Death Note

Reviewed by: AnhThu

April 13, 2007

Rating: four-point-five

Main Cast:

Light Yagami: Tatsuya Fujiwara
L: Ken’ichi Matsuyama
Ryuk (voice): Shido Nakamura
Shiori: Yu Kashii
Misa Amane: Erika Toda

This movie was based on the Japanese manga "Death Note" and I’m pretty sure it was a best-seller in Asia.

Plot Summary: Spoilers

This movie is about a college student named Light Yagami. One day he hacked into the FBI system and looked at the profiles and saw that some criminals never got caught or the cases is dropped. Since he wanted to become a lawyer, finding out about this made him really angry and he wanted to go see for himself whether this is true or not and it turned out that it is true. At the bar, there is a criminal there and the criminal is telling his buddies how he killed and Light overheard. He then left while it is raining and found a notebook on the ground. He picked it up and went home.

The notebook is really special. The human name that is written in the book will die and Light thought that is funny and unbelievable but he wrote the name of another criminal in the notebook and he died of a heart attack. If the death is not specified, then the human will die of a heart attack. Later, he found out that the notebook is real and so he began killing by writing the names of criminals into the book and every time, the criminals would die.

At this time, his pen name Kira, is formed and there were websites and many adored him for getting rid of the evil. Ryuk is the owner of the notebook before he dropped it and Light found it. So Ryuk stays with Light but no one could see him except for Light. I guess you could say that Ryuk is a spirit or a demon of some sort.

Though Light’s intention is good, he began to kill for other reasons, thus making him the bad guy. He does not kill to get rid of evil but for his own motives. He even killed his own girlfriend, Shiori. You see? He’s really bad and selfish. He’s really intelligent and knows how to manipulate. Ryuk, at this point, started to see that. During Light’s killings, his dad, who works for the FBI, began to investigate the cases and L aided them. He is another main character in here that secretly investigates Kira or Light with the help of the FBI, forming a group so to say. L suspected Light and still does at the end of the movie.

So the movie surrounds how L is trying to prove that Light is actually Kira and how Light hides his true identity.

At the end of the movie, Light joins in the FBI group to hunt down Kira. His purpose for this is to get close to L and the others and to stop them from finding out the truth. Sneaky isn’t he? Also at the end of the movie, another girl appears by the name of Misa. She also has another Death Note that is for her. I wonder what will happen?

About the Cast:

I found that the cast was pretty good but I can’t really judge since this is the first time I’ve ever seen them.

Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light Yagami: I found him playing his role really well except for his crying part when his girlfriend got shot, which he actually planned in his note book. That part, to me, was really funny because of his facial expression. It seemed like he was trying too hard to make that scene work. Other than that, he was pretty good.

Ken’ichi Matsuyama as L: I found him to be really attractive in the movie. I really like his personality and how he portrayed his character. His acting, to me, was great and I believed him and got into his parts. He has this mysterious effect and it’s hard to see what he is thinking, so I find that attractive.

Yu Kashii as Shiori: I found her part to be really small and I really didn’t like her in here that much. She was the innocent girlfriend who believed her boyfriend to be always good and such and there was no connection.

Erika Toda as Misa Amane: She has a small part also and her character was a cheerful girl on a show, and I didn’t quite like her either. I don’t know the reason. Maybe her role was small and I didn’t feel the connection either.

Shido Nakamura as the voice of Ryuk: I thought he did pretty well for only the voice of Ryuk.

Favorite Scenes:

My favorite scenes are with L in it. I found them cute. He likes to eat sweets a lot and in a scene he put sweets on a stick and offered it to the FBI.

Another one was how he eats. He only uses his thumb and index finger to grasp the fork and other objects and I found it so cute.

Another one was how he sits up close to the TV to watch the surveillance cameras in Light’s room. I also like the part when he places his thumb against his mouth as he sleeps or whatever. It’s so adorable. It’s like he’s a matured child.

Maybe the reason I’m attracted to him is because he slumps and I do too. That commonality probably made him my favorite character in the movie. Not just that but also his actions - he's not as cute as Tatsuya in real life but L's personality got to me.

Personal Take:

Overall, I love this movie. It’s awesome and I watched it twice. The plot is interesting and there’s a touch of action and mystery in it. The movie touches romance a bit but not too much. The overall genres are probably action, drama, and mystery with a touch of romance. This movie kept my interest level high and made me want more. It’s a seat thriller. The movie is really awesome, trust me. There’s a second part to the movie but too bad I haven’t watched it yet. The actors did great and the storyline was well-organized and the actors were pretty cute. This movie will keep you wondering and it's a worthwhile film; a must-watch!

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