Yellow Handkerchief

Reviewed by: sukting

August 24, 2005

Rating: three

How long
100+ episodes by KBS - the longest Korean drama that I've watched so far!

It is a complicated story with lots of characters so unlike my other reviews, I list the cast first in order not to confuse readers. It tells the love/tension between siblings and also rivalries between lovers. Can a man be happy to ditch his lover for a rich woman? How does a woman find happiness after her boyfriend ditches her? This serial provides you the answers for the above.

What does the yellow handkerchief mean? To the Chinese, it symbolizes happy endings or weddings. But to the Koreans, when the wives tie the yellow handkerchief on a tree, this signifies that they have forgiven their husbands who have done something wrong.

If you are curious to see how Yeon Jung Hoon looks or act before he stars opposite Kim Hee Sun and Kwon Sang Woo in 'Sad Sonata', you may watch this serial to find out.

Introduction on characters

1. Li Shang Min -Kim Ho Jin
He is a slimeball who works as Min Zhu's secretary in Sierra skiing resort. He ditches Ci Ying just to marry his boss - a rich woman. But alas, he pays a high price of losing his baby and also his marriage after Min Zhu discovers the truth. Later, he has a sad ending of dying of cancer.

This actor looks like Ryu Si Won at first glance but his acting is much to be desired. He looks woody in many scenes but improves towards the end. He probably needs more time to warm up.

2. Yin Zai Lin - Yeon Jung Hoon
He is Ci Ying's impulsive younger brother who is a delivery man. He grows up in the company of women so he respects them. Many will wonder why he doesn't curb his temper to give his family so much trouble. His love for Shan Zhu is genuine but all oppose to it not only because of family differences but also Min Zhu marries Ci Ying's ex-boyfriend. He has tried to avoid her but without success.

He isn't nice looking and his acting here is only average.

3. Zheng Rong Jun - Jo Min Ki
He comes from a rich family but is very independent. Although educated in the U.S., he is very traditional and believes that life is only complete with children. That is why he breaks up with his ex, Yin Zhi. He is attracted to Ci Ying for being caring to old folks. Despite her repeated rejections and knowing that she is pregnant with Shang Min's son, he manages to move her and both get married.

4. Luo Yong Wen - Jang Yong
He is Mei Li's father who has to put up with her tantrums.

5. Lee Yun Qi - Joo Hyun (Rong Qi's father in 'Hotelier')
He is Shang Min's father who doesn't see eye to eye with Shang Min's doing. Although he is never a movie star, he still works hard for a chance and refuses to give up. He doesn't accept Min Zhu as his daughter-in-law as he only treats Ci Ying as one. In fact, so much that he keeps buying things for her and keeping things which belong to the ex-couple. His childish and sometimes unreasonable ways leave the couple dumbfounded so they do not know how to talk to him.

He has refused to forgive his son but after knowing that Shang Min is dying from cancer, he tries his best to be with him.

6. Zheng Wen Ji - Kim Na Woon
The family chauffeur who seems to be interested in Shan Zhu and never betrays her although she thinks of ways to deceive Min Zhu's money. When Min Zhu wants to ground Shan Zhu, he will do his job faithfully and keeps Shan Zhu's car keys with him.

9. Mrs Luo - Lee Mi Young
She is Mei Ling's mother who has a headache whenever Mei Ling screams at her. I don't think Mei Ling should do this to her as she is accommodating to her bad temper all along.

10. Liu Jing Zhen - Lim Na Woon
She is Ci Ying's colleague and close friend. She is the first to know about her breakup and all should thank her to help Ci Ying to keep her baby.

11. Luo Mei Ling - Lee Joo Ki (Shu Qing in 'Loving You')
She is a year older than Zai Lin but she declares her love for him openly. But he doesn't accept her despite all the things that she has done for him.

12. Zhao Min Zhu - Choo Sang Mi
She manages Sierra skiing resort after her father's death. She is initially uninterested but learns how to manage it with Shang Min's help. She is a possessive person - she not only declares directly that she is marrying him and also sets the date without asking his opinion! She dislikes her younger sister and stepmother so she is hostile to them.

But she is not totally heartless. Feeling remorseful that she doesn't stay with Yun Qi after marriage, she tries to get him a new home and even belittles herself to please him.

13. Zhao Shan Zhu - Han Ka In
She is Min Zhu's unreasonable and spoilt sister. Being pampered from young, she doesn't worry about life and learns the hard way through Zai Lin. She becomes sensible slowly and tries to avoid him initially after knowing Min Zhu's implication in the ex-couple's breakup.

I dislike this woman. She creates so much trouble for Min Zhu and deserves to be slapped for humiliating her family. No one forces her to marry but she disgraces herself by acting impulsively. She has a striking resemblance to Chae Lim - did they go to the same plastic surgeon???

14. Yin Ci Ying - Lee Tae Ran
She is a talented porcelain designer. As in other Korean dramas, she is the long suffering heroine who takes care of her family after her mother's death. I will say that she has no backbone - once a man has a change of heart, the woman should let go but she doesn't. She even thinks that he is having a fling and will return to her soon. Even though he causes Han Xi's death indirectly, she still thinks of him. But later upon seeing how heartless he is, she gives up on him. Her determination to give birth to Shang Min's baby causes conflict in her family and she has to work very hard to gain Grandmother Son's acceptance.

She has a striking resemblance to Shim Yun Ha - with long hair and an oval face. Did the producer do this on purpose? She has a rocky start but acts better too towards the middle.

15. Yin Nan Ying - So Yi Hyun
She is Ci Ying's younger sister who believes it is more important to make money than studying. So she tries to venture out on her own, only to meet setbacks and return in shame. So she makes amends by trying to work hard to contribute to the family income.

16. Grandma Yin - Kang Boo Ja
She dotes on her grandchildren and bravely takes care of the household after Han Xi's death. Knowing that Ci Ying's pregnancy will give problems, she advises her to abort it.

17. Grandma Son - Kim Young Oe
Grandmother of Yong Jun. She pretends to be poor and this wins the Yin family's concern. They win her friendship in return. Although she can't condone Shang Min's doing, she can't accept Ci Ying into her family since she has a child out of wedlock.

18. Oh Kong Ai - Sun Woo Run
Stepmother of Min Zhu. Unlike other vicious stepmothers, she tries to be a good mother to Min Zhu but her efforts do not paid off. Thus, she turns to drinking. Having a son-in-law makes her feel a sense of fulfillment as she treats him like her son. Her relationship with Min Zhu also improves through him.

19. Jin Qi Jun -
He knows Na Ying through the internet and also rents Yun Qi's room.

20. Huang Yin Zhi - Jun Hye Jin
She is Rong Jun's ex-girlfriend who is determined to win him back at all costs. She even tries to win Grandmother Son's favour. But upon knowing that his heart is with Ci Ying, she backs out.

21. Yin Zhi Xun
Shang Min has wanted him to be aborted upon knowing that Ci Ying is pregnant. Luckily Ci Ying keeps him - this boy is so cute looking with his big eyes and thoughtful gestures.

22. Li Yu Luo
She is the adopted daughter of Shang Min and Min Zhu but they treat her like their own child. Sometimes, I think that a son should be adopted instead to prevent the future trouble coming up.

23. Li Jun He
He is Shan Zhu's manager but cares for her well-being. He is also romantic to her so they are together.

24. Zhao Li Na
Shang Min's stepmother. She is a very picky woman and Yun Qi must be blind to marry her.


After her father's funeral, Min Zhu tells Shan Zhu to return home in Wen Ji's car. Her father only wants them to mourn for him for 100 days and not 3 years. She criticizes him for being undiplomatic but admits that he still thinks far. Shang Min refuses to listen to Ci Ying's call. Zai Lin is out sending delivery to customers. Mei Ling, the boss's daughter is determined to marry him but he doesn't like her at all. Shan Zhu refuses to wear black mourning clothes although she is upset over her father's death.

Min Zhu takes over her father's Seirra skiing resort. Shang Min offs his handphone after Ci Ying's message to meet him for Christmas. Shan Zhu accidentally knocks Zai Lin down with her car. He is okay but the goods are not. Shan Zhu sends Zai Lin to hospital. She promises to compensate for his motorcycle. Shang Min tells Yun Qi not to call Ci Ying unnecessarily. Shan Zhu gives Min Zhu the bill to pay the damages. Min Zhu is appalled - she is only 24 and why she needs so much money. Na Ying dreams of getting rich and doesn't want to study in the university.

Min Zhu brings Shang Min to her home and he is uneasy. How can he as a secretary go to the GM's home without proper arrangement? She claims to bring him home as her boyfriend. Shan Zhu digs fun at Shang Min for being younger than Min Zhu. Min Zhu announces that they are getting married and they have started their romance for 3 months. Her father hasn't considered it when marrying his ex-secretary, Kong Ai too. Shan Zhu sneers at her - it is their family tradition then to marry secretaries.

Shang Min confesses to Min Zhu that he has a girlfriend. Min Zhu is angry to know that both are together for 10 years. Shan Zhu treats Zai Lin to a meal and is amused to see him drinking the lime water supposedly used to wash hands. Grandmother Yin remembers that Mei Ling is one year older than Zai Lin and Mei Ling is disturbed by it. She is angry to see him back in Shan Zhu's car and fights with her. Min Zhu forces Shan Zhu to let Wen Ji drive for her.

Shang Min finally suggests the breakup. She refuses and recalls how she visits him in the army. Zai Lin recovers and takes Shan Zhu out on a ride. This is the first and last time they will meet and try on it because he is going to sell it away to pay for Han Xi's hospitalization bills. Shan Zhu suggests that he can tell Min Zhu that he suffers side effects from the accident to claim damages from her. He refuses to be a cheat.

Min Zhu asks Shan Zhu - is she going to sell her present car and then ask a new car from her? Shan Zhu is angry with Kong Ai sending Min Zhu to the door step like a slave before she works - just like how she treats her father. Zai Lin is surprised that Ci Ying is using her marriage money to pay for the bills and she wants him to get back his motorcycle. Shan Zhu is angry that he sells it without telling her. Is it because he thinks she has no ability and looks down on her? He tells her that all his 3 loves are women - how can he be looking down on women? They are his grandmother, mother and sisters.

Ci Ying wishes Shang Min to visit Han Xi before her discharge as her family doesn't know about their breakup. Min Zhu comes to Shang Min's home and tries to please Yun Qi. Ci Ying brings a drunk Yun Qi home and gets into Shang Min's room to find their photo no longer in the photo frame. She doesn't want to part with him because she is sober. (Stupid woman!) She even tells Jing Zhen that she will not give up because Shang Min is happy with a new toy temporary but will return to her soon. Jing Zhen thinks that she is stupid - why cling to a heartless man? Ci Ying cries.

Shan Zhu tells Wen Ji to forge Zai Lin's handwriting to write an agreement letter and gets a new stamp. She still wants to get damages from her. She is terrified when Min Zhu wants to verify it in court. Han Xi receives a warm welcome home from her children and Mei Ling's family. Shang Min announces to Yun Qi that he is going to marry Min Zhu. Yun Qi is so mad and cites that he will be struck by lightning.

He refuses to resign and Yun Qi is angry that he is so money-minded. So he will ditch a richer woman than Min Zhu if he sees one then. Shang Min wants Ci Ying not to meet Yun Qi again to upset him. Han Xi is sad to know the breakup. Shan Zhu starts to follow what Zai Lin does with her friends - she drinks the limewater supposedly to wash her hands in. She gives Zai Lin the money she gets from Min Zhu but he tears the letter and returns the bill.

Yun Qi refuses to meet Min Zhu since he is unsuitable to be Shang Min's father. Yun Qi meets Min Zhu reluctantly and she sees that he doesn't wear the scarf she gives him and feels belittled begging him. Ci Ying is shocked to know that she is pregnant. Shan Zhu is surprised that Min Zhu is staying after marriage. Kong Ai explains that Min Zhu is already so busy at work and can't manage housework after that.

Shan Zhu opposes as she doesn't want to stay with a male stranger. Does Kong Ai want to be a servant for another person? The two shops for their wedding ring and Shan Zhu asks Zai Lin out to decide how to spend the money. Zai Lin is fed up with her - does she think that the money has no value? He brings her to a small eatery and they pity a child who needs money for leukemia treatment on television. Shan Zhu sobs so they decide to donate all the money to her.

Ci Ying wants to tell Shang Min the news but he doesn't turn up to be with Min Zhu. He doesn't believe about her pregnancy but even so, he wants her to abort. The next day, he is inattentive at work and makes mistakes. Min Zhu wants to get married on the company's anniversary day. Ci Ying faints before getting to see the doctor and the doctor advises her against the abortion as she is anemic. Han Xi discovers the secret.

Shan Zhu wants Zai Lin to be her boyfriend but he hesitates. Does she want to anger her sister - he can put up with the act only for once. Shan Zhu is offended - does he think this way? Kong Ai drinks wine again and Shan Zhu is frustrated with her. Han Xi is shocked to know that Shang Min wants an abortion. Min Zhu warns Kong Ai not to drink anymore as Shang Min is staying with them soon.

Shan Zhu interrupts - does she understand Kong Ai who is only 14 years older than Min Zhu? Min Zhu still thinks that it is inappropriate for a housewife to get drunk and blames Kong Ai for not taking Shan Zhu in hand. Yun Qi is also fed up - how can Shang Min arrange a meet parent session without his approval? Shang Min tells him not to act anymore - what will others think since he is a 3rd rate actor? Yun Qi refuses to give up as he brings Shang Min up through this means.

