A Frozen Flower




Language: Korean

Ethnic Title: 쌍화점

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The Goryeo era in the history of Korea was marked by turbulent and difficult relations with the Yuan Dynasty in China. It is during this time period that A Frozen Flower takes place, with the King (Ju Jin-mo) organizing a special group of royal guards given the name Kunryongwe. He appoints Hong Lim (Jo In-sung) as the leader of this group, and their relationship quickly becomes one of captivation and intensity. As this relationship develops the Queen (Song Ji-hyo) stands in the background, keeping her eyes on both the King and Hong Lim. With political pressures from the Yuan mounting due to the lack of an acceptable heir to the Goryeo throne the King must make a move. Making a brash and disagreeable choice the King secretly orders Hong Lim to sleep with the Queen so that an heir to the throne can be born. Now the King, Queen, and Hong Lim must deal with the aftermath of the creation of a love triangle that is complex, captivating, and often dangerous.


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A Frozen Flower

Reviewed by: sukting August 29, 2009

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

How long 2 hours 15 min Foreword 'A Frozen Flower' was said to be the Korean version of 'Lust, Caution'. This film breaks Korea's box-office records in 3 days when shown in the cinemas in 2008. It is also Jo In Sung's last movie before he went for his national service. Do you also wish to know why Ju Jin Mo won the best actor award at Baksung awards ceremony? This is my second Korean RA movie after 'Untold Scandal'. I...

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10-01-2009 05:51 AM


It was good a movie, but it could be better.
I admire the courage of the three actors, who all did an absolutely amazing job in their own way. Joo Jin Moo truly deserves the Best Actor Award (look at his eyes!! they tell every emotion!).
What I missed is the depth of the inner struggle that Hong Lim was dealing with. At one side his love or his responsibility to love the king, and at the other side the queen.

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