Death Note 2 – The Last Name

Reviewed by: sukting

August 22, 2010

Rating: three-point-five

How long
2 hours 30 minutes

Light and L compete with each other even though they have not met in Part 1. They start to battle their wits openly in this sequel. Who will emerge as the winner? This is a close translation of the continution of the manga of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba.


Amane Misa(Erika Toda)is an artiste. finds a Death Note after nearly getting killed by a stalker. She sees Rem (dubbed by Shinnosuke Ikehata) , another shinigami who saves her. She gets the second Death Note from her. Light (Tatsuya Fujiwara) and the others attend Shiror’s funeral. Light acts as if that he is very heartbroken and vows to seek revenge.

Ryuk observes aside and tries so hard not to laugh. Light wants to catch Kira…himself?! Light is brought to L (Kenchi Matsuyama) and both have a chess game. Light checkmates L and vows that he will prove his innocence by catching Kira. Takada Kiyomi (Nana Katase) is a understudy reporter who works at Sakura TV and keeps tracking Kira’s actions.

The producer and her senior do not like her for voicing her support for Kira. Misa sends a tape to Sakura TV. Sakura TV plays the tape and shows that she also can kill – she kills a rival host who opposes Kira. A message from the second Kira, appears on the tv when the tv station shows a festival. The second Kira supports the first Kira. Whoever opposes to Kira will die. She wants to make this world a better place to live in. Misa also offers to help Kira. She has the eye to kill for him.

Police officers who run over to help die of heart attacks when they try to stop the broadcast. One of them is Kenzo Mogi (Shin Shimizu), a police officer in Soichiro’s (Takeshi Kaga) team who wants to catch Kira. Sayu (Hikari Mitsushima) shouts at the murderer onto the screen as she is close to Mogi.

The police officers who are at the headquarters wanted to rush onto the scene are stopped by L. He says that this Kira is more ruthless to kill with a face. The first Kira doesn’t kill as reckless as this one. A van appears into the scene. A guy wears a helmet turns up and asks Sayu if she is alright. He is Soichiro. He smashes the camera and shoots the wires to stop the broadcast. Misa is about to leave the station, knowing that the filming of her show is to be cancelled.

Soichiro demands Sakura TV to stop the broadcast. Light gets into the investigation team and wants to seek out the second Kira. He arrives at the scene, and is relieved that Sayu is alright. Misa sees Light and knows that he is Kira. She has the shinigami eyes but she can’tsee his lifespan. She gets Light’s details and goes to his house. Sayu is excited that Light has a celebrity girlfriend.

Misa offers to help Light by giving him her Death Note. She is grateful to Light for revenging her parents’ death when the murderer is let go as a free man. She wants him to be her boyfriend. Light has to give in to her although they will arouse suspision from the cops. Rem threatens Light that if Misa is to be hurt, she will kill him. Light sees that Rem is protective towards Misa as she has lost half her lifespan. Rem knows what kind of person Light is.

Misa is tricked to reply to a audio recording. She reveals some important details about the properties of the Death Note and also about a shinigami. So Light begins to panic. The next day, Light is in school when he sees L in a pig mask. Misa appears to look for Light and Light is shocked.

Misa opens L’s mask and sees L’s real name as numbers start appearing on top of his head with his real name in her eyes. But she gets kidnapped by L. Light calls Misa’s hand phone and is surprised to see it with L. L tells Light to stop coming to the headquarters and that Misa will be locked up. Misa at first does not say anything and the police officers feel bad.

On the fifth day, Misa starts to ask them to kill her. Rem makes Misa give up the ownership of Death Note. This will make Misa lose memories of the death note. Rem then wants Light to save her. Light then plans everything. He also volunteers to be locked up in a separate room. He tells Rem to give the Death Note to Kiyomi. She follows Rem’s instructions to kill the criminals.

Kiyomi is displeased of being the second fiddle news broadcaster for a long time. So through the death note, she kills her to replace. She keeps siding for Kira in all her news and so all know that she is the third Kira. L and the police task force then finds out the truth so they trap Kiyomi.

Matsuda (Sota Aoyama) pretends to be a reporter to blakcmail Kiyomi. She panics and trades for the Shinigami’s eyes. She drives to Sakura TV to kill him before he can expose her. However, what she sees on TV is only a doll. So she is arrested. She reveals the truth of the Kira’s methods to the police.

So L and the whole police task force see the Shimigami, Rem when they touch the death note that Kiyomi drops. Light also picks up the Death Note to remember everything. All of them have a shock of their lives – this inclues L as he stares into the open space. Light writes Kiyomi’s name using his blood on a hidden Death Note paper which he keeps in his watch. This silences Kiyomi and she dies.

The Death Note is now with the police. Light writes one new rule in the Death Note. If a new name is not written within the 13 days, that person will die. So he and Misa are innocent. Light tells Misa to get the Death Note that Ryuk gives him from the forest. He has buried it there before going to the police station. Misa recalls everything but not L’s real name so she begins to kill as Light wants her to do.

Soichiro and the other members walk away, leaving only L and Light behind. Soichiro offers to bring the Death Note to the U.S. L brings Misa to him. He wants to use himself as a bait. If he dies, Misa and Light are Kira. Rem hears that so she kills L’s assistant, Watari (Shunji Fujimura) and L to protect Misa.

