Love On The Rocks

Reviewed by: cutepup

November 07, 2004

Rating: two-point-five

Louis Koo
Gigi Leung
Rain Li

This movie starts of with Gigi and Louis having a day out together on Valentine's day. The couple eat together at a little restaurant that is really cheap and not romantic at all. Louis doesn't even give Gigi any flowers or any chocolates. He also invites his friend to eat together, which disturbs Gigi a lot.

After dinner Gigi complains terribly that Louis is such a bad boyfriend because he is not romantic at all. They then have a period where the two take some time apart.

Louis then goes on the internet and finds Charlene (Twins) to help him with his problem with not being romantic enough. She tricks him a few times into going into stores illegally at night to practise some 'romantic' gestures on her.

Charlene also tells Louis to think back on his previous girlfriends and what had happened. He finds out many things by thinking about the past relationships.

I don't want to give away the ending so I will stop here.

This movie has a good storyline at first, but gets completely boring when Louis thinks about his previous relationships. When Louis does this, it gets really annoying because at times it becomes quite confusing and gives unnecessary information.

I reckon that this movie did not completely concentrate on the plot and wasted too much time on ridiculous scenes that did not make any sense. The movie was mainly about Louis and Gigi, so I don't understand why some reviews say that they are in a love triangle with Charlene. If that was meant to be the plot, it certainly wasn't shown in a way I could understand.

There are some good points in this movie, so if you are a great fan of any of the cast, you may consider watching it. The good thing about it is that Charlene does some funny tricks on Louis, making this movie hilarious at some parts. There are also other funny parts of this movie. The characters themselves are quite believable. Louis is the type of guy who doesn't understand what the fuss is about. He doesn't understand why Gigi loves romantic gestures. Gigi is the type who is all girly and loves to have sweet, romantic moments. The only unbelievable character is Charlene, because her tricks on Louis are exaggerated.

To conclude, the reasons why you should watch it are not plentiful. But I would recommend it to you if you really like the cast or if you are really bored and have nothing to do. If you really like romantic comedies, this movie can be quite funny at times.

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