Lovable You

Reviewed by: sukting

February 26, 2012

Rating: three

How long

This is Hou Xiao Xian's first movie that stars Ah B and Feng Fei Fei. As we know, both are great singers. How do they fare in acting?

Shen Wen Qi (Feng Fei Fei) is the only daughter from a rich family and is very independent. She feels bored attending meetings in high heels and remove them secretly. Gu Da Gang (Ah B) is an architect at Li Da Company and has a nickname stainless steel. Like Wen Qi, he also likes to remove his shoes at work.

He has a foster son Xiao Ming whom he adopts from an orphanage. The boy enjoys calling him dad and even louder in a crowd. Da Gang is on the motorcycle when he sees Wen Qi driving a yellow sports car and whistles to her.

Wen Qi's parents want her to go for match making. Thus, she escapes to the countryside for a few days with her grandaunt. Here, she meets Da Gang and he finds her familiar. Still, he thinks of her of a village girl. The authorities have wanted his company to remove the houses to make way for a new road so he is here to take measurements. The villagers refuse to give in and both parties have a quarrel. A boy, Huo Wang bites Da Gang on his leg and later, he is bitten by a snake.

The stubborn Da Gang rejects help although he is in pain. The villagers lie that it is poisonous and later forces him to drink 3 bowls of bitter medicine to cause him to have runs in the toilet. However, love blossoms between the young couple in a few days. They carve their names on a tree, indicating that they will not part. Da Gang tries asking Wen Qi out through Huo Wang but the silly boy gets Grandaunt out indeed. He stammers, not knowing what to say but manages to date her later.

Grandaunt sends Wen Qi back home and she meets up with her prospective future husband Ma Qian (Chan Yau). Upon returning to Taipei, Da Gang calls all homes to look for her but to no avail. One even asks him if he is looking for his mother! Qian and Wen Qi take charge of a charity ball. Da Gang happens to go there with Xiao Ming to deliver a painting to learn the truth of her identity. He shouts on television that he doesn't allow them to marry when reporters interview them.

Later, the two try to be the ‘light bulbs' for their dates. Da Gang even gets Qian to eat the snake's gall bladder in a shop. Both want to have a smoke after that but the wind is too strong. It is hilarious when both men seek refuge under Wen Qi's jacket to use their lighters, ignoring stares from others.

Xiao Ming even makes fun of Qian's name, asking him if he has really held a horse before. Strangely, the two men get along well. In fact, so well that Qian takes lifts in Da Gang's name instead of Wen Qi's car. Wen Qi gets really mad when the two men chat to simply ignore her. More so when both men ask her out together. How will the public think if she goes out with two men?

Later, Qian confesses to her that he knows what their parents think but he will also not accept their parents' proposal. He already has a girlfriend in France. Thus, their wedding is called off. Da Gang then comes to ask her father for her hand in marriage. He gets so nervous that he asks him to marry him! Her father rejects him outright as he feels that he isn't compatible in status.

Grandaunt comes to introduce another match. This time, Wen Qi's father is pleased that the match this time if from Li Da Company director. Wen Qi goes to the venue with her grandaunt reluctantly. Da Gang comes and gets Wen Qi to sneak away to meet his parents. She is astonished to find herself in a big house with many people. Especially children from his married sisters.

It turns out that his father is Li Da Company director. He is the youngest and only son with 6 elder sisters. Wanting to be independent on his own, he moves out to experience life. Mr Shen gives him no way out so he has to seek help from his father. So the two finally get married and visits the countryside side again to admire the tree. Now, they are awaiting the arrival of their first baby.

The old people should like this movie as it tells of the conflict of urbanization. The countryside is like an escape land to the city people from their worries. The love story is old-fashioned and the songs can be cheesy. However, they are oldies that last for long and are memorable. The two leads have done a good job. Chan Yau as the co-star also provides comic relief. It is a pity that they do not work together very often. Do watch it when you have the time.

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