Yun Qi is so mad when he humiliates his job that he slaps him. Shang Min can't be proud because of his position and is so angry that he tears the photo that he has taken with Ci Ying. Han Xi slaps Shang Min the next day but apologises for her act but this doesn't change his mind. Min Zhu is angry to see this and wants Shang Min to settle this before it turns into a scandal. She has no idea but he might have cohabited with her before to make a mother so angry. He manages to appease her.

Grandmother Son praises Min Zhu for doing well in business. Min Zhu tells Shang Min that she is a loan provider in the past to lend money to Mr Zhao. Although she retires, they still hold her in high regard so they must visit her for the night. Unknown to them, Grandmother Son is very bored and dresses simply when going out. She gets along well with Ci Ying's family to visit them every day.

They have thought of her to be a poor and lonely woman when she is hospitalized. So they treat her very well and thus when Han Xi tells her the bad news of the breakup, she is equally angry and calls the heartless man a jerk. She doesn't know the person is Shang Min. During their visit - she even teases them - does Shang Min seduce min Zhu or she seduces him? Han Xi dies of a heart attack and her family is upset.

Ci Ying finally knows about Han Xi's meeting with Shang Min. Zai Lin gives Shang Min a bruised lip. Min Zhu is deceived that he bangs himself on the toilet door but people will think that they fight and she is the culprit. Yun Qi is angry to know that the couple isn't staying with him after marriage. Min Zhu offers to find him a new apartment but he declines. This is where he supports Shang Min through university and sends his wife away. Min Zhu believes that she will win him over as Yun Qi is a simple person.

But she can't help if he doesn't like her but he still has to accept her. Ci Ying vows not to forgive Shang Min. Mei Ling's parents are angry that she only prepares food for Zai Lin. But Zai Lin has no appetite at all when she sings a song about love. He bursts into tears as he misses his mother. Yun Qi buys a hair band for Ci Ying and is shocked to know that Han Xi has died. Although he has no courage to see her, why can't she treat him like a normal uncle to meet him? But she wants to forget everything so they should not meet again. Grandmother Son invites them to her home for once since they give her treats daily.

Rong Jun returns from the US and he buys her favourite red bean bread. Ci Ying happens to come here too and he gives her a lift in the taxi. The rest are tense at Grandmother Son's home as they have the wrong idea about her all along. Rong Jun is back and she is surprised - he often appears suddenly and he is her only kin. Ci Ying can't believe that her house is so large. The two are surprised to see each other. Grandmother Son is happy that Rong Jun breaks up with his girlfriend, Yin Zhi because she refuses to have children after marriage.

The couple comes to the wedding venue to book the reception. Ci Ying is there for work and finally meets them. She is upset and tells Jing Zhen about it. Shang Min is tense when trying his suit after seeing her. Zai Lin goes skiing with Shan Zhu and is shocked to know that her family owns it. Can't she fire the employee, Shang Min? She returns home to tell the news but Min Zhu says she already knows it. Shan Zhu is puzzled why she can accept a person who can ditch his ex-girlfriend who is supposed to marry him.

Grandmother Son is angry with Rong Jun for working in a private company instead of working in their own company. Zai Lin beats a man up so Ci Ying has to beg the man to let him off. She wants Zai Lin not to give her any more trouble by curbing his temper. He decides to sell his motorcycle away to raise the money. Rong Jun wants Ci Ying to choose 3 ties for him since she is a porcelain designer and he trusts her taste. Mei Ling decides to go for 3 matchmaking sessions since Zai Lin doesn't show any affection for her. She scares them away and her parents have a headache on finding a suitable suitor for her.

Min Zhu suddenly feels hat it is good to stay with Kong Ai. Kong Ai leaves home once but still marries Mr Zhao because she has no choice. She is pregnant and can't reject him - not because she is his secretary. She only thinks of him as a substitute. Min Zhu will not understand but Mr Zhao knows about it.

Rong Jun hasn't bought a car as yet and accompanies Ci Ying to work. A car passes and nearly knocks into her, giving her a fright. He quickly holds her by the arm. Then he hears music and excitedly grabs her arm again, wanting her to go in with him but she doesn't like the old song that much. Rong Jun is delighted to know that it is being cut into a cd soon.

Zai Lin wants to borrow money from Yong Wen to pay his debt. Shang Min is shocked that Shan Zhu knows Zai Lin. Shan Zhu wants to move out from the home but Min Zhu disallows it unless she is married. Rong Jun gets Ci Ying the cd and her colleagues wonder he comes specially to give it to her. Shang Min tells Min Zhu to be more concerned about Shan Zhu. Shan Zhu meets Zai Lin and Min Zhu invites him in.

She is angry when he is rude in answering her questions and knowing that he is not a graduate and is only a delivery man. Shan Zhu is angry with Min Zhu's treatment and replies that he is much better than Shang Min. He is already her friend when he doesn't know her status. He is unwilling to meet her while Shang Min ditches his ex-girlfriend to be with Min Zhu. Min Zhu is angry with her remark.

Shang Min wants Min Zhu to be more careful in wanting Shan Zhu to make the right friends. This horrible man even suggests sending her overseas. All along, he thinks that Zai Lin woos her but is surprised to know that Shan Zhu makes the initiative. Ci Ying arranges Grandmother Yin and Na Ying to go with Grandmother Son to a hot spring so that she can have her abortion.

Jing Zhen mentions on how happy she is to have her son and Ci Ying changes her mind after looking at his cute photos. Shang Min finally admits unwillingly to Min Zhu that Yun Qi is only an extra when she discovers it. She is angry - does he have anything else to hide from her? He says there is more to come.

Mei Li quarrels with Zai Lin upon seeing him with Shan Zhu. Shang Min wants Ci Ying to tell Zai Lin to avoid Shan Zhu otherwise his position is awkward. Ci Ying replies that her family cannot accept it too and leaves in tears. Rong Jun sees this outside her home and tries to cheer her up.

Rong Jun is concerned when Ci Ying hasn't answered his 2 calls, informing her that the women have reached their destination safely. Ci Ying doesn't wish Zai Lin to make use of Shan Zhu if he doesn't love her. He admits that he likes Shan Zhu but he can't accept her. It isn't just because of her family but also Min Zhu seizing Ci Ying's position away. Ci Ying feels guilty over it.

Min Zhu is embarrassed upon seeing Yun Qi acting clumsily during filming and worse to come, he orders her to let the 6 crew members stay over at the resort for the night to continue the next day. She quarrels with Shang Min over it. Rong Jun goes to Ci Ying's home with a pizza to have the dinner together.

Min Zhu wants to reconsider her marriage plan and Shang Min drives away in a rage. She regrets and calls him to cause a car accident. When he doesn't answer, she calls Rong Jun. Rong Jun is her senior and has to excuse himself reluctantly to leave Ci Ying to cheer Min Zhu up. Rong Jun wants Min Zhu to be tolerant.
Min Zhu knows that Shang Min is hospitalized and rushes to see him but he treats her coldly. (What is this jerk thinking of to throw his weight around and showing his temper?) She even blames herself and begs for his forgiveness. She just realizes how much she loves him. But now he is the one to reconsider the marriage plan. He even ignores her to take a cab back home.

Shan Zhu and Zai Lin decide to remain as friends. Rong Jun mentions to Grandmother Son about Ci Ying's crying and she tells him about the breakup so he feels sorry for her. He cracks up when Grandmother Son laments that no one marries a rich her. Min Zhu recalls the past of being with Shang Min and calls up Rong Jun. He suggests that she apologises to him. Yun Qi thinks that Shang Min is beaten up by Min Zhu upon seeing his wound. This will not happen if Ci Ying is his girlfriend.

Jing Zhen regrets tells Ci Ying about the wonders of having a baby but can't change her mind. Grandmother Yin wants Ci Ying to abort but she refuses. Her siblings learn about it and Zai Lin beats Shang Min up. He later kneels to him, begging him not to leave Ci Ying. Ci Ying comes to slap him and drag him away. Shang Min suspects that Ci Ying lies to him about having the abortion.

Min Zhu gets Shang Min a new car and he rushes to see Ci Ying. Ci Ying arranges with Jing Zhen to forge her abortion when he insists of accompany them to the hospital to see that it happens (Cruel, right?). Ci Ying goes to their wedding venue to discuss about work. She gets to see the couple in their wedding costumes coming out from the hall. Shang Min looks at her uneasily while leaving. Ci Ying weeps till she nearly faints. Rong Jun and Grandmother Son sees her in this state and he offers to send her home.

Min Zhu walks to the altar alone. Yun Qi looks unhappy upon seeing how Shang Min places the ring on Min Zhu's finger. Ci Ying is reminded of her failed relationship. She is astonished to know that Rong Jun knows Min Zhu when he is in the U.S. and Grandmother Son knows Mr Zhao well too.

Shang Min and Min Zhu go on their honeymoon but he recalls how he promises Ci Ying to bring her here. Kong Ai drinks wine again at home and is contented that Min Zhu accepted her at last. She is proud of handling her dowry and also decorating their room. Shan Zhu is unhappy over it.Grandmother Son is shocked to know that Shang Min is the one who ditches Ci Ying. She advises her to forget him.

Zai Lin is angry that Na Ying doesn't apply to go into university and is only interested in making money. The newly wed couple returns to see Yun Qi. He wants them to compromise not to quarrel often. Min Zhu is unhappy to see Yun Qi still keeping the lovers' cup. Shang Min explains that this is already the past and she gets over it. He wonders why Yun Qi still has them but is pleased to see his business suit arranged and Min Zhu even gets up early to prepare breakfast for him. But Shan Zhu still refuses to join them.

Shang Min is promoted to planning director and his office is even better than Min Zhu's office. This man gets pig-headed now. Ci Ying is dismayed upon knowing that Rong Jun arranged for her to have dinner with the couple. She feigns sick before Shang Min arrives and Rong Jun is concerned. He even skips his dinner to send her back home. He fixes the seat beat for her tenderly in the car and Shang Min sees them together. He is tongue-tied upon learning from Min Zhu that Ci Ying is Rong Jun's girlfriend.

Rong Jun guesses that Ci Ying is uneasy to eat with strangers. Rong Jun admits to them that he doesn't know Ci Ying that well. But Min Zhu is puzzled why she turns him down. Is there something wrong with him after his failed romance? Shang Min lies that he doesn't know Ci Ying. Min Zhu is angry that Shang Min eats and smiles little during the meal. Because he dislikes Rong Jun?

But he has done nothing wrong and he even gives them the treat. Shang Min replies that he is polite enough and he will not go to meet him again because he can't chip in to talk with them. (He is such a brat - sorry for my language.) Rong Jun's impression of Shang Min is also the same - mature, cold with few words. He finds Min Zhu too dependent on him. Grandmother Son is angry upon knowing that Rong Jun has tried asking Ci Ying out to meet them. She lies that Ci Ying might not want to be mistakened as his girlfriend and wants him to go alone next time.

This simple-minded man actually believes his grandmother. He is dismayed when Ci Ying rejects his invitation to have lunch with him and insists that she has tea with him. Being rejected twice shakes his confidence and he is getting sensitive. She lies that she is really busy on both occasions and will not be interested to know his friends' stories. He understands it and promises her not to upset her again.

Shan Zhu and Kong Ai go shopping to return late. Min Zhu is unhappy that no one is at home when she is back. Shan Zhu is displeased - how can she act like Mr Zhao? Min Zhu slaps her and she threatens to move out. Shang Min also thinks that Min Zhu is too hostile to Kong Ai. Min Zhu thinks that she has tried her best to treat Kong Ai well but Shang Min doesn't want to be sandwiched between them. Maybe Shan Zhu is hostile to her just like the way she treats Kong Ai.

Na Ying works to get more money so that together with the money that her family has entrusted her, she can invest to get more. Min Zhu wants to buy clothes for Yun Qi's birthday and asks for Ci Ying's advice as a designer. It is her first time giving a gift as a daughter-in-law. Of course, Ci Ying knows Yun Qi's taste and size well. Shang Min jumps upon knowing that they are together. Min Zhu offers to give her a treat but she leaves in haste, lying that she needs to do a survey on her company products.

Her colleagues are puzzled as Ci Ying looks gloomy although her product is the best sold among them. Zai Lin is sandwiched between the 2 women when they kiss him. Shan Zhu isn't angry with Mei Ling but she feels jealous and leaves. It is Yun Qi's birthday and he has nothing to eat in the morning. He recalls the past when Ci Ying will cook seaweed soup for him. The couple celebrates Yun Qi's birthday at a restaurant. Min Zhu is unhappy that Yun Qi doesn't like steak or grape wine that she has prepared for him.

Yun Qi refuses to move into the new house and doesn't want to learn driving too as he wants a simple life. Min Zhu will not cook or wash dishes and wonders why Yun Qi is so different from her. She will flare up in the past but she can take it now. Yun Qi drinks alone and orders seaweed soup. He calls Shang Min to tell him that he misses Ci Ying. Ci Ying is about to sms Yun Qi when he asks her out. Min Zhu is angry that Shang Min wants to see that Yun Qi gets home safely - doesn't Yun Qi know that he will get tired?

