Duel To The Death

Reviewed by: Dagger Lee

January 18, 2004

Rating: four-point-five

From director Tony Ching Siu Ting comes this bloody yet great swordplay movie starring Damian Lau and Tsui Siu Keung. This is the first time I that I'm writing a review for a movie I saw as soon as I finished it. Hope you'll be satisfied with this.

It is a ritual to have Japan's and China's best swordsmen have a duel to the death every ten years. Now, it is the time for the duel. China's repesentative is Ching Wan [Damian Lau] and Japan's representative is Hashimoto [Tsui Siu Keung]. But as the duel draws closer, people attending to watch the duel disappaear and the two duelists are attacked by a mysterious ninja. It would seem that there are more things about to happen than just a duel between two great swordsmen.

The acting here was very good. I really liked how Tsui Siu Keung and Damian Lau played their roles. They played their roles with ease and satisfied me completely. Eddy Ko made an appearance and his acting was good as well. The other actors did their acting well and none of them diappointed me at all. So far, I believe the acting of the entire cast was great.

The fight scenes were incredible. They took my breath away and made me beg for more. They were so good that I felt like I was in the movie as well! The fight scenes were so impressive that I couldn't believe my own eyes! This movie had the best sword fight scenes I have ever seen in a swordplay film. The film was as good as Jet Li's Swordsman II a.k.a. The Legend of The Swordsman.

The scenery here was good. I was pleased to see that the movie didn't take place in just one location over and over again. I would usually get bored if that happened. The scenery was okay but wasn't that great as in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. However, I loved the setting for the final duel betwen Ching Wan and Hashimoto. It was at a cliff next to the ocean and looked really deadly if one of them fell down.

Conclusion: I recommend this movie to anyone who likes swordplay films. It shows how good Tony Ching is as a director of action films and why his new films are better than others. I really love this film and I want others to see how good this movie really is.

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