Response to "Love In Louis Cha's Novels"

*Written by Daffy

After reading Linda's review on Love In Louis Cha's Novels, I have a few comments to that I want to add.

1) Louis Cha's Novel is NOT only about everlasting love. In fact very few of the main themes of his novels are about love between men and women. His stories was written over many years and they reflect political and social situations in Hong Kong during that time. His stories are well-rounded and and written very well for the readers see what he described. His stories were first written to be published on newspapers on a day-to-day basis, and part of the stories were written by someone else when he went on vacation. When he finally decided to reorganize the stories and republish them as novels, he changed, deleted and added some parts of the books.

2) In the Legend of the Condor Heroes, Duong Qua's mom is Moc Niem Tu, and she never loved Quach Tinh. (I don't know which version of book Linda was reading. I have no idea who is Tan Nam Cam. But I am pretty sure Duong Qua's mom is Moc Nie Tu (because Hoang Dung proved Duong Qua's identity by testing his kung fu when he first appeared in the book) Mo Nie Tu and Duong Khang loved each other but had very different theories regarding what is good and what is bad. I don't think Duong Khang had ever loved another girl. Legend of the Condor Heroes provides a contrast between Duong Khang and Quach Tinh and that contrast is one of the more important issues in the novel. I have never believed that Duong Khang was the really bad guy and Quach Tinh was a very good guy. I am sure from the Mongolians' point of view, Quach Tinh is not a good and faithful friend. The Mongolians took care of his mother and him, and in return he helped the Chinese to fight against them. As a Chinese saying goes, "your adopted mother is bigger than by natural mother". In this novel, Louis Cha also invested much time and effort to describe the east, south, west and north heroes. They are all very unique people that we should not overlook. Louis Cha's description of the Mongolian army is also matches the one in my history text book.

3)If you have to start counting who loved Duong Qua; then you definitely missed a very important and sad character; Quach Tinh's youngest daughter. She loved Duong Qua alot, and after Duong Qua left, she wandered around trying to find any news relating to him. Although I will never pick Duong Qua myself, I have to say he is a very charming person who attracted lot of girls.

4) In the Smiling Proud Wanderer, the nun's father spent the second part of his life looking for his wife.

5) 'The Demi Gods and Semi Devils' was a story about brotherhood love and love between father and son. I see the romance part of this novel as icing on the cake.

6)The Duke of Mount Deer was Louis Cha's last novel. It is also the novel that I loved the most. I don't think there is any romance or everlasting love in this book. Louis Cha described the maturing and development of the Duke of Mount Deer and the King. You can see how the King grows up to be more reponsible each time Duke of Mount Deer sees him again. The friendship between the two is very real and touching. The Duke of Mount Deer is a very real person. He understands the important of money, friends and loyalty. When this book was written, Hong Kong was a freer city. The tension between left wing and right wing was eased off. Louis Cha has shown that in his novel by not giving the Duke of Mount Deer a nationality. He doesn't know whether whether his father is Chinese or not.

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