Wuri's Family

Reviewed by: sukting

December 02, 2004

Rating: three-point-five

Year produced

I watch this serial after "I Love Patzzi" and "All In". This is another serial by Kim Jae Won and Kim Rae Won. Will the two guys create sparks again? Many have said that Won Bin's role in "Friends" is a first attempt to bridge the Korean and Japanese artistes together. They have forgotten that Jae Won and Fueko Yuko already starred in here before that.

As Bridget has done an excellent story-telling, I shall not go into details into the You Li/Duo Yin pair. Those who are interested to know in detail may read her review. I am very biased so I tend to talk more about the Ying Xun/Tai Xi pair because they are very hilarious and cute.

How Long
20 episodes

Introduction on characters

1. Han You Li - Kim Jae Won
He is the first son in the family. He goes against all odds to be with Duo Yin, who is a deaf-mute. He even takes up sign language to communicate with her. How sweet he is to cycle her to school although he is sick! He tries so hard to get his whole family to accept her - especially, his mother, En Zi.

Jae Won acts well here as the protective lover. He is very expressive and is able to relate the love scenes well. Don't you discover that he pairs up well with Yuko? They have excellent chemistry together although they relate to each other in sign language. However, his smiles show me how familiar they are as in "Romance" as a student too so I don't find him extraordinary in here.

2. Han Jie Li - Lee Hyun Kun
You Li's younger brother who is very involved in music. You Li doesn't like what he is doing as he always disturbs his sleep since both sleep in the same room. But he gives him the support he needs. The whole family turns up at his concert. Jie Li is initially rebellious to dye his hair green, but knowing how he has hurt his father, he dyes it back into a natural colour quietly. He also returns to his studies. He falls for his high school classmate and even covers up for her when she gets pregnant after being ditched. I wonder why he doesn't explain to his family when all think that he is responsible for the act.

3. Li Ying Xun - Kim Rae Won
He is tall, blunt, arrogant, handsome, rich and intelligent. He comes to stay with You Li's family because he is on bad terms with his father fro having a second family. His father is Wan Xiu's captain in the army. He is not used to the simple life here as he is used to a life of luxury so he orders the members around. Slowly, it is discovered that he is only upset over his father's attitude and is kind at heart. His love for Tai Xi is also as long-lasting as Tai Xi's feelings for You Li. I like the way he fools around with her and yet is determined to win her heart. Poor man - he is prepared to give up and help her win over You Li.

But upon knowing that she is suffering when trying to be with You Li, he decides not to let her cry anymore and sets his mind to win her over. He helps her for so many times - including lying to others that Tai Xi is in love with him when the whole family is shocked to know that Tai Xi is in love with You Li.

His character is like Xian Cheng in ?I love Patzzi?. And like Xian Cheng, he has plenty of comical lines in here. It is amusing to see him acting tough and even talks to Tai Xi in the same way even though he woos her. This is so different from other male leads who are so nice to their girlfriends. I want to complain - why doesn't he appear earlier instead of episode 14 so that I can write a longer review???

His nicely-gelled hair makes him so attractive. I wonder why he is always in the longer and messy hairstyle now??? I adore the tender look he throws at Tai Xi when he sees her, It is so different from the aloofness that he gives to the rest! It is so unfair that he must play second fiddle in so many dramas, but he really shines at most times to overshadow the leads in the two serials that I watched him in. His success in ?Attic Cat? is well deserved and should be recognized earlier.

4. Han Wan Xiu - the actor as Rong Qi's father in "Hotelier"
He is a policeman after joining the navy during his N.S. days. It is highly-regarded to be part of the navy in Korea. He may be a strict father to all his 3 children, but he cares for them at heart and is romantic. He approves You Li to be together with Duo Yin and has a major part in persuading En Zi to accept her. Jie Li tries so hard not to laugh when he wants him to teach him how to send touching sms to En Zi.

