Return of the Condor Heroes

Reviewed by: SwordMaster

December 08, 2007

Rating: four

Vietnamese Title: Than Dieu Tai Xuat
Chinese Title: Shen Diao Xia Lu
Length: 30 episodes of 1 hour each.

The Cast:
Fann Wong as Siu Long Nu (Little Dragon Girl) doesn't fit the role really well. Siu Long Nu is supposed to be a strong and icy girl but the Siu Long Nu in this series whines and cries a little bit too much. I didn't like her costume either because she's suppose to be a simple-natured girl and her costume in here is lacey and complicated. Her looks are okay in the beginning but at the end, they put a black rose right in front of her face making her hairdo look really bad.

Christopher Lee as Yang Guo fits the role in this version really well. He really brings out the character of Yang Guo as being playful and mischievous in here.

Florence Tan plays the role of first daughter of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, Guo Fu, in here. Her appearance fits the role really well in here and she got the obnoxious and spoilt brat personality of Guo Fu down.

Song Qingqing is Cheng Ying in this series. I like her clothing in here because it fits the portrayal of a student of Dong Xie. She had rescued Yang Guo and her sister Lu Wu Shang several times from Li Mo Chou (the villainess).

Deborah Sim is Gong Sum Lu E in this version. She brought out Lu E's personality in here really well. She is a tragic character because her parents tried to kill each other. She fell in love with Yang Guo (so did most of the girls in here) and also knew that he only love Siu Long Nu so she helped them.

Yvonne Lin perfects the role of Guo Xiang in this series. Guo Xiang is one of Guo Jing and Huang Rong's twins. She later became good friends with Yang Guo. She also opens up the series into the sequel of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (Viet title: Co Gai Do Long/ Y Thien Do Long Ky - Chinese Title: Yi Tian Tu Long Ji).

Lu Wu Shang is played by Evelyn Tan. I don't like her hairdo in this series, it made her face look kinda awkward. Her parents were killed by Li Mo Chou and Mo Chou made her become her disciple and Wu Shang hated her. Later, Wu Shang stole Li Mo Chu's book of poisons and ran away and met Yang Guo.

The Plot:
The story began when Li Mo Chou killed a bunch of people that I have forgot but I remember one of TCS's star, Zoe Tay, acted as the wife of one of the people in there. After that, Yang Guo met his foster father Tay Doc (West Poison). He later met Guo Jing and Huang Rong and got tormented by their daughter Guo Fu and their two disciples. Guo Jing then brought him up to the mountains to stay at Chuen Zhen Sect. There was a battle going on up on the mountain, a Mongolian prince was trying to take over the place. Guo Jing rescued the sect. Siu Long Nu first appears in this series when Li Mo Chou went back to the cave and Siu Long Nu defeated her. The prince then went over to Siu Long Nu's place and got bee stings all over him. After that, Guo Jing left Yang Guo there. Yang Guo's teacher and the disciples hated him and they too, tormented him. Yang Guo then ran away toward the cave and met an old woman, the place's caretaker? Siu Long Nu then let him join the Ancient Tomb Sect, she's 18 then and he was 13. Five years later began the adventure of Yang Guo where he met Lu Wu Shang, Guo Fu, Cheng Ying, Gong Su Lu E, and more of his friends and villains. As I remember, Siu Long Nu left him at least three times and at the last time, she jumped of the cliff leaving Yang Guo a note that 16 years later, she will meet him again. 16 years later, Yang Guo, didn't find Siu Long Nu at the cliff so he jumped down to meet her down there.

The fighting scenes in here look pretty fake. When there's a fighting scene, they just swing the camera around so I can't even see a thing they're doing, it gives me headaches looking at the fighting scenes. The best scenes in this series was when they were flying through trees and when Siu Long Nu passed out in the lake and Yang Guo did like a mouth to mouth to give her more air so she can revive. The wedding scene was very good in here, it was so sad and heartwarming.

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