Light forces Rem to kill herself so as to prolong Misa’s lifespan and help her. But Rem burns the book so as to prevent Light from getting the Death Note. She turns to sand because of this. Misa gives Light the Death Note. Light with this book, tells Soichiro to bring the other Death Note back. Soichiro walks towards Light. He can’t believe that his son writes his name in the Death Note.

Light is sure that Soichiro will forgive him. Soichiro finds the Death Note missing. L re-appears with the other members and Misa is handcuffed. Light doesn’t understand why L is still alive. The reason is the book that Misa holding is fake. Light scolds her for betraying him. But it is actually L to ask Watari to exchange the Death Note book.

Watari’s death is the only mistake that L makes. Soichiro can’t believe it that Light is Kira till L has written his own name on the Death Note book. L has stated that he will die 28days after this due to a heart attack. So Rem can’t kill him now. He has put his life on stake and that makes Soichiro disaapointed with Light.

Light gets hysterical and then tries to use his hidden death note paper that he keeps. He is shot at the leg and hand. He chases after the paper and fails. So he shouts at Ryuk. Ryuk appears and Light begs Ryuk for help. So the team has another shock of seeing Ryuk.

Ryuk agreeds to write a name, and Light laughs. Light wants to see the name. It turns out to be… Yagami Light – himself! Light frantically tells Ryuk that this is just the beginning so he can’t die yet. Ryuk tells Light that it is enough.

Misa cries and Soichiro goes to Light when he has a heart attack. Light dies in his arms, unrepentent. Ryuk asks L if he will use the Death Note book. L replies that it is the dealiest weapon on Earth and he will burn both Death Notes. Kira’s death will also not be known to the world to avoid commotion.

Ryuk flies away, citing that it is too boring. L is later in the office playing chess with himself. Soichiro is upset over the event. L has told the ICPO but they do not believe him. He asks Soichiro about his family. They are still taking it hard. L reveals that he has no parents but he believes that Soichiro is a good father. L wants to be alone. Soichiro salutes to L as L’s eyes are closed.

One year later, it is Light’s birthday. Sayu and Light’s mother Sachiko (Michiko Godai) make a cake for him. They recall their happy times together. Misa is in her room where there are many candles. She cannot remember anything about death note as it is destroyed. She wishes Light happy birthday. She notices that she forgets something really important.

Sayu brings a umbrella to Soichiro as it is snowing. Both of them talk about Light. Now that Kira is gone, crime rate has gone up again. Soichiro asks if Sayu wants Kira to come back. Her answer is no as Kira has killed Light. Soichiro lies to her that Light has fought to the very end with Kira so Sayu cries. Just then, Ryuk is seen flying in the sky, looking for another user for Death Note.

Most favourite character
L, he is getting more and more intelligent. Even Light can’t read his mind and can’t outsmart him, as usual.

Most hated character
Misa, she is simply childish to be in her own world, not knowing how to deal with human lives seriously. That is why L can detect right away that she isn’t Kira as Kira doesn’t even need to come up with the tape.


Japan runs out of good and potential actors these days. Death Note opens the route to two promising stars, Kenichi and Tatsuya. From watching the two movies, it is like two battle rings between them to let them display their acting skills to the fullest.

It is nominated for 2006 Asian film awards for best screenwriter and also best new talent at 2007 Yokohama Film Festival. Kenichi won the best new talent award for his role as L. I must say that he deserves the recognition for doing so well in both movies. I admired his acting as L – he has scaled to greater heights for this movie. He is even more into this role than Part 1. He is L walking out from the manga itself.

As compared to the manga, this movie is commendable for making the change to get L to sacrifice himself. The original has L killed by Light through the Death Note. I must say that the movie is very different from how I think and expect. It is better to read the manga before watching it otherwise you will lose your way when watching it. The director has forgotten that not everyone has read the manga.

I like this movie as it has the essential parts together and gets rid of the unnecessary parts. The third Kira of Takada is an interesting addition. It can be tedious and hard for me to accept at first. Takada in the manga is meant to be Light’s classmate and girlfriend when he gets into university but he still keeps his identity of Kira from her. But there is no romantic element here. Her story comes after Misa when Light graduates and grows older to join the police force. How does she become an adult while he doesn’t?

What I do not like is how foolish Misa is towards Light. How can she be so gullible to obey him – doesn’t lives mean anything to her after her parents’ deaths? It is only fun to see her crying when Light is dying after she laughs to think that L is dying for good. It is not love but pure admiration towards an idol. It is not the actress’s fault but the manga’s fault to make her so irritating and brainless. The cuteness is overplayed. Credits must also be given to Takeshi Kaga as Soichiro. He shows a lot of depth of being torn between law and family ties well.

By right, a shinigami should be unfeeling but Rem is like Misa’s guarding star. But I still don’t know L’s name at the end!! I did a search on the net and it said that it is Lawliet. The story will be uninteresting if L is an adult so he is made to be as young as Light.

It is sad that Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light plays a supporting role this time. Somehow, I find his Light deprived of feelings all along. No doubt Light only loves himself but can’t he act more passionate to the girls who love him? No wonder the police is not convinced that he isn’t Kira. He comes across as if everything is dong plainly and normally. There isn’t any excitement at all in the supposedly thrilling scenes.

Light should look evil or even devilish but Tatsuya promises little of it. He is also awkward in romantic scenes so they are reduced to a minimal. I only like the parts where Light is forced to save his own skin. That shows the sad ending of a villain. That is the only part that he throws in the emotions with 100% feel! On the whole, it is a good movie. Manga and also all L fans should never skip this.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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