Reviewed by: Dagger Lee

August 31, 2004

Rating: five

Chinese Title: Ying Xiong

Jet Li as Nameless
Donnie Yen as Sky
Tony Leung as Broken Sword
Maggie Cheung as Flying Snow
Zhang Ziyi as Moon
Chen Dao Ming as Qin King

The most expensive movie made in China turns out to be the best movie from there. It is indeed one of the best films to come from Asia recently.

Three assassins, Sky, Broken Sword and Flying Snow, try to kill the king of the Qin kingdom. Valuable goods are rewarded to whoever can defeat these assassins. So far nobody has succeeded. Then a nameless warrior appears and claims that he has defeated the three. He goes to the Qin palace and tells his story of victory.

First off, this is not a martial arts film, so don't expect a bunch of kung fu. It is more like a wuxia drama instead. Secondly, some scenes may be a bit boring and draggy as I believe most Mainland China films are like this. The story is quite refreshing. It is not about revenge, love, or power. It is about uniting a nation.

Jet Li is excellent here. Finally, he gets a better role and movie than his Hollywood films, which I though were pretty awful. His moves are still pretty good for someone his age. He does really well with the sword and looks like a cool swordsman with his costume.

Donnie Yen has very little screen time so there's not much to say on him.

Tony Leung does very well. He has great chemistry with Maggie Cheung. I can really understand his character's emotions and feelings because of his acting.

Maggie Cheung is stunning here in her role. She showed her coldness with ease. She is also very pretty in red. Also, she has great chemistry with Tony. In the end, she is a totally different person.

Zhang Ziyi is probably the most beautiful and talented person in the entertainment industry. This is the fourth film I've seen her in and she's already one of my favourite actresses. She does well here and looks gorgeous in white.

Chen Dao Ming gives an outstanding performance. He has the looks of an evil emperor, but is truly a kind one. This is the only movie I have seen him in and he has impressed me a lot.

The scenery is very beautiful and probably the best I've seen in a movie.

The fight scenes are very cool and well done by Tony Ching Siu Tung. No special effects, just brilliant wireworks.

This movie is not just good or brilliant, it is a beautiful masterpiece. It is definitely better than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Don't miss this movie.

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