Love In Louis Cha's Novels

*Written by Linda.

It may have occurred to everyone already that all of Louis Cha's novels concern 'everlasting love' but has anyone ever noticed that it is always, and I repeat always, the male who has love problems because he is in love or likes more then one girl at a time? And also, let's say if their lover died or left for a very long time, the guys can seem to move on but the girls can't. If a guy was in love with a girl and she doesn't love him back, he'll be sad for a while then move on, but in Louis Cha's stories, if a girl was in love with a guy, and he doesn't love her, she'll NEVER move on, she'll always be sad--that's just so unfair.

Mind the language, but I totally think that Louis Cha is so so so BIASED. If his stories just came out now, I would have charged him with Gender Discrimination. This can be seen in almost every single one of his novels, and he only wrote 11.

'The Legend of the Condor Heroes' (LOCH)- (I'm Viet so I call characters by their Viet names) Quach Tinh (the main good guy) had three girls totally in love with him (in the book). One was the princess Hoa Trang, who even if she knew that he didn't love her, still loved him and stay singled for the rest of her life for him. Hoang Dung (leading female), needless to say she married him so she still loved him. Duong Qua's, (main character for "The Condor Lovers") mother (in the book, they changed it, he had a different mother, not Moc Niem Tu who was in love with the main evil guy in LOCH) was in love with Quach Tinh, and although he knew that he didn't love her, she still loved him to the very end. And lastly, Moc Niem Tu, she was so in love with Duong Khang that when he died she committed suicide (in the book), but on the other hand the guys weren't like that.

I know that Quach Tinh only loved Hoang Dimg but what about Duong Khang, he loved Moc Niem Tu, but when he realised that she isn't going to be with him unless he left all his riches and kill his adopted father, he decided that he didn't love her any more, so he went and liked Duong Qua's real mother, Tan Nam Cam. Like hello, how can girls be totally in love with one guy, and not be allowed to love anyone else but the guys can change so quickly?

'Legend of the Condor Lovers'- Ok, now let's start counting how many girls were in love with Duong Qua:

1. Tieu Long Nu (main leading female character)

2. Hoang Nhan Binh (this girl at the start wanted to kill this guy but couldn't defeat him and Duong Qua help her, but she ended up not killing the guy anyway, she couldn't bring herself to do it because the only reason he lost to her is because he tried to stop her from committing suicide)

3. Luc Vo Song (this is the girl that had a limp)
4. Trinh Anh (Luc Vo Song's cousin, she is the disciple of West Weirdo Hoang Dung's father)

5. Cong Ton Luc Ngac (she is the daughter of the guy that lives in the cave who tried to force Tieu Long Nu to marry him, she died at the end)

Five girls were in love with Duong Qua, and guess what? They still loved him till the very end of the film. Tieu Long Nu, even with 16 years of separation, still maintained her love for him. Nguyen Nhan Binh, although did have a little fling with Vo Don Nho (one of the two guys who is in love with Quach Phu, Hoang Dung's daughter) she was just doing that to make Duong Qua jealous, but it didn't work so she stayed single for the rest of her life. Luc Vo Song and Trinh Anh both loved him and never ever even looked at another guy. Both stayed single for the rest of their lives. And Cong Ton Luc Ngac, she was the worse, she loved him so much that she even lied to her mother, stripped naked in front of her father to protect him. And she died at the end, but she still loved him. On the other hand, Vo Don Nho and Vo Tu VAn (the two brothers who was fighting over Quach PHu) both were in love with Quach Phu, but seeing that she did not love them, they both went looking for other loves, one went with Gia Luc Yen, one had a fling with Hoang Nhan Binh. That is just so unfair, all the girls had to stay in love with the same guy, but all the guys can fall in love with anyone whenever they wish.

'The Smiling Proud Wanderer'- Lenh Ho Xuan (the main guy) is at first in love with Nhac Linh Sanh (his little kung fu sister) but when she doesn't love him, he goes and loves Nham Doanh Doanh (the girl from the evil sect). Whereas Nham Doanh Doanh is in love with him and always will be. Nghi Lam (the monk girl) who was also in love with him was still in love with him till the end.

'The Demi Gods and Semi Devil'--o my god, did i hate Doan Du (the prince in one of the three main guys) or what. Moc Uyen Thanh (the girl in black who Doan Du met at the start) and Chunh Linh (a girl he met at the start then was both captured, she told him to go find her parents in that cave, where if you wanted to go in you must hit the word Doan) were both in love with him and stayed single for the rest of their lives for him. If anyone had read the book, they would have noticed that Doan Du was in love with Moc Uyen Thanh first but he didn't think she was the prettiet girl in the world therefore didn't want to marry her, he actually said that a man should marry the most beautiful woman for them not to waste their life. There's a saying that if there is no love there is no jealousy, that was expressed in much of Louis Cha's novels, and in this novel Doan Du was actually jealous because of Moc Uyen Thanh, therefore he must love her. But no, he went after Duong Ngoc Yen (the pretty girl who loved her cousin first then turn to love Doan Du). I have to say, Duong Ngoc Yen is the only girl that's ever changed her mind in love.

'Duke of Mount Dear'-- this is the worse one yet. i don't believe that a guy can be in love with more then one girl at a time, let alone seven. In actual fact, he didn't love the Princess, it was only because she was pregnant with his child and didn't let him go that's why he married her. But all seven were in love with him (except for the Wife of the leader of that evil sect) and they stayed loyal to him.

In conclusion, it is so unfair that Louis Cha's novel always makes the female be the one who understands the words 'everlasting love', it is on rare occasions that you find a guy who understands it too. That is why I find that if Louis Cha is going to write more stories, let him see the fact that we women aren't always going to be the one waiting for you men to turn around. Love is a two way thing, if it's a one way street, then let us do a u-turn.

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