Dare To Strike


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Dare To Strike

Reviewed by: Lingz13 September 08, 2003

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Mandarin Title: Sao Bing Zhe CAST Cheung Chilam - Jiang Dihui Li Nanxing - Wang Shen Ann Kok - Xiaoxiang Monica Chan - Dong Xue Stephen Au - Hu Shichang Andrew Lien Kai - Gao Tianyi Damien Lau (Liu Songren )- Li Dechao Huang Zhongkun - Mad Dog(Xiao Gao) May Phua - Liu Shihui Chen Wencong - Baldie(Xiaozun) Constance Song - Ann BRIEF SUMMARY (SPOILERS) This TCS serial was basically about anti-narcotics officers bustling drug syndicates. Two CNB officers, Dihui and Wang Shen, were sent on an exchange...

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