Yun Qi only wants to hear Ci Ying's voice but never expects her to come. Shang Min arrives too. Ci Ying replies that she and Yun Qi are pathetic so she can't be unfeeling as him. Shang Min says that he will try to make Yun Qi less lonely. She snaps - she has no demands on him but he has a lot on her. She tells him off - she is uninterested in his affairs but he is now controlling her. He has no right now. Shang Min is startled that Ci Ying has changed. Na Ying's family decides to wait for her return and not to looks for her. Na Ying loses all their savings in investments.

Jing Zhen is surprised to see Rong Jun in the restaurant when she is dining with Ci Ying. She gets drunk and he gives them a lift home. Her husband thinks that he is Shang Min and he is taken aback. Rong Jun is silent when driving the car. He recalls how Ci Ying weeps. Why doesn't she stop him from asking them out? She has thought that he knows since Grandmother Son is aware of it. He apologises for upsetting her but she feels relieved as she doesn't need to hide anymore.

Kong Ai calls Shang Min to know what he wishes to eat. He now feels that she is like his mother. Jing Zhen is dismayed that Min Zhu wants to buy porcelain products from them for the skiing resorts' restaurant. Shang Min buys flowers for Kong Ai and that makes her happy. Shan Zhu is puzzled why this happens and suspects his motive. Kong Ai recalls that Mr Zhao only buys her jewels but never gets her flowers although she likes them.

Min Zhu is angry that his first bouquet of flowers is not for her but Kong Ai after their marriage. He tells her that he misses his mother but hopes she understands it. He has thought of her but doesn't want Kong Ai to think that he gives both bouquets conveniently. That pacifies her. Shan Zhu is displeased - do they have to fit into Shang Min's taste for food now? He explains that he likes Kong Ai's cooking.

Yun Qi decides to rent out Shang Min's room to a university student, Qi Jun. Qi Jun happens to work in a restaurant where Na Ying forgets to pay for her meal. She calls Mei Ling for help but Zai Lin brings her home. Her family is relieved. Min Zhu is unhappy that Jing Zhen, not Ci Ying comes to see her personally to talk about the deal. Shang Min is shocked to see her and avoids her looks when choosing the designs.

He tears his hair - why doesn't Min Zhu discuss with him to change the supplier? He is angry - must the GM do it? She replies - why can't she do it? She has wanted Ci Ying to come but it seems that she isn't respecting her to make others come on her behalf. She complains this to Rong Jun. He wishes her to understand Ci Ying who doesn't communicate with others well but she thinks this is not an excuse since she is working. Rong Jun then says that Ci Ying really must have something on to miss their meeting and asks if she is petty to cancel their deal. She replies no as she is a fair person.

Shang Min is angry that she goes out with Rong Jun during her break time and she is happy, thinking that he is jealous. She coaxes him like a child. Both have a jog in the morning and are surprised to see Yun Qi at their place. Shang Min is unhappy - why doesn't he give him a call in advance before coming?

The answer is quite an absurd one - Yun Qi only know their handphone numbers but not their home number. They have not brought their handphones along with them when out too. He doesn't want money from them and still wants to rent out Shang Min's room. Shang Min gets mad with him and shouts that he will leave him on his own. Yun Qi is angry that he disgraces himself in his wife's home to talk back at him and runs upstairs. Does he think so highly of himself because he is rich?

He doesn't teach his son well and they will end their ties. Shang Min then comes down to apologise to him but he refuses to forgive him. Kong Ai manages to keep him back as she has prepared lunch for him. During the meal, Yun Qi tells Min Zhu to learn Kong Ai's cooking.

Beyond marriage, each should look at their inner beauty. Min Zhu asks about his impression of her. I simply crack up when he answers that both of them have ignored his existence and Shan Zhu finds it funny. To him, women must have 3 good qualities. One is she must cook well. Another is she must be kind while the third must to pretty to be likeable. To him, Kong Ai is perfect in everything and she is flattered.

Rong Jun brings Ci Ying to a farm to cheer her up. Min Zhu doesn't know how to get along with Yun Qi. She knows that he has no ill intentions but is always up to mischief. Shang Min is vicious - he replies that she only needs to bear with it till his death. Zai Lin, Mei Ling and Shan Zhu go to the amusement park. Shan Zhu feels groggy after the spin on the carousel. Mei Ling forces her to buy food for them since she is the youngest and lies that she is the same age of Zai Lin. But Zai Lin still buys food for them when he is amused that Shan Zhu calls Mei Ling 'big sister' to spite her back.

Rong Jun declares his likeness towards Ci Ying but she is unprepared for it. Zai Lin returns home drunk so Ci Ying calls Shan Zhu and Shang Min overhears it. He and Min Zhu forbid the two to be together but she tells them to leave her alone. Zai Lin doesn't give Min Zhu the impression that he harbours her family fortune and wonders whether she is overreacting. Shang Min wants Shan Zhu to go overseas for further studies, citing that she has no aim in life and is jobless.

Yun Qi is delighted to have Qi Jun to talk to. He is now into the 4th year of university and is working part time to pay off his fees. Ci Ying wants Shan Zhu to avoid meeting Zai Lin as she can't bear him to be humiliated by her family. She sobs - why can't they understand them? Shang Min calls Shan Zhu to find out what Ci Ying says to her but she refuses to tell him. He calls Ci Ying and she does the same.

Rong Jun works in another company. Shang Min calls Ci Ying repeatedly through her handphone and also her office phone. He is angered when she doesn't answer him. (I also find him a paranoid - wonderful act of Ci Ying to remove her handphone battery.) Rong Jun requests her to wait for him below her office so that he can pass something to her before leaving. She comes but Shang Min forces her to see him. Rong Jun happens to see that when he arrives. Ci Ying tells Shang Min not to wrong Zai Lin - is he scared that she will ask them to be together?

He asks why is she close to people near him? She asks - why he bothers people around her? He doesn't need to know how she knows Rong Jun. He replies that before that, Rong Jun doesn't stay in Seoul. Now they are so close so he is suspicious. He replies that this bothers him. She sneers at him - the past is so important to him but he never reveals to his wife that she is his ex. Both want to avoid meeting each other too. (Shang Min is too much here in bothering everyone.)

Rong Jun approaches him after Ci Ying leaves and he is uneasy. He already knows his past and he misunderstands her so he wants him not to see her again. He wants Rong Jun to keep the truth from Min Zhu. He agrees but how long can Shang Min keep from her? Rong Jun has intended to leave immediately after seeing Ci Ying. But he changes his mind and has a meal with her.

He likes good food so if she is with him, she will get to taste nice food. He wants her to take care of herself for the next 2 days when he isn't around. He will be having a conference at Min Zhu's skiing resort (but he only tells her about the meeting, not the venue.) If anything happens, she can call him 24 hours a day. Kong Ai jokes that she must treat her son-in-law better otherwise Min Zhu will be unhappy.

Min Zhu is happy to know that Shan Zhu is rejected but is angry that she is still against her. Kong Ai also opposes and Shan Zhu cries. What present has Rong Jun gotten for Ci Ying - he gets her tonics. He has noticed that she doesn't look well. But he doesn't wish her to be burdened by his gesture. He has decided to ignore her reaction otherwise he will not be able to continue doing things for her. He jokes that his hand aches when he carries the things for too long. Jing Zhen is about to bring the samples to Min Zhu when she gets to know that her son has broken his arm. She rushes home and Ci Ying decides to go on her behalf. How can she let her boss do her work for her since this is her assignment?

Ci Ying tries to avoid Min Zhu after giving the samples but Min Zhu forces her to have a meal with her and Shang Min. She wishes Ci Ying to accept Rong Jun and Shang Min sulks. He cuts the steak for Min Zhu and Ci Ying pretends not to mind it. She recalls the past of how they share a bowl of noodles together. He accuses Ci Ying of doing it on purpose. Rong Jun is shocked to know that she is eating with them. Shang Min is sarcastic - how fast she proceeds with Rong Jun - he even calls to find out what she eats. Ci Ying is fed up with him so she makes him angry to agree to have a 4 person session meal.

Rong Jun drives back upon the ending of the conference. He calls Shang Min in the car to find out if Ci Ying is willing to go with them. If not, Shang Min should have stopped Min Zhu. Is it too tough? Shang Min replies that Rong Jun should know Min Zhu well. Rong Jun doesn't want Ci Ying to suffer again. Shang Min should know what he means - he will ignore other matters but hopes from now on, the same thing will not happen twice. I really crack up when he tells Shang Min off - he should be more firm with Min Zhu. This must be the first time Shang Min gets reprimanded and he slams the phone.

Shan Zhu demands to know from Zai Lin what happens to make them break up and he tells the truth. Rong Jun is outside Ci Ying's office, joking that 119 (the ambulance) is waiting for her to knock off. She smiles but he is worried when she eats little. He coaxes her to eat more with red wine and she is touched. Shan Zhu gets drunk and charges into Min Zhu's room in the night. Shang Min leads her out and she blames him for her ordeal. He still lies to Min Zhu that he doesn't know Zai Lin's sister.

Rong Jun thanks Ci Ying because she doesn't reject meeting him. He wants to continue waiting till she accepts him. Jing Zhen describes how her husband has nightmares for recognizing the wrong person and wants to give her a treat. She is delighted upon knowing that Rong Jun proposes to Ci Ying.

Rong Jun tells Ci Ying that she can call him if Jing Zhen gets drunk again. He can send them back since he knows where she stays. Jing Zhen is certain that Rong Jun can give Ci Ying happiness. Kong Ai is hesitant upon knowing that the couple doesn't visit Yun Qi. Min Zhu is relieved that he isn't at home and leaves a message to show her sincerity that they will visit him next week. Rong Jun makes a call to Ci Ying daily before work. Jing Zhen plays the CD in the background and he is overjoyed. All think that he is romantic and it is also Ci Ying's first time to get flowers.

Yun Qi complains that Min Zhu doesn't learn the kimchi cooking from Kong Ai. She offers to bring him out for dinner but he rejects. He is childish but why must he torture her? Shang Min replies Yun Qi isn't like that in the past. Shan Zhu understands Zai Lin's difficulty and agrees to the breakup. Rong Ai goes personally to pass the food to Yun Qi. Zai Lin gives Shan Zhu a necklace as a parting gift. She tells Rong Ai that she wants to get married. Just any man which her family approves will do since they disapprove to the person that she has chosen.

Shang Min starts to feel bad about it although Min Zhu does the arrangements for her. Ci Ying follows Rong Jun to his friends' gathering. He doesn't introduce her as his girlfriend but he treats her like one. Min Zhu suddenly feels weak and wants Shang Min to carry her upstairs. Rong Jun likes the present Ci Ying but she hates herself. He is so nice to her so she can't deceive him.

Ci Ying tells Rong Jun about her pregnancy. Rong Jun is furious to know that Shang Min wants her to abort her child. But why does she keep it from Shang Min? Does she hope that he will return or because she can't forget him? Rong Jun becomes drunk when she can't explain to him. Jing Zhen points out that she should not have given Rong Jun such a hard blow. If she were her, she will keep it from him. Rong Ai suspects that Min Zhu is pregnant.

Min Zhu and Shang Min are overjoyed to be parents soon after her checkup. Yun Qi is at the departmental store and buys hair bands. He sees Ci Ying and wants to give them to her. She rejects as hair bands reminds him of her whenever he sees them. He buys them unknowingly but never has the chance to give them away.

Rong Jun is still unhappy over Ci Ying's rejection. Min Zhu is reading childcare books at the bookstore and sees Ci Ying buying the same book. This woman is unreasonable - she wants Ci Ying to congratulate her. Her words hurt her when mentioning that she has thought Shang Min to be cold. But he is very happy to decorate their room with flowers and give her milk daily.

Ci Ying thinks Rong Jun is too perfect but Min Zhu thinks she has no right to belittle herself. Ci Ying recalls on how Shang Min tells her to abort their baby. Shang Min is angry that Min Zhu meets Ci Ying again. He frowns upon knowing that Ci Ying is aware of their pregnancy. Ci Ying is unwell and thinks the stomachache is due to her not giving the baby enough love. She has hoped the child will be miscarried naturally and hates it. The child might protest. Ci Ying still wants to go on the Italy business trip herself despite Jing Zhen's protest. There is nothing she can do if the baby decides to leave her.

Na Ying is annoyed that Qi Jun is very harsh to her although he tries to show her the ropes. Both still have fun interacting online with each other unknowingly. Rong Jun is shocked to know about her pregnancy. Min Zhu is so thick skinned to get everyone to congratulate her. Rong Jun feels sick upon seeing him showering concern on Min Zhu. He hits him on the lips before leaving. A woman is unfortunate because of him but he is so fortunate. Shang Min is fed up - should he be rude because of his past?

Rong Jun replies yes. He decides to go to Japan on Thurs. Ci Ying is also at the airport but they don't see each other. Yun Qi prefers to visit the couple and wants Min Zhu to give birth to a healthy baby. She worries that she may give him a granddaughter but he doesn't mind it. She sees that Yun Qi's shirt button is loose and offers to sew for him but discovers the hair bands. Yun Qi quickly hides them away. She wonders if Yun Qi has another woman but Shang Min is unable to explain that. She doesn't mind him remarrying.

