Savio Tsang Wai Kuen 曾偉權

Savio Tsang Wai Kuen


Last Name:
First Name:
Wai Kuen
English Name:
Ethnic Name:
Date of Birth:
November 05, 1961
Place of Birth:
Hong Kong
Blood Type:

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The Election 2014 as Luk Wai-tou (HKTV Dramas)

Witness Insecurity 2012 (TVB Series)

Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles 2012 (TVB Series)

Tiger Cubs 2012 as SSGT Yip Shu Fai (TVB Series)

Daddy Good Deeds 2012 (TVB Series)

Sisters of Pearl 2010 (TVB Series)

Beauty Knows No Pain 2010 as Lam Ga Man (GM) (TVB Series)

In the Eye of the Beholder 2009 (TVB Series)

Forensic Heroes II 2008 (TVB Series)

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West 2008 (TVB Series)

When a Dog Loves a Cat 2008 (TVB Series)

The Money-Maker Recipe 2008 (TVB Series)

The Four 2008 (TVB Series)

The Gentle Crackdown II 2008 (TVB Series)

D.I.E. 2008 (TVB Series)

The Green Grass of Home 2007 (TVB Series)

The Building Blocks of Life 2007 (TVB Series)

The Ultimate Crime Fighter 2007 (TVB Series)

Heavenly In-Laws 2007 (TVB Series)

The Slicing of the Demon 2007 (TVB Series)

Face to Fate 2006 (TVB Series)

La Femme Desperado 2006 (TVB Series)

Dicey Business 2006 (TVB Series)

A Pillow Case of Mystery 2006 (TVB Series)

The Prince's Shadow 2005 (TVB Series)

The Academy 2005 (TVB Series)

Life Made Simple 2005 (TVB Series)

Guts of Man 2005 (TVB Series)

Misleading Track 2005 (TVB Series)

The Charm Beneath 2005 (TVB Series)

The Herbalist's Manual 2005 (TVB Series)

Women on the Run 2005 (TVB Series)

Lady Fan 2004 (TVB Series)

Lost in the Chamber of Love 2004 (TVB Series)

Twin of Brothers 2004 (TVB Series)

Hard Fate 2004 (TVB Series)

Lofty Water Verdant Bow 2003 (TVB Series)

Seed of Hope 2003 (TVB Series)

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow 2003 (TVB Series)

The Vigilante in the Mask 2003 (TVB Series)

The W Files 2003 (TVB Series)

The Family Man 2002 (TVB Series)

Treasure Raiders 2002 (TVB Series)

Country Spirit 2002 (TVB Series)

Doomed to Oblivion 2002 (TVB Series)

Gods of Honour 2001 (TVB Series)

A Step into the Past 2001 (TVB Series)

The Legend of Lady Yang 2000 (TVB Series)

Justice Pao 1995 (TVB Series)

Gentle Reflections 1994 as Mo Chung 武松 (TVB Series)

The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994 as Kwok Siu Tin 郭嘯天 (TVB Series)

The Link 1993 as Hong Ming 康明 (TVB Series)

The Spirit of Love 1993 as Tin Chong Tai 田中泰 (TVB Series)

Wong Fei Hung Returns 1993 as Leung Foon 梁寬 (TVB Series)

The Legend of Fu Hung Suet 1989 as Lok Tin 樂天 (ATV TV Series)

Empress Wu 1984 as 明崇俨 (ATV TV Series)

Jade Bow Connection 1984 as Kam Sai Wai 金世遺 (ATV TV Series)

The Green Dragon Conspiracy 1979 (ATV TV Series)



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