The Beast Stalker

Reviewed by: Kimmie Tran

March 13, 2009

Rating: five

Nicholas Tse - Sergeant Tong
Jingchu Zhang - Ann Gao
Nick Cheung - Hung
Kai Chi Liu - Master Sun
Suet-yin Wong - Ling

Sgt. Tong is a super strict cop. But during a bank robber's car chase that resulted in a crash of three cars, Tong mistakenly shot a little girl. Three months later, Tong is unable to forget the accident and spends his day connecting with the little girl's twin, Ling.

Unfortunately for Ling, her mother, Ann Gao, is the persecuting attorney against the same robber in the car chase. The man ordered Hung, a long time kidnapper, to kidnap Ling to make Ann tamper the evidence. Tong takes it upon himself to return Ling to her mother in his road to redemption.

I won't get into many details on the acting. Nicholas Tse was pretty good overall. He kind of overacted a little at the beginning, but he made up for it near the end. I think Nick Cheung should play more dark characters; it suits him. He's a very diverse actor and it's good to see him a bad-ish guy. I really love the little girl who played Ling, Suet yin Wong. She's the cutest little thing. She did really well for a little girl. Her sadness made me want to cry.

I must say, this movie had a very developed storyline with very dynamic characters. The plot wasn't as typical as a lot of Hong Kong movies. There's the journey of a hero, but I'm not sure who the hero is. Sgt. Tong is the typical character, hero who lost his way and tries to redeem himself. I absolutely loved Hung even though he's the "bad guy". His character is so...gray. The thing that makes Hung a good character is how mysterious he is. Throughout the movie I couldn't help but keep wondering who's this man is. Honestly, I think Hung stole the show; he was a very memorable character. I paid more attention to him than Tong. Another good character is Ling. She's so pure. She's adorable and admirable.

Like I said before, the storyline was well developed. The scenes were like puzzle pieces and in the end everything is satisfactorily explained. I just didn't like the ending; it was too cruel to him. He was a semi-good character and for him to end up as he did was heart breaking.

I've watched this movie with high expectations because it won some awards. I was very satisfied. It was very deep and it is by far one of the best Hong Kong movie I've watched.

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