A House Is Not a Home

Reviewed by: sukting

November 03, 2009

Rating: three-point-five

After this drama, Wang Ming Chuen is considered as the strong-willed and career-minded modern woman moving with the modern times. Do you wish to find out why and how this drama shoots her to stardom? It talks about how a construction firm owner balances his life with his wife and his mistress. The two families don’t refer to each other by names at all.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Lok Fai – Bak Mun Piew
In 1970s Hong Kong, the construction industry was booming, but hidden dangers, due to corruption often jeopardized the public's safety. Lok Fai is one of these construction company owners. He has two wives and has never allowed both families to meet each other. When his secret is revealed, he has a big headache. He also opens a restaurant too and views Wah as his successor.

If I were Fai, I will name Yee Tak’s children with 2 Chinese characters and not by one character. Heng Wan’s daughters should exchange their names with them. Maybe the secret will not come to light then. But fire can’t wrap the paper so it is impossible to conceal it when the daughters are adults, not children. He often sneaks out to have lunch with Yee Tuck’s family.

You can’t help feeling that it is unfair for Lam’s family. Fai treats Heng Wan’s children fairly but not her side. This man even has to get others to settle the disputes for him. He has massive nose bleeding after drinking too much. Lam’s family can only worry for him and request the Hos to convey messages to Fai at home while Heng Wan’s family can visit him openly in the hospital. It is through the sickness that he finds that he lets Yee Tuck down.

Fai opens a restaurant with Chun Yau. Lam congratulates him by sending him a flower basket, using her magazine agency’s name. Heng Wan is so mad to want to cast it aside but luckily, Ting Fong stops her and Fai speaks up for Lam for the first time. But his hostility towards Lam has never changed. When something negative happens, he still thinks that it is her fault.

Fai is badly affected when his business turns bad after he is found of corruption. He flees to Taiwan to avoid imprisonment. As a traditional man, he views sons more important than daughters. He is such a coward to leave the mess for Lam to clear for him. He later dies due to an illness. Bravo for this veteran actor for taking up this unpleasant role. Bak makes him so detestable that you will not pity him.

2. Yuen Heng Wan – Tang Pik Wan
She is Fai’s first wife and is a shrew. She wants things her own way. No wonder Fai has to seek solace outside. She has three children – two elder daughters and one son. Their family has been quite peaceful and she keeps mum about the fact of Fai having a mistress and another family. She has deep hatred towards them. She only wants Fai to warn the other family not to stir up any more trouble.

She flares up upon knowing that Lam sets up a magazine agency. She has thought that Fai has given her the money but Fai has never approved of it all along. She wants all her friends to side for her as Fai has cheated her all along. The nude photos drive her to the extreme – Lam must be coming all out to disgrace Fai for having such a failure. She urges Fai to break up ties with Yee Tuck.

When he doesn’t listen, she leaves home for Dai Yu San and this worries her children. Fai has to get hic children and Mrs See to bring her home. She is provoked again when he buys a house for Yee Tuck. More so when wronging Lam for causing Wah’s murder scandal but actually she helps to keep it under wraps due to her good relationship with the other reporters.

She pins all her hopes on her son to inherit the business but he proves to be a disappointment. He gives her a harder blow when she learns that he is gay too. She has been very hostile to Fai’s other family till Fai goes missing. She has no choice but to get Lam to save the family business when Chun Yau can’t solve the crisis. Upon seeing how she works hard for the family, she starts to accept her after Fai dies of an illness.

Recent artistes should learn from Tang on how to act as a shrew. Her voice is so distinctive and the tone is right. She does it so elegantly in her simple samfoo dressing or normal dressing. She is no doubt one of the veteran artistes whom I adore and admire most.

3. Wong Yee Tak – Nam Hung
She is the second wife and has two daughters. She is a dance hostess but retires for good after being with Fai. Unlike other ‘vixens’ as mistresses, we see none of the traits in her. She is traditional, gentle and is contented with her life. She doesn’t want Lam to fight for her but Lam feels that life is unfair as the whole family has to hide like mice just because they are illegal children.

Knowing that Fai is hostile to Lam, she blames herself. It might not be so if she is a son instead. She is ill one day and Lam calls Hak Lun’s home. Mun laughs off that Hak Lun will not come because of his engagement on the very same day. Sure indeed, Hak Lun’s uncle – who is also a doctor - comes on his behalf as Hak Lun hasn’t reached home.

It still beats me on how she can become a dance hostess during her younger days since she is so timid and mellows down so much. She even asks Lam not to fight with others as forcing doesn’t mean gaining happiness. Knowing that Heng Wan is badly affected by Fai’s disappearance later, she consoles her and both start to get along better.

4. Lok Lam – Wang Ming Kuen
Lam is Yee Tak’s elder daugther of his second family. Fai dislikes her as she brings him bad fortune when she is born. Unlike Man who knows how to sweettalk to Fai, Fai has never liked this strong-willed and stubborn daughter. Fai has his birthday celebrated separately with them. He celebrates with Heng Wan’s family and friends at a restaurant while celebrates with Lam’s family at her home.

Lam is late to reach home so Fai has left. The two families have never known of each other’s existence till she insists of sending Fai a birthday present to the restaurant – an umbrella. She is upset to see him taking family photos with his other family. That causes conflicts between the two families and Fai blames her for it but she refuses to admit that she is wrong.

She is once the editor of a magazine but resigns due to the chief editor’s insistence of publishing an article that humiliates women. She then becomes the chief editor of a magazine that she creates. On the opening day, Fai doesn’t arrive as he has to go to the airport to fetch Hang Mei home. Lam rushes there to meet Hak Lun who is back from Hawaii but stops upon seeing Hang Mei with him.

Upon seeing Fai and Chun Yau together, she realises their relationship. Getting so badly affected, she returns home. Her subordnate is a good friend of Chun Yau and keeps going to him for commerical publication plus promotion of Heng Wan’s Cantonese opera fund raising event. Lam has no choice but to turn all these down to prevent provoking the other family.

The magazine's first publication has Lok Wah's nude photos and she doesn’t realise it till she looks at the first printout! She wants all to be recovered but it is already too late. Fai doesn’t believe that she has nothing to do with it. She refuses to close the agency despite Fai’s warning. She continues to keep it going.

She is too focused in her work and neglects Hak Lun. He then chooses to be with Hang Mei. When seeing both dating at Ocean Park, she hides aside but can’t help feeling depressed. Later, she knows Bak Lam and starts dating him. Intially, she feels sore when imagining that Hak Lun has a good time with Hang Mei. Bak Lam is at her home then. He detects it and decides to cheer her up by inviting him to go on a yacht with him. She feels happy and gets closer to him.

Fai keeps reminding her not to invite gossip as Heng Wan keeps telling him to warn her to keep a distance from Hak Lun. He also doesn’t apporve of her to be with the divorcee Bak