Son Ye Jin 손예진

Son Ye Jin


Last Name:
First Name:
Ye Jin
English Name:
Ethnic Name:
Real Name:
Son Yeon Jin 손연진
Date of Birth:
January 11, 1982
Place of Birth:
South Korea
Blood Type:

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Son Ye Jin was born on January 11th, 1982 in Daegu, South Korea, and she is a South Korean actress. She graduated from the Film Art Department at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, and has appeared in at least 12 films and 6 TV shows. Son Ye Jin's film debut came in 2000 in the film titled "Secret Tears." She has won a variety of awards for her acting, from a "Best New Talent" award in 2001 to a "Top Excellence" award in 2006, and a variety of awards in between those. She has appeared in movies such as "Lovers Concerto," "The Classic," "Crazy First Love," "A Moment to Remember," "The Art of Seduction," "Open City," and "My Wife Got Married," and is currently working on a movie called "Into the White Night." Son Ye Jin made her TV debut in 2001 on the show "Delicious Proposal." Since then, she has been in a number of other TV series, including "Sun-hee & Jin-hee," "Summer Scent," "Alone in Love," and "Spotlight."

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Personal Preference 2010 as Park Kae In (Korean Dramas)

Spotlight 2008 (Korean Dramas)

My Wife Got Married 2008 as Joo In-ah (Movies)

Alone in Love/Era of Love/Yeonaeshidae 2006 (Korean Dramas)

April Snow 2005 (Movies)

The Art of Seduction 2005 (Movies)

A Moment to Remember 2004 (Movies)

The Classic 2003 (Movies)

Summer Scent 2003 (Korean Dramas)

Delicious Proposal 2001 as Jang Hee-ae (Korean Dramas)

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