs time to find the attractiveness. She has it so she needs not worry. She is indifferent - this is the same to imply that she has character.

Cai Ying demands to see Cheng Heng now but he removes his handphone battery. They return home and all are overjoyed that Xian Zhu is pregnant. Cheng Heng finally sees Cai Ying and she tells him that she is leaving. Cheng Heng gets drunk - why choose him? He must fly to the sky one day to seek revenge. Cheng Heng looks at Xin Yu - why doesn't she wait for him to be mature to arrive now? Why not wait till he likes Shi Zhen? Why not wait till he can be responsible? If that is the case, they will not be so tired.

Shi Zhen hears his words. Cheng Heng receives the letter to inform him that he gets into the army. Seeing how happy Shi Zhen is to be with Xin Yu, he doesn't know how to tell her. He doesn't want to leave this time. So he works hard to save money for them so that he will not have any worry. Dao Xian tells Shi Zhen of his decision and she bade him goodbye. Dao Xian is reluctant to let go of her hand. He recalls Shi Zhen's words of taking more greens when he buys food so he stocks up his fridge with vegetables.

Cheng Heng secretly leaves messages for Xin Yu on the website. Shi Zhen thinks that he is doing something illegal. At the same time, Cai Ying leaves messages for him and Shi Zhen thinks that they are communicating so she is angry. She is angry but still puts a blanket over him. She only notices now that he has bandages on him. She becomes curious - does he go and fight with others over Cai Ying?

Cheng Heng wants to teach Shi Zhen how to handle domestic problems. He wants to teach her how to change the light bulbs but she turns out to be the expert. Cheng Heng tells Cai Ying that he is going to get enlisted and he only has concern instead of love in his eyes for her now. Cheng Heng takes Shi Zhen's money to help Chang Min's mother to have an operation but she thinks that he uses the money to buy a present for Cai Ying to give him a slap. He is angry that she doesn't trust him.

There isn't many days left and he finally reveals that he is going to get enlisted in the army. She is unhappy that this happens. They send off Dao Xian and Cai Ying reluctantly. Cheng Heng also leaves her to take care of Xin Yu. Only when the train leaves, she shows her despair. She only realizes her mistake after he leaves when Chang Min calls her.

Cheng Heng leaves a Singapore hotel staying coupon and hopes she loves it as a birthday present. He tells her to enjoy her stay there and regrets not going with her. She finally cries upon recalling the past with him - she loves him deeply but what about him? Why is she so harsh to him?

Xin Yu is 5 years old now and Cheng Heng is back in the flying academy. Shi Zhen has to work because they have no family allowance. The two are late. Cheng Heng whistles upon seeing Xin Yu's pretty teacher at the kindergarten but his hopes are dashed when she tells her that he is her father. His instructor tells him to study hard in the day to plant seeds at night so that he can juggle both roles well. He has watched others who can't perform both roles well to get expelled. You must watch this - the instructor demands to know who the young husband is and he has to put up his hand reluctantly.)

The whole class laughs at him and he feels like dying. Chang Min lures him to join a social gathering session on his behalf. He resists from going but he finally gives in. When he starts dressing up, he is pleased with himself - who will believe that he is married?

But he never expects to face dinosaurs and runs away. The woman is more than 170cm tall and has long hair as stated but Chang Min doesn't tell him that she is a fat shot put player! When he tries to reason with Chang Min, he tells him bluntly that he only admires Cai Ying. Realizing his mistake, he shuts up. Dao Xian is back to work as manager of the Kidsbear toys' unit in the family company. Cai Ying is going to work for him soon. Duo Xian is sarcastic to him - Dao Xian has been abandoned twice and does he want to get abandoned again? He should ditch Cai Ying aside first.

How can he introduce a hooker's daughter to work in their company? Dao Xian replies that the company is huge so he decides to share the profits since he is entitled to it. Cai Ying realizes that both of them are in the same boat. Their mothers have abandoned them for other men. Duo Xian has ambitions and the real power. She doesn't wish to grab the power now but vows to get everything taken from her. The couple has no money to pay for the bills and play lighters with Xin Yu to cheer her up when she complains that she has no television programmes to watch.

Cai Ying wonders - is Cheng Heng still happy with his wife without love? She looks at their photo now. Xin Yu betrays her parents by revealing the marriage contract to his family when they visit them to ask for family allowances. The parents scold them - they think Shi Zhen will be mature but how can she be influenced by Cheng Heng? She feels ashamed by it. Mr Han will support Xin Yu but not them.

Shi Zhen goes for an interview but her chances are low after they know that she is married with a daughter. She passes by Kidsbear and gets interested in the staff recruitment event. She meets Cai Ying and worries that she will snatch Cheng Heng away from her. Cheng Heng is now a househusband.

He is delighted to get Cai Ying's call but fights hard to reject meeting her. She threatens to come to his home so he has to give in. He wants to appear in his best clothes before her. Shi Zhen is now at the arcade venting her frustrations. Cheng Heng gets frightened upon knowing that the two women have met. She laments that Shi Zhen looks like an auntie now and he looks like an uncle too. She gives him a Kidsbear job application form but doesn't tell him that she works there.

Mr Han brings Xin Yu home and wants the two to reflect on their mistakes before they can take her home. Without Mr Han's help, they can't pay the home bills. They have thought the problem is solved after marriage. Those at their age are running on tracks of success but they have to give up their lives and be responsible for Xin Yu. What should they do? They agree to start their romance then. Shi Zhen wants to look at his past photographs to know him better. Cheng Heng feels that she is right as this will help to clear their one night stand flaw in the past to start all over again.

Knowing that he is bored, she brings him to her university and plays on the piano. She sings Moon River to him and he gets fascinated. (It seems that all producers like this song after 'Lovers in Paris'). Cai Ying decides to grab Cheng Heng and Dao Xian is alarmed. He will not let her off when this happens. They should try to be in love and he decides to woo her again.

When both reach home, Shi Zhen dreams of Cheng Heng kissing her. She wakes up and sees him getting into her room��because it is too cold. They share a blanket and she is happy to have him leaning beside her. She touches his face while he dreams of her singing to him. The next day, they wake up hugging each other. They have no rice so Cheng Heng approaches Chang Min. He is annoyed to see Dao Xian answering the door. He gets Shi Zhen to cook porridge for a sick Chang Min unwillingly.

