Passing Rain

Reviewed by: sukting

December 07, 2010

Rating: two-point-five


Passing Rain made in 2002 is the second collaboration by MBC and FujiTV, after Friends in 2001. Star's Echo in 2004 is the third. How did Jin Hee fare here as a cop?

Story/Introduction on Characters:

1. Hong Dae-jin (27): Ji Jin Hee
He is an inspector who befriended Seiichiro when he was out-stationed in Japan for a while. After knowing the bad news, he rushes to Japan to investigate the case. The authorities want to take him off the case as he knows Seiichiro so he has to maintain to them that he is a fair man.

After looking through his records, they make the approval. He has a headache when he finds no clue in his belongings. He gets a search warrant to search his office and that uncovers the truth to clear Seiichiro’s name. During the process, he falls for Chizuru. They have to part reluctantly as he needs to return to Korea.

2. Otsuki Chizuru (27): Yonekura Ryoko
She is Seiichiro’s younger sister who believes in her brother’s innocence. She combines efforts with Dae-jin to seek the truth. She bravely takes up her brother’s role and becomes independent. She has to act strong in front of her sister-in-law and niece. But upon seeing Dae-jin, she breaks down and cries in his arms as the pressure is too much for her to bear.

3. Otsuki Seiichiro (Chizuru's brother, 34): Nakamura Tooru
He is a cheerful person who is optimistic towards life. Despite being happily married, he keeps his company’s crisis from his family in order not to worry them. He only jots down in his diary but leaves out the details. He is a close buddy to Dae-jin despite not knowing him long. His mysterious death brings grief to all of them.

4. Otsuki Kanaja (Seiichiro's wife, 31): Ishida Yuriko
She suffers from depression after Seiichiro’s death. All accuse her husband of being corrupted and bringing shame to the family. Furthermore, she only gives birth a few months ago and can’t accept this drastic change.

5. Kim Yi-hwa (23): Han Hee
She is a sergeant and also Dae-jin’s subordinate. She falls for him secretly and follows him to Japan upon seeing him so upset over Seiichiro’s death. Knowing that there is no space for her in his heart, she accepts his decision but remains his close aide.

6. Komiyama (47): Kohinata Fumio
He is Seiichiro’s superior whose company runs into financial crisis. Seiichiro refuses to work with him and the authorities start their check upon discovering the unbalanced accounts. Komiyama decides to kill him to make him the scapegoat. He adds many sleeping pills to his beer and kills him, making it look like suicide to fear getting his punishment from law.

He also tries to murder Chizuru by pushing her off the train platform when she gets Seiichiro’s diary. Dae-jin protects her and ends up getting injured himself. He discovers the truth and Komiyama wants to jump down from a building. Dae-jin and Chizuru talk him out of it to make him surrender to the police instead.

7. Ostuki Masaki (baby):
With such a cute looking baby, Who will believe that Seiichiro will bear to end his life like that?


I am very sorry for the short review as I could not remember the details as it was shown on television many years back and I did not get to watch it a second time. The rain is connected to the murder as it is done on a rainy night. Despite a cast of all who work for the first time, they hit off well. But, the supposedly thrilling detective drama simply doesn’t not live up to its expectations as there is only one prime suspect.

The cast looks very matching, though. Jin Hee is cool as the cop while Yonekura Ryoko makes a breakthrough from her usual bimbo roles. All should not miss this telemovie when it is shown on television.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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