Turning Point

Reviewed by: sukting

March 12, 2012

Rating: one

How long

Tse Tin Wah's performance as "Laughing Gor" in the TVB television serial E.U was well received. As many did not wish "Laughing Gor" to die, a prequel was made. How did he fare in here?

Story/Introduction on characters
It was in the 1997 when Laughing (Tse Tin Wah) is an undercover cop. Because of a drug case, Senior Inspector Poon (Wong Yat Wah) tries to track him down. Ah Mou (Liu Kai Chi) is the sergeant who helps him. Unknown to them, Laughing is an undercover cop to join a triad organization. Before he becomes a cop, Laughing works for the triad leader Lai Tin Yat or Brother One (Wong Chau Sang). Brother One has a capable helper, Cha Zai (Wong Tuck Bun) who trains him.

Laughing regards him as his elder brother and obeys him. In order to carry on his illegal activities, Brother One arranges for Laughing to join the Police Force so that he become his mole for police operations. See3ing Laughing hesitant, he gives him a 1997 coin to decide his fate. (So this becomes his habit in making decisions later.) Brother One is also once an undercover cop but gives up the cop to become a triad leader after a short stint as he can't stand the double lives.

Laughing graduates from Police Academy with outstanding results but before he is assigned to a post as a police officer, the Head of District Anti-Triad Squad, Superintendent Sin (Yuen Biao) wants him to work as an undercover cop to get information on the mobsters. (Yucks – why does the director want to copy Internal Affairs entirely?) Coincidentally, he is also the one arranges Brother One to be the mole in the triad and it pains him to see how he has changed.

Laughing now works on both sides. Brother One is happy as Laughing gets into his triad rival's camp, Zatoi (Ng Chun Yu). Zatoi tries to make life difficult for Laughing. Laughing and Zatoi's sister, Karen Siu Hoi Lun (Chen Fala) fall in love with each other. Zatoi has no choice but to give in to them.

Which path will Laughing choose to follow? It makes matters worse when Sin has a car accident to be in a coma and no one else can confirm his policeman identity. Laughing is caught peddling drugs and all want his life as they think that he becomes the police witness to save his own skin.

Sin wakes up to see Brother One visiting him and is aware that there is no turning back for Brother One. Laughing has no choice but to hide in a factory since Brother One doesn't trust him anymore. Ah Mou accidentally kills Cha Zai who reveals that he is also an undercop before he dies. Karen uses herself as a bait to lure the rest away but is killed with Ah Mou by Brother One. Laughing kills Brother One after Brother One kills Zatoi. The cops only get to rescue Laughing on time after knowing his identity.

When Laughing's mission ends, Sin wants him to be the mole again. He wants to take a break but the coin shows that he has to do his job so he continues. It stops where he meets the two young cops, Lap Mun (Ng Cheuk Hei) and Pak Kiu (Chan Kin Fung) on the street.

Most favourite character
None, although I would like to choose Laughing, he has no outstanding achievement in here.

Most hated character
Almost all of them, they only work for their own interest.

Interesting facts – translated from magazines and websites
Chau Sang and Chun Yu didn't smile on the first day of shooting. They looked at the sky and ground – anywhere except the camera. Tin Wah had to coax them to take a group photo together after much persuasion, holding the joss sticks. It was the same on the premiere day. It was said that both actors were unhappy that good seats were not provided for them so they left early.

The story writers of E.U. did not work on this script to have another group to write a new story. Due to the lack of planning, a series of plot conflicts between the series and movie were shown. The details sent many grumbling as shown below:

Laughing joins the police academy and also influences his girlfriend, Wendy too. The movie replaces his undercover recruiter, Kwok Pui (Lok Ying Kwan) with officer Sin. Wendy's part is not in the movie.

Laughing's diary mentions his 10-year stint undercover in Yik-Tin's triad. The movie mentions his involvement with another triad that is within the time of his diary. Is he that free to work in two camps?

The movie tells more of Laughing's life as an underling rather than a gang boss.

The 5 dollar HK coin Laughing has is given to him by Brother One, but in E.U. it is just an ordinary coin Laughing gives Wendy to buy a drink.

Laughing has never killed anyone in E.U. but in Turning Point he kills Brother One.

In E.U. when Laughing met Hau, he is bald, but in Turning Point he isn't. The biggest mistake is he is going to meet Tin and not Hau!

Laughing Gor's spirit is totally gone here. There aren't any of his favourite quotes – is he turned into crying before laughing?! It is too repetitive with quotes unnecessary killings from other movies. Moreover, how can there be no reference from E.U. apart from the $5 coin? The director must be too lazy to watch the drama. This is a terrible movie to watch – even roping cast from ‘Internal Affairs' do not help.

After watching the movie, we can deduce that the two outstanding actors accept this assignment only due to money – not the story. I get confused by all the running and killings in the last 20 minutes. I also cannot stomach crazy arrangement and the triad leaders'appearances. Zatoi has a pony tail to look too cute.

Brother One applies eye-liner and also nail polish. He also likes to wear scarves – easily to pass off as a transvestite. What he does is just to hold hands with beauties and seldom holds the gun. The appearance is definitely up to my rim level – he is born to be a weirdo? Please don't' watch it – it is a big let down although they rope in a strong cast. I had wanted to give only 1/2* for overall rating but unfortunately the site doesn't provide it so I placed it under the story element.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : ** (Scale of 5)

On story : ½* (Scale of 5)

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