Rong Jun is back and wants his chauffeur to drive him to Ci Ying's company - only to know from Jing Zhen that she is in Milan. Grandmother Son opposes to him marrying Ci Ying as she is pregnant with Shang Min's child. Min Zhu scolds Shan Zhu for being a rubbish chute in just choosing anyone to marry. She is indifferent when Shang Min offers to meet the guy on her behalf. Min Zhu analyses that she is giving up everything because of Zai Lin. Sure enough, she is looking at the necklace now.

Grandmother Yin's mouth opens wide upon knowing that Rong Jun wants to marry Ci Ying. He will also want the child - it is not somebody's child - it is Ci Ying's child. He has considered it for a long time. He can't stand the pain of losing her. Rong Jun receives Ci Ying at the airport. How she changes when she lets her permed hair down - she is very pretty with a light blue scarf. She tells Jing Zhen that she nearly loses the baby but the pain vanishes after the plane trip. Yun Qi sends the hair bands to Ci Ying and she weeps. Min Zhu asks Yun Qi if he has a girlfriend and he denies.

Ci Ying tells Rong Jun that she feels that she lets him down. Rong Jun admits that he misses her till he can't concentrate at work. This is the biggest blow that he has faced so far. But he isn't impulsive or indecisive. He loves her. She still rejects him - how nice if she gets to know him earlier. Rong Jun can't suppress his feelings anymore so he gives her a hug and also kisses her on the forehead.

Min Zhu still doesn't believe that Yun Qi has no girlfriend. Shan Zhu hugs Zai Lin. If he wants her not to marry, she will not. Both spend the night together but he sends her home. Rong Jun brings Ci Ying out to watch a baseball match. Yun Qi buys a carp for Min Zhu but she dislikes fish soups. He insists her of taking it for her own health but she later points out to Shang Min that Yun Qi is too violent. Upon hearing what she says, he quarrels with her and sends Yun Qi back home.

Yun Qi confesses that the hair bands are for Ci Ying but he has sent them to her. Shang Min lies to Yun Qi that Min Zhu likes the fish soup. She actually gets fed up and suggests that Yun Qi should get married as he is too free. Yun Qi prepares more fish soup and brings to the office to her. She avoids him.

Min Zhu asks Ci Ying out - why doesn't she like her since she is so forgiving towards her? Ci Ying explains that she doesn't make friends easily. Min Zhu doesn't have a close friend as she seldom ask them out. She also reconsiders whether she has attitude problem. Shang Min is fed up with Yun Qi - he is giving Min Zhu pressure? Yun Qi insists that Min Zhu should be happy with him as he shows her concern.

Ci Ying tells her story to Min Zhu - without revealing Shang Min's name. Min Zhu feels sorry for her nice. Ci Ying tells her that she has wanted to seek revenge on that man but she drops the idea now. Shang Min is alarmed to learn that the two women are together. He tries calling Min Zhu but she offs her handphone. He calls Ci Ying instead, demanding to know what motive she has. He thinks that she is lying since she asks him if he is scared. She replies that he should control his wife not to meet her.

Min Zhu tells Ci Ying how dependent she is on Shang Min. He is calm and mature while she is impatient. Both nearly have a car accident and Min Zhu has a slight wound on her head. Min Zhu can't get Shang Min as he offs his handphone, drinking in the bar. Ci Ying calls the insurance company to settle the matter and contacts Rong Jun. Rong Jun drives quickly to meet them. Min Zhu forces Shang Min to thank Ci Ying.

Min Zhu doesn't drive as she wants to be a normal woman for a day and not a boss. She enjoys being with Ci Ying but Shang Min wants Rong Jun to alight them at the hospital. Min Zhu wants to meet Ci Ying again. Rong Jun detects Shang Min loves Min Zhu. He offers to send Ci Ying to another hospital but she declines. Shang Min informs Kong Ai that Min Zhu is fine.

Jing Zhen keeps persuading Min Zhu to accept Rong Jun. Ci Ying agrees that he is nice and also capable in work. Although her wound caused by Shang Min is healing, she still can't accept him. Min Zhu wonders why Ci Ying doesn't visit her and insists that she comes. She mentions her to Kong Ai. Kong Ai also hopes that Rong Jun will marry Ci Ying as he is no longer young. Jing Zhen wonders why Min Zhu likes Ci Ying so much. What happens if she knows about the truth to get upset?

Zai Lin returns part of the loan to Yong Wen and is disgusted to see how rude Mei Ling is to her parents. Shang Min tries to prevent Ci Ying from visiting Min Zhu. She still meets her although she is fed up with Shang Min. Min Zhu gives Ci Ying a new handkerchief to express her gratitiude. Rong Jun wants Ci Ying to trust him that he will be true to her. She is touched and hugs him, decided to accept him.

Yun Qi is relieved that Ci Ying has found someone and gives her a treat. The next day, Shang Min is on a business trip and Yun Qi brings Min Zhu to the same place. The waitress asks if he has two sons to have two daughters-in-laws. Yun Qi is tongue-tied and Min Zhu gets annoyed with him. She also realizes that the hair bands are for Shang Min's ex. She demands Shang Min to explain things to her.

Rong Jun and Ci Ying decide to wait for Grandmother Son to change her mind. Rong Jun plans to bring Ci Ying to the U.S. and return after she gives birth. Ci Ying is touched that he considers so much for her. Na Ying reduces her email contacts with Qi Jun after knowing that he is her online friend. Min Zhu throws things in her room to vent her anger - does Shang Min often meet his ex too? She wants a divorce and cries as Yun Qi humiliates her. Mei Ling's parents are startled to know that she likes Zai Lin and try to prevent them to be together. Min Zhu still trusts Shang Min and forgives him.

Rong Jun and Ci Ying stroll the street and he jokes that he might nag at her more when her stomach grows bigger. Shan Zhu suddenly escapes from the venue on engagement day after sending Zai Lin her MMS on how pretty she looks. Shang Min calls Zai Lin and he is fed up. What kind of joke is this to ask him whether Shan Zhu is with him on her engagement day? He is alarmed upon knowing that she is missing.

Min Zhu is afraid that they will criticize their family. It is Shan Zhu who wants to get married to drag them into this. Ci Ying has a present for Rong Jun and he brings her to his office. He opens the present in front of her - it is a pen. He gets so touched that he hugs her - how does she know he needs it? He has not mentioned it to her. He likes it and will use it to sign his name on documents. Zai Lin touches the ring Shan Zhu gives him - he recalls the place they stay together and rushes there. Qi Jun sees some hooligans harassing Na Ying and tries to protect her in vain to get beaten and loses his jacket.

Shan Zhu tries in vain to change herself and suggests eloping but Zai Lin refuses. Shang Min slaps Zai Lin after getting his call. Shan Zhu rebukes that she will not return if not for Zai Lin's sake. Shan Zhu gets slapped by Min Zhu at home - why disgrace others too as they are innocent? Did the guy's family force her for the engagement? Shan Zhu is speechless as she is wrong. Min Zhu keeps the handphone from her.

Ci Ying encourages Zai Lin to woo Shan Zhu. She knows that Shan Zhu doesn't mind his poverty but worries that Shang Min will look down on him. Zai Lin can't afford good things for her and although she doesn't mind that, they have to face reality. Rong Jun's friend asks the couple to work for him and Rong Jun wants to treat it as their honeymoon.

Rong Jun's ex-girlfriend, Yin Zhi comes to Seoul and wants to patch up with him. He tells her that he is already attached and she is upset. Min Zhu wants Kong Ai to prevent Shan Zhu from going out. She tells Wen Ji to keep the car keys from her too. Yin Zhi still doesn't give up - she gets Grandmother Son's favour by getting her cosmetics. She goes to Rong Jun's workplace later - there are not many management advisor companies in Seoul so it is easy for her to know where he works. He is uneasy to know that she has visited his grandmother.

Mei Ling approaches Zai Lin when he is drunk and drags him into the motel. When she is about to get close to him, he wakes up and thinks that he has sexually assaulted her. He decides to marry her and she is delighted. Her parents have no choice but to give in. Rong Jun uses his mother's ring to propose to Ci Ying. It fits her finger perfectly - just like Cinderella finding her shoe. He jokes that he is her guardian angel.

Kong Ai and Shang Min try to persuade Min Zhu to stop grounding Shan Zhu but she refuses as Shan Zhu never shows remorsefulness. Ci Ying leaves after meeting Yin Zhi - Grandmother Son cites that Ci Ying can never be her daughter-in-law. Min Zhu stops Shan Zhu from going out and she blurts out the truth. She is startled - why doesn't she tell her? Shan Zhu rebukes - why doesn't she ask Shang Min instead? Min Zhu realizes that she is the only one ignorant - he deceives her all along.

Rong Jun reaches home and Yin Zhi helps him to carry his briefcase - just like how she did for him in the U.S. He wants to send her back to the hotel. But he has a headache upon knowing that Grandmother Son makes her stay in his home. She is aggressive but never expects Rong Jun to treat her this way. Qi Jun decides to send Na Ying home daily after her encounter with gangsters. She starts to find him a nice person.

Min Zhu recalls how Shang Min lies about not knowing Zai Lin's sister. She refuses to forgive him for burying his past. She demands to know what his ex is working as but he refuses to tell her. Rong Jun realizes that the women have met. He knows that his grandmother treats Yin Zhi better in front of Ci Ying.
Min Zhu sells Shan Zhu's car as she has no right to drive it. (Actually she should sell Shang Min's car.)

She later wants Yun Qi to tell her about Ci Ying but he refuses. Min Zhu wonders why Yun Qi likes her so much. Can you imagine that she is so stupid to tell Ci Ying about it??!! Yun Qi informs Shang Min about it - he suspects that the couple has a quarrel. Ci Ying is angry that Shang is so unreasonable to ask her to meet him again. Why doesn't he tell her the truth? He has no right to ask if she is fortunate to marry Rong Jun as they will handle their own affairs. Shang Min replies coldly - Rong Jun will not mind her past but Min Zhu will. Min Zhu is badly shaken upon seeing them together to realize the truth.

So the initials 'J.Y.' on the cup stands for Ci Ying. Yin Zai Lin and Ci Ying share the same surname. Jing Zhen finds it absurd that Shang Min betrays Ci Ying and yet wants to be a busybody. Shan Zhu finds her handphone which is hidden in the drawer by Min Zhu. She decides to starve herself. Rong Jun brings Ci Ying along to shop for the baby's stuff. He is nonchalant when Yin Zhi kisses him upon reaching home.

To her, it is back to old times but not for him. Yin Zhi is fed up - her family has migrated to the U.S. and Seoul is a strange place to her. Min Zhu refuses to let Shang Min read stories to the unborn baby or to touch her. She gets a PI to check on Ci Ying. Min Zhu recalls that Ci Ying knows Yun Qi's taste and size well. Also how stony Shang Min is upon seeing Ci Ying. Yin Zhi wants Min Zhu to help her win Rong Jun back.

Yin Zhi is bored and visits Rong Jun in his company. He wants to treat their relationship in New York as the past. She refuses. Ci Ying flees after seeing him sending her out and she kisses him. Rong Jun is puzzled when Ci Ying doesn't answer his calls. Ci Ying doesn't want to get hurt again and how is she going to solve a problem like this? Grandmother Yin is angry to know from Yong Wen what Zai Lin has done and beats him up with a stick. She has stopped using that after he completed his high school education but he forces her to do it again. Rong Jun wonders why Ci Ying voice is restless. He wants to see her earlier and is so sad to return alone. He can't wait for Yin Zhi to end her vacation to return to New York.

Shang Min massages Min Zhu and she asks if he is as good to her as to his ex-girlfriend. He is frustrated as she always picks on him. He discovers that Shan Zhu has fainted and they send her to hospital. Min Zhu tells Ci Ying how close Yin Zhi to Rong Jun in the U.S. to spite back at her. She later gets packages of the ex-couple together from Shang Min's army to university days.

Shan Zhu is recovering. Before Rong Jun leaves, Yin Zhi forces him to have lunch with her. Ci Ying is unhappy to hear Yin Zhi's voice over the handphone. Grandmother Yin is suspicious - why a clear minded Mei Ling brings a drunk Zai Lin into the motel? The elders quarrel over it. Rong Jun is upset to know that Ci Ying goes for lunch without him. She answers unhappily - how is she going to wait since he and Yin Zhi live together? She walks in or out freely from his home and also kisses him on the street. Why does he still need arrangement? Rong Jun is furious - he has taken time to shake Yin Zhi off to meet her. Is it because she can't trust him because of the American greeting - she only kisses him on the cheek (are the Koreans staying in the stone age period?!) Does she think that he has someone else?

He hugs her - he understands her - how can she feel nothing but do understand him too. She softens upon hearing that. Shan Zhu calls Zai Lin from the hospital and he comes to visit her with Mei Ling. Shang Min finds urgent documents unsigned and is displeased. He learns from Wen Ji that Min Zhu asks him to drive her to the bungalow. He discovers her drinking there (she has the cheek to scold Kong Ai for doing that but yet she is doing it now.) although she is pregnant.

Why is she thinking of the past? He leaves and Min Zhu recalls Ci Ying's words. She drinks a whole bottle of wine and has a miscarriage. (It is her own fault to cause this but it is very unfair that she blames it on Ci Ying. Another tragedy that happens later will not give her any more chances to get pregnant again.) The doctor explains to Shang Min that it is not caused by the drinking but is exhaustion and pressure. Min Zhu cries over it and chases Shang Min out of her room. (Not sure if she regrets her drinking act, though.)

