The Chinese Connection

Reviewed by: Dagger Lee

February 08, 2004

Rating: four-point-five

Here is a review of one of Bruce Lee's classic films that has been remade into other adaptations. It was originally titled as Fist of Fury but retitled as The Chinese Connection in the U.S.

Anyone who is a fan of marial arts films or Bruce Lee should know the story. Set in the 1930s, a martial arts student named Chen Jun arrives at his school and finds that his master has died. Later, he decides to take revenge by disguising himself and making the people responsible pay.

The fights were terrific. As usual, Bruce Lee impressed me with his skills as a martial arts exponent. I really liked how he used his nunchuk and defeated all the Japanese students by himself. I wish there could have been more scenes of Bruce fighting with his nunchuk instead of going in disguise and looking like a nerd. Also, there weren't a lot of fight scenes, unlike the remakes. I really wanted more fights because Bruce could really fight! The actors of the remakes were good but nobody can beat Bruce no matter what!

The acting was okay. I liked how Bruce portrayed Chen Jun. He showed his grief over his master's death with great skill and impressed me since he fought like a merciless killer. His love scenes with his kung fu sister were good also. I think Donnie Yen is better in love scenes than Bruce, though. Nora Miao plays the kung fu student that Chen falls in love with and does a terrific job. I liked the way she portrayed the character as a cool girl who could beat anyone up.

I saw it in English and bought the DVD from Madacy Entertainment. What I'm going to say isn't pretty. The dubbing is really horrible. I couldn't stand it and wondered who gave their voices to this? The voices sounded tired and expressionless to me. I also hated the picture quality. It looked like VHS transfer and has dots in it. It's on DVD and isn't remastered at all! I was surprised to see this. This is what I call torture to great Asian films.

I recommend this to fans of martial arts and Bruce Lee. It's one of those movies that can't be beaten at all. Don't miss the prequel Fist of Fury: Sworn Revenge either.

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