My Wife Got Married

Reviewed by: sukting

June 16, 2011

Rating: two

How long
2 hours

The film is adapted from a bestselling novel of the same name by Park Hyun-wook.

Story/Introduction on characters
Deok-hoon (Kim Joo-hyuk) meets In-ah (Son Ye-jin), a former colleague, on the subway. The two turn out to be big soccer fans and watch matches together. They soon fall in love. Deok-hoon has been uneasy about In-ah's frivolous nature, so he proposes to her and they get married.

But their honeymoon period doesn't last long and his nightmare starts soon. Why? She insists on marrying another man. (I can't believe it myself too when she raises the topic in bed.) He is reluctant but has to agree. He can't vent his anger on the man, Jae-kyeong (Joo Sang Wook) as In-ah doesn't say who he is - she also knew him through a match. Thus, In-ah leads a double life, dividing her time between two men.

Deok-hoon vents his frustrations when he is alone at home, imagining what Jae-kyeong will do to In-ah all this while. He can still pretend that nothing has happened when she is back. In-ah knows how he feels but doesn't relate much.

Soon, she becomes pregnant and gives birth to a girl. The two men fuss over her and they totally melt when she is born. It is laughable when the men celebrate her first month for 2 different families at different places. She refuses to tell who the father is. Deok-hoon keeps the matter to himself but soon, his colleagues know that In-ah is seeing another man and gossip about it. Deok-hoon is curious why Jae-kyeong never asks In-ah about who the father of the baby is. Doesn't this man wish to know?

Deok-hoon can no longer take it. He takes a DNA test and proves that he is the father. When In-ah is celebrating the baby's first birthday with Jae-keong's family, Deok-hoon appears with the DNA report and blurts the truth. He has found the place and decides that he can't keep this secret any longer.

This is indeed a sudden meeting between the two men and Deok-hoon can see that he is a mild-mannered man. This saddens Jae-keong's family and the atmosphere is ruined. In-ah quarrels with him and later leaves Korea with the daughter.

Deok-hoon can't find her anywhere so he concentrates on his career. Jae-kyeong finds him one night and have a drink with him. He tells him that he knows that the child is Deok-hoon's all along. In-ah always seeks precautions when with him. This shows that she loves Deok-hoon deeper. Jae-kyeong has news of In-ah now working in England. He asks if Deok-hoon wants to join him.

Although Deok-hoon is nasty to him, Jae-kyeong still treats him like an elder brother. To his surprise, Deok-hoon appears at the airport and both take the same flight to London. Although Deok-hoon grumbles, he allows Jae-kyeong to rest his head on his shoulder when he feels sleepy. (I am also taken aback – what kind of complicated relationship is this?!)

The two know best where to look for In-ah. She is right at the stadium with her daughter, watching a soccer match. She is unprepared to meet the two but allow them to sit beside her. The three enjoy watching the match together as a family.

This story is really beyond imagination with the soccer match being a matchmaker. A wife practising bigamy is definitely unthinkable. It is understandable if the husband is an unfaithful creature but it turns out that this woman can't settle down with a man. Still, I must salute Ye-jin for taking on this detestable role.

This woman manipulates the men and yet can still throw tantrums when she is wrong. She puts all the blame on them but the men can never match up to her eloquence. You will laugh at the different kinds of excuses she gives for her infidelity. She is really seductive in the steamy scenes and yet hilarious with the unexpected lines that she says in bed.

My jaw drops – maybe they love her too much to bear with her nonsense. They really suffer too much – especially the one who suffers in silence. The two actors are also brilliant in their roles. They are like kept mistresses hiding in the dark and can't reveal their identities. They look funny but can also be pitiful.

However, I have no sense of humour in watching it. The story isn't good as it gives a bulk of the screen time to Deok-hoon. The other two are like side-kicks who don't have meaty parts to play. This can be quite unfair as they need to make their presence more noticeable.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

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