Ci Ying goes out with Rong Jun. Mei Ling tells Shan Zhu happily of her coming marriage. Qi Jun and Na Ying suddenly find that they like each other but he gets angry upon knowing that she is his online friend as he reveals too many secrets to her. Min Zhu is discharged and destroys everything to do with babies. Rong Jun brings Ci Ying to a centre to learn about the preparation of the baby's arrival. He wants to welcome it and they should not feel disgraced about it.

Min Zhu doesn't object Shan Zhu to be with Zai Lin anymore. She refuses to sleep with Shang Min in the same room. She decides to hold her coming birthday celebration at the skiing resort and Shang Min agrees. Grandmother Son allows the couple to marry but will disown Rong Jun since he deems Ci Ying more important than her. Ci Ying assures her that both are not going to the U.S. Rong Jun feels that she should not agree to it. But Ci Ying doesn't have the heart to leave Grandmother Son alone in Korea.

Yun Qi wants to cook turtle soup for Min Zhu and is shocked to know that she loses the baby. Min Zhu deems him responsible as he still meets Ci Ying but refuses to tell her. Yun Qi cries over it - he wants a grandchild as he is too lonely. Min Zhu is afraid of visiting him with Shang Min - she will talk back at him and he will also blame her for it. Shang Min is upset that Yun Qi is sadder than him.

Rong Jun is drunk and pushes Yin Zhi away when she tries to help him into the house. He asks Grandmother Son why she opposes to him to be with Ci Ying - isn't she pitiful? They will persist to the end and Yin Zhi is disappointed. It is Min Zhu's first birthday after marriage - can she get employees to celebrate at home? But she doesn't wish to tire Kong Ai out. She has enough of seaweed soup for 3 days.
Shang Min wants to go on tour but she says it is too tired. He rebukes - what can be more tired if he meets 2 people he doesn't know well? Min Zhu replies it is his problem as they are easy going. It is her birthday and she wants to invite them. Ci Ying is about to turn her down but agrees upon knowing her miscarriage.
Yin Zhu also turns up. Min Zhu opens all the presents - Shang Min puts the necklace he gets for her in front of all. It looks like she tries to spite back at Ci Ying by asking her to get married soon. Ci Ying gives her a cup she designs while Rong Jun gets her flowers. Shang Min drinks with Rong Jun.

Min Zhu gets drunk with Yin Zhi. The two men are awake and sit quietly. Min Zhu points out that it is Shang Min and his ex to cause her miscarriage. Rong Jun is startled to see Yin Zhi getting into the front car seat with Ci Ying at the back when they leave. Yin Zhi smiles weakly - it is her seat in the past and she can't change the habit. Yin Zhi recalls that it also rains like this when both were in Atlanta to gamble. She kisses Rong Jun on his cheek. She was afraid he might be too tired to sleep on the street when driving so she does that to wake him. Rong Jun finds this act rude to him and also Ci Ying.

Ci Ying offers to get off to take a cab but Rong Jun keeps on driving. His action is obvious - he drops Yin Zhi off first before sending Ci Ying home. Yin Zhi gets down angrily. Ci Ying understands how Yin Zhi feels but she is more bothered by Min Zhu's miscarriage. Yin Zhi slaps Rong Jun. Now she decides not to return to the U.S. as she refuses to give him up. Ci Ying tells Shang Min that she has no more patience as she has no heart to see how Min Zhu suffers.

Why doesn't Shang Min tell her? His reply - his problem will be solved once she gives up marrying Rong Jun. She doesn't see why she must give in to him. Min Zhu apologises to Ci Ying for the outburst but she secretly wants to help Yin Zhi to be with Rong Jun. Min Zhu still thinks that Shang Min wants 2 wives as she can't trust him now. Shan Zhu decides to work at the skiing resort.

Rong Jun is angry with Yin Zhi for mentioning Min Zhu in front of Ci Ying. Rong Jun is surprised to learn from Min Zhu that the ex-lovers still meet up. Min Zhu tells Yun Qi about the truth of her miscarriage. He tells her to think from Ci Ying's stand to get ditched. Rong Jun asks Shang Min why he must upset both women. He points out that Rong Jun is also wrong to introduce the women to know each other. Yin Zhi doesn't knock on Rong Jun's door to get in and he is unhappy with her again.

Rong Jun is furious to learn from her that she is the one conveying the message of Grandmother Son's thoughts to Ci Ying. This is the last straw that Rong Jun can bear and he moves out. Min Zhu wants Shang Min to report to her his schedule and he is annoyed. She isn't trusting him now and poor Kong Ai is sandwiched between them. Both are in the car when Ci Ying calls him to want him to tell Min Zhu the truth (these people really test my patience to do this continuously. If they can't tell straight in the face, just sms!)

Min Zhu wants to check his handphone and flies into a rage when he refuses to show her. Mei Ling tells the truth to Yong Wen and he tells Zai Lin. Zai Lin can reconsider his decision as he doesn't wish to deceive him. Ci Ying is angry to know that Rong Jun leaves home. Rong Jun asks why Ci Ying hasn't mentioned to him that Yin Zhi looks for her. She has thought of returning him to Grandmother Son.

She cooks breakfast for him and he is touched. He has tasted sushi in NewYork but they don't taste the same. Grandmother Yin visits Grandmother Son - just in time to see Ci Ying kneeling in front of her to beg for her approval. She is also willing to do it for Ci Ying but she is unmoved. Yin Zhi informs Rong Jun of what has happened. He is upset over it but wants her to promise him not to do it again.

He tells Grandmother Yin that he loves the child as his own. Shang Min isn't qualified to claim him as he gives him up. Rong Jun promises to protect him. Min Zhu is happy with Shan Zhu's change. She wants to get Grandmother Son's help in a project - and also to console her for what has happened. Qi Jun challenges Na Ying to get into his university. He will graduate the next year but hopes that she can be his junior. Shang Min is appalled that Grandmother Son refuses to see Ci Ying despite her begging.

Mei Ling sees that Mrs Luo treats Zai Lin badly so she suggests calling off the marriage. Zai Lin finds her feminine now and still agrees to marry her. Shang Min meets Ci Ying - doesn't she feel disgraced to do that? Does she force them to marry her? Although they part, he still wants her to be blissful. He hugs her in his arms to console her. (This man is inconsistent - I thought he hates her so much?) Rong Jun has said that he hurts 2 women but why is Ci Ying suffering now? Rong Jun replies that his grandmother minds her past.

Min Zhu gets the photos of the ex-lovers hugging in the park from the PI and throws them in front of Shang Min. She confesses knowing the past for a long time and wants a divorce. He thinks she is too much to so this to him. He will not say anymore since she doesn't trust him. Min Zhu demands to know from Ci Ying what she wants. Ci Ying is shocked to see the photos too and can't explain herself. Jing Zhen shakes her head - how can the two be so carried away to give Min Zhu the wrong idea?

The couple quarrel at home and Shang Min shakes her. Later, he panicks to send her to hospital upon seeing her bleeding. The doctor announces that they need to remove her womb in order to save her life. At first, she refuses as she still wants to have babies but has to give in when her blood pressure runs low. Although Shang Min says that he doesn't mind being childless, he is still upset and hugs a crying Min Zhu.

Ci Ying goes shopping with Zai Lin and Mei Ling to get clothes for their honeymoon. Mrs Luo is angry to know that the two are having a traditional marriage. Rong Jun brings Ci Ying to his parents' graves. She begs in secret for their approval and thanks them for giving her Rong Jun. She pities him for losing them at the age of 7 and hugs him. Grandmother Son and Yin Zhi are unhappy to see this.

Ci Ying decides to break up with Rong Jun to let him return to his grandmother and she will give birth at her grandmother's friend's place. Mei Ling tries to coax Mrs Luo to buy another suit for Zai Lin. But she refuses and says that Zai Lin is 'shuai' indeed - not handsome but is a cricket. Zai Lin doesn't blame her as he knows that she dotes on Mei Ling a lot. Yong Wen feels bad and tells him that he has set up a delivery branch to let Zai Lin be in charge. Zai Lin promises to work hard.

Shan Zhu is the company's model and gets good response. But she is unhappy upon knowing that Zai Lin is marrying Mei Ling. Min Zhu wants Shang Min to move out and Kong Ai tries in vain to stop him. Yun Qi isn't happy to see him back and is sad as he might not have a grandchild in future but yet he gets a lot from the fortune teller that he should have one soon. How can this be?

Ci Ying returns the ring to Grandmother Son. Rong Jun gives her two plane tickets and lodging vouchers for Zai Lin. He makes her fortunate so she will try to do the same. Now Min Zhu doesn't feel like a woman without the womb. Yin Zhi is like waiting for a husband who isn't returning. Min Zhu shows the photos to Rong Jun but he trusts Ci Ying. Rong Jun still wants to hear the answer from her and she is offended. He later apologises. She will rather him to misunderstand her as she decides to leave after Zai Lin's wedding.

Zai Lin gives Shan Zhu the wedding invitation card unwillingly. They hold the traditional ceremony so Shan Zhu sees this from far and leaves. He smiles upon seeing her poster from a building on the way to the airport for his honeymoon. Yun Qi is shocked to know that Min Zhu wants a divorce and is silent upon seeing the photos. He wants Shang Min to agree to it as she is belittling him. Initially, Shang Min bears with her for neglecting him but later he is angry when she transfers him out without informing him. He quits and she calls him when several projects are under him and she doesn't know how to complete them.

Mei Ling hides in the bathtub for an hour and Zai Lin can't help laughing at her. She confesses to him that she hasn't slept with him that night and is shocked that he already knows about it. Yun Qi knows that Shang Min is transferred to work in the skiing ground and grumbles. Mei Ling wants an intimate photo - she will keep it and not show others.

Laugh when Zai Lin gives in to her to kiss her on the lips and the photo is taken. Ci Ying visits Rong Jun to prepare breakfast for him. He is touched - she even knows that he wants home cooked food. He ties the apron for her. Yin Zhi comes and he wants her to leave because he doesn't want to be disturbed. She is angry to see Ci Ying and thinks that they cohabit - no wonder he never calls home. Zai Lin carries Mei Ling to walk through the underpass - both hope to have lots of children after that. But he trips as she is small but heavy - she cries - what happens if they don't have their own children and have a happy marriage? He promises to treat her well.

Ci Ying wants Rong Jun to return home and she assures Grandmother Son of that. Yong Wen is so sad that he cries while Mei Ling still enjoys herself over the honeymoon. She buys honey for her parents, wanting them to have a sweet life. Zai Lin is dismayed that Mei Ling wants to feed him in front of her parents - her parents are spellbound to stare at them and he is uneasy.

Min Zhu sends Shang Min's clothes to him. He still refuses to sign the divorce documents. Rong Jun is down when she doesn't listen to his calls and Grandmother Yin refuses to tell him where Ci Ying is. Zai Lin only realizes that when Rong Jun asks him and recalls about it. Rong Jun quarrels with Grandmother Son and Yin Zhi is shocked to know that Ci Ying is having her ex-lover's baby. But she still refuses to give up on Rong Jun. Mei Ling steals things from her home to give to her in-laws. Mrs Luo is angry with her but Yong Wen isn't. Rong Jun is angry with Yin Zhi to tell him to part with Ci Ying, He nearly hits her.

Mei Ling cries upon knowing Ci Ying's story. Na Ying decides to work in the modeling company. Na Ying gives Ci Ying's telephone number to Rong Jun and he rushes to meet her. Yin Zhi blurs out that Ci Ying is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child to Min Zhu and she is shocked.

Min Zhu thinks Rong Jun is stupid to father the child and tries in vain to talk him out of it. Ci Ying threatens to drown herself in the lake to force Rong Jun to leave. Rong Jun is heartbroken and is ill upon reaching his apartment. Grandmother Son forces him to stay at home and he is concerned upon knowing that Ci Ying is sick too and leaves an encouraging sms for her. Shang Min is injured at the skiing site and Min Zhu visits him. She still loves him.

Shang Min is surprised that Min Zhu decides not to have a divorce and returns home with her after his discharge. Rong Jun is engaged to Yin Zhi. Yun Qi initially agrees to the couple adopting a child but later changes his mind. He is too conservative and doesn't think that he can develop feelings with a stranger. Min Zhu tries in vain to persuade him, using herself as an example. She used to be hostile to Kong Ai who isn't her mother but now appreciates her.

Rong Jun can't help missing Ci Ying and visits her - shocked to find her in labour. She gives birth to a son and her siblings congratulate her. Yin Zhi is shocked to know Ci Ying's hospitalization document in Rong Jun's jacket - no wonder he tells her not to quit her job. Qi Jun is displeased that Na Ying looks down on his poor background but forgets about it when she shows him her good exam results to get into university.

Rong Jun promises Yin Zhi that he will not met Ci Ying again. But he still sees her when visiting the baby in hospital. Ci Ying requests him not to come again - I don't like her being nasty to Rong Jun even though he pays for her hospitalization bills. Serves her right when she is taken aback to know that he is engaged to Yin Zhi. She is so stuck up to think he harasses her. Yin Zhi sees them together and slaps him. Ci Ying cries and wants Rong Jun to go after her. (I hate this woman - she seems to know nothing besides crying.)

