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The Dark Knight

Reviewed by: Funn Lim July 21, 2008

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS A Note From The Reviewer This review was originally posted in [1] and has been reposted in here in its entirety save for some editing from the staff at in so far as the grammar and spelling is concerned. Released In 2008 Language English The Cast - Character Christian Bale ... Bruce Wayne / Batman Heath Ledger ... The Joker Aaron Eckhart ... Harvey Dent / Two-Face Michael Caine ... Alfred Pennyworth Maggie Gyllenhaal ... ...

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02-25-2010 01:55 AM


a great movie overall! The major cast did really well and really like how this movie and the previous one made the whole 'batman universe' seem so realistic and seamlessly infused in our world. After all comics are comics and movie directors have to be clever enough to realise what sort of elements have to be eliminated onscreen to make it more believable for movie audiences.


11-03-2009 11:53 PM


This movie was awesome. The acting was superb by Heath Ledger, but I can't say the same for Christian Bale. The movie was long, and at one point you'd think it was almost over but then it goes on for another hour. Despite that, the movie is dark and intense and it will keep you captivated.


08-06-2008 11:41 AM


Great movie! I would say it's currently the greatest blockbuster movie for 2008!

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