Chang Min is ill after a quarrel with Bi Zhen. He has thought Min is Bi Zhen's present lover since both work in the same place. He is actually her ex-lover in the past. Shi Zhen smiles upon noticing that Dao Xian is more gentleman than ever and Cheng Heng gets jealous. He boasts that his cooking is better so they leave him to do it while they chat outside. Dao Xian tells her to call him by his name since all of them are born in the same year and he is only a few months older than them.

He recalls her in the revealing and pink wig and laughs while she is shy by it. Cheng Heng is so jealous that they are laughing that he nearly burns Chang Min's tongue with the hot porridge. (This scene is very funny.) When he notices that they are quiet, he runs out. Shi Zhen describes Xin Yu resembling Cheng Heng more and Dao Xian reminds her of asking him to run away with her. Cheng Heng hurries to stop him from shaking her hand and later demands to know what they keep from him on the wig incident. She doesn't mention it to avoid upsetting him.

Xin Yu calls them - she is happy learning English from Xian Zhu. Both miss her so much that they sneak to Mr Han's home to take a look at her. She talks to them through the window (so cute!) She throws the paper aeroplane to tell them that she misses them very much. Shi Zhen decides to sacrifice her pride to go for Kidsbear company interview. Although the form is given by Cai Ying, she fells that her family is more important. Cheng Heng practices what to say during the interview with her.

Cheng Bi feeds his twin sons and teaches Xin Yu about birds, describing Cheng Heng as a stork and Shi Zhen as a crane. (It is so obvious that he dotes on his niece as he has so much patience with her.) Xin Yu gets him to draw a map on the bus route home and she sneaks out when he is asleep. (He is supposedly to do the reading so that she takes a nap but he is too tired after work to be the one to fall asleep instead.)

Cheng Heng shakes his head upon seeing how formal and old fashioned Shi Zhen is. Both are late but still try to hold each other's hand in the crowd. He also protects her from being pushed by the crowd in the MTR hugging her against his chest. (Quite a romantic scene.)

Upon seeing that her hair is messy, he takes out a CD as a mirror to tidy her hair. Upon seeing that her stockings are torn, he quickly buys a few pairs to give her. Not knowing what she likes, he gets some from a nearby store and embarrasses himself when buying women accessories. (I laugh when I imagine him doing that. Actually MBC should shoot it. Just like how Qi Zhu gets cosmetics for Tai Ling in 'Lovers in Paris' to make it more romantic.) Cai Ying is now working in the sales department as the group leader and sees Shi Zhen's name in the list. She calls Dao Xian - he is asleep after doing Mrs Min's report. He gets wary. Why is Cai Ying giving him pressure now? Is she bribed by Duo Xian?

Xin Yu returns home to see no one. She cries as they deceive her and Dao Xian sees her, finding her cute. She acts the same way Shi Zhen is when she is trapped when the lift is down in Singapore. Cheng Heng wants to sms Shi Zhen to comment that she is pretty but stops when his instructor wants all to off their hps. Shi Zhen also offs it for her interview. Dao Xian wants to know Mr Han's number but Xin Yu doesn't want to tell strangers. (This kid is sure alert.) To prove that he is her parents' friends, he shows her the plane keychain that Cheng Heng also has since they come from the same flying academy.

Cai Ying sees Shi Zhen and sneers at her having no pride to come and Shi Zhen is shocked that she works here. Cheng Heng and Chang Min go shopping - Chang Min wants to buy something to appease Bi Zhen's anger. Clothes win women's hearts easily and Cheng Heng picks one, imagining how happy he will be to see her trying on a few dresses. He looks at a ring and Chang Min laughs - he must have thought of buying for Shi Zhen and not Xin Yu as claimed.

Dao Xian brings Xin Yu to his workplace. All think he is married and Xin Yu is his daughter! (Who will not as he holds her hand gently to walk through the mall to attract glances?) Xin Yu makes different signals to make him laugh when he brings her to Bi Zhen's workplace(So do I - It is the same love game that Tai Ling plays on the bus in 'Lovers In Paris'.)

She is working in his company restaurant where they have lunch. Bi Zhen accidentally dirties his clothes so Dao Xian gets clean waiter clothes to wear temporary to rush back for the interview session. Duo Xian is sarcastic to say that he does it deliberately to turn up in the waiter's uniform since he is displeased to work here. Dao Xian keeps quiet about it and is taken aback to see Shi Zhen.

Xin Yu cries non-stop - she wants either to be with Shi Zhen or Dao Xian. (How this child gets attached to him within a short time! You will be won over as they really have a lot of chemistry together.) She walks away alone when Bi Zhen is talking to others. Shi Zhen hopes to use her experience as a mother to work here but it will be tough for her to work if her child gets sick. This is reality as sneered by Duo Xian. Xin Yu peeps from a corner and Dao Xian smiles upon seeing her so he gives Shi Zhen a chance to talk more.

Shi Zhen vows to get into parliament to get back at Duo Xian. Bi Zhen shakes her head at her recklessness. Cheng Heng is shocked to know from Chang Min that Kidsbear is Dao Xian's family business and he learns management because of it. He is now the sales unit manager and is most probably to be Shi Zhen's immediate boss. Chang Min is surprised that he doesn't know - Chang Min has not told him that he has sent him congratulation flowers for his appointment.

Shi Zhen sees Xin Yu and quickly leads her out. Xin Yu runs to Dao Xian, saying that she gets married to him. Dao Xian feels that Shi Zhen does well for the interview. Cheng Heng comes to Kidsbear and Cai Ying sees him. He is annoyed that she hasn't told him the truth that she works here. What is her reason to get Shi Zhen to work here? She lies that the form is from Dao Xian. Cheng Heng is angry to see Dao Xian hugging his daughter to be with Shi Zhen to look like a happy family.

