Kwong Wah 江華 , 江华

Kwong Wah


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江華 , 江华
Real Name:
陳木華 (陈木华) / Chan Mu Wa (Chen Mu Hua)
Date of Birth:
November 19, 1962
Place of Birth:
Hong Kong
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Singing, Movies, Sports

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Name : Kwong Wah.

Also Known As : 阿華 (Ah Hua) / Kwong Wah / Kong Wah.

Birthday : 19 November, 1962.

Chinese Horoscope : Tiger.

Zodiac Sign : Scorpio.

Birthplace : Hong Kong.

Race : Teochew.

Languages Spoken : Cantonese, Mandarin, Chui Chow Dialect.

Family : Mother, Elder Brother & Sister.

Status : Married on December 1992.

- Wife = Kitman.
- August 93 - Son.
- June 95 - Daughter.

Favourite Subjects : Chinese, Sports.

Dislike Subjects : Maths, English.

Favourite Sports : Volley Ball, Basketball, Running, Swimming.

Favourite Food : Beijing, Japanese, French Cruisine (But, now a full-time VEGETARIAN).

Favourite Colour : Black, White, Beige, Gold, Silver.

Favourite Actors : Robert De Niro, Chow Yun Fatt.

Favourite Singers: Faye Wong, Kitman Mak.

Favorite People : All Who Support Him.

Favorite Number : 7.

Favorite Place : Hong Kong.

Favorite Pets : Birds, Dogs.

Favourite Attire: White Tee, Jeans, Small Cap, Business Suits.

Dislike Attire : Ancient Costumes.

Body Part He Likes On Himself : Hands.

Body Part He Dislikes On Himself : Hair.

Inborn Talents : Acting, Eloquence.

Most Afraid of : Flying On a Plane.

Lucky Colors : Gold, Silver, Brown.

Unforgettable Experiences :

- Boarded a plane which plunged thousands of feet.
- Won 1990 "Most Outstanding Newcomer" Hong Kong Film award.
- Signed contract with TVB with a fat pay cheque.

Favourite Words : Dim Ah?! (How?)

Dislike Characters: Rude people and "shoe-polishers".

Most Enjoyable Moments : Sleep, Bath, Dinning in good environment.

Best Birthday Celebration : No need to work, had a big feast with family.

Puppy Love : 12 years old, the lucky girl was his classmate ^^ .

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Strange Tales of Liao Zhai 2005 (Chinese TV Series)

The Conqueror's Story 2004 (TVB Series)

Riches and Stitches 2004 (TVB Series)

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow 2003 (TVB Series)

In the Realm of Fancy 2002 (TVB Series)

Seven Sisters 2001 (TVB Series)

A Step into the Past 2001 as Lao Ai (TVB Series)

Crimson Sabre 2000 as Lord Golden Snake Ha Shuet Yee (TVB Series)

The Legend of Lady Yang 2000 (TVB Series)

Feminine Masculinity 1999 (TVB Series)

Happy Ever After 1999 (TVB Series)

Journey to the West II 1997 (TVB Series)

Lady Flower Fist 1997 as Fong Duk (TVB Series)

Journey to the West 1996 (TVB Series)

I Have a Date With Spring 1995 (ATV TV Series)

Secret Battle of the Majesties 1994 (ATV TV Series)

Who is the Winner III 1993 (ATV TV Series)

Silver Tycoon 1993 (ATV TV Series)

The Good Fella from Temple Street 1991 (ATV TV Series)

Return to the Truth 1991 (ATV TV Series)



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