Grandmother Son is angry to know about this. Shan Zhu reveals her first love history with Zai Lin over a radio progamme. Her manager, Jun He gathers that he is Zai Lin because he still sees his MMS in her phone - he remembers him as the person sending her to shoot a commercial earlier when they are trapped in a traffic jam. (This guy looks like Won Bin.) Kong Ai is also unhappy with her doing. Min Zhu engages a domestic helper, Li Na to help Yun Qi in cooking at home but he is not used to it since his wife's death.

It is Jun He's first time being Shan Zhu's manager but he tries very hard on the job. He feels lost upon knowing that Shan Zhu can't forget her first love (it is evident that he likes her.) but still concentrates on work. Upon knowing that she is going to get a role to play a wheelchair-bound character, he gets her a wheelchair and trains her to move on it.

Yin Zhi returns to the U.S and tells Min Zhu that Ci Ying has given birth. She goes to find Ci Ying, demanding to know why. Ci Ying insists that it is her child and not Shang Min's because he doesn't want him. She wants Min Zhu to keep it from him. (I find Min Zhu unreasonable to think that she still wants to have Shang Min back.) Li Na searches through the whole house for Yun Qi's dirty clothes and both end up tearing it when he refuses to let her wash for him.

Rong Jun buys a baby bed for Ci Ying but wants Zai Lin and Mei Lin to pretend that they buy it. He knows that she will not accept anything from him. Still, Mei Ling blurts out the secret and Ci Ying asks Rong Jun out. He is angry that she doesn't appreciate his gesture and even wants to return the hospitalization fees to him. This is not just treating him like a total stranger and also this insults his sincerity. He blurts out that he has broken her engagement to give her a shock.

Ci Ying returns to work and tells her colleagues about her having a son now. She cuts her hair short and registers her son under her surname. (She looks so much younger and prettier. The long hairstyle makes her look so old.) Min Zhu and Shang Min are touched upon carrying the baby girl that they are going to adopt. She is only a month old. Min Zhu feels bad that she misses the joy of having her in her womb and bursts into tears. Shang Min consoles her.

Mei Ling loses her ring and asks Mrs Luo to buy a ring for her. When she passes it to Mei Ling, Grandmother Yin gets to see it and scolds her. The ungrateful creature actually blames her mother for it. Zai Lin is unhappy when Grandmother Yin scolds him too and feels that Mei Ling should have discussed with him. How is he going to lift his head in front of his parents-in-law? Seeing Mei Ling so childish, he decides to postpone their plans to have a baby but she refuses.

Mrs Luo feels too bored after Mei Ling gets married. Min Zhu brings the baby girl home and takes care of her. Shang Min rushes home to carry her daily, showing how much he loves her. Min Zhu wonders how he will react if she is his real daughter. Rong Jun still meets Ci Ying, wanting to meet her once in a while. She rejects him as this is giving her too much pressure. He is unhappy when Grandmother Son fixes him for other match making sessions.

Shang Min names his daughter Yu Luo when all comments that she looks like him while Ci Ying names her son, Zhi Xun. Rong Jun returns home and voices it out that he doesn't want to get married. He decides to do volunteering work in Africa and informs Ci Ying about i. She is disturbed and even other volunteers can sense that he is only escaping from reality. Zai Lin decides to give his parents-in-law a treat for the ring and the stupid Mei Ling wonders why since her father is richer. Yun Qi is annoyed that the couple still adopts the baby girl and tells them not to bother him if anything happens.

Shang Min meets Ci Ying who is buying socks at the emporium when buying a book for Min Zhu. He tells her about his adoption and Yun Qi's disapproval. Ci Ying is upset upon hearing that he has established a bond with his daughter. Both have their plastic bags mixed up and only discover it upon reaching home. Shang Min asks her out again for exchange and senses her hostility and so he asks her why. (This is pure stupidity - he has been so nasty to her in the past and still expects her to treat him well?!)

Qi Jun and Na Ying celebrate their 200 days of knowing each other. They start to wear the lovers' rings. Yun Qi is pressed by Shang Min to visit Yu Luo. Min Zhu brings Yu Luo to the hospital to have her first injection and meets Ci Ying bringing Zhi Xun for a checkup. Both are in shock when Shang Min comes so Ci Ying hurries to leave in another way. Grandmother Son is angry with Rong Jun for giving himself up because of a woman to go overseas for 3 years.

She gets Min Zhu to talk to him but this doesn't change his mind to leave Korea. She reveals to Rong Jun on how Ci Ying nearly bumps into Shang Min in hospital. She turns to talk to Ci Ying, citing her as selfish to make him leave. Ci Ying cites that she doesn't wish to get hurt again. She tries to lessen her guilt by asking him to stay but he insists of forgetting her overseas.

Qi Jun brings Na Ying home and is amused to see Li Na reciting the script better and faster than Yun Qi. Yun Qi is angry and wanting to save his dignity, he says Li Na isn't aware of how to recite lines with feelings. Li Na doesn't allow the couple to talk behind doors and opens the door. Both laugh at it. Rong Ai tells the couple to often bring Yu Luo to Yun Qi so that he will get close to the baby. They bring her there and Na Ying leaves angrily after seeing Shang Min.

The others are puzzled over her reaction. Shang Min tells Yun Qi to stop renting the room to Qi Jun but he refuses. He is used to have Qi Jun to talk to when he is lonely. Qi Jun learns from Na Ying the whole story and regrets idolizing him all along. She is still angry with Shang Min and will never forgive him. Rong Jun decides to stay in Korea to be with Ci Ying upon seeing her drunk over him.

A few years later, Rong Jun and Ci Ying go to take photographs of Zhi Xun at his kindergarten performance. He then tells his driver to send them back home after taking them. Shang Min's family attend Yun Qi's wedding and now Shan Zhu is a superstar. Shang Min and Min Zhu go to Grandmother Son to borrow a loan from her for a project. However, she has entrusted Rong Jun to take care of everything in the company so she tells them to approach him instead.

You will yell at this stupid old woman - who asks her to have itchy fingers to open the envelope to show the photos of Ci Ying with Zhi Xun and Rong Jun? She is angry to see them and yet when she tries to hide them from the couple when they come, she is so clumsy. She should have placed them into the drawer but in her haste to stuff them into a book, she drops a photo on the floor. Shang Min happens to see it and finds it weird. Min Zhu gets uneasy upon seeing it too. He ponders over it and wants to ask her but she goes out.

Grandmother Son dumps the photos at Rong Jun in his office - if he is so busy, why does he have time with the kid? He can even joke that they look like a family and it is nice to have a son just by taking photos. Grandmother Son gets mad with him - can't he expect that the storm is coming? Rong Jun shows Ci Ying the photos and knows that Shang Min will suspect them since Zhi Xun is about Yu Luo's age. Yu Luo is 1 month older than Zhi Xun. Ci Ying is mentally prepared of what will come later.

Mei Ling is married to Zai Lin for 3.5 years but isn't pregnant as yet. Mrs Luo gets worried as Zai Lin is the only son so she gets nutritious products for her. Grandmother Yin tells her not to worry since they are still young but feels bad that Mrs Luo is the one spending the money. Later, Mrs Luo is excited that she dreams of 2 peaches - does that imply that Mei Ling will have twins soon? But alas, her checkup still turns negative and she cries. Zai Lin tries to console her.

Rong Jun and Ci Ying bring Zhi Xun to the amusement park. Shang Min's family is also there. He sees Rong Jun with Zhi Xun and he introduces him as his nephew. Shang Min finds Zhi Xun cute but gets suspicious as Zhi Xun says that he is 5 years old when he thinks about it at home. Ci Ying gets uneasy upon hearing that. This cute boy can appease the two by giving them his food!

When Ci Ying sees Zhi Xun trying to button his shirt at home, she recalls the past of Shang Min wanting her to abort him. Na Ying is now a helper at a bridal studio while Qi Jun is an insurance agent. Qi Jun is attracted to Na Ying when she tries bridal gowns in front of a future bride. Shang Min discuss with Rong Jun on borrowing funds. Rong Jun wants a detailed analysis before he approves. Ci Ying calls him to visit the porcelain cellar and he agrees. Shang Min overhears him and is unhappy with the conditions that he sets. He tells Min Zhu that they should settle their funds in future so as not to borrow from others.

Yun Qi and Li Na are unhappy that no one receives them at home after their honeymoon. Min Zhu has remembered the wrong time to get them at the airport with her chauffeur. She wants the chauffeur to bring them out to have dinner with them but Li Na is angry with Min Zhu. She should have cook personally and pay respects to them. She replies that she isn't in the mood to go out. Min Zhu is angry and complains to Kong Ai. Li Na addresses her as GM in the past but now she is throwing her weight around as her mother-in-law. Kong Ai tells her to bear with it since she is the junior.

Ci Ying is with Zhi Xun at the supermarket. She meets Yun Qi and Li Na shopping for a doll for Yu Luo. She lies to Yun Qi that she is married since Zhi Xun calls her mother. She tells Rong Jun about it and she doesn't like lying. But Rong Jun points out that she can do that to Shang Min's family. Especially now when Shang Min knows that she is single all along and how does she get Zhi Xun as her son?

Shang Min signs the deal with Rong Jun and asks about the boy whom Yun Qi sees at the shopping centre. Rong Jun still lies that he is his nephew. Na Ying is angry with Qi Jun for giving the musical tickets meant for themselves to her boss in order to clinch the deal. She cries when they can't get the tickets when they are sold out. Qi Jun and Na Ying go dating but Zhi Xun joins them. Her boss suddenly tells her to look for a missing bridal tiara and she rushes off. After waiting for a long time, Qi Jun brings Zhi Xun home.
What a stupid decision - Yun Qi and Li Na change their mind to stay at home to see the boy. Yun Qi starts to suspect that he is his grandson after knowing that he is 5 years old. He even gets the boy to sit on his lap and touches his hair. Na Ying is angry with Qi Jun for spilling the beans.

Mei Ling blames Mrs Luo for giving her false hopes. Yong Wen brings Mrs Luo to see the doctor and is overjoyed that she is pregnant. But she feels shameful to be pregnant at 47 and the dream is meant for her, not for Mei Ling. It is so bad of her to keep the news from Mei Ling - she doesn't wish to give her any younger brother. Shan Zhu can't concentrate at work and keeps having N.G.s because she is too tired after getting too many assignments. Jun He cheers her up by giving her flowers.

Shan Zhu's career is affected when there are rumours that she is a concubine's child. She wants to quit but changes her mind after talking to Jun He. She returns home to ask Kong Ai why she marries Mr Zhao. She confesses that she marries him not because of love but because she is pregnant. She cries and Kong Ai consoles her silently. Min Zhu also wants her to quit but she refuses. This is her own career that she carves on her own and it is good enough that Min Zhu has the company.

Shang Min disapproves of Min Zhu dong it too as Shan Zhu is also the victim. She feels sad and pours her woes to Zai Lin. Mei Ling visits her parents to be alarmed that Mrs Luo is pregnant upon seeing her eating so much food. Zai Lin is delighted by the news - isn't it great that Mei Ling is going to have a younger brother old enough to be her son? (This guy can really joke!) Mei Ling is terribly upset - how can Mrs Luo's dream not meant for her but for herself?

Yun Qi can't rest his mind and confirms from Ci Ying that Zhi Xun is his grandson. Ci Ying insists that he is hers alone and doesn't want him to tell Shang Min. Yun Qi can't keep the secret and informs Shang Min, insisting him to get Zhi Xun back to register him under their surname. Shang Min is shocked by the news. Na Ying cries admitting her mistake and Zai Lin scolds her the whole night. Grandmother Yin cites that they can't stop Shang Min if they want to take Zhi Xun away but Ci Ying insists that nothing has changed and will remain the same.

The director is displeased that Shan Zhu wears the necklace when filming a period serial to cause N.G.s. Jun He is unhappy to see her still dwelling on the past and throws it across the street. But later, he apologises for being too much to return it to her together with a new one that he buys. The next day, he comes to fetch her to work and is pleasantly surprised to see her putting on the new one, showing that she is trying to forget the past.

Shang Min doesn't master enough courage to visit Zhi Xun at his home upon seeing him with Grandmother Yin. He then goes to visit him at the kindergarten. He is anxious to see if he gets hurt upon seeing him tripped. Shi Xun doesn't mind as Ci Ying has told him to pick himself up after falling down. Shang Min is so touched that he holds Zhi Xun's hand. (This boy is very cute - just like Ji Yao in 'Burning Flame 2')

Ci Ying tells Rong Jun that she is bothered by the truth. He tries to persuade her to reregister Shi Xun under his name so that Shang Min will have no right to take Zhi Xun away. Under the Korean rule, when the father discovers his children not under his name, they have the right to declare them back. (This is sure sex discrimination.) Ci Ying is no mood to talk about it now. (I am not in the mood too as it drags 15 minutes just to talk about this thing!) Grandmother Son still fixes matchmaking sessions for Rong Jun.

Zai Lin's whole family are amused upon knowing that Mei Ling is so angry to skip dinner, just because Mrs Luo is pregnant and her pregnant dream is not for Mei Ling. Mrs Luo is shy and angered when Mei Ling not only tells them but she is also wanting to tell their neighbours about it too.

Shang Min lies to Min Zhu he is attending a meeting when Yu Luo comes to the office to meet him. He meets Ci Ying and doesn't understand why she keeps Zhi Xun and now his heart is fluttered, no knowing what to do. She wants him to treat life as per normal but he can't. She is so afraid that he will demand Zhi Xun back and cries in front of Rong Jun. (Sigh - just accept Rong Jun's decision then to spare us the weepie torture.) Shang Min tells Yun Qi that life will go on as per normal.