Cheng Heng refuses to let Xin Yu sit in Dao Xian's car home but he gives in when she likes it and her legs are painful through all the walking. He warns Dao Xian on the way back that his car will overturn if he is not careful. He nearly bursts when Xin Yu tells him that she likes to play with Dao Xian. Cheng Heng wants Dao Xian to read his car manual again to see what he has done wrongly. (He shows his jealousy openly now but he is still ignorant over his feelings.)

Shi Zhen wonders why Cheng Heng is so petty since Dao Xian gives a lift home. Mr Han wants Xin Yu to call him when her parents quarrel so the two suppress their anger. Shi Zhen is taken aback when the electricity is restored but is upset over her interview failure. Xin Yu wants the three to sleep together. Upon seeing Shi Zhen sleeping, he recalls how he fondles her in the MTR and smiles. His heart races fast upon seeing her lips. He quickly gets out to exercise in the yard.

You will laugh - Dao Xian says there is no need for him to do that to prove that he is strong. Cheng Heng has no muscles so frog jumps will not help him! The two do push-ups together and also compete in playing soccer. Dao Xian claims to lose since Cheng Heng doesn't wish to lose. In fact, he has really won as his women smile beautifully. Cheng Heng wishes him to control Cai Ying who keeps bothering him.

Cheng Heng forces Shi Zhen to wake up to make breakfast for him. She has flu and breaks a dish. He softens and does for it but hurts his finger when picking up the broken dish. He forces her to pack up to rest at Mr Han's home over the weekend with Xin Yu. They have not given much to her as compared to Xian Zhu. If they treat her better and buy new clothes for her, he will not allow them to visit Xin Yu.

Mr Han smiles upon seeing him so fierce to want them to treat Shi Zhen better. There is not much time now for them to maintain their ties as 1 year is left. Shi Zhen is upset when reminded of their contract. Cheng Bi wishes Shi Zhen to go for a checkup but Shi Zhen insists that she is healthy. Cheng Heng helps Mrs Zhen to make kimchi and Shi Zhen is touched to have a nice father like Mr Han. Mr Han claims that he has felt disappointed not having a daughter but he doesn't regret that now as he has 2 nice daughters-in-law.

Mrs Zheng thanks Cheng Heng for removing Shi Zhen's burdens while he thanks her for bringing Shi Zhen up. Cheng Heng knows Shi Zhen is waiting for his call so he calls her. She is surprised to know that he is with her mother. She reveals that she longs to see him and he quickly drives to see her. (He has borrowed Cheng Bi's car over the weekend.)He brews her flu tea and she is touched. They part reluctantly. They don't have to worry to get scolded by parents as they are married. They promise to do their roles well.

Cheng Heng is angry to know that Shi Zhen is recruited. Bi Zhen and Mrs Zheng wonder why he flares up to demand Shi Zhen to return home immediately. She is too happy and he doesn't know hot to put across to her. He messes her hair and warns her not to joke with other men as she looks pretty when smiling. He wants her to return to celebrate the occasion with him. Shi Zhen works under Cai Ying.

Cheng Heng practices flying but his results are poor. His instructor says that he can't afford to hurt his hand or he will lose his job over minor errors. Cai Ying forces her to go for the night celebrations and she has to agree to it. Her colleagues force her to drink till she gets drunk. Cheng Heng buys flowers and books a seat in a romantic restaurant. Cai Ying is angry that Dao Xian shows concern to Shi Zhen to drink on her behalf. Cheng Heng will wait till she arrives. Dao Xian dislikes the way Cai Ying behaves.

Shi Zhen mentions that she has changed her tastes because of Cheng Heng. They are a happy family and after marriage, this is the first time she gets moved. Cai Ying accuses Dao Xian to be the same like her.
How different is Dao Xian is from her - he only wishes to look at her and not snatch her away. Cheng Heng is angry when she doesn't turn up and Cai Ying replies through Shi Zhen's handphone where they are. Cheng Heng nearly bursts upon seeing them singing karaoke together.

Shi Zhen leaves her handbag and leans on Cheng Heng's back. It is nice to be with a handsome guy. Her heart beats fast after marriage to see a person. Cheng Heng is angry to hear that - thinking that she is thinking of Dao Xian. Cai Ying lies about rumours about him. Earlier, Duo Xian brings Xin Yu to the company and all think that she uses ties to get in. He will tell Shi Zhen to be careful to be careful and reflect on her mistakes. Shi Zhen is not happy to see them talking when she wakes up.

Cheng Heng doesn't send her home as he hopes that she will be fortunate now. He covers a blanket over Shi Zhen. (It is obvious that he loves her now.) His high school alumni sends a gathering invitation. Shi Zhen decides to work instead of continuing her studies. She adjusts Cheng Heng's hair to make it messier while he dirties her clothes, thinking that this will make her late for work. But he disgraces himself as Shi Zhen is wearing the outfit to meet Xian Zhu.

Shi Zhen is unhappy to see Cai Ying with Xian Zhu. They shop and having dinner together. While Shi Zhen claims that they have no secrets, Cai Ying is surprised that she doesn't know what happens between her and Cheng Heng 8 years ago. On the way home, Xian Zhu blurts out that the two are only having a contractual marriage and Cai Ying passes this news to Dao Xian that they are only going to be together for a year. Shi Zhen confronts Cheng Heng but is hurt by his remark that he doesn't have any one night stand with Cai Ying just like with her. She is jealous that Cai Ying is so close to the family.

Cheng Heng doesn't want to go to the alumni meeting but Chang Min drags him along. Shi Zhen raises a few issues but her colleagues laugh at her to be unrealistic and childish. Cai Ying is especially harsh to her. Dao Xian has fast food with Shi Zhen. Shi Zhen describes that men will bring families to the fastfood outlets. So fathers should have a resting place to discuss at Kidsbear as many will not like shopping. They should plan short movies for mothers and kids to watch.

The debtors come to school to demand Cai Ying to pay for her mother. Cheng Heng manages to bring her out and later uses a toy helicopter to tie a label to her, telling her that he likes her. So this is what happens 8 years ago. Dao Xian brings Shi Zhen to the mall to get more ideas but she is afraid that Cheng Heng will worry since she gets home late. Dao Xian decides that they should talk about work and nothing else. He turns to talk to her and is given a shock when she puts on an animal mask! She laments that it will be boring to talk about work continuously and he smiles, changing his mind.

