Speedy Scandal

Reviewed by: sukting

February 17, 2012

Rating: three

How long
2 hours

Speedy Scandal is a 2008 comedy starring Cha Tae-hyun in the lead role. This was the highest grossing Korean film of the year – do you wish to know why?

Story/Introduction on characters
Former singer, Nam Hyeon-soo (Cha Tae-hyun) still thinks he is pretty popular even though he is 32. He is now working as a radio DJ and also shoots advertisements. However, he dislikes children although he claims to be like an elder brother to them. A young woman named Hwang Jeong-nam (Park Bo-young) sends stories to him from her blog about her being a single mother to the radio station, telling him she is going to meet her father. He encourages her to do so.

When Hyeon-soo reaches home, he plans to date his girlfriend for a romantic dinner. The 22 year old Jeong-nam appears at his apartment with her son Ki-Dong (Wang Seuk-hyun). Hyeon-soo finds out that he is her father and breaks up with his girlfriend. Jeong-Nam is his first love's name and she has died, Jeong-Nam takes her surname.

Not believing it as this means that he fathers her at 10 although he remembers that his lover might be a mother at 15, he goes through a DNA blood test with the help of his vet friend. His friend finds it unnecessary as they resemble each other but still goes on with it. True enough, the results show that they are related so he has to let them stay with him.

Jae-in wants to perform on stage singing through a singing contest by the radio station. Hyeon-soo thinks this will reveal his past with what's happening to Jae-In so he opposes strongly. However, he has to give in as Jae-in insists that single mothers must have dreams as stated by him. He has looked down on her as other bands are well-dressed but her unique voice wins him over with just a guitar. The other contestants also play background music for her unknowingly.

In the meantime, a reporter, Bong Pil-joong (Lim Seung-dae) is dying to dig scandal news. He causes the downfall of famous actor, Lee Chang-hoon (Seong Ji-roo) who has sex with an actress in a car. Thus, Hyeon-soo is very wary of him. He tries to project a good father image on Jae-in's blog, lying on how he lavishes her with care and signing a credit card for her. He also introduces her to sing his old song recorded many years ago. He can't hit the high note but she can.

Hyeon-soo falls for Jo Mo (Hwang-woo Seul-hye) the kindergarten teacher where Ki-Dong goes to. He lies that he is Ki-Dong's uncle. Ki-Dong falls for his lovely classmate but she doesn't want to play with him as he is poorly dressed. In a rage, Hyeon-soo goes on a shopping spree with Jae-in and Ki-Dong buying expensive clothes for them. Hyeon-soo is secretly pleased when other contestants realise how attractive she is after she changes her wardrobe.

He wants Ki-Dong to find out Jo Mo's likes and dislikes. Once, Jo Mo asks him to discuss about Ki-dong in school. He is dismayed, thinking that he gambles in school as he has lost to Ki-Dong at home before. To his surprise, Ki-Dong shows his talents playing the piano, also attracting the little girl. Hyeon-soo is proud of this and starts pondering if he has neglected his family. He starts going on dates with Jo Mo as Ki-Dong takes extra piano lessons from her.

Ki-Dong's father, Bak Sang-Yeoun (Im Ji-Gyu) is working as a photographer for a wedding agency. He finds Jae-In, when she becomes popular with her singing online. They meet and chat – he is puzzled why she doesn't want him to send her home. Sang-Yeoun tails her and realises that she is with a man, going to his apartment. He thinks that Jae-In is in a relationship with Hyeon-soo. He confronts her, threatening to tell this to the press and she gets so mad that she damages his camera.

Still, Pil-joong comes across the photos when he comes to the studio to shoot his wedding photos. This becomes headlines. Hyeon-soo has thought that Jae-in has leaked the news and chases them out. They work and stay at a noodle shop. Hyeon-soo starts to miss them upon seeing Ki-Dong's toys. He then asks Jae-In not to give up her dreams to attend the finals at an auditorium where he will be the host.

Jae-In turns up for the performance, much to Hyeon-soo's delight. But before she can start, Ki-Dong goes missing. She pleads with Hyeon-soo for help, revealing to all that he is her father. Upon seeing her being dragged away by policemen, he pushes them away and files a police report with her. Sang-Yeoun meets them there and cites that he doesn't care who Hyeon-soo is to be with her.

Hyeon-soo gets violent – so he is the one who causes his daughter to be pregnant? He beats him up badly. It turns out that Ki-Dong is right at Hyeon-soo's apartment. He has tried running away from Pil-joong. Jo Mo learns the truth but still agrees to go steady with Hyeon-soo. She is amused to be Ki-Dong's grandmother if they get married.

Hyeon-soo decides to hold a press conference to reveal his past. He is about to reveal the truth when the reporters rush to take photos of another important news just outside the venue. Chang-hoon is enraged that his career is ruined and beats Pil-joong up. All his colleagues sigh – they have told Hyeon-soo that he isn't this popular but he doesn't believe it so this proves it.

This incident makes Hyeon-soo realize that he cares for his daughter and grandson. He also learns that he isn't as popular as he thinks to be. They now take after his surname. He spends more time with his family. His big brother image turns to be an uncle this time since he is too young to be projected as a grandfather. He, Jae-In, Ki-Dong and the vet sets up a band to perform for Ki-Dong's classmates and their parents. Sang-Yeoun also attends it, depicting that they have a chance to marry each other in future.

Although unbelievable, it is very hilarious to see Tae-hyun acting as a father and grandfather. He is so desperate to hide his identity but later has to come clean with it. The supporting cast also does a wonderful job to dig fun at him. The children are definitely cute to watch. It is a heart-warming comedy to stress on family values and it does help to release stress.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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