5. Li Fan Xiu - Cui Yong Jun (as Chen Shui in "All About Eve")
He is You Li's senior and is older than the rest because he studies after his N.S. His first visit to You Li's home is to get punished by Wan Xiu by lying that he is from the navy, but he is only from the army. The poor man has to kneel and put up his hands in a "surrender" manner. His initial aim is to woo He Na to let him pass his module but he falls for her and it is a highlight to see him competing with Shang Long for her love. This character still creates laughter in here in these scenes.

6. Zhao Shang Long - Cui Jun Long (as Pei Ren Xiu in - "All About Eve")
He is Wan Xiu's subordinate and is also comical. Can you imagine how hard he tries to hide his dyed golden hair by wearing a cap from Wan Xiu in vain? He is also the one to teach Wan Xiu how to download love songs. But instead of "the moon represents my heart", he downloads "Rose, rose, I love you." He tries to ask He Na in vain and once he gives her a bear that tapes his message, declaring that he loves her. But she treats him like a boy. He is equally hilarious.

7. Zheng Duo Xin
She is Duo Yin's elder sister. She gets uptight and doesn't wish Duo Yin to get hurt by guys because of her disability. That is why she doubts You Li's intentions when he wants to get close to Duo Yin. Even when both are going steady, she makes the worst prediction that both will break up. She forces Duo Yin to migrate to France with her after her marriage. But Duo Yin chooses to return to Korea to face the problem on her own when Duo Xin goes on honeymoon. Duo Xin finally gives in upon seeing them so in love.

8. Zheng Duo Yin - Fueko Yuko
She becomes a deaf-mute after her parents died in a car accident. She is sweet and doesn't get discouraged by her handicap to continue her studies but she is hurt by the way En Zi treats her. That's why she avoids You Li to go overseas for a while. However, she reunites with him in the end. Yuko is pretty and plays the role well. It is a high level of difficulty to play this role, but she does well. She is quite a talented actress. I am amazed at how young and reserved she looks here. This is so different from the sex kitten, Leia from ?All In? who tries to seduce Ren He to win his heart!

9. Cheng Tai Xi - Kim Hyo Jin
She is a tomboy and has liked You Li since kindergarten. This is so sad for her to see him with another girl and to act like she is happy with it. The scene where she gets drenched in the rain upon seeing You Li sharing an umbrella with Duo Yin is so heartbreaking. Another unbearable thing for her is You Li learning sign language from her to woo Duo Yin.

Finally, there comes a guy, Ying Fun who is showering her the love she lacks. But alas - why only treat him as a friend and disappoint him so many times instead of appreciating him??? I don't like her to be so selfish to hide Duo Yin's return from You Li. She is also too stubborn to believe that she still stands a chance even though Duo Yin returns for You Li.

The chemistry between her and Rae Won is fantastic. It is a delight to see her pairing with him. Both create so much laughter and tears. I may be biased but I personally feel that both of them as a couple is more outstanding than Jae Won/Yuko's combination. But unlike Bridget, I don't think that Hyo Jin is a very excellent crier. She does an okay job and is still more suitable for funny scenes.

10. Han He Na - Park Sol Mi (as Xu Zhi Xi in "All In")
She is the eldest sister. Her parents had her out of wedlock and they had a shotgun marriage. He Na is bespectacled and gentle. She often irons out the home conflicts. She has neglected her social life because of work. She is a biology lecturer and you can get to see all kinds of animals in her room for her to experiment! Fan Xiu has once wanted to ask her to be his dance date but is appalled to see her examining the kodomo dragon!

Still, this hasn't hindered Shang Long and Fan Xiu from loving her. Once, she is asked to be a babysitter for a baby for 3 days before he gets adopted overseas by a Australian couple. At first, she detests the baby, but later grows to love him so much that she stays with him the whole night. She also gets worried when he goes missing once and when he develops a fever. She even thinks of adopting him and is reluctant to give him away. I really feel with her when she cries at the airport, missing him.

Her parents are worried as they think she spends too much time on research and animals. The producer seems to forget about her. Who does she choose in the end? Shang Long, Fan Xiu or no one? There is no hint or answer to it even in the last episode! Sol Mi is natural in acting, showing improvement as compared to her slightly raw acting as Cai Lin in ?Winter Sonata?. She looks like an elder sister to the two brothers.

