Lost and Found

Reviewed by: sukting

June 18, 2011

Rating: two-point-five

How long
2 hours

What does a woman do to try to win the heart of her high school love who doesn't remember her?

Story/Introduction on characters

Ji Ho (Park Jin Hee) is in her late 20s. She is a television writer and loves drinking. She has a bad day when she loses her job and her handbag is stolen. She later gets hit by a car. The driver turns out to be Min Woo (Lee Ki Woo). He is her long unrequited high school love whom she is still attracted to. She pretends to lose her memory in order to stay in his home. The funny part is she still remembers to tell her brother to make a police report on her lost credit card!

Min Woo is a successful architect and he is thankful that his family stays overseas. If not, he will not know how to explain to them with Jo Ho around. He feels bothered with Ji Ho as home as she often wants to seduce him with her clothes on. Ji Ho goes to the supermarket with Min Woo. In reality, she is a terrible cook although she scrubs Min Woo's home clean. She has thought that she is slowly winning him over. Well, she is very wrong as he only notices ketcup by the side of her lip after she tastes the sample food.

Dong Sik (Jo Han Sun), her friend and neighbour knocks into them in here although she tries hard to hide from him. He also has a crush on her. Suspecting her memory loss to be a ruse, Dong Sik decides to try to win her heart through tricks. He lies to Min Woo that he has been dating her for years.

Ji Ho is mad with Dong Sik but has to move home. She still pretends to have memory loss and confides in only her best friend, Eun-suk (Choi Eun Ju). Her younger brother is delighted and spends her money to her annoyance. Dong Sik overhears this and is even more determined to get her. Ji Ho is frustrated when things get out of hand. Min Woo discovers that Ji Ho might need a lot of time to recover and is disappointed.

Dong Sik quarrels with Min Woo and she tries to stop them. Min Woo then realises that Ji Ho has known him since high school. She gets hit by a ball on the head and both guys send her to hospital. Knowing that she can't hide anymore, she then feigns that she regains her memory. She is still sour over this and blames Dong Sik. What she doesn't know is that Dong Sik decides to visit his father in England.

He has discovered that he doesn't stand a chance. He doesn't mention when he will be returning. Ji Ho is too late when she reaches the airport. She has a restless week as she thinks that he is away for good and suddenly Dong Sik is back. He has told her brother that he will be back within a week but he has forgotten to tell her. Although delighted, she still hits him with her handbag for scaring her.


Her choice is odd to choose Dong Sik at the end. This guy, although faithful and steadfast in love, is very annoying. He doesn't really care who she likes and insists that she belongs to him. But…my goodness - Jo Han Sun is in terrible shape. How did he gain so much weight out of a sudden? His cheeks are fluffy and he has put on a lot of weight. Is Dong Sik supposed to look like this - I am not sure.

Lee Ki Woo as Min Woo is also easily forgotten. He looks good in the clothes but this doesn't require him to act much. I feel that he is just doing modelling. His expressions are too calm. Is he deprived of all feelings or does he find it a struggle to cope with showing feelings as he was a rookie then. Thus, the two actors do not help much in the story development.

Park Jin Hee, who is on great form, gives a lot of comic relief. She holds the fort on her own. She is a born comedian. I can't help laughing when she throws killing glances at Dong Sik for ruining all her chances. She is not afraid of looking stupid and ugly on screen. The way she stalks Min Woo is horrifying. Imagine his shock to return home and there she is, wearing his white shirt - and only this! Plus she comes out steamily hot from the bathroom. Laugh at the way he runs up the stairs instead.

Not many surprises from this movie but it is still watchable if you have a bad day at work. It still makes your day.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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