Yun Qi is angry - how can he not acknowledge his own son - just tell Ci Ying to marry the man she loves and gives Shi Xun to them. Shang Min is taken aback - he has thought Yun Qi to like Ci Ying all along but yet he comes up with such a selfish suggestion. He knows that Ci Ying will never return his son to him and also doesn't wish to hurt Min Zhu. Yun Qi is stubborn and still wants to get back his grandson.

To the extent of going to Grandmother Yin's home to want to visit him. Mei Ling quickly leads Zhi Xun out to see Zai Lin. Ci Ying rushes home and maintains to Yun Qi that she wants things to stay the way they are. Zai Lin warns Shang Min to leave Ci Ying alone and not to intrude into their lives. Shang Min tells Yun Qi the same thing as he is contented to have a daughter but the traditional Yun Qi believes that he should acknowledge Zhi Xun - as years go by, he will realize the importance of having a son.

Shang Min can't help missing Zhi Xun and secretly drives near Ci Ying's place - to see him back with Rong Jun and Ci Ying from a swim. He is upset but also brings Yu Luo out. Ci Ying is astonished to know that Rong Jun is with them just to escape from a matchmaking session. As usual, this makes Grandmother Son angry again. Yun Qi can't suppress his urge and takes Shi Xun out from his kindergarten (the teacher can be so stupid to let him leave with a stranger too.)

Ci Ying is upset to get his call and doesn't know where he takes Zhi Xun to. Yin Qi brings Zhi Xun home and commands Shang Min to come. He is speechless and hugs the boy. Later, he brings the boy out to get a toy car for him. Ci Ying comes to slap him and refuses to accept the present. Shang Min realises that his father has not obtained her consent and advises against it.

Ci Ying doesn't want this to happen again and informs Shang Min that Min Zhu already knows about it. He is very badly affected and gets drunk. Mrs Luo is shy when even the people at the supermarket know about her pregnancy. Qi Xun's father comes to the bridal studio and has a good impression of Na Ying. Min Zhu is puzzled over Shang Min's change and finds out Ci Ying has told him the truth

Min Zhu demands Ci Ying to leave Korea. She points out that Ci Ying should have seen this coming as so many people are hurt. Shang Min still keeps the toy, showing that he still misses his son. Ci Ying doesn't want to abort the child just because of her or Shang Min. Jing Zhen finds it ridiculous of Min Zhu to make so many demands. Shang Min promises her that he will keep the family intact and he doesn't want any change to it. He will not see Zhi Xun again.

Mei Ling is frightened when Yun Qi still comes to the kindergarten to look for Zhi Xun but he has no guts to go to their home to claim for his grandson. Shan Zhu meets Zai Lin at the television station and they have a chat. Qi Xun can't face a selfish Yun Qi anymore and wants to move out by marrying Na Ying. The whole Yin family agrees to it. Although the older siblings don't mind continuing to pay for her university education, she thinks that Qi Jun should do it after marriage.

Mei Ling's appetite turns good and starts eating a lot of food. She even drools when seeing cakes at the bakery. Zai Lin buys for her and smiles upon watching Shan Zhu acting well in the serial at home. Ci Ying worries when Yun Qi threatens to register Zhi Xun under Shang Min's name. He is very unhappy with Ci Ying forbidding him to see Zhi Xun. Shang Min assures her that he will not do that but he becomes unsure upon hearing the boy's voice over the phone. Yu Luo refuses to sleep unless Shang Min is back at home.

Yong Wen makes an instrument to talk to his unborn child and Mei Ling finds it interesting. Grandmother Son suddenly asks Rong Jun how old Zhi Xun is - he is excited - does she finally approve them to get married? Yun Qi insists that Shang Min does what he says but he refuses to place his chop on the document. He tells Min Zhu to get prepared for this. Min Zhu finds Yun Qi scary as this will hurt Ci Ying and decides to divorce if they register the child. Ci Ying is taken aback when Grandmother Son comes.

Grandmother Son approves of Ci Ying marrying Rong Jun. She has observed that Rong Jun looks blissful when with her and Zhi Xun. This improves the ties between the 2 families. (I will not go into minor details on how Ci Ying reveals the good news to the family and Rong Jun - takes up a whole of 20 minutes!) Poor Rong Jun has a fright after hearing her crying voice and drives to see her immediately.

Rong Jun dances with his grandmother and apologises for worrying her. Grandmother Son likes Zhi Xun upon seeing him so cute. Qi Jun proposes to Na Ying in his new apartment and she is happy. Jun He invites Shan Zhu to his home but she declines as she is too tired. She looks at the necklace that Zai Lin gives her and sends an sms to wish him well. He also replies that he is glad upon seeing her success as a friend.

Yun Qi raises the issue again to Min Zhu and she describes him as a robber for his act. Yun Qi frowns upon knowing from Qi Jun that Ci Ying might be marrying. (Slam this man for his big mouth again.)Mei Ling starts to eat a lot of food and Zai Lin frowns as he is spending a lot of money on food lately. The stall holder suspects that she is pregnant and they decide to ask Grandmother Yin.

Li Na reveals that Shang Min has another child. Kong Ai and Shan Zhu demand to know how this happens and why Min Zhu keeps it from them. Min Zhu is angry and reprimands Li Na for meddling into their affairs. Shang Min assures Shan Zhu and Kong Ai that he will not forsake his family. Kong Ai knows that Min Zhu has changed a lot during the years and tells Shang Min to give in to her.

Shang Zhu finally knows Zai Lin's difficulty when he wants the breakup. Mei Ling finally confirms her pregnancy and her family is happy for her. Mrs Luo is relieved that she can sleep well now. Min Zhu meets Rong Jun and Ci Ying with Zhi Xun outside Grandmother Son's home and congratulates them of the coming marriage. The future family has a warming meal together. Shang Min is taken aback upon knowing that they are getting married. The couple now looks around for a suitable spot to invite their guests.

Mei Ling returns home to steal the child communication kit when she is asleep. How annoying when Mrs Luo can't find it and gets angry to know about it. She threatens to lock the house door to prevent her from coming again. Mr Luo coaxes her that he will get her a new one. It can be so funny when Zai Lin and Mei Ling snatch it from each other to talk to their unborn child to tell it how much they love it.

Ci Ying has accepted Rong Jun to be her husband but doesn't know if Zhi Xun will accept him as a father. Ci Ying asks Zhi Xun if he approves of them staying with Rong Jun. She is touched and apologetic to know that he wants Rong Jun to be his father as he never has one. Rong Jun is also happy with his answer.

Jun He vents anger on the staff when they can't fix Shan Zhu's assignments properly. He is too angry to see her still wearing the old necklace. When is she going to forget Zai Lin? Her answer is she doesn't know. Mei Ling informs her excitedly that she is pregnant and Zai Lin is more excited than her. Shan Zhu is disappointed. Qi Jun and Na Ying gets the things ready for their new home.

Shang Min's protest to refuse to acknowledge Zhi Xun as his son is getting weaker. He visits Ci Ying wanting to know how Zhi Xun is going to adjust to the change of having a father. He really melts upon seeing Rong Jun with Zhi Xun. Min Zhu brings Kong Ai and Yu Luo for an outing. She confesses to Kong Ai that she has no confidence as Shang Min keeps hurting her. Yun Qi comes to 'reason' out with Ci Ying as he can't accept his grandson to call another man 'father'. He even offers her the money that he gets from the sale of his house to give her - offering to take care of Zhi Xun for her to start a new life.

Ci Ying storms out and tells Shang Min that she doesn't want to see the both of them again. Rong Jun tells Grandmother Son that he wants to register his marriage first as soon as possible and she agrees. She tells Rong Jun about it and he consults his lawyer friend for advice. He is dismayed that even after marriage, Zhi Xun will not get to bear his surname although his future children will.

Shang Min still has the right to make Zhi Xun his son unless he is the one to alter the fact - even though a couple is divorced. Unless Rong Jun comes up with forged documents that Zhi Xun is his son. (What a stupid rule - to make sure that those commit adultery can still have the right to preserve their offspring?! Rong Jun tells Ci Ying the sad news. She is dismayed - that means Shang Min and Min Zhu can be Zhi Xun's parents while she is left with nothing.

Shang Min is selfish after all. He considers it - all will be fine if Ci Ying is still single. But now he can't accept Zhi Xun to call another man 'father' so he decides to register Zhi Xun under his surname. He makes this decision after seeing and hugging Zhi Xun at the kindergarten. He wants Min Zhu to understand him. Min Zhu is very angry with him for breaking his promise to protect her and Yu Luo. They will have a divorce then if this happens - she finds him like a barbarian as his father. Both men only want to own Zhi Xun and have disregarded his feelings. He may have treated Rong Jun as a father but how is he going to come up with the reality that his name is 'Li Zhi Xun'?

Shang Min tells Ci Ying his decision and she overturns the table to hit his chest.( But the hitting is quite harmless as she is so skinny and her blows are not strong.) He doesn't want Zhi Xun to bear Rong Jun's surname or Ci Ying's surname to be an illegitimate child. Ci Ying screams at him - how can he still have the right as he has killed Zhi Xun once and has never bear responsibility as his father. She has told him that he is dead and also Zhi Xun is her world. She faints and is sent to hospital.

After this incident, Rong Jun tells Shang Min his decision to call off the marriage. After consulting his lawyer friend, he knows that Shang Min can still sue him or make demands if he makes Zhi Xun his son. Anyway, he forges the documents and goes to the registry to register Zhi Xun under his surname. Since Shang Min doesn't know the law as yet, he has to make it fast. Sure indeed after he does that secretly, Shang Min then consults a lawyer to know his own rights. He reminds Ci Ying of that later.

Qi Jun and Na Ying decide to get married the following year. Although Zai Lin doesn't like the idea of going to the beach with Mei Ling at this time when she is pregnant, he still borrows Mr Luo's car to bring her out for a 4 day leave. Shan Zhu is down to know that.

Shang Min doesn't understand why Min Zhu opposes to Zhi Xun bearing his surname as he isn't going to bring him home. This still makes a lot of difference to her. Min Zhu finds him very selfish - that means that Ci Ying must be single all her life to bring up Zhi Xun if she wants to stop him. Rong Jun wants Min Zhu to stop Shang Min - his selfish doing is ruining so many people's lives - including Min Zhu and Yu Luo.

Shang Min still insists of registering Zhi Xun under his surname despite of them not marrying. Ci Ying is angry with him - Zhi Xun doesn't need a surname but a father who cares for him. She tries to ask Min Zhu for help and Min Zhu tells her her thoughts. Shan Zhu calls up Zai Lin but Jun He offs her handphone because he is jealous. Ci Ying is shocked to know that Rong Jun risks breaking the law to register Zhi Xun under his name. He is playing for time as he hears that the court might change a new rule 6 months later.

By the time Shang Min sues him, it is already over. Shang Min goes to the registry and the staff replies that it takes some time because they don't have his records. He still believes that he can persuade Min Zhu to accept Zhi Xun. The family still goes out as normal to celebrate Yu Luo's birthday. But at night, Min Zhu notices that a letter from the registry makes Shang Min angry to charge out to look for Rong Jun.

His application is rejected because Rong Jun has already registered Zhi Xun under his name. Both men refuse to tell Min Zhu what has happened but fight together near the river. Shang Min cites that he is adamant to be Zhi Xun's father despite not being able to give him a complete life. Min Zhu throws the divorce documents at him. Since he is not taking her seriously, she has to do this. He gets so angry that he tears them but she still comes up with a new one.

Yun Qi comes to visit Zhi Xun but Ci Ying refuses to let them meet each other. She even tells Zhi Xun not to follow him anywhere. Ci Ying even kneels to Shang Min in vain to change his mind and tells Rong Jun to stop begging him. Mrs Luo is shy when Mr Luo claims to others that his wife and daughter are pregnant. Zai Lin buys medicine for both women and Mei Ling kisses him. Grandmother Son gets to know of the case and tries in vain to change Shang Min's mind too.

Rong Jun gets the notification that he is being sued. But he decides not to appeal so as to stall for 2 months' time. Shan Zhu breaks her leg when she is filming. Jun He comes to see her but decides to go overseas for studies upon seeing her with Zai Lin. Zai Lin is here to visit her after learning it from the news. Min Zhu is angry to find the court documents and throws Shang Min's luggage out. This shameless Shang Min still unpacks his clothes from the luggage. So she threatens to move out which she does. Kong Ai also fails in changing his mind to register Zhi Xun.

Zhi Xun follows an ad but loses his way home. His whole family is worried and all set out to look for him. Ci Ying thinks that it is Yun Qi's doing and asks him. Yun Qi then tells Shang Min the news - he even skips the meeting to look for him. When he finds him at the MTR, he hugs him in joy and brings him back to Ci Ying. Min Zhu is angry to know it and demands a divorce. He may do this in future.

Mei Ling calls Shan Zhu and wishes her well. Zai Lin is glad that she finally matures now. She replies that is because he is her husband and going to be a father soon. Yu Luo wishes Min Zhu to return home with her and Shang Min after dinner. She cries when she refuses. (This child actress really acts very well.) Min Zhu still decides to go ahead with the divorce - with or without Zhi Xun's registration. Even if Shang Min disagrees, she will base it on his illegitimate child to force him to agree to it.

