Dry Wood Fierce Fire

Reviewed by: Lin

April 14, 2008

Rating: three-point-five

Main Cast:
Louis Koo as Ryan Lee
Miriam Yeung as Alice Tsui
Flora Chan as Michelle


Alice Tsui (Miriam Yeung) is a journalist who is a kung-fu expert cum herbalist. A plain Jane, she takes life in stride with her optimism and independence. When her publishing house merges with an all-men magazine, she gets to know the dashing assistant-editor, Ryan Lee (Louis Koo) and develops a crush on him. However, as fate would be, Ryan falls for his superior, Michelle (Flora Chan) and treats Alice as his best buddy. Hiding her love for him, Alice decides to aid Ryan in his quest to woo Michelle'..


With a title like 'Dry Wood Fierce Fire', it is easy to give this film a miss. However, putting aside all critical opinions, 'Dry Wood Fierce Fire' is an entertaining romantic-comedy. Having lost faith in Hongkong film productions in recent years, this movie is a refreshing surprise. Not due to the spectacular cast and romantic script but due to the absence of the familiar slapsticks antics that makes up the bulk of Hongkong comedies.

Although loosely script, the cast cleverly makes up for the potential loopholes by giving an edge to their characters. Fast becoming the 'Queen of Comedy', Miriam Yeung is always a delight to watch in a comical role. As Alice Tsui, she has a rough edge, pours her frustrations in bottles of water and demonstrates her kung-fu steps with agility. Yet she is cheerful and optimistic and is willing to go through all hardships for her love interest even if it meant hiding in a chiller.

Enter Louis Koo, the ever perfect new-age man, or so you think. Just after you decide to set an opinion on his character, he dispels all of them by fainting after a climb up a flight of stairs and demonstrates his indecisiveness from picking out his furniture to buying a necklace. As Ryan, Louis Koo is surprisingly cute. He delivers the role with a boy-next-door charm and partners Miriam Yeung perfectly well as a pair of mis-matched couple.

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