11.Cui En Zi - Piao En Shu (as You Zhen's mother in "All About Eve")
She is the 3 siblings? mother and works in a handphone shop. She often imagines talking back at others to release steam (and this can be very hilarious) but never dares to do it because she simply has no guts. This is so sad when she finally bursts upon knowing that You Li is with Duo Yin. She is very cold and hostile to her. No one expects her to show her opposition so fiercely. I don't really like this role as she is so unreasonable and tactless.

12. Mrs Han - as Xian Hua's grandmother in "I'm Still Loving You")
She is the grandmother but strangely, she is more open minded than En Zi in certain ways. She is very thrifty - to take Dong Shu's old or unwanted clothes to give to En Zi! She was once a selfish mother when Wan Xiu dated En Zi and disliked his choice. But later, she sneers at En Zi for doing the same for You Li. After knowing You Li's choice, she can accept Duo Yin and starts to admire her credits.

13. Yin Dong Shu
She is Tai Xi's mother and is a materialistic woman. She is divorced and brings Tai Xi to stay with You Li's family. She often finds fault with her ex-husband and Tai Xi actually stays with her because she is worried about her. I detest her more than En Zi because she only knows how to suck up to the rich and disregards Tai Xi's feelings when she tries to ?promote? her for matchmaking sessions.

14. Jin Zhong Ren
You Li's classmate who is smitten with Tai Xi. Poor man - Dong Shu looks at him doubtfully when he expresses his wish to woo Tai Xi as she finds him too plain looking. This man is dirty-minded to yearn to watch RA movies. His leaving of a disc in You Li's home causes En Zi to think that Duo Yin has led You Li astray. However, he still helps friends when in need.

15. Li Tai Huan - as the bespectacled Dr Li Ming Hao in ?Medical Centre?
He is You Li's classmate who is very level-headed although he talks the least among the lot. He is the smartest among his friends to study in the university under a scholarship. He stays with Zhong Ren in the university hostel. He detects that Tai Xi likes You Li but doesn't tell him because he knows he will reject her definitely even after knowing it. I am so surprised this actor can look so young here which is so different from ?Medical Centre? so it is easy for me to believe that Fan Xiu is his senior.

Favourite character
Ying Xun - he is caring and self-sacrificing although no one will dare to use the methods he uses to woo a girl. But I think his approach is right since Tai Xi is so tomboyish.

Most hated character
En Zi - why can't she be more understanding to Duo Yin? A close second is Wan Xiu - he should explain to his sons why he lets Ying Xun stay. They can't put up with his behaviour and he still forces them to accept him. And to punish You Li for quarreling with Ying Xun. How can he still rule his sons like a tyrant? This is too much!

The theme song is by Jang Nara's 'sweet Dream?. Strange - I thought this is used in ?I Love Patzzari??? I think another fast-paced song by a male singer is terrific, but I have no idea who sings it and what the title is.

Interesting scenes

All scenes of Shang Long and Fan Xiu wooing He Na. It's really wacky to see how Fan Xiu curses at Shang Long, but becomes timid in front of him.

You Li standing in the rain to wait for Duo Yin to the extent of getting sick. This delights her, but upsets Tai Xi who runs away in tears.

Other scenes of You Li with Duo Li. Bridget has mentioned a lot so I will not repeat here.

You Li going against all odds to be with Duo Yin, even defying his mother's wishes to bring her home and also getting into a fight with men who sneer at Duo Yin's disability.

Ying Xun first appears, getting into the cab and pushing Tai Xi out. Later, he invites the whole family out as he will be unused to En Zi's cooking. Let's see how fussy he can be - no garlic or carrots in his food and also no noise in his room. This annoys Jie Li but others tolerate him. However, all are stunned when he throws a glass on the ground when the waitress doesn't refill his glass of water!