Upon seeing how Yu Luo misses Min Zhu, Shang Min moves out to Yun Qi's place so that she can move back. Rong Jun and Ci Ying go to the bridal studio to book the gowns. The star turns out to be Zhi Xun because he is so cute! He openly acknowledges Rong Jun as his father and he is overjoyed.

Shang Min visits Yu Luo home when he is drunk but Min Zhu is unmoved. Rong Jun and Ci Ying exchange their marriage gifts. Zai Lin and Qi Jun never know that Rong Jun's friends are so hard to deal with. They have to give them a lot of money and the one carrying the gifts is his lawyer friend. He complains that the cuttlefish mask stinks but all prevent him to take it off!

The two get married and Shan Zhu congratulates them. In contrast, Shang Min and Min Zhu sign the divorce papers and he quits from her company. He goes on a holiday but can't help feeling upset. On the other hand, Ci Ying and Rong Jun return from their honeymoon. They are amused when they find the congratulation message in their room at night. Grandmother Yin is reluctant to let them leave the next day.

Grandmother Son likes Zhi Xun so much that she prepares a room full of toys for him. Zhi Xun is also filial to her by letting her eat the biscuits first. This makes her like him even more. Rong Jun is amused that Ci Ying doesn't place the effort to let Zhi Xun study characters or numbers at all. He promises to teach him. The family is happy together. Shan Zhu is delighted when Jun He stays and is still her manager.

He feels lonely when he moves out and Yu Luo visits him. The girl even asks why the photo he places at home doesn't contain Min Zhu because she finds those at home. Yun Qi is angry that Grandmother Yin refuses to tell him where Zhi Xun studies and leaves now. Li Na asks Min Zhu for maintenance fees and Yun Qi is angry with her. Rong Jun hopes that he can get Zhi Xun's custody for being a caring father.

Ci Ying isn't surprised to know of the divorce. She refuses to let Shang Min see Zhi Xun - not just a few days before the verdict, not even an hour of it. They should wait till he has the rights then. He is considered a beast to her, trying to confuse her son that he has two fathers. Shang Min finds a new job at another company while Min Zhu's company is in trouble in getting more deals.

Shan Zhu treats Zai Lin as a friend now and Jun He accompanies her to meet the couple. Mei Ling throws tantrums when Mr Luo only buys a 'child recital' poem scroll for her mother. After Mr Luo buys one to pacify her, she feels sorry about it. Rong Jun is remorseful to give Grandmother Son a hard time when young to cause her to walk with difficulty now.

Rong Jun gets the court letter to inform that he is being used for making false claims to make Zhi Xun his son. Ci Ying cries over it and ignores Shang Min when he tries to meet her. Jun He and Shan Zhu start their romance now. Mrs Luo blames Mr Luo for spending money on cds on their unborn child and demands to have his credit card. He cries, his family is most important to him and they make him happy. Mrs Luo feels bad and it is her turn to cry this time.

Qi Jun hopes to have meals with Na Ying's family and Zai Lin tells him not to harbour hopes on her to do the cooking. She does know how to do it at all but Grandmother Yin promises to teach her. Shang Min has a checkup and discovers that he has liver cancer and it is in the last stage. He refuses to believe and spends time reading on information instead. Rong Jun gets to know from Min Zhu about their divorce.

Mei Ling nearly has a miscarriage as she goes out shopping too often. Zai Lin has a fright being awakened in the middle of the night to rush her to hospital. Mrs Luo feels so ashamed by it as she doesn't overwork to cause it. Ci Ying still rejects to let Yun Qi or Shang Min see Zhi Xun because they don't keep promises and might reveal the truth to hurt him. Shang Min gets drunk and returns home. He hugs Min Zhu but is upset to see that she has placed their wedding photos aside.

Shang Min tells Rong Jun that he has given up on Zhi Xun. Zhi Xun has fun learning rolling blading with Rong Jun. He has once been confused with his surname 'Yin' but now claims to others that his surname is 'Zheng' now. Shang Min resigns from his new job and returns to places he has gone before to recall the past. He starts writing diaries to give Yu Luo.Yun Qi finds it strange that Shang Min quits and that he refuses to sign on the documents to register Zhi Xun as his son.

Zai Lin gives Mei Ling flowers and doesn't blame her for giving him a scare. From this incident, he discovers how important she and the baby are to him. Jun He and Shan Zhu start dating and enjoy each other's company. Shang Min goes on holiday with her. Shang Min still doesn't get hospitalized and his doctor has to reveal his condition to Min Zhu. Min Zhu breaks the sad news to Rong Ai and both find it hard to take the shock. Min Zhu tries in vain to persuade him and has to give in to him.

Shang Min cuts the trip short because he is unwell. Yun Qi presses him to register Zhi Xun again. Now, things have changed since Ci Ying gets married and Shang Min has to get her for the records. Shang Min threatens to end his relationship with Yun Qi is he insists of doing that. Mei Ling sees that Mr Luo's eyesight is failing and gets vitamins for him from the pharmacy. He is so touched when she comes with Zai Lin to see him that he weeps. Ci Ying gets hysterical when Yun Qi stalks Zhi Xun.

Qi Jun is displeased that Na Ying's senior is wooing her and she gets softened. In the meantime, Shan Zhu is past caring with reporters tailing her and still goes out with Jun He.

Rong Jun decides to apply for a court order to stop him. Shang Min finally gives in to Min Zhu to stay in hospital. But he wants her to lie to Yun Qi that he has gone on holiday as he fears that he can't take the shock. Yun Qi is displeased that Shang Min still has the mood to do that on 'ancestors praying' day. (It is just like our Chinese 'Qing Ming' festival.) Other families are doing it. Grandmother Yin is shocked to know to know that Yun Qi reveals to Zhi Xun that his father is still alive after the praying session.

Jun He's mother opposes to Shan Zhu to be with Jun He but he insists of being with her. thw wo families are overjoyed to know that Ci Ying is pregnant. Shang Min apologises to Ci Ying for causing the trouble but he believes that Yun Qi will not kidnap Zhi Xun.

Grandmother Son, Ci Ying and Zhi Xun see Shang Min and Min Zhu at the hospital. Min Zhu later reveals to Rong Jun that Shang Min is dying. He then tells Ci Ying the sad news. They wonder if they should let Zhi Xun visit him. Yun Qi has no mood to film movies because he keeps thinking of Zhi Xun. Na Ying is in a bad mood and scolds Mei Ling for resting to let Grandmother Yin work so hard. Mei Ling is too angry and runs home despite Grandmother Yin calling her. Mrs Luo suggests to them moving out but Mr Luo forbids it. She should be thankful to have someone taking care of her future child.

There is bound to be conflicts but he is sure that things will work it out. He has grown up as an orphan and thus understands loneliness. Shan Zhu is shocked to know that Jun He moves out in order to protest against his mother. Min Zhu is unable to persuade Shang Min to return home with her. So she brings Yu Luo to have a meal with him at his home to give him support. Ci Ying finally gives in to let Yun Qi visit Zhi Xun after Shang Min visits him. Min Zhu has requested her to let them meet before he dies. The couple is devastated that the treatment doesn't work on him and Shang Min has to seek a new cure.

Mei Ling and Na Ying quarrel when Mei Ling refuses to fold Na Ying's clothes. Rong Xi is thinking of asking Shang Min to stay with them to take care of him. Ci Ying confesses to Rong Jun that she is selfish as she dwells on the past to be hesitant to let the father and son meet when he is still alive. She meets Shang Min to tell him that but he will rather see Zhi Xun from far than to reveal his identity to him. Suddenly, he has a relapse and Ci Ying sends him to hospital. The doctor tells Min Zhu to expect more of this to happen.

Grandmother Son lets Min Zhu get organic food from her farm to give to Shang Min. Shang Min comes to give Yu Luo her story books but she isn't at home. The maid sobs to tell him to take care. Zai Lin is too bored by the quarrels that he gets drunk. He often feels the heartache when seeing Na Ying. She lsoes their father at 12 and loses their mother at 18. Why doesn't Mei Ling share the love that she gets from her parents? Mei Ling gets softhearted upon seeing him weeping and promises to treat her better.

But they quarrel again the next day - Na Ying accuses Mei Ling of washing her clothes deliberately as it mustn't be hand washed. Mei Ling complains this to Zai Lin again and he gets angry this time. Qi Jun offers to buy her a new dress so as to appease her. Later, he buys baby shoes for her to pass to Mei Ling so they reconcile. Yun Qi knows of Shang Min's illness and gets very upset. His condition worsens after he goes with Yu Luo to the zoo. But he decides to reject treatment so as to spend more time with his family.

Min Zhu is at her wits end and begs Yun Qi for his help. The two families gather at Rong Jun's house to celebrate his birthday. Na Ying and Mei Ling choose a present for him. Ci Ying puts her photo in the wallet for him. Rong Jun tells Shang Min not to give up when he comes to invest for Yun Qi's future needs. Na Ying finally confirms her relationship with Qi Jun while Shan Zhu also tells Rong Ai her determination to be with Jun He. Shang Min brings Zhi Xun to the zoo and recalls how he nearly loses him by telling Ci Ying to have the abortion. Ci Ying sobs upon recalling how she craves for oranges when pregnant with Zhi Xun when Rong Jun gets her a fruit basket.

Rong Jun tells Ci Ying that they must tell Zhi Xun about Shang Min being his father as he is already doubtful of their relationship. Yun Qi is heartbroken that Shang Min's doctor declares him having no hope for recovery and Shang Min is giving up. Especially when he is given his account books, he gets so depressed that he gets drunk. Ci Ying tells Zhi Xun about his parentage. He finds it too difficult to accept it and avoids seeing Shang Min when he comes. Shang Min sighs - why must they tell him the truth?

It is Christmas and Zhi Xun gets a toy. All guesses that Shang Min sends it. He pretends to be a Santa Claus and cries when Yu Luo refuses to get a doll. She only wants a medicine to cure her father. Ci Ying brings Zhi Xun to see Shang Min and Zhi Xun cries, calling him father for the first time. Shang Min apologizes to Ci Ying for causing so much hurt to her. Ci Ying decides to let Zhi Xun know how much Shang Min loves him when he is older.

Shan Zhu refuses to get married or give up her job because of Jun He. Both still give each other rings. Mei Ling gives birth to a daughter and Grandmother Yin coaxes her to have another child soon. Qi Xun and Na Ying get married but they love quarrelling with each other - to threaten to let others know that they are still 'single'. Mei Ling gives the baby clothes to Ci Ying before her child is born. Mrs Luo gives birth to a son and Mr Luo is overjoyed that he is here before his 60th birthday 2 years later. Mei Ling realizes how hard Mrs Luo is to bring her up.

Min Zhu tells Rong Jun that she realizes that she is in love with Shang Min all along and she is silly to break up with him because of jealousy or strong self-esteem. Shang Min tapes whatever he wants to say to Yu Luo in future and also arranges her photos. He passes away after marrying Min Zhu. The tomatoes that Shang Min grows with Yu Luo become bigger. She and Yu Luo miss him more and more. Rong Jun takes a photo with his family after his baby daughter is born.

Favourite character
Zhi Xun - very endearing to all. Close second is Yu Luo who shows closeness to Shang Min. Maybe I have a soft spot for little children and they act quite well too, putting many experienced artistes in shame.

Most hated character
Shang Min - he has done too many evil deeds to make Min Zhu and Ci Ying unhappy.

'Lost journey' is sung by a female singer. It is a very touching song.

Interesting facts
This serial wins the special award for educating Koreans about the Korean family registry system. It is also publicly known as the most touching serial in 2003. (Sorry but I don't feel it this way.) China viewers even followed it faithfully when it was shown daily at 11pm.

The cast cracked up and laughed non-stop upon knowing that Kim Ho Jin was going to play the present life 'Chen Shi Mei'. They have known him to be a caring husband to Kim Ji Ho and loving father to their daughter. But all are won over by his splendid acting later.

Yeon Jung Hoon and Han Ka In married in 2005 after this serial sparkle their romance off-screen. They claimed that this serial made them realize the importance of love and they treasured their love too. They did not think that they married too young. The guests invited included cast from the serial and also 'Sad Sonata'. All jokingly said that this serial was the best matchmaker.


I don't really like this drama as it is too draggy or repetitive for many scenes. Shang Min always asks Ci Ying out to repeat the same words. This is so sickening when the stupid Ci Ying obeys him all the time. And the continuous way Grandmother Son yelling repeatedly that she opposes to Rong Jun marrying Ci Ying causes zero excitement. The last thing that I can take is the producer obviously forgets that Ci Ying should have a bigger stomach after a few months! How can she keep from Min Zhu for so long?

The children steal the show. Shang Min could have saved himself the headache by adopting a son. But girls are also cute and filial, aren't they? Yu Luo will try to pretend to blow the pain away from Shang Min when he feels painful. The part where she requests for a cure or going out happily with Shang Ming will also send tears to all. Zhi Xun's drawing of Rong Jun as his birthday present is also touching.

I don't think that the serial touches much on the traditional values. Probably more on love, kinship and filial piety. Shang Min really asks for it - his obstinate and selfish nature must have inherited from Yun Qi. It must be retribution to make him suffer in the end to lose everything - his health, his job and his family. But from there, he finally realizes how important they are to him and it is a consolation to have family support in the end. This serial does tell us to be contented and treasure what we have.

Sukting's ratings :

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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