The Vagrant

Reviewed by: goddessofhonour

August 06, 2004

Rating: four-point-five

Series Information:
English Title: The Vagrant
Vietnamese Title: Phao Tu Dam
Mandarin Title: Bao Zi Dan
Produced/Released Year: 2002
Vietnamese Serie Length: 30 episodes
Chinese Serie Length: 20 episodes

Li Nanxing as Ah Bao/Liu Xiaoming
Huang Biren as Gan Shushu
Yvonne Lim as Song Xintian
Zhang Yaodong as Gan Yuan
Edmund Tay as Ah Lang
Joey Swee as Cecilia/Seki
Hu Wensui as Jason/Jeisen
Le Yao as Yang Xiaomin
San Yow as Lin Dehua
Tracer Wong as Mao Nana
Lin Yisheng as Wang Wan Shan
Huang Shinan as Du Wei
Huang Yiliang as Huang Jinlang
Zzen as Desheng

(Please be aware that this review does contain spoilers. I have tried to refrain from posting any big spoilers though)


Ah Bao was an abandoned child who was continuously abused by his relatives. At the age of 14 he was sent into a reformatory where he befriended two guys, Rocky and Ah Lang. Then at the age of 21, the three of them and Ah Bao’s girlfriend Cecilia robbed a jewelry shop. After being betrayed by Ah Lang and Cecilia, Ah Bao was sentenced to 10 years in prison where he thought about the day that he would get revenge.

Finally the time has passed and Ah Bao has regained his freedom. He goes on a search to get his revenge, but finds out that Ah Lang has become mentally disabled and Cecilia left him and their two children to remarry someone else. The two kids, Ke-ai and Ke-le, are under the care of an abusive family and even though Ah Bao cannot forget about them being the children of his betrayers, he is unable to ignore them. So Ah Bao brings along the two kids and goes rent a room in a rice stall shop owned by Gan Shushu. Shushu was a very successful business woman, but after going through many difficult obstacles, she becomes a stubborn, unstable hawker. The two at first are often at loggerheads, but after spending more time together, they begin to have different views on each other.

Gan Yuan becomes injured in an accident and loses confidence in himself, causing him to drift away from his girlfriend. After realizing that his girlfriend has begun dating someone else, he breaks up with her so she can continue on with her life, but he still loves her. Song Xintian witnessed the breakup and was touched. She befriends Gan Yuan and encourages him with ideas of how to win his girlfriend back. Gan Yuan and Xintian become close friends and they slowly begin developing feelings for the other. As they are developing their relationship further, Gan Yuan’s girlfriend comes back into the picture.

Character Profiles and Artist’s Acting:

Ah Bao/Liu Xiaoming (Li Nanxing)
Abandoned by his parents at a young age and then adopted by some relatives who abused him, he grew up to be quite violent and hot headed, even nicknaming himself “Leopard Guts.” After an incident where he injured someone, he was sent to the reformatory where he befriended two other delinquents, Rocky and Ah Lang. After release from the reformatory, the three of them along with his girlfriend robbed a jewelry shop and were going to split the money. However he was betrayed and then sentenced to jail for 10 years. Throughout the 10 years he always thought of finding out the ones behind his imprisonment and avengeing the death of Rocky. Once his sentence is over, he sets off not knowing where to go, but runs into a grown up Xintian who invites him to her pastry shop. He encounters many others who help him change his ways. But once he sees Cecilia again, he thinks of all the sufferings she has caused him and to everyone around. Revenge comes back to mind.

I’ve seen Li Nanxing in a few other series and I think he is terrific in here as well as his other series. It's obvious that Li Nanxing is a great actor and he has a lot of onscreen charisma as well! It’s a shame that he doesn’t get to show off his very dashing looks in here, but he still has the righteous aura in this series. This is quite a different type of role from his previous ones I’ve seen, but it reminds me a bit of his character in The Unbeatables 2. I really admire Ah Bao’s character, especially how he takes in Ke-ai and Ke-le even though they are the children of the ones who betrayed him. I liked the hot-headed attitude and straightforwardness in Ah Bao. He is a joy to watch, I loved seeing how he would argue with Shushu in the beginning over even the littlest things, but soon learn to talk calmly with her.

