200 Pounds Beauty



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200 Pounds Beauty

Reviewed by: dianas July 03, 2007

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Cast: Hanna (Kim Ah-jung) Sang Jun (Ju Jin-mo) Kim Yong-geon Kim Hyeon-sook Im Hyeon-sik Synopsis: Hanna is an overweight lip sync vocalist for a singer, Ammy, as well as a part time phone sex worker. She hides behind in the back stage because of her ugly appearance. She has a father who is currently in the mental hospital and she had been cheated of her money due to her naive nature. She is in love with Sang-Jun (Ammy's music producer) and was once humiliated...

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200 Pounds Beauty

Reviewed by: sanpellegrino June 05, 2007

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Believe in the hype. 200 Pounds Beauty not only boasts an excellent cast (laden with hot guys and girls) but is a hilarious, sharp, and profoundly touching movie. Summary/Spoiler Kang Hanna (Kim Ah Jung), 200 pounds, fat and unattractive works as a singer. Only she's actually singing backstage for a beautiful Ammy, a superficial once-backstage-dancer who simply can't sing. Hanna is head over heals for the music company's director Sang-Jun (the gorgeous Joo Jin Moo). After a post-show party, Kang...

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03-27-2009 09:35 AM


its funny but she cried too much it was pretty annoying


06-20-2008 10:41 PM


Such a great movie! its sad, funny, and romantic all in one movie. i recommend it to everyone!!


05-21-2008 11:21 AM




01-20-2008 08:49 AM


i like this movie!! it's a funny, romantic and dramatic movie. Hanna role in this movie show that no body is perfect and beauty can come from true heart. love sometimes can be painful and at the same time make you realize who you loved.

Luce del mondo

12-27-2007 03:21 PM


This movie is so hilarious. I really enjoyed watching this movie because it's so inspirational and romantic...ish. Hanna did the best that she could do to reach her dreams and she did! She gets really hurt in the beginning by the one that she loved. But in the end he falls for her and hopefully they end up happily ever after.

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