Cheng Heng tells Cai Ying to forget the past to prevent hurting Shi Zhen. He will not listen to tales anymore. He is not happy to see Dao Xian sending her back. So is Shi Zhen when she learns from Chang Min that both of them sneak out in the middle of the gathering. Cheng Heng refuses to tell her what happens in the past since Cai Ying doesn't tell her. She tells Dao Xian that she is scared that Xin Yu will meet someone like Cheng Heng when she grows up. Cheng Heng drags her back into the house and demands to know the rumours. Shi Zhen only treats Dao Xian as her boss and neighbour while Cai Ying is only a friend to Cheng Heng. Shi Zhen doesn't see why she can't find a boyfriend.

Cheng Bi and Xian Zhu bring Xin Yu back. Xin Yu opens the door and overhears everything - so do them. They hope that she will not get hurt. Xin Yu is already born at the wrong time to force the two to get married. Both families have wanted to 'possess' her. Xian Zhu feels bad whenever she sees Xin Yu. Cheng Bi is angry with her for blurting the secret to Cai Ying. Upon seeing her parents quarreling, Xin Yu cries and runs to Dao Xian. Dao Xian initially smiles at her but is shocked to see her swollen eyes. Cheng Heng snatches her away from him.

Mr Han calls the two - when Xin Yu reaches his home, she refuses to talk anymore. He realizes that they have hurt her unknowingly and how they become parents? It is not easy to be parents. He will only send her home to them when she is better. She should be fine since their home has two doctors. Cheng Bi and Xian Zhu will take care of her. When the two leave, Xin Yu only looks at them from the window and refuses to open her mouth. The next day, she walks into the kindergarten, ignoring Shi Zhen too.

Dao Xian is back at work. He has given Shi Zhen's proposal to Mrs Min and she has approved it and she needs to go to another province to check out details. She hesitates but recalling Cai Ying's words, she gives in. Dao Xian senses that she is keeping something from him as she frowns. Cheng Heng offers to take care of Xin Yu. Chang Min apologises to Cheng Heng for causing the trouble and Dao Xian drags him back home. He is so afraid that he might come up with more nonsense.

Xin Yu doesn't want to see Cheng Heng when he comes to fetch her. He brings her to the flying academy. He apologises - they let her down and even quarrel in front of her to frighten her. Not because they don't love her but they love each other too much. She is in tears and starts calling their names. He hugs her - they are in the wrong so she can stop crying. All his classmates crowd around Xin Yu and love playing with her.

Cheng Heng brings Xin Yu into the cockpit and observes her bright smile. He decides to tell Shi Zhen the good news face to face. He borrows Cheng Bi's car to drive to the province. Shi Zhen worries when she gets no answer from Cheng Heng. Xin Yu suddenly has a fever and Xian Zhu looks after her. Dao Xian comes to see her after work - is anything wrong? Aren't they friends? Cheng Heng sulks upon seeing them walking out and gets jealous. Dao Xian gets anxious upon knowing what happens and holds her hand unknowingly, wanting to send her home.

Cheng Heng calls Shi Zhen, telling her that everything is fine and wants her to work hard. He drives back alone. Shi Zhen admits that she has the courage to work because of Dao Xian and asks how he gets along with Cai Ying. Since they go overseas together, she presumes that they are compatible. But she cracks up upon knowing that he is only secretly in love with someone and the person doesn't know it. Who is she? Someone she knows? A company employee? Dao Xian describes her as weird but brave.

She makes him happy but his chance of success is zero. Shi Zhen is appalled - who is she since he is so promising - don't tell her that he is a man?! Dao Xian bursts out laughing and drives back alone. Shi Zhen looks at Xin Yu's website to work hard to see her the next day. Cheng Heng tucks Xin Yu in bed - he is late to wipe Shi Zhen's tears and to say comforting words. If she decides to leave him, should he let her go? Shi Zhen is touched to see the breakfast they prepare for her. Cheng Heng even gets her a bouquet of flowers in her room and decorates it.

Both wonder why she isn't out yet. Cheng Heng sees that she is too tired and sleeps. The guys have a drink. Cheng Heng asks Dao Xian's motive of giving the application form. Dao Xian is annoyed that Cai Ying frames him but admits it - Shi Zhen needs the job. A sincere answer needs a sincere question so he will not answer directly. Dao Xian notices that Cheng Heng treats Shi Zhen differently from the way he likes Cai Ying in the past. They both go to the flying academy to have a running competition.

Dao Xian admits that he regrets not holding Shi Zhen's hand to 'elope' then. Will the guys be friends if not for this? Dao Xian envies him for gaining happiness while Cheng Heng hopes to challenge him in the air next time. Cheng Heng touches Shi Zhen's hair when she sleeps. He is apologetic for not giving her much. She wakes up late but is relieved that he fixes her breakfast. She cleans his army shoes but is shocked that she has forgotten to iron his uniform and he wears his casual clothes to his class.

The shoes don't match his clothing but he still wears them because he doesn't wish to waste her effort. Dao Xian gets his subordinates to scout for suitable lamps for kids performances. He notices that rumours fly on him and Shi Zhen. Duo Xian asks if Dao Xian deliberately asks Shi Zhen to go on the business trip. It seems that a hooker's daughter isn't enough for him and now he even gets involved with a married mother. Does he want to be like his mother to wreck families up? Dao Xian can tolerate it no more and pins him against the wall. But he suppresses his urge to bash him up.

Mrs Min hears of the rumour. Although she likes Shi Zhen and admires her talents, she can't allow Dao Xian to work with her to become a target of attack. A hole can cause a whole building to collapse. All lament that Shi Zhen can be an expert to be Mrs Manager and the two work overtime to build up their relationship. Dao Xian is troubled by Mrs Min's decision but is helpless to go against it.

