Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng

Reviewed by: Dagger Lee

March 26, 2004

Rating: one

Jimmy Lin as Lu Xiao Feng
Christopher Lee as Ximen Chuixue
Thomas Ong as Hua Manlou
Max Mok as Honest Monk
Wu Xingguo as Ye Gucheng
Theresa Lee as Shangguan Feiyan
Tao Hong as Ouyang Qing
Fang Jiwei as Sun Xiuqing

Well, the story is about Ye Gucheng challenging Ximen Chuixue to a duel to see which swordsman is better. However before the duel, Lu Xiao Feng has to solve a mystery that involves the mysterious death of his friend and somehow it also includes Ye Gucheng.

The costumes did not match the story and setting at all. All of the costumes looked Japanese. I couldn't believe this was a Chinese story at all. The guys looked like samurais and even fought like them! The females looked fat in those kimono-like dresses. This really ruined their image. Plus, some of the guys actualy had modern spikey hair! I was confused by this because I'm pretty sure hair salons did not exist back then.


Jimmy tried too hard to be Lu Xiao Feng and looked goofy with the small mustache. His spikey hairdo definitely made him look bad with the mustache. I did not see any chemistry between him and Tao Hong. They are definitely a mismatch. They don't even look right together. I'm glad Eric Suen replaced him in part 2. Eric is so much better than Jimmy as Lu Xiao Feng.

Christopher is okay as Ximen Chuixue. He is the only actor that I don't have too much complaint about. It is amazing that he kills and yet has no expression. However, he wasn't too good when it came to love scenes with Fang Jiwei. He does improve though and he does really well in part 2.

Thomas was a wrong pick for Hua Munlou. He looks funny and kind of girly with the hair touching his cheeks. Like Sukting has mentioned in her review, he looks too modern to play the role. He does a bad job as a blind man from the middle part of the series to the end. When people talk to him, I could see his eyes rolling at them! Definitely one of the worst picks for the roles.

Wu Xingguo was okay as Ye Gucheng. He has the cold look of a vicious killer and can scare anyone with it. My only complaint is his hair. It is so messed up and long that he looks like a female version of Tarzan! His dark outfit matched him completely. I have no more to say about this actor.

Tao Hong was bad as Ouyang. She didn't do well in acting with Jimmy. As metioned before, they don't look right together. Also, she looks fat in the dresses she wears in the series. I'm glad her character does not appear in part 2 at all.

Fight Scenes:

The fights were okay but there weren't a lot. They talk more than they fight. Also,the fights are samurai-style. I couldn't believe this was a story that took place in China and had people speaking Mandarin. It just doesn't make sense.

Please do not watch this series. If you are desperate to watch it then please get the condensed version on DVD or VCD from Taiseng. Everything in this series is inferior to part 2!

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