Gan Yuan (Zhang Yaodong)
He is a very intelligent and optimistic guy, but after an accident where he loses both his legs while trying to save his nephew, he slowly loses his confidence in life. He puts up a strong front for his sister and even though he truly loves Xiaomin, he lets her go after seeing that she is with Desheng. After meeting the ever-happy and go-lucky Xintian, he becomes more cheerful and regains confidence. Slowly as he spends more time with Xintian, he realizes that he has fallen for her and his love for Xiaomin has faded away. He confesses his feelings for Xintian but she doesn’t hear him; however when he hints it to her again she tries to ignore it. He leaves for America with Shushu to get an operation on his legs, hoping that it would give him the ability to walk once again.

This is Zhang Yadong’s second series, but my first time seeing him. There are times where he is a bit wooden, but overall he did fine. I really liked him off the bat, I guess it had a lot to do with his character. I find Gan Yuan to be a really cute type of character and it was great watching him regain his true self after befriending Xintian. He is such a cute match with Yvonne Lim, it would be great to see them again.

Ah Lang (Edmund Tay)
He was one of Ah Bao’s good buddies, but after being seduced by Cecilia he agreed to steal the money from Ah Bao and Rocky so that he could run away with Cecilia. She bore him two children and during this time he found out that she was only using him and became very upset and angry because he had betrayed his good friends for her. He confronted her, but was beaten very badly by Du Wei and became mentally disabled. He is now under the care of his mother and lives in poor conditions with her under a bridge. Before becoming mentally disabled, Ah Lang had left a cassette tape of the “story” behind why he had betrayed Ah Bao. Ah Bao and Shushu find it later on and after hearing it, Ah Bao is even more determined to get Cecilia.

First time seeing Edmund Tay, but I like his performance! His acting of being mentally disabled was very believable and convincing! I didn’t like how he was so easily tricked by Cecilia, but I pitied him after finding out the truth. I would have liked more scenes between Ah Lang and his two children. There were a few scenes of the three in the beginning and they were very touching.

Du Wei (Huang Shinan)
An ex-policeman who is very materialistic and is the one who killed Rocky and arrested Ah Bao. He had an affair with Cecilia and helped her trick Ah Lang into taking all the stolen jewelry money. He left the police force after being acquitted of corruption. He is still with Cecilia after all this time and the two of them try to get rid of Ah Bao when they realize he is after them for revenge. Du Wei and Cecilia start betting in horse races to try and win more money. They are successful the first few times, but afterwards lose a large sum after having wrong choices for the races. He kidnaps Ke-le to help him win back the money, but is unsuccessful and then kidnaps Shushu to get ransom money. However he finds out Cecilia is trying to cheat him of the ransom money and they get into a struggle and are arrested at this time.

Huang Shinan looks familiar to me. Has he starred in other series by different companies? I do think he has. Anyway, he is a good actor and has this “villain” role nailed. I did not like his role at all! I have to give it to him, though, for being able to stay with Cecilia for such a long time...

Lin Dehua (San Yow)
He is Shushu’s neighbour, a Chinese physician known for his “Two Finger Power.” Lin Dehua has had a crush on Shushu for some time now and he tries to gain her favor by volunteering to use his “Two Finger Power” on Gan Yuan’s legs. He tends to pick fights with Wang Wan Shan and usually gets into an argument with Mao Nana. After seeing Shushu treat Ah Bao nicer, he becomes jealous. Once he realizes that Shushu doesn’t like him, he locks himself in his house and becomes depressed. However after getting a waking up call from Ah Bao and Shushu, he picks himself up.

I have only seen San Yow in another series besides this, but he is a good actor. I like his role, found it to be very amusing. I sympathized with him when he found out Shushu didn’t like him I was actually hoping that he would pair up with Mao Nana, but too bad. They were great as arguing friends though.

Jason/Jeisen (Hu Wensui)
Jason is a gangster and in the beginning he had a luggage full of money that he had taken from someone (I think). He and his girlfriend, Sandra, rent a room from Shushu to hide out. However Sandra betrays Jason and runs away with his money, leaving him with nothing. Jason leaves for a while and returns to see that his room has been rented out to Ah Bao. He gets into a fight with Ah Bao, but after hearing about Jason’s misfortune, Ah Bao allows him to stay in the room with them (Ah Bao, Ke-ai, and Ke-le). Sandra calls Jason to meet her and he tells Ah Bao to go with him and will give him (Ah Bao) $5000 if he does. When Jason goes to meet Sandra, he is beaten up very severely. Later on, Ah Bao and Jason start betting in horse races and win a pile of money due to Ke-le’s “special” ability. The two use what money they have left to open a moving company where they are the bosses.

