The New Adventures of Wisely

Reviewed by: SwordMaster

January 28, 2008

Rating: five

Vietnamese title: Long Tranh Ho Dau
Length: 22 episodes of 1 hour each

- Michael Tao (Dao Dai Vu): Wisely
- Zoe Tay: Bai Su
- Chew Chor Meng: Wen Bao Yu
- Zhong Qing: Hai De
- Li Nan Xing: Xiao Guo
- Phyllis Quek: Yu Fen
- Jerry Chang: Qi Bai (Quy Bai)
- Yvonne Lin: Hong Hong
- Chen Li Zen: Meng Dan (Mong Don)
- Yan Bin Liang: Tao Qi Quan

The Series:
There are many cases in the series. I can't remember all the cases in there. Some of the cases are shadow and the burned log, alien and the book of destiny, the alien and the pill of the immortals, the sword, trapped in another dimension, the reincarnation of a girl, and many more. This is the first TCS science fiction series that I have watched. It was pretty good. The graphics in this story is good too.

Character Descriptions:
- Wisely: He's the main character in this series. He helped find answers to a lot of the cases in here. He is very good at martial arts. Wisely met Bai Su trying to buy the piece of log that he needed for the shadow to live in. Xiao Guo and him became fast friends.

- Bai Su: Bai Su is the daughter of a man who owns an auction company. She met Wisely at one of her auction show. She fell in love with Wisely later on. She had also helped in the cases. She almost died once but was rescued by Hai De. She is a very good friend to Meng Dan.

- Wen Bao Yu: Wen Bao Yu is a computer expert. He fell in love with Hai De. He's also a smart person. He had helped Wisely out of danger and misunderstanding in one of the cases where Wisely had an evil twin.

- Hai De: Hai De is an alien. She came to Earth on a mission to retrieve the book of destiny that was lent to the people of Earth a long time ago. Her planet is just like Earth. Earth is just the mirror image of her planet. The same things on Earth already happened on her planet, that's why they can write the destiny of the people of Earth. She can fly also. She fell in love with Wen Bao Yu. She was the one that got Bai Su injured and also the one to bring Bai Su back to life. After that, she lost all her energy and has to return to her planet and Wen Bao Yu came with her.

- Xiao Gou: Xiao Gou is a very good friend of Wisely. He's a detective and was in on most of the cases in here. His martial arts skills are pretty good also. He fell in love with Yu Fen.

- Yu Fen: Yu Fen is a pretty innocent girl, until she knows that she's the reincarnation of a famous model/actress back then. The day and time she was born was the day and time that the actress got murdered. Since then, Yu Fen started dressing like the actress and also fell in love with the actress' lover who dies along the actress' side. The actress' lover's reincarnation is Qi Bai (Jerry Chang).

- Qi Bai: Qi Bai is a very experienced thief in here. Once when Yu Fen didn't notice that a thief took her purse, he knew it right away and got it back for her. He later died when he had to rescue Yu Fen from his evil twin in one of the cases.

Overall: I think this is a very good series. If you're into science fiction, this would be the right ones for you. TCS did a good job with the graphics in here. The fighting scenes are also good. They also have an excellent cast.

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