Legend of Zu

Reviewed by: Dagger Lee

August 10, 2004

Rating: two-point-five

Alternate Title: Zu Warriors

Ekin Cheng as King Sky
Louis Koo as Red
Cecilia Cheung as Dawn/Enigma
Sammo Hung as Whitebrows
Wu Jing as Ying

Being a fan of Louis Koo and Ekin Cheng, I wanted to see this movie as it starred both of them. The results are below.

The storyline is quite confusing, but I'll do my best to describe it. Insomnia is a powerful evil being bent on destroying the world. It has already destroyed all the sects at Zu mountain except for Omei. King Sky, whose sect was destroyed by Insomnia 200 years ago, decides to join the fight with Omei against Insomnia and defeat it once and for all.

This movie is a special effects extravanganza, so expect similar elements like in "The Storm Riders". However, unlike that successful film, the special effects here are a bit overused. Almost every single scene in the movie utilises special effects. It is kind of cool that they have done this, but also annoying as well. Sometimes, it looks more like a video game with real people instead.

Ekin Cheng is weak in his acting here. He has no expressions whatsoever and has a plain face throughout the whole film. Being a fan of his, I am quite disappointed. Maybe the fault is due to the writer who scripted his character.

Louis Koo is pretty good in here. He beats Ekin in terms of acting, though he becomes a villain in the middle of the film. He really does have emotion when he is aiding the injured evil fairy and telling King Sky to kill him. It's quite tragic that he dies in the end. His character is quite interesting.

Celilia Cheung is pretty but expressionless. She plays King Sky's teacher in the beginning and then as Enigma. I find that her hairstyle doesn't suit her and makes her look very funny. I don't understand why her character has to die twice and be reincarnated again.

The fight scenes are supposedly done by Yuen Wo Ping but it doesn't look like his works. Most of the fight scenes involve only special effects, so I don't know why he's involved.

This movie is quite disappointing. I would recommend "The Avenging Fist" and "The Storm Riders" over this as both have better acting and better scripts.

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