This is a first for me at seeing Hu Wensui, but I really like him. He has potential in acting and singing. He is quite cute and really shows off his looks in here as a young gangster turning over a new leaf. He really stood out to me in the series. I think this role he played really helped him leave an impression on me. His character seems to be easily bribed by money, but he knows right from wrong. I really like how Jason has a clear understanding of who is his friend and who isn’t.

Huang Jinlang (Huang Yiliang)
He is Shushu’s ex-husband and caused her to not only lose her business, but her son as well. Huang Jinlang cheated on Shushu with Cecilia and the two of them took advantage of the time Shushu was in the hospital to take over her business. The business fell apart and he divorced Shushu to be with Cecilia. However Cecilia was only using him and broke up with him after the business was ruined. Huang Jinlang often comes to Shushu’s chicken rice shop to try and get some money off her, but is usually chased away by her butcher knife. He reveals Shushu’s secret to everyone and makes money off one of Shushu’s pursuers, Jiabo, a surgeon. He also cooperates with Cecilia and Du Wei by kidnapping Ke-le to get the winning combinations of the horse races.

I have seen Huang Yiliang in numerous series where he plays various roles and I really like him. His performance is great in each one and this serie is no exception. He really plays the scumbag-of-a-husband role well. This isn’t too much of a challenging role though since Huang Yiliang has played similar characters before. But he still deserves credit for doing so well!

Wang Wan Shan (Lin Yisheng)
He is a popular getai singer and is also a neighbor of Shushu’s. In the 7th month performance, he decides to ask Mao Nana to join him in singing. The two of them are a good pair and are quite welcomed by the audience. Wang Wan Shan is often mistaken to be gay because of his personality and the way he dresses. However he is straight and has many fans after him. In one scene he is mistaken as Ah Bao by the group of guys that Cecilia has sent and is beaten up severely.

I’ve also seen Lin Yisheng in quite a few series before this one and he does well in here also. This role was very amusing and Lin Yisheng really created the humor in the character! It was very funny to see how he portrayed the role. I’ve never seen him play a character like Wang Wan Shan before so it was definitely nice to see him take on the role. I laughed so much! I think it had to do with the way he was walking most the time... very amusing!!

Desheng (Zzen)
He is an old classmate of Gan Yuan and Xiaomin’s, but has always disliked Gan Yuan and has wanted to “steal” Xiaomin. Desheng continuously tries to pursue Xiaomin, but is unsuccessful until Xiaomin's relationship with Gan Yuan takes a dive after Gan Yuan gets in an accident. So Desheng and Xiaomin begin dating and she breaks up with Gan Yuan. However, Desheng is not faithful to Xiaomin because he starts dating other girls behind her back and tells his other “girlfriends” that he just wanted to show Gan Yuan that he could take Xiaomin from him and after playing with her for a bit he will eventually break up with her. This was supposedly his plan, but too bad Xintian overhears this and turns his plan against him.

This is Zzen’s first series and he does okay. His acting is average in here, not much to say really. I do have much to say on his character though. A very nasty character and it's horrible how he did all this stuff just to show off. I found the scene where he was going to break up with Xiaomin amusing, since Gan Yuan and Xintian had already told her about Desheng’s “plan” so they created their own plan to give him a taste of his own medicine; he definitely was enraged afterwards!

Gan Shushu (Huang Biren)
Gan Shushu was a very successful business women with her own fashion company, but when she was in the hospital being treated for breast cancer, her husband betrayed her by having an affair with someone, Seki, and also causing the downfall of her business. After going to court for a divorce, Shushu got into an argument with Huang Jinlang and Seki on the issue. Her son, who was standing nearby, was playing with a ball and it happened to roll onto the streets and he ran after it only to be hit by a car. Her brother, Gan Yuan, tried to save his nephew but was unsuccessful. Shushu became a bit unstable after these events. She soon opened up a chicken rice stall where she would take out her butcher knife to “chop” anyone who would harass her.

This is my first time seeing Huang Biren onscreen and at first I did not like her due to her character, which was a bit scary. However in the end I sympathized for her character and liked her more when she became clearer about things and accepted many events/people into her life. Her transformation in the character is nicely done and very acceptable. Huang Biren is a good actress, she looks so bland in here in just a T-shirt and pants though. But the image really fit the character, so no complaints there. During the scenes/flashbacks of her in formal wear, she looked very pretty!!!

