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Reviewed by: sukting

February 26, 2012

Rating: two-point-five

Xiao Xing Hui (Feng Fei Fei) is a Hong Kong commercial director, Luo Jie Wen(Chan Yau)'s assistant. Jie Wen tries to woo her and intends to bring her to Europe to upgrade themselves. They go to Peng Hu to film a laundry detergent commercial. They have a hard time persuading the cow to release cow dung which they need it for a scene to explode it with firecrackers. She takes photos of a moody Gu Jin Tai (Ah B) who seems lonely, sitting on cart blowing his harmonica.

Xing Hui and Jie Wen realize that he is blind when he hinders their shoot at the jetty. They then get the idea of roping him to shoot the scene that even a blind man is attracted by the detergent's scent. Xing Hui's brother, Xing Ming (Shi Feng) brings his pupils to Taipei for drawing sessions at the park. Xing Hui helps out. Here, she meets Jin Tai again, working as a fortune teller. He learns that he is blind for 2 years due to a car accident. He is formerly a houseman and is still waiting for a cornea transplant.

Both get closer when Jin Tai becomes her model in shooting photos and she reads his parents' letters to him. Jin Tai gets her to read a book for the blind. This will help them in typing in braille to increase their book collection. She gets bored and skips some pages. She blushes when Jin Tai still pays her some money from her help to reject it and confesses her mistake. Xing Hui then takes the book home to re-tape it again.

Mr Xiao visits Xing Hui and sees the two men. He is confused – who is her real boyfriend? He assumes that Jie Wen is the one since Jin Tai is blind. He insists them of getting married soon since an engagement can be troublesome. Jie Wen is pleased but her response is lukewarm.

Jin Tai soon gets a chance for a cornea transplant and she visits him, passing him the photos that she has taken. But she isn't in any photo so she asks him to guess how she looks. She will be relieving Xing Ming in teaching his students art for 10 weeks in Lu Gu as he has to prepare for a tennis tournament.

When Xing Hui wants to take a photo of her serious mother washing clothes secretly, her mother discovers this and wants to change into better clothes. Xing Hui dissuades her so she faces the camera shyly. Many will be touched by the scene to give the countrywomen their due respect for their diligence.

Xing Ming's students address her as ‘Teacher's elder sister'. Xing Hui's principal shakes her head upon seeing a mural on the wall instead of a real campaign drawing. She is still as mischievous as she is a kid. Both siblings have studied in the same school when younger.

After his recovery, Jin Tai can't wait to know how she is like. Xing Hui gets her pregnant friend to pretend to be her. Jin Tai has a shock of his life but later falls in love with her. He reveals that he isn't a person who knows how to earn a lot of money. Will she be able to take up hardship after marrying him? (This is a stupid question to ask as he is too frank to say what he thinks to dampen the spirits even though this is the reality.) She doesn't answer him.

Upon knowing that she is on a trip soon, he wants to spend more time with her. But after learning that Jie Wen is going with her and Jie Wen has assumed Xing Hui to be his future fiancée, both get into cold war.

Xing Hui writes a letter to Jin Tai, telling him about his importance to her. She will not go to Europe if he comes to the airport. Jin Tai can't concentrate reading to the blind on the day that she is setting off. Meanwhile, she looks around for him and Jin Tai finally arrives. Jie Wen walks into the customs alone as he knows that he is the loser now. Jin Tai allows her to go to pursue her dreams and he will also go over when she needs him or she isn't coming back.

I must thank our local library for having these valuable movie dvds that are hard to come across these days. Feng has passed away recently. It is very rare to get her movies now as she seldom acts too so I was quite lucky to be able to borrow them. I did not know that Chan Yau is also popular in Taiwanese movies as l;ike Tam Ying Lun and Ah B. and he is a born natural in both!

This movie tells us that all are young before. The countryside scenes are realistic but Xing Hui's dressing is too bright. Brilliant performance from Ah B for portraying a blind person well. He doesn't blink at all! Feng Fei Fei still does well with more maturity in the role, especially in taking care of people.

However, the story isn't as well developed as the previous movie ‘Lovable you'. It can be messy at times when Xing Hui takes care of Jin Tai and also to handle Mr Xiao who is also visiting her. Xing Hui seems to be undetermined on who her life partner is. She is close to Jie Wen to the extent that he is prepared to bring her to Hong Kong to introduce her to his mother. How can she not reject him directly?

Introducing Xing Ming's girlfriend is also redundant as she doesn't help in developing the plot. She only appears in two scenes – one to help the children in their drawings in the park. Another is to be with him when the two couples run into each other on the street to release each other's hooked arms upon discovery.

I also can't stomach the ending - how can Jin Tai be so confident? There must be trust between them and he has lost that initially at first. Now, does he think that she is just staying next door and he can pop over any time. Youth doesn't stay for long and parting too far and long will most likely result in a breakup. They are too old for puppy love. This movie is strictly for their fans for more drawbacks. I can't help feeling disappointed as I have higher expectations for it after watching the first movie.

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