Ying Xun hurries home to get his wallet to pay En Zi for the new handphone she gives him. In his haste, he doesn't notice Tai Xi in the bathroom and she screams aloud. He then tells others that he has seen her in the nude, making her very upset.

Dong Shu asks Ying Xun out, trying to pair him with Tai Xi. Normally she gets her way, but she is still forced to have a meal with him when he threatens to ask Dong Shu back. Later in the MRT, he shouts aloud that he will be responsible for what he has done since both have seen each other naked before. She feels angry and wronged so she gets off the train. Don't miss Ying Xun's cunning smile here! Tai Xi later realizes that Ying Xun had told the truth indeed as this happened to them when they were in the same primary school class so she apologizes to him.

You Li quarrels with Ying Xun when he slaps Tai Xi. This is the first time I see him standing up for her. But how sad, he gets beaten on the buttocks by his father as a punishment!!!

Ying Xun gets a sports car. He gives Tai Xi an hour. He doesn't know where she wants to go. I really laugh when he pushes her into his car and warns her not to dirty it! He brings her to their primary school. He has engraved Tai Xi and You Li's names together on a wall. But before he leaves for US, he changes You Li's name to his name. Tai Xi is so sweet in the past so he longs to see her again.

He bets with Tai Xi - he will try to win her heart while she tries to win You Li's heart. She takes him on. Ying Xun is unhappy but he still encourages the two to go for a concert. You Li forgets about it and runs after Duo Yin upon knowing that she is leaving for France. Ying Xun gets mad upon seeing Tai Xi still waiting for You Li after 2 hours! She stubbornly believes that he will come and he drives away. This scene reminds me of how Shan Mei makes Xiang Zhe angry by insisting to wait for You Zhen too.

She returns home sadly. Ying Xun tells her that he doesn't mind waiting for her and it doesn't matter if he gets hurt. He suddenly grabs her to give her a kiss! You Li is stunned upon seeing this and Tai Xi gives him a slap. Ying Xun then tells You Li how Tai Xi suffers and he treats her better.

Later, Ying Xun is frightened that he might have let Tai Xi have a bad impression of him. So he apologizes for what he has done and even tells her not to cry too much for You Li. His heart can't take it for too long. I really laugh hard because Tai Xi really looks as if she doesn't know what is wrong with his attitude.

Tai Xi is upset over You Li's rejection and Ying Fun sees her in tears. He is shocked and hurt that You Li makes her sob non-stop. He hugs her trying to console her but can't help feeling sorry for himself for being unable to help her as tears flow down his cheeks too.

How the baby gets missing. The whole family goes to look for him, not knowing that he is with Fan Xiu all along as He Na thinks that he is being kidnapped. Fan Xiu is so tired that he falls asleep with the baby and doesn't even know the commotion that he has caused downstairs in Han's residence.

Fan Xiu tries to help to cover up You Li's absence when he is late for school. But he asks the lecturer stupid questions that his whole class nearly die of laughter. The lecturer gets so angry that he wants to come up with questions to ask him every lesson!

The way that Ying Xun declares his love for Tai Xi amuses me. He tells her that he loves her and wants her to watch out and get prepared as he will not allow You Li to steal her from him. That sure sounds like a threat. The last scene of them in the garden sure makes me crack up. Ying Xun warns Tai Xi not to get away more than 6 months and don't fall in love with a foreigner. He will suddenly go there to look for her so she has to be careful. But you will be touched by the long years that he wants to wait for her. He sounds fierce but all will melt upon seeing him planting a soft kiss on her forehead.

Knowing that Tai Xi is sad over the love rejection, Ying Xun brings her out. But he scares her by bringing her into a big house which his father owns. The two are alone there. He jokes that he will let her think over before sleeping with her. She lies on the bed tossing and turning. Ying Xun sleeps on the sofa and tells her to make up her mind. Can you believe that in the end, she falls asleep?

This is so romantic. He sits beside her for the whole night and looks at her. He is so afraid that someone will take her away. The next morning, he gets amused - how can she sleep like a log and not frightened of him? It is Tai Xi's birthday. He gets a birthday cake and a romantic breakfast ready in the garden. He jokes that he should throw it into her face but upon seeing her clean face, he changes his mind.