Cai Ying asks Shi Zhen who she wants - Dao Xian or Cheng Heng? Shi Zhen can cause both sides to collapse if she isn't careful. Shi Zhen points out that she will not have problems with Cheng Heng if not for her. She will have more memories with him in future so Cai Ying warns them not to make her angry. Bi Zhen explains to Chang Min that her colleague, Min is only her ex-lover. The brainless Chang Min reveals what happens in the gathering and she flares up pulling Cai Ying's hair.

How can she pester Cheng Heng again? Cai Ying blurts that Bi Zhen is a rough person from the first day she brings Xin Yu to the Hans. Bi Zhen warns her not to disturb Cheng Heng's family again. Dao Xian gets frustrated when he returns to office. Shi Zhen doesn't disturb him as she sees that he isn't in a good mood. Her colleagues lament that they are scared of her fierce sister and she only knows what happens when she reaches home. Chang Min is afraid to face Cheng Heng after making the blunder and Cai Ying calls to scold him - is she a third party as she doesn't tell them to go for divorce?

Shi Zhen is unhappy that Cheng Heng speaks up for Cai Ying. How do the sisters feel? Isn't she important? His heart seems only to think for Cai Ying. She also needs someone to care for her. Dao Xian sees her outside the home and hesitates to tell her that she loses her job. Dao Xian gives Chang Min a chalet coupon for both couples to enjoy the weekend and to atone for his mistake.

Cheng Heng and Shi Zhen patch up during the games in the chalet. In the past, Shi Zhen has mentioned that she can't survive without Xin Yu. Now, Cheng Heng will also die without Xin Yu. He hopes that she will be happy with him. Cai Ying is sick and goes to Xian Zhu for a checkup. She mentions that she is in love with Dao Xian but he likes Shi Zhen. Mrs Han hears it and gets angry. She demands to know if the two are together because of the contract. Mr Han's response is calm - they should trust Shi Zhen.

Mrs Han calls Mrs Zheng up to scold her and also demands to see her the next day. She tells Cheng Heng about it and he is gets so angry - so he will not renew their contract then. Xin Yu complains of having a headache but Mrs Han forbids the two to touch her. She brings her home. Cheng Heng walks out of the house to drink wine. Xin Yu suddenly has a fever and Mr Han is enraged for being unable to get them. Why? Cheng Heng removes his handphone battery while Shi Zhen is too distressed to pick up the phone. Mr Han has no choice but to rush with Xian Zhu to bring Xin Yu to hospital.

Cheng Bi decides to do a blood test on Xin Yu after finding rashes on her body. Cheng Bi and Xian Zhu take care of Xin Yu for the night. Mr Han is angry that both her parents aren't here. Mrs Han calls Cheng Heng in vain and cries upon hearing Xin Yu's voice over the ringtone. When Shi Zhen doesn't answer her call, she calls Chang Min but a sleepy Dao Xian picks up the phone.

She frowns upon hearing his voice but Dao Xian still goes over to check on her. Shi Zhen jumps upon knowing what happens but refuses Dao Xian's offer to send her to hospital to take a taxi instead. Dao Xian gets Chang Min to look for Cheng Heng. Both arrive at the hospital at the same time. Cheng Bi tells Cheng Heng that he suspects Xin Yu having leukemia but don't tell the rest until the test is out.

Mrs Han chides Shi Zhen for not taking care of Xin Yu well and Cheng Heng brings her home to pack Xin Yu's things. She looks at her baby clothes and weeps - how much she has grown. Shi Zhen promises to part with him. He can even end the contract sooner but she will not give Xin Yu to him as it is her decision to have her. So she will bring her up on her own. Cheng Heng is speechless.

Xin Yu wakes up saying that she knows that they quarrel not because they dislike each other but they love each other. This is what Cheng Heng tells her and he cries outside the room. Shi Zhen resigns not because of rumours but because of personal reasons. Dao Xian is disappointed in her - does he view her wrongly? She has no responsibility to come and go as she pleases. She might as well work part time. Shi Zhen doesn't explain herself when she leaves. Cai Ying starts to feel bad.

Cai Ying brings Xin Yu out to eat. They look at chicks and Cai Ying is stunned when Xin Yu mentions that the chicks are the same as her - born without love just as from the incubator. Shi Zhen doesn't see the note that Cai Ying leaves and thinks that Xin Yu is missing so she runs everywhere to look for her. Bi Zhen is angry to see Cai Ying with Xin Yu and mistakens that she abducts her.

Xin Yu asks Cheng Bi to take care of the chick for her as she can't keep it in the ward. Cheng Bi pats her head and agrees. Shi Zhen thinks it is ok for Cai Ying to visit Xin Yu. The two mothers meet and Mrs
Zheng defends Shi Zhen. Cheng Heng is in the wrong for missing his first love. Since the parents force them into the unhappy marriage, let them part but they will let them handle it. Mrs Han complains this to Mr Han but he also can't stand her defending Cheng Heng too.

Mrs Zheng wants Cheng Heng to look into her eyes to tell her that he trusts Shi Zhen. He apologises for everything. He isn't with Shi Zhen when Xin Yu is born and taking care of them. He never thanks her for it. When they appear, he complains so he is being punished now. Xin Yu is delighted to see the chick that Shi Zhen brings in for her. She says the same thing about the incubator so she also has no love.

Mrs Zheng wants them to be together and not talk about divorce since Shi Zhen loves Cheng Heng. Cheng Heng requests Xin Yu to be discharged for a day as she is too bored. Cheng Bi refuses - what if something happens? Cheng Heng begs - he wants to give her a happy memory as their quarreling must have upset her all along to make her ill. They return home and Cheng Heng is embarrassed when he doesn't know how to fix a swing but Shi Zhen makes it. They retape their home message together on the phone.

Both look at Xin Yu sleeping. If she gets married, Shi Zhen will cry. If Cheng Heng leads her to the hall, he will cry too. She will not survive if Xin Yu dies. Cheng Heng can't take it anymore and walks out. Dao Xian sees him at the doorstep and wants to contest with him. Their target is the same. Dao Xian has mentioned - if he loves a woman, he will become a fool and a weakling but for Cheng Heng, he has courage. But he warns Dao Xian not to love Xin Yu as he will not want him as his son-in-law.

