No... no... nooooooooooo!

*Written by Bridget

This is bad. Really bad. I've gone back to my boyband-loving days. Back then it was Backstreet Boys, and if you want to go way back, the talented Beyond... but who would have known that I would now like an Asian bubblegum pop boyband?!

Especially since the style was pioneered by these sissies:

Remember them? They're the infamous F4, now known as JVKV. Even haircuts couldn't
save them.

See what I mean?

But despite being way too old to be bought into the Asian boyband craze (I laugh at Taiwan's Lollipop, Korea's Se7en and DSBK), for some reason, I'm finding myself getting sucked into this one. And by "sucked into", I mean watching their series and interviews.

And I would probably try to go to an event if they ever made their way to Toronto (not that I would pay to watch their concert; hell, I've never even seen a BSB concert). I don't own their albums, don't know their songs (except the ones on OSTs), and I despise almost all the products of their photoshoots (their stylist should be shot). But I digress.

Yep. Taiwan's Fahrenheit. Made up of (from left to right) Masters graduate Calvin Chen (28), design graduate/posing king Jiro Wang (27), introverted pretty boy Arron Yan (23) and national athlete/fitness trainer Wu Zun.

They can't really sing, can't really act, and definitely can't, what's the deal?

I think it's because for once, I actually like all the members in the group, for different reasons. And none of those reasons involve them as "artists". And watching them is kinda like watching a bromance.

Let's face it, I am way too old to be into boybands now. Urghhhh.

Oh well, everyone's allowed a guilty pleasure, right? And since I've got thousands of those already, what's one more to add to the list?

Who am I kidding? Someone save me from this madness.

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