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Reviewed by: sukting

December 19, 2009

Rating: two-point-five

2 hours

It is a story on high school pupils pursuing their musician dream. Are
they successful in the end?


Toru (Hayato Ichihara), Akira (Tasuku Emoto) and Tetsuo (Yuta Hiraoka)
are senior high school students in Okinawa. Yui (Mao Inoue) is
considered a tomboy but is close to them. The four of them find their
life boring and wish to do something different.

Andy Clarence (Konishiki) marries Mina (Sayaka Yamaguchi) much to the
annoyance of Tetsuo’s father Katsuji (Yutaka Matsushige)and Ichi
(Gori).She is their first love and they don’t think Andy deserves her.
The boys are forced to wear kiminos and apply white makeup to perform
an item, much to the amusement of the guests. Both men even fight at
the wedding dinner and the usually demure Mina has to shout through
the microphone in a fiery voice to stop them from ruining her wedding.
Toru works part-time at an aquarium as a cleaner. He meets Nagisa
(Ayumi Ito) and gets infatuated after she saves him from drowning. She
is a waitress but enjoys music too. Yui has trouble selling some
concert tickets and coaxes the guys to buy them by claiming that hot
chicks also go to watch it. They end up hiring a cab the whole day and
becomes friends with Shigeo (Kawada).

They see a concert of Workaholic, an up-and-coming hip-hop band that
is famous recently. One member, Ryota (Tetsuji Tamayama) shows a
lively performance with nice tunes and daring poses. Toru sees Nagisa
again but he doesn’t know that she is Ryota's girlfriend. Toru and his
buddies get thrilled to see female fans at the concert. They start
their own band "098," the area phone code for Okinawa Prefecture.
They try introducing their music to the old folks but they hardly know
what they want to present. The band gets a chance to perform an
opening act in Workaholic's concert. Toru is chosen to do the MC. They
are no good at instruments and go through the instruction manual
frantically. They secretly borrow instruments from the school when
their teacher, Chisa (Hiroki Kawata) attends to phone calls in
arranging blind dates.

Yui helps them out as she has a crush on Toru but never has the
courage to tell him. She ends up kicking him into the sea instead when
Toru challenges her to tell her loved one as he himself doesn’t dare
to tell Nagisa about his feelings. Toru yells as he doesn’t know why
this happens to him.

They try Japan's traditional instrument, shamisen to hone their music
skills. The boys also find help from Yui's elder sister, Mina. She
sews their costumes while Andy teaches the guys how to move to the
beat of rap music. Even though they try their best, their performance
on the day ends up a complete flop as their music sound terrible. They
have lied that they have won awards before but their ability do not
fit it.

Fans throw paper cups on stage. Ryota even chides them for playing
hollow music when his band replaces them in performing. The two band
members break into a fight and Toru injures his palm. Chisa reprimands
them and they give up their dream. Toru hears about Nagisa and Ryota
going out together. But Nagisa cites that she feels insecure as she is
2 years older than him and he is very unsettled.

She plans to return to Tokyo. Toru tries to tell Ryota about her
intention and later bursts into tears in Yui’s arms after being a
loser in love. Toru’s father, Kazuko (Satoko Oshima) is very
supportive while Akira’s father, Shuichiro (Shingo Yanagisawa) chides
him for wasting time. He only ponders over his act under Kazuko’s

Tetsuo says he is thinking about going to a university in Tokyo. He
has a crush on Yui but knowing that she likes Toru, he steps out. The
boys decide to hit the stage just one more time - for Nagisa (Toru’s
way of showing his affection for her) and for themselves. Seeing how
Chisa still harbours hopes to get his future wife after countless
failures, they decide not to give up.

They paint the stage with Andy’s and Mina’s help. On the day of their
performance, they do the gig in the heavy rain. Their classmates,
teacher, parents, Nagisa and Ryota turn up. Ryota has seen the flyer
on the concert and comes to tell Nagisa to return to him. Shigeo
happens to be the driver for Nagisa and puts the luggage back in
Ryota’s car. Although sad, Toru wish them well and put the matter
behind his head. He playfully thrusts Yui into the water. Their two
other friends join them and have fun.


It is similar to ‘Swing Girls’ and ‘Waterboys’ in their musical
direction. But it pales in comparison as it gets too dull on how teen
crushes have a low percentage of success. It is funny at times but
unrealistic. It has a boring 30 minutes to show how restless the boys
are, the next 30 minutes when the boys get interested in music,
another 30 minutes to get booed on stage and the final 30 minutes to
prepare for their beach concert.

I only like how the film handles the guys’ relationship with their
fathers and the wedding. It does offer surprises and show chemistry in
these scenes. And yes, the scenery is breathtaking. The sea water is
crystal clear and you will have the urge to swim in it! This movie is
more suitable for teens and adults may not find it appealing as it is
too childish.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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