Dao Xian envies him. He has the strength and he will not get shaken to make relationships complicated. Being able to confess in love is blissful. Since he has the freedom, why not do it? Shi Zhen's happiest moment is being able to see Cheng Heng to have Xin Yu. Cheng Bi informs Cheng Heng that the report is out to confirm Xin Yu having leukemia. He wants them to return.

Cheng Heng cries and hugs Shi Zhen. He loves her and apologises for saying it late sincerely. He hasn't protected them but hurt them instead. She is shocked and is nearly knocked down by a car after knowing the bad news. Cheng Heng hugs her to let her cry in his arms. Xian Zhu also learns the bad news and the whole family cries. Even Mr Han cries upon recalling how he tells her stories on the swing.

The three have a hearty breakfast and Cheng Heng's face turns red when Shi Zhen tells Xin Yu that he tells her that he loves her. Xin Yu smiles upon knowing it. Before returning, Cheng Heng claims that Cheng Bi's car is his. In future, he promises to let her sit on an aeroplane to school when she recovers. They coax her to stay as she can see doctors more handsome than Cheng Heng and nurses prettier than Shi Zhen. Cheng Bi tells them about the treatment. They can't hide from Xin Yu about her condition when she loses her appetite and hair to change to a different ward.

Xin Yu tells Mrs Han not to scold her mother and Mrs Han cries. She gives Shi Zhen money and apologises. They rush home to get the chick and both promise not to cry in front of her. Shi Zhen cries when seeing the dead chick while Cheng Heng weeps looking at the aeroplanes Xin Yu gives them. Mrs Zheng sees Shi Zhen sitting helplessly at the hospital staircase.

Bi Zhen lies to Xin Yu that the chick is confiscated. So she should wait till it is back from holiday when its hair grows longer. Seeing how Shi Zhen eats make Mrs Zheng feel that she is back again. It is hard to bring her up. Chang Min laughs at Bi Zhen feeding a chick. She tells him to take photos of it to scan on pictures to show that it goes traveling. Cheng Heng frowns - how to explain to her in future when she grows up?

Mr Han sponsors a poor leukemia child patient for the treatment. Cheng Bi deduces that only a bone barrow transplant can save Xin Yu. The whole family will go for the checkup. If this doesn't work, they have to look for volunteers. Shi Zhen leaves the room to let Cai Ying talk to Xin Yu. She admits that she is petty and doesn't want to be alone with her.

Cheng Heng chooses to stay with her. Cai Ying's past wound is in the heart. She never knows how to love others and no one loves her. She hates people when angry so she must get the things she wants to appease her anger. Xin Yu touches her heart. She will love her to heal her wound (very cute of her to do that!) She sees the two outside and gets fed up - are they afraid that she will take Xin Yu away? They thank her for coming. Cai Ying sees Dao Xian at the car park - she has thought that he will not come.

He is worse than her. Should hiding feelings be forgiven since he still pins for Shi Zhen? Xin Yu doesn't want injections to return home. Cheng Heng has to lie to her that only brave children get to see the big bear. Dao Xian entrusts the nurse to pass his present to Xin Yu. He meets Chang Min and Bi Zhen but Bi Zhen gets angry. Being handsome can come but he causes so much trouble to Shi Zhen.

Shi Zhen meets Dao Xian at the lift area but doesn't stop him. This Chang Min is so tactless - he reveals that the beautiful glass ornaments are from Dao Xian and not from them. So stupid of him to ask who gives the cakes and Shi Zhen has to mention Cai Ying's name. Bi Zhen gets so angry with him that she throws a pillow at his face. Xin Yu wants chilli cuttlefish. The two run out to get for herâ?¦..but they can't remember when they buy it for her! Cheng Heng suddenly smells a conspiracy.

The three want them to date to come out with this idea. They can't find any but sees flowers blooming in autumn. Shi Zhen has confidence to tide over the crisis and they kiss each other. Cheng Heng wears the bear costume to cheer Xin Yu up when she has injections. Recalling his words, Cheng Bi and Shi Zhen pretend not to see him. He takes it the cover off and is in tears. Cheng Heng's classmates cheer for them.

The twins disturb Xin Yu. The hospital food is going to kill her just like how it kills other children who have no hair. They also take out the bear costume that Cheng Heng has hidden. Mrs Han scolds them and wants the two to console Xin Yu while she brings the twins away. She asks them if she is going to die. She knows that she will not get to see her parents again so Shi Zhen walks out of the room to cry.

She is angry that her own bone barrow doesn't match. Is there a mistake as she is her mother? They have to wait for donors. Shi Zhen asks her priest - why punish her since Xin Yu is her present? She suddenly faints and Cheng Heng carries her to hospital. Xin Yu draws Shi Zhen now and she will draw Mr Han later. Mr Han is touched - why is she so obedient now but she cries earlier to upset her parents?

Cheng Heng holds Shi Zhen's hand in the ward when she is sleeping. He apologizes as recalling her words. She regrets giving birth to cause her pain. Xin Yu wants the priest to tell God for her that she isn't obedient so don't take her away. The priest later visits Shi Zhen to console her. Mr Han doesn't want Cheng Heng to cry in front of his family. When he stands, his family will not fall.

Cheng Heng and Shi Zhen are alarmed that Xin Yu drops a lot of hair. Shi Zhen buys headscarves for the family to wear and look into the mirror together. They pay respects to the dead chick. The whole family's bone marrows don't match but Cheng Heng refuses to have another baby just to use the umbilical cord to save Xin Yu. Xin Yu already lacks love and how are they going to tell the second child? He insists of finding a suitable match and warns Mrs Zheng not to bother Shi Zhen.

Cheng Heng disallows this as he treasures Shi Zhen. He knows that since Mrs Han can go to extremes to save Xin Yu and so will Shi Zhen. Shi Zhen claims that a doctor isn't as handsome as Cheng Heng but since Xin Yu likes him, she takes a photo of him to pass on her website - to put them together! Xin Yu's happiest moment is to sit on a swing while Shi Zhen's happiest moment is the present to have her.