Song Xintian (Yvonne Lim)
Xintian has such a bubbly and cheerful personality that she gets the nickname “Little Apple.” Her family adopted Ah Bao after his parents left him and her parents treated him quite badly. However she sympathized with him and was very nice and caring towards him. She would offer him snacks whenever he was punished by her parents. She was the reason that he (Ah Bao) was sent off to the reformatory. It was because when she was younger a guy dropped his pants down in front of her, causing her to become frightened and cry. Ah Bao went to find that guy to teach him a lesson. Xintian has always wanted to find Ah Bao. She has her own pastry shop and would offer a lot of the treats out. Seeing Gan Yuan break up with Xiaomin, she wants to help him win Xiaomin back. But she develops feelings for him. However, when she sees Gan Yuan and Xiaomin hug after getting rid of Desheng, she feels as if she is the third wheel and decides to back off.

Yvonne Lim is one of my favorite actresses and she is awesome. She really fits into these bubbly types of characters since she has the “look” for it. Very, very cute in here; I liked her style and that hat she would wear. Her character really added a sweeter note to the serie and she was really a joy to watch. I think she was one of the highlights to the show. Whenever she was onscreen, a smile always seemed to appear on my face. She has that “gift” to make everyone happy in the series, or at least get close to it. Fantastic job in here!

Cecilia/Seki (Joey Swee)
She is Ah Bao’s ex-girlfriend who betrayed him by tricking Ah Lang to help her take all the money they had earned from robbing the jewelry store. She also had a relationship with Du Wei, an ex-police officer. Cecilia became pregnant with Ah Lang’s children and gave birth to Ke-ai and Ke-le, but she didn’t care for the two. She abandoned the two kids as well as Ah Lang to leave with Du Wei to have her riches. Cecilia also had an affair with Huang Jinlang where she used the name Seki. She used him to try and get his wife, Gan Shushu’s business but once it fell, she left him.

I really adore Joey Swee! She is a really great actress. I’ve seen her in many series and she plays many different roles. This is probably the first really evil role I’ve seen of her though and she does extremely well! I really have to give it to her in here. She pulls off this role so well that you just hate her! This character is one ruthless, power/money hungry woman!

Yang Xiaomin (Le Yao)
Xiaomin was Gan Yuan’s classmate in college and the two began dating during their last few years of school. After Gan Yuan’s accident, she declined an offer to go study overseas so that she could stay by his side. She becomes a hotel manager and is continuously pursued by an old college classmate, Desheng. Due to her relationship with Gan Yuan going through some difficulties, she starts to accept Desheng and they begin dating. She then breaks up with Gan Yuan, but after a while she realizes that she still has feelings for him. After she sees Desheng’s real side, she breaks up with him and tries to get back with Gan Yuan.

This is Le Yao’s debut series and she is okay. Her acting in here is a bit wooden and expressionless at times, but overall she was good. I did not like her character even though it’s a typical kind of character. Its just I did not like how she somewhat cheated on Gan Yuan. My initial impression was that she was the type of character who was very loyal and wouldn’t do such a thing. I was definitely wrong there.

Mao Nana (Tracer Wong)
Shushu’s close friend and also her neighbor. She is a coquettish getai singer who is asked by Wang Wan Shan to do duets with him in the 7th month performance. She decides to “rent” Ah Bao as her chauffeur during the performances. She discovers that he is a very good singer and finds it even better that he is able to control the crowds and is streetwise. She starts to fall for him and starts to treat him even nicer by buying him things, but gives up on him after realizing he likes Shushu.

I am not positive, but I think this is probably my first time seeing Tracer Wong. However she looks very familiar to me, I’m not sure if I’ve seen her before or not. Anyway her role of Mao Nana is just hilarious! I love watching her with either Lin Yisheng or San Yow. There is always commotion with her in the scene. My favorite scenes with her would be when she was competing against another getai singer who had a similar name. The two of them would fight to get on stage first at each performance. It was just hilarious watching!

