A Good Match From Heaven

Reviewed by: sukting

September 27, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

How long - 20 episodes

Do you wish to see Hsuan Huen in a comical role? This is also the second time Wan Siu Lun works together with Kwok Oi Ming after 'Conscience'. Also how does he act with Hsuen Huen before 'Outburst' and 'Golden Faith'?

Story/Introduction on Characters

1. Ding Cheong On – Wan Siu Lun
He works at the Ocean Park as a bird trainer. Being arrogant and traditional, he doesn’t like a woman to be his superior. Thus he is often at loggerheads with Chi Shun. However, he doesn’t realize that their link is a match from heaven. He prefers to be with Si Si. But when Chi Shun is dying, he realizes who he really loves and marries her. Siu Lun does this cheeky role well as he is young then to fit the age.

2. Ding Cheong Sheng – Chiang Dai Wai
He is Cheong On’s eldest brother who is a fishmonger. He can be very overbearing at times. He doesn’t know how to treasure his wife and often quarrels with her. Why doesn’t he bring her along for holidays from the day they are married? Because he is very afraid of heights. Cheng On has to overcome his fear but taking him on the cable car in Ocean Park. Have a good laugh at this – on the first trip, he holds on to his brother’s leg tightly under the seat. But after the first try, he demands more trips!

3. Kwong Sheung Wo – Leung Wing Chung
He is Cheng On’s colleague who lacks confidence in himself. He tries hard to learn from him and hopes to become a natural like him with animals. He likes Si Si for her talkative nature but both can only be friends.

4. Yuet Lo – Chun Wong
He is in charge of the marriages when he binds their feet together in heaven. He opposes to Si Si going to earth to disturb him but has to give in when she keeps pleading with him.

5. Ding Cheong Hei – Chan On Ying
She is the brothers’ sister who helps out at the fish stall. She sides with Lai Jing whenever the couple quarrels as she always finds that Cheong Sheng is in the wrong.

6. Hong Chi Shun – Kwok Ooi Ming
She is the programme planner at Ocean Park. She always doesn’t see eye to eye with Cheong On to pick on him at work. After seeing how well he trains the birds. She changes her mind. Both end up as a couple and they keep quarreling. They head for a breakup. When Si Si accidentally loosens the red rope around her foot in heaven, she turns weak and is about to die of cancer without Cheong On’s love.

You will envy Ooi Ming’s good fortune. She keeps pairing with TVB pillar actors although she had little experience in acting. She works with Kar Leung in ‘Ambition' and Secret of the heart’. She also works with Siu Lun in two dramas. In comparison, I find her more fun-loving with Siu Lun and serious when with Kar Leung.

7. Hung Si Si – Hsuen Huen
She is a small fairy in heaven. But she can’t stand the young couple who keep on quarreling. Moreover, she also mis-ties Cheong Sheng’s foot with Kei Fong to cause Lai Jing to nearly divorce. Thus she decides to come to earth to settle the mess. She ends up liking Cheong On after working at the Ocean Park as a trainer. This makes her the third party into their relationship and she feels very remorseful. After making both couples reconcile, she returns to heaven.

8. Lam Lai Jing – Sheung Tin Ngor
She helps her husband at the fish stall and never asks anything in return. He takes her for granted and she goes for another man as she lands Cheong Sheng with a broken foot to be put on cast after pushing him down the stairs accidentally. Soon, she discovers that he is most suitable for him and returns to him.

9. Fung Kei Fong – Chan Mei Kei
She is from China and comes into Cheong Sheng’s marriage. Sigh – why is she kept stereotyping as a mainland woman?

10. Tang Miu Chu – Mui Siu Wai
She is Chi Shun’s colleague who often bullies Cheong On. She becomes Sheung Wo’s girlfriend later.

The theme song "Silly" is by Siu Lun. I think he acts better than he sings.

This is the first time I see Hsuen Huen in a period costume and she is pretty indeed. However, I find her having little comic genes then. She bores me with her overly done acts. Siu Lun is the one to create the most laughs. The expression that he shows when Si Si sets all the birds by mistake is classic indeed.

Ooi Ming isn’t showing much of her potential as her role is very one dimensional. So is Hsuen Huen as a newcomer. Siu Lun cuts a level above them due to his experience. The story contains too many disputes and disagreements among the couples which slows the pace. The only plus point is to see how the animal trainers work in Ocean Park. The cast needs to be credited for taking time out to get close to animals to make this dram watchable.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)
On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)
On songs : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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