Innocent Steps

Reviewed by: Quinn

August 17, 2005

Rating: five

All my comments revolve around three words: I love it. They had an eye for picking a great cast. Moon Geun Young and Park Gun Hyung as the leads were not disappointing. I loved watching the dance scenes, especially towards the end where Moon entered the dance competition. It was okay she wasn't dancing with Park though.

Moon Geun Young is talented for someone her age. She is pretty young but still lovable all the same. I do have some background knowledge on her because I have watched her in "My Little Bride" before. She does have a knack for playing characters that have a kid type personality. Her character in "My Little Bride" and "Innocent Steps" is quite the same. I didn't think she could have made me cry, but she did. The bonus marks of pushing this movie's ratings were the hard work and time spent by her learning to dance well. My rating would have been a 4 and a half, but I changed it to 5. She was really good.

Park Gun Hyung as the male role was a big accomplishment! He is pretty good looking and also a pretty good actor. He played out the actor so well, I had to fall in love with him, I had no choice. His scenes as the 'gangster' and having a cold heart and stern face was really good, great even. Then his scenes when it showed he was falling for his dance partner was cute. I believed it even though there is this age gap between Park and Moon. So, this movie was good. He made his character have many sides and opened up new faces. And his broken leg? Looked real to me. No matter how apart their age is from each other, I still think they look very cute together.

Really good dancers. A lot of time put in. For three months prior to filming, the actress underwent intensive training in dance sport from professional dancers, and went to Yonbian to learn how to speak in the accent and intonation of Koreans of the region.

The first thing I did when I popped the movie in was glare. I knew I wouldn't like it if I didn't understand what anyone in the movie was saying. I watched this movie in Korean. And I'm not Korean. So I had to watch this movie using only the actor's body language and movement to continue to enjoy it. Then I wanted to watch the movie with English subtitles, so I did. It was even more wonderful than before! The movie was perfect. Park and Moon are really awsome dancers. Really, this movie is inspiring, sweet, and a good tear-jerker, but not too much.

What can I say, even the songs in the movie are still stuck in my head. I'm singing it as I'm typing this. This movie is perfect, down to the very last bit.

Should I see it? Definitely. Or else you don't know what your missing out on.

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