Ke-ai and Ke-le (Names of the two kids that played these roles aren’t available.)
Ke-ai is very smart and sly for her age; she tries her hardest to take care of her younger brother and earn money to give to her grandmother so that she can take care of her dad. Ke-le is very quiet and he doesn’t talk often. But he is very good in math and subjects that have to do with numbers. Later on, he is discovered to have a “special” ability to pick out the winning combinations in horse races. Ke-ai and Ke-le are the children of Ah Lang and Cecilia. The two siblings were left by their mother at a young age and were taken care of by their grandmother (Ah Lang’s mother). However their grandmother was quite old and she didn’t have the ability to take care of the two, so she gave them up for adoption, hoping that they will get a better life. The two were then adopted by a family of three and weres constantly abused by them. They were poorly clothed and fed by the family. The two siblings would wander around the streets collecting cans to recycle to try and earn some money. Sometimes they would also go trick store employees into letting them take food by pretending that a customer who was currently shopping was their parent and would pay for it later.

These two kids did a fantastic job! I think they portrayed their roles out very well and is very convincing. Ke-ai really does give off the impression of being a smart-aleck and Ke-le does extremely well. His eyes always have a distant look to them and whenever he was doing something, he would be very intent in it. I really liked when Ke-ai started school and she was being teased by other classmates so she beat them up, very well done scene! These kids really do have potential and are so cute. I look forward to seeing them in future productions!

My Comments:
This series happens to be one of my favorite Singapore productions. It is a short series that is simple, sweet and holds an interesting plot behind it. Even though the plot has been used before in other series, there was something new and refreshing about it. The sub-stories and the relationships added in laughs and tears to the serie, but mostly laughs. Everything moved at a good pace throughout the series, so there were very little draggy moments.

The casts did an excellent job portraying their roles in here. There are a lot of familiar faces in here, yet many new faces for me. This serie had a few newcomers, but they each pulled off their part with few complaints from me. As for the more veteran artistes, there is no doubt that their performances were great. Even though some of the roles that were given out to the artistes are somewhat similar to roles they usually play, I still think they did nicely at it.

The pairings in here were all new for me, but I did not mind because there was different chemistry between the couples. Each relationship was somewhat different from the others and gave off a unique feel. Even though some of the relationship ideas were not genuine, it was still a joy to watch due to the good acting and the chemistry. Not only were the love relationships interesting, the relationships between family and friends were equally absorbing. The different relationships gave the series different moments; like I mentioned above, the relationships added in moments such as amusement, sniffles, annoyances, and even confusion at times. You can expect a bit of everything.

(The band Peace. Hu Wensui is the farthest one back in the picture ^_^)

The theme song and sub-song for this series are awesome!!! Both songs are very well-sung and are very soothing. It has a really nice tune to it and even though I don’t understand it, I still feel as if it fits the story. Scenes from the series that were used in the theme video were very well chosen. Those scenes fit the tune of the song and they also made you eager to see it yourself. I do not know the title of the theme song, but the sub-song is called Ai Wu Guo Jie and is sung by the band Peace. Peace is a five member boyband that was started up by Mediacorp Music, Hu Wensui is one of the members in the band.

I have very little complaint on this series. There are a few things I would have wanted to see more of, though. Such as more screen time for Rocky and Ah Lang's mother. I liked both of those roles and they were quite significant to the series, but sadly very little appearances for them. Another thing is I wanted a more explained ending, especially on the relationship between Gan Yuan and Song Xintian. Since the reason they did not develop a relationship before he left for the US was due to her not wanting to intude on his relationship with Xiaomin, when he comes back and she sees him, they hug as if they are together. Where did the thought of not wanting to intrude go?

It's such a shame that very few viewers have seen this series. They either have skipped upon it or haven’t heard of it. Another thing, seems as if Singaporean productions aren’t very popular. I think that many of the series produced by Singapore have a lot of potential, but are just too underrated. The artistes that are in Singaporean productions are all very talented as well. Oh I’m getting a bit off the purpose here. Anyways I think that everyone should give The Vagrant a chance!

Favorite Scenes: (In no specific order)

1. When Ah Bao befriended Rocky and Ah Lang in the reformatory. It was very amusing how the three were showing off their tattoos in the shower to “frighten” the other. Also the scene afterwards when the three of them were playing basketball together showed their close friendship. I liked how the younger versions of the three turned into the “older” versions while playing basketball. It's like all that time in the reformatory, they grew into good friends and all.

2. Ke-ai is thrown down a dumpster chute and is trapped in there because the dumpster door is locked. Ke-le finds Ah Bao to help and is successful. Very “heroic” scene when Ah Bao smashes the lock and carries out the frightened Ke-ai. It is even better when he brings the two kids to find their adoptive parents since they were the ones that threw her down the chute. I think Ah Bao beat the dad up pretty badly and scared the mom and son. They deserve it, since they abused poor Ke-ai and Ke-le so much!