Xin Yu plays with other child patients and a child, Cheng Yun's mother mentions about have the umbilical cord transplant. Shi Zhen only wants to focus her attention on Xin Yu. Chang Min puts on the bear costume so that Bi Zhen can take pictures of him. Xin Yu isn't angry with Cheng Heng for wearing it as he loves her. Shi Zhen explains the hair loss to Xin Yu that she needs injections to kill the bad cells. She is discharged but all are dismayed to know that Cheng Yun is dead.

They bring her to the amusement park. Xin Yu wonders why good children die - isn't God busy to make another child then? She sets a goldfish free to 'discharge' from the hospital like her. The two hope that Xin Yu will be as old as them to visit this place again. She suddenly faints and they have to rush back. Cheng Bi gives her a blood transfusion and since she has little resistance, she has to be under observation.

Both return home and see the swing. They recall how they congratulate her for getting into kindergarten and they give her a pair of angel wings as a present. Cheng Heng has laughed that Shi Zhen will look like a witch when she has them instead. Shi Zhen looks at the photos and regrets doing that. Mrs Zheng demands to know why they can't visit Xin Yu. Shi Zhen doesn't want to see Bi Zhen crying but she blames her for having Xin Yu to cause so much distress. Shi Zhen can't take it anymore.

Shi Zhen demands to know who the prospective donors are. She wants to beg them for help but the hospital staff can't help them because all particulars are kept confidential. Shi Zhen pleads for help by giving the photos and kneels down with Cheng Heng. The staff finally gives in. Mrs Zheng and Mrs Han reconcile to give each other support.

The brothers have a drink. Cheng Heng is often sick and young and Cheng Bi has wondered if he can live up to 7 years old. He often has fever till 40 degrees to be sent to the hospital frequently. Cheng Bi has thought that being a doctor can put everything under control but realizes that there are many things he can't do. But family ties can help to create miracles.

Cheng Bi is exhausted at work but wakes up when he gets good news that a donor exists. Cheng Heng rushes into Xin Yu to find her closing her eyes. Suddenly, it turns to Chang Min and Cheng Heng flying a plane. Dao Xian and Cai Ying sit with each other with Bi Zhen working as an air stewardess to serve them. Shi Zhen talks to an European tourist in English. Suddenly, Xin Yu wakes up from the dream. She has learned that she is 'produced' in Singapore and they are going there for a tour. Shi Zhen and Cheng Heng listen to Xin Yu's voice on an MP3 player. They finally have time to themselves to share a passionate kiss.

Introduction on characters

1. Han Cheng Heng - Kim Jae Won
He is not a gentle and charming guy you have in mind. He is a student from the flying academy. Playful, childish and selfish, how can he become a father? At first, he resists the father role but later he learns to love Xin Yu and also Shi Zhen.

The moments where he shows jealousy is hilarious - he is very childish indeed in throwing tantrums. Jae Won oozes in the serial with his childish and boyish smiles. He also looks smart in the pilot uniform. Acting wise, he has also improved from his past serials but not much.He still looks very much the same way he is in 'Romance'.

2. Min Dao Xian - Lee Ji Hoon
He is Cheng Heng's senior and is also a man of women's dreams. But I wonder how he can fly a plane since he is shortsighted. Besides being rich, he is kind, gentle and also considerate. He does every careful planning for Shi Zhen. This character is likeable as he also fights high to prevent Cai Ying from breaking up Cheng Heng's family. Ji Hoon's acting is okay - he resembles Leo Ku Gui Kei in looks. He is a bit stiff from the start but is better later. His dressing is quite special - I have not seen another guy tying a short scarf around the neck like him for every business suit.

3. Su Chang Min - Kim Seung Min
He is comical, tactless, talkative but also ignorant. He is Cheng Heng's senior and Dao Xian's classmate. You will dislike him for causing so many conflicts between Cheng Heng and Shi Zhen. He is already outstanding as the serious, quiet and gentle bespectacled doctor Ming Hao in 'Medical Centre'. What a change in here - I am taken aback. He only works with Jae Won in a few scenes with as the doctor who cures Xian Cheng in 'I love Patzzi'. Yet both act well as good buddies here.

4. Han Cheng Bi - Choi Joon Yong (Pei Ren Xiu in 'All About Eve')
He is Cheng Heng's elder brother and is a doctor treating children patients. He is mild-tempered and gentle. We can see how nice he is to help Shi Zhen carry the things when they are back from their 'honeymoon'! Even though he has twin sons later, he treats his niece, XinYu like his daughter as he knows that she is in an awkward position. What a change for this actor but he does well in this reserved role too which is very different from the past.

5. Han Bang Su - Joo Hyun
He owns a construction company but wants his sons to be independent. That is why he can't condone Cheng Heng being a spendthrift and also how he treats relationships casually. He is overjoyed to have Xin Yu as his first grandchild and accepts Shi Zhen with open arms. But knowing that Cheng Heng is irresponsible, he trains him the hard way.

6. Min Duo Xian
He is Dao Xian's elder brother who is considered the next successor to Kidsbear. He is arrogant and always belittles Dao Xian whenever he has the chance. This fellow is very nasty - always reminding Dao Xian of his irresponsible mother.

7. Min
He is Bi Zhen's ex-boyfriend who has never forgotten about her along after their breakup. Since they work in the restaurant, he fights for chances to woo her again. You will laugh - upon seeing how nice she is to Dao Xian, he thinks that he is another target and sulks when she forces him to get clean uniform for Dao Xian when she accidentally dirties his trousers.

8. Zheng Shi Zhen - Eugene
She chooses foreign studies so as to be an ambassador one day but her pregnancy changes all her plans overnight. She gives up her studies to support the family so that Cheng Heng can continue his studies. Thumbs up for her improvement! And she is stunning in the bridal gown! She doesn't act well in 'Loving You' but she transforms herself well in here as a young mother, showing her jealousy towards Cai Ying,
her anxiety when Xin Yu goes missing and her confidence in interviews. No wonder many praise her for doing well in her recent works.

9. Zheng Yi Zhen - Kim Hyo Jin (Zhao Di in 'All About Eve')
She is a year older than Shi Zhen but she is less mature than her. She is also reckless - no wonder she and Chang Min make up a fine pair as they get into trouble easily.

