The King and the Clown



Language: Korean

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The King and the Clown

Reviewed by: dianas November 28, 2006

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Characters Woo-seong Kam as Jang-sang Jin-yeong Jeong as King Yeonsan Jun-gi Lee as Gong-gil Seong-Yeon Kang as Nok-su Jang (as Sung-Yeon Kang) Hang-Seon Jang as Cheo-sun Hae-jin Yu as Yuk-gab Seok-yong Jeong as Chil-duk Seung-hun Lee as Pal-bok Brief Synopsis Jang-sang and Gong-gil are two clown/entertainers that ran away from their troupe to Seoul. They were joined by three other entertainers and together they acted out a scene which mocks the relationship between the...

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07-24-2009 02:02 AM


i think junki's very cute in this drama...

min jiao

12-30-2007 10:22 AM


i've been hearing a lot about this movie, and its true..It's really very nice..It helps that Junki's there!!


02-17-2007 12:55 AM


omg....i love this movie so much! it's one of the best kmovies that i've seen..well, it's certainly a different one from what i've watched. this movie, like the reviewer said, glues you to the tv from start to finish...well for me it did. maybe cuz i myself am very attracted to lee jun ki, but anyways, it was certainly an awesome movie and i love it so very much!!!! i cried so much in the end... >_<


01-22-2007 12:00 AM


I absolutely love this movie. its got to be one of the best movies that i've seen lately. The entire film composition is just so well done and i thought that the actors and actress did their part very well!

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