My Wife Is a Gangster 3

Reviewed by: sukting

February 18, 2010

Rating: two-point-five

How long
2 hours

This is a collaboration between Hong Kong and Korean artistes. Do you wish to watch it?

Lam Ngar Ling /A-ryong (Shu Qi) is a daughter of a giant Mafia group in Hong Kong. There is once two clans meet. The boss of Black Dragon, Chiu (Wong Shu Tong) wants her to display her sword skills in front of them. She obliges her father, Lam (Ti Lung) but Chiu makes it tough for her to place broken pieces of glasses that cut her soles. Angered, she plants one sword into his henchman’s palm.

Chiu visits a barber and is later killed by a long-haired lady. A-ryong is wrongfully accused for the murder and Lam wants her to leave the country. She argues with him but leaves for the country of her choice. Missing her mother, she chooses Korea as her mother is a Korean. Worried over her safety, Lam gets his henchman, Lau (Shek Sau) to contact his Korean mafia friend to take care of her.

Bak (Lo Wai Kwong) is the mastermind as he can’t wait to take over his boss’s position. The Korean mafia boss arranges Gi-Chul (Lee Beom-Su) to protect her. Both hardly see things eye to eye although they stay under one roof. He has two other side-kicks, Yon-hi (Hyeon Yeong) and Gong Chi (Oh Ji Ho). Gi-Chul is sour that he is reduced to become a tour guide. All of them can’t communicate with the language that they know. They have no idea of her true identity.

The guys get a translator called Yeon-Hee (Yeong Hyeon). She is terrified of the gangsters so instead of translating Aryong's rude answers, she changes them to nice ones as not to offend them. When Aryong scolds them stupid or incompetent, she claims the opposite. Soon, Aryong uses her fighting skills beating Gi-Chul’s rival, parrotfish to save them.

The guys are poor in skills so they are impressed and also become afraid of her. On the other hand, A-ryong finds them nice and becomes more friendly. But Yeon-Hee still makes use of her to scare the men. The men are wary and believe Yeon-Hee since A-ryong is highly skilled. Bak sends an assassin, Yang to Korea to kill Aryong. The group think that they are after Gi-Chul so Gi-Chul decides to go into hiding.

Gi-Chul takes her to his hometown disguising that he is going to get married. His mother even passes him a necklace to give to her. Lam negiotiates with Bak to let A-ryong go after knowing that she is injured. Bak pretends to agree but once Lam’s back is turned, he sets off explosives and he is seriously injured.

The assassins find her again but she wins them. A-ryong is enraged to know that her father is dying. So she kills Yang after knowing that she is the one who causes her to leave Hong Kong to be the person who kills the triad boss. She then goes to meet her mother. Gi-Chul has found her after she passes him her photo.

A-ryong learns that she found a new family and is happy. She even names her little daughter, A-ryong after her. She bursts into tears and gives up speaking to her. After that, she intends to leave Korea. Knowing that Yeon-Hee is a lousy translator, Ki-Chul makes his own love confession. To his dismay, she leaves with his necklace! He nearly tears his hair.

In Hong Kong, Lam dies from his injuries after seeing A-ryong the last time. Even though Ki-Chul comes to visit her, she wants to take her own revenge. She pretends to be a bride of a wedding to fight Bak and his gangsters. She finally confronts him alone after killing his men.

Bak is about to shoot her at the rooftop when Ki-Chul arrives. The boss shoots Ki-Chul but A-ryong kills him, causing him to fall down the building. Ki-Chul is not dead but falls into a truck of rubbish. He looks frantically for the necklace and A-ryong can’t stop laughing. Ki-Chul wants to leave Hong Kong. A-ryong is the new triad boss.

Lau advises her not to let him leave. Lam allows her mother leave and regrets it all his life. So she stops Ki-Chul from going away with all her gangsters and proposes to Ki-Chul. Lau makes the translation (which is as bad as Yeon-Hee). You will laugh at the exchange. A-ryong warns him not to flirt or she will kill him but Lau translates as she loves him day and night. The couple finally hug on the motorway.


This movie has nothing to do with the first two movies. It is only trying to eat into the success. It looks more like a second-rated Hong Kong gangster movie. The action scenes are poorly done. I simply don’t understand why Lee Beom-Su who is so successful in ‘On Air’ wants to be part of this movie. So is Oh Ji Ho as the underdog with so few pathetic scenes. Shu Qi looks stylish with the swords but restless in expressions as a female gangster.

There is zero chemistry between the stars. Language barrier is a big barrier indeed. In contrast, all the Hong Kong ‘gangsters’ do their parts competently with enough flesh and blood while the Korean gangsters hardly look threatening and their kicks have little force. If you are truly looking for a real gangster movie, either go for the first two or the other Hong Kong movies which offer more credibility.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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