3. Gan Yuan and Xiaomin singing “their” song before they break up. (That song is quite nice, wonder what the title is? If you guys know, do tell me!) It is touching how Gan Yuan brings Xiaomin downstairs and tells her that “love means you never have to say your sorry.” Even more touching when he sees Xiaomin leave with Desheng who is now her boyfriend. Poor Gan Yuan, he is just sitting there all sad and looking into the distant. It is cute how Xintian introduces herself and offers him some apple strudel as she is leaving her shop.

4. Ah Bao is taking a shower and he realizes that the coffee shop has been set on fire. He rushes to get everyone out of the place and realizes that Gan Yuan is still upstairs. He saves Gan Yuan and is carrying him down the stairs, but accidentally sprains his ankle. A funny thing about this was that Ah Bao is just wearing a towel and when he sprains his ankle, the towel falls down... right in front of Shushu!

5. Xintian bakes Gan Yuan an apple strudel “cake” for his birthday. She gathers Ah Bao, Jason, Ke-ai, and Ke-le to throw Gan Yuan a party. After singing happy birthday to Gan Yuan, Xintian gives him a birthday kiss on the cheek. This was such a cute and sweet scene!

6. Ke-ai, Ke-le and Ah Bao finally leave the coffee shop after Shushu demands them to because she feels as if she cannot accept either Ke-ai or Ke-le due to their mother. However once they are gone, she realizes that they mean a lot to her and she runs after Xintian’s van, which they are in. She is able to catch up to the van and she tells the two how much she cares for them. The two of them hug her and Ke-le actually talks.

7. Ah Bao and Jason cooperate to start a moving company. It's very nice to see the two of them working and earning money “legally.” It's even better to see them becoming such good/close friends. Very amusing how they are trying to move the furniture, but the client is doing a lot of complaining and talking. Finally the two just tell her to quiet down and let them do their job.

8. All the scenes when Jason, Ah Bao, Ke-ai, Ke-le, or anyone else supposedly see the “ghost” in the coffee shop. It's very amusing since the ghost turns out to be Shushu when she is sleepwalking. She definitely caused a lot of trouble and scares for everyone! It's hilarious how one night, I think it was Jason hears a noise so he peeks out the door and sees the “ghost” floating across the kitchen! It was very very funny watching his expression.

9. Any scenes where Shushu is chasing after someone with her butcher knife. Especially in the beginning when she was chasing Huang Jinlang with her butcher knife and Ah Bao happened to be there. Huang Jinlang was hiding behind Ah Bao and Shushu was just wielding her knife everywhere. Poor Ah Bao was caught in the middle of a dangerous situation.

10. Basically any scene between Gan Yuan and Song Xintian. I think that they are such a cute couple in here and is my favorite pairing for the series. Their story is very sweet and touching. It's very fun to watch how Xintian tries to help Gan Yuan win Xiaomin back with all her ideas. Very cute how the two slowly fall for each other. The scene where Gan Yuan confesses that he likes her is sweet, but sadly she is listening to her headphones so she doesn’t hear him. When he is about to leave for the US, he goes to her shop to see her one last time, but sadly she isn’t there. Well she is actually hiding in the back room to avoid him because she doesn’t want to intrude on his relationship with Xiaomin. It is very sad to see how disappointed he is, but even sadder to see Xintian’s expression when she watches his taxi leave. Very sweet scene when Gan Yuan returns from the US and is able to walk again. He goes to find Xintian’s new shop and sits outside to look at her. Once she realizes he is there, she just stands there looking at him and he slowly tries to stand up from his wheelchair and is successful. So filled with joy and happiness, she runs out of the shop and the two embrace.

Reasons to Rent this: (If you haven’t realized it yet from my comments above.)

1. Three words. Short, Sweet, and Simple. (Word ‘and’ doesn’t count in there, hehe) What else do you want?

2. Terrific performances from the castings. Veteran and new artistes each did their best in their roles. Also quite new and compatible pairings. Yvonne Lim and Zhang Yaodong are cute! Li Nanxing and Huang Biren are hilarious!

3. The theme song and sub-songs in the series are great to listen to. You won’t get tired of listening to them repeatedly. At least I didn’t.

4. Very amusing characters! You’ll definitely get many laughs from San Yow, Tracer Wong, and Lin Yisheng! They have such hilarious characters!

5. Because Goddess says so! But seriously, this is a good series.

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