He brings her to play in water. This makes her happy for a while. Concerned that she might catch a cold, he puts his coat over her. He will fulfil all wishes except to win You Li back for her. He recalls the past - he has been so upset upon seeing Tai Xi always together with You Li. Now, all will scold Tai Xi to break his heart AGAIN! She admits that he is a nice guy but she can't forget You Li so she has to reject him although she is getting independent on him!

Ying Xun tries to make her happy on her birthday. He drives out to get her a bouquet of flowers and a few gifts. I wonder what is in them as he never tells! He smiles - he finds himself childish doing this. He returns to the house happily but is devastated to know that Tai Xi has left because You Li discovers that she keeps Duo Yin's return from him. Rae Won's disappointed expression is so real. I am beginning to find Tai Xi an ungrateful creature like Shan Mei to Xiang Zhe in making Ying Xun upset so many times.

Tai Xi later apologises to Ying Xun for disappearing. He doesn't reprimand her to make her feel sorry. He even asks whether she creates a scene to pull Duo Yin's hair. This makes her smile. This man is too nice to her - he even drives her to Duo Yin's home, trying to stop You Li and Duo Yin from meeting En Zi there because she regrets her act.

Zhong Ren claims that he sees a love triangle forming. Fan Xiu and Tai Huan think that he is referring to You Li, Tai Xi and Duo Xin. Zhong Ren shakes his head - he thinks it is himself, Tai Xi and You Li! The two guys are sickened by the thought.

All scenes of Tai Xi and You Li together. I can feel how desperate Ying Xun is to see this and how obstinate Tai Xi is to believe You Li will love her. Sigh - my blood simply boils upon seeing this.

Interesting facts

This serial is done by Lee Zhen Shi - the director for ?All About Eve?. This serial let the two leads become famous automatically.

In the serial, You Li falls for Duo Yin at first sight. They depend on the computer to overcome the communication barrier. It is strange that they don't invite rumours like Won Bin with his co-star. Is it because both use sign language most of the time and this reduces the sparks?

Hyo Jin was arranged to love Jae Won in secret in the serial, but she was known to be an item with him when filming ended. Although they broke up, many still felt that she must have the charisma to charm him.


The love between You Li and Duo Yin is so sweet and touching. It tells what pressure the handicapped people face when they try to lead a normal life like others. It also tells family values that link the family together. You Li's friends can be a funny trio too with their jokes and guesses. However, I also adore the complicated ties that the guys have with each other.

Yes, I am biased but how can I not focus my attention on Ying Xun and Tai Xi as a couple? They are really good - so good that you feel for them when they have to go through all these heartache in love. I don't really like You Li as a sugar boy - he knows who he likes but I dislike him for avoiding Tai Xi by ignoring her after knowing that she likes him. His insensitive act puts her in a fix in front of all his friends.

Like Bridget, I grumble over the ending. The producer doesn't explore Ying Fun's character deep enough. He places too much emphasis on You Li and Duo Yin. What about him with Tai Xi? He himself goes through a bad patch of horrible mishaps. Doesn't he deserve Tai Xi to love him??

Plus how can You Li be so ignorant that Tai Xi likes him for so long? Can't he see that she likes him by asking him to choose the scarf as his birthday present and how unhappy she is when he lends it to Duo Yin? This person is a big blockhead. All his friends sense it. How can he be the last person to know? This is unforgiven as they also stay under the same roof!

Probably I have passed the age of getting deluded in puppy love stories so this serial doesn't excite me that much. I am so sorry that this review turns out to be shorter than my other reveiws. Still, I recommend to all as the cast will not disappoint you with their fine acting. But the ending scene is a big let down. I only see all gathering happily together. The guys sit together while Ying Xun presses Tai Xi to sit down. Does this imply that she is with him now? What kind of ending is this as both couples don't even sit together? To fit the title - "Wuri's Family"?

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2(Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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