10. Li Cai Ying - Han Eun Jing (Hui Yuan in 'Full House', Luo Xi in 'A joyful girl's success'
Cai Ying can't decide who to like so she goes out with both guys. Upon seeing that Dao Xian is richer, she chooses him but he despises her for her act to reject her. After seeing Cheng Heng with Shi Zhen and Dao Xian also likes Shi Zhen, she is angry so she gets close to both men. But Xin Yu makes her realize her mistake and that helps her to be a better person. I like her acting but why she is portrayed as a slut again to wreck another marriage after 'Full House'? The way she deliberately clings to Dao Xian here is exactly the same way she clings to Ming Ge too. Please give her another chance to try out other roles!

11. Mrs Han - Sun Woo Yong Nyeo
She is such a snob to look down on Mrs Zheng just because she is poorer than them. She spoils Cheng Heng rotten and believes his words that Shi Zhen seduces him to have Xin Yu. She is overprotective towards him but she is brave to admit her mistake to Shi Zhen.

12. Mrs Zheng - Kim Hye Ok
She singlehandly brings up her two daughters by owning the eatery. Knowing Shi Zhen's status now, she doesn't want her to get sandwiched to suffer in silence. But she will never allow anyone to wrong her daughters and she will protect them when that happens.

13. Mrs Min - as the actress as Wen Jing Lin in 'A joyful girl's success'
She is authoritative and Dao Xian isn't close to her. She is Kidbears's CEO. She gives talents chances so she admires Shi Zhen's efforts but she will never allow rumours to ruin the company's image. Nor will she allow negative reports on her children to fly.

14. Han Xin Yu - Jung Da Bin
I like her more as a baby. She is so cute with rosy cheeks then. But she is still cute as a girl. Many touching scenes are from her and she acts well - almost stealing the show from the adults. But somehow I find her overly mature for some scenes - she knows too much at her age. She displays closeness with her parents but I adore the scenes more of her with Dao Xian. Many may wonder why I don't shed tears when coming to scenes of Xin Yu suffering. Ever since watching Shing Kar Ying's outstanding performance in 'Burning Flame 2', I don't get moved so easily anymore. Shing is still the best child artiste that I have seen so far.

15. Bai Xian Zhu - Yoon Hyun Sook
She is Cheng Heng's sister-in-law and is also a doctor but she treats adults in the same hospital as Cheng Bi. She takes care of Xin Yu when they are on the honeymoon but she feels bad for not having her own child then. So bad that she tries to be passionate in bed with Cheng Bi to frighten him! When she has twin sons, her love for Xin Yu never reduces.

Most favourite character
Dao Xian - he has made so many sacrifices for Shi Zhen. A close second is Cheng Heng who finally knows how to care for his family.

Most hated character
Cai Ying - she is really a slut to be a two-timer. The second is Mrs Han for being a snob.

Interesting facts

It can be quite amusing when I watch the scene on how hostile Mrs Min is to Cai Ying in the restaurant scene. Both act as mother and daughter in 'A joyful Girl's success' but are like enemies here.

Jae Won has once gained a lot of weight and now he shed 14kg on his return. This is the first time he acted as an imperfect man - cheeky, irresponsible and also annoys others. With his smile and cute expressions, he gave the serial a sunny feel. Eugene was busy with acting and this role nearly landed on Ji Hye. It was a total change from 'The Last Dance' which was sad so her cute mannerisms also gave this serial life.

The serial on a shotgun marriage spanned discussions and the viewership rose. Many loved the way they picked on each other. Eugene got many commercial offers. When they shot the wedding scene, she shouted that she wanted to get married soon before 30 years old. Her lover must be open and love her. Jae Won wasn't that enthusiastic - he had acted in wedding scenes for 6 times. But he was still eager in the scene when he carried her out of the hall.

The bed scene made it the talk of the town. Jae Won was ashamed of his over 80 kg frame after filming 'Beijing,
my love' so he tried hard to slim down. This scene made his female fans drool over him and MBC website got good comments from them. But conservative ones didn't accept it.

Jae Won claimed that buddies are more important than girlfriends. He had fallen for a tuition classmate and he gave her up after knowing that his friend likes her. A reporter was curious - what happens if his friend asks him out when he is supposed to meet his girlfriend? He would arrange a 3 person gathering unless the girlfriend is someone he would marry in future but friends are still more important to him.

How did he spend his valentine's day? He went into a shopping mall to get perfumes and cosmetics for his fans. They had tried hard to control the crowd during the serial's promotion session. He even wrote letters to pass to them too. How sweet he was!

Eugene didn't mind cutting her hair short for a more mature image when Xin Yu grow older. This is essential becasue a young mother will not have time to care for her appearance when spending time on the child.

Many Singapore fans complained about MBC - how can they keep the filming under wraps when they were in Singapore? It was a pity as we didn't go star chasing as in the past. This happened before I knew Josephyne. My heart ached upon knowing from her that her friends tailed Jae Won and Eugene to a restaurant where they had dinner. Both talked to them after their meal! How I missed the chance��.


Contract marriage seems to be the trend these days. From 'Bride at 18', 'Full House' to 'Wonderful Life', producers don't seem to have enough of them. The same dose too - the male love rival is always the woman's boss to help her out in work when necessary. The female love rival will always be the obstacle at work. This is so predictable - can't they think of a new storyline? I shake my head when the couple quarrels and reminds each other of the marriage contract in later parts. This is too similar to 'Full House'.

The cancer arrangement at the end is the usual dose to force tears from the audience which I detest strongly. I have experienced the same pain when losing my close ones to cancer. All the deliberate scenes leave me dry-eyed. There must be other ways to move us? It seems that the producers like to create comic moments at the beginning but like tragedies in the end these days. Why?!

However, it does show insight on how a young couple deals with their shotgun marriage. They hurt their child unintentionally with their quarrels. That is why parents should not model in front of their children or they will imitate them. With no foundation in love, they learn to love, be responsible and treasure each other. The presence of love rivals makes them realize the importance to each other. It takes two to make a relationship work. Jae Won and Eugene did well although they worked with each other for the first time.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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