You Are The One

Reviewed by: plumstars

September 14, 2006

Rating: four-point-five

You Are The One (1/2 Yun Fen)


Nadia Chan: Hao Mei Man
Jacelyn Tay: Hao Mei Li
Rui En: Hao Mei De
Christopher Lee: Simon Li
Chew Chor Meng: Raymond Li
Terrance Cao: Ahn Zhen Xi


This drama is about three sisters, Hao Mei Man, Hao Mei Li and Hao Mei De and their search for their Mr. Right.


Mei Man is the career woman, who ideals of perfection are that a guy has to be open minded and gentlemanly in his ways. She hates men who are stingy, chauvinistic and self centered, which is exactly what Raymond is like. He is her colleague and rival at work and they are constantly rivaling each other in hopes to come out the better worker.

Hao Mei Li is the underdog in this drama, she is the ugly duckling of the family and is always overshadowed by her other two beautiful sisters. She is also the most family orientated; filial and her biggest dream is to find the love of her life and begin her own family. However, due to her looks, she is always thrown to the sidelines and laughed at because of her name (Hao Mei Li = extremely beautiful). Although she always faces disappointments after her arranged meetings with strangers, she never fails to rise from the ashes and to face life with the same spirit and courage, believing that one day, she will find her better half.

She meets Simon for the first time after yet another disappointing arranged meeting. She drowns her sorrows over a huge box of ice cream, crying as she scoops spoon after spoon of ice cream into her mouth. Simon sits next to her, and is asked for tissue by her. He sees her snotty nose, and is extremely disgusted by her. He quickly runs off, leaving his cell phone behind, resulting in her answering his call and causing him to break up with his girlfriend. Ever since then, Simon thinks of her as his jinx, avoiding her whenever he can, until a certain event causes them to become best friends.

Hao Mei De is the youngest of the three and is also the most confident of her looks, often using her looks to get men to do work for her. She also believes strongly in herself and sets high ideals for her future man, believing that there is no man good enough for her at the moment. She meets Ahn Zhen Xi after he causes heartache to Mei Li and is attracted by his persona, even though she scolds him for breaking Mei Li’s heart. She gets to know him more after she begins to work in the advertising company who does his company’s advertisements. They become a couple, although their union does cause a slight rift in the sisterly relationship of the three. Ahn Zhen Xi and Mei De also have their own problems to deal with as he is torn between his past love and her, and Mei De is also extremely headstrong, believing that her man should always place her as the number one in his heart.


Nadia Chan as Hao Mei Man

I thought that she was an excellent choice for Mei Man, as she exudes the right feel and character of a career minded woman. However, there were certain scenes where I thought that her acting was a little over the top. Her match with Raymond was also a bit strange for me as they seemed to be from two different worlds. They also lacked the chemistry that Mei Li and Simon had and most of the time I felt that their acting was not convincing at all.

Jacelyn Tay as Hao Mei Li:

She is without doubt my favourite character in the whole drama! She plays the role of an underdog quite well, and you really feel for her when she faces her disappointments in love. She and Simon are also soooo cute together! They so deserve to win the best couple award! Their chemistry as friends and as a couple is perfect, and the buildup to their relationship is one worth waiting for. Simon is so perfect for Mei Li, as not only is he funny and sweet, he is so caring towards her as well.

Rui En as Hao Mei De:

I was really annoyed with Mei De all the way, I felt that she was too self centered and vain. She seems to think that the whole world revolves around her and she is so spoilt! I hated the way she treated her father, Simon and Zhen Xi’s mother, always thinking that she is so great and talented. I also thought that the pair up with Zhen Xi was weird as he seems way too old for her, and his matured attitude seemed to accentuate her brattiness. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Rui En is a really pretty actress, but I really, really disliked her character in here. It was only towards the end that I began to like her a little bit more.

In a nutshell:

This is a great drama if you want humour, romance and family relationships. Complete with a great cast, an excellent storyline and scenes that touch your heart, this is the best drama that you can watch to lift your spirits when you’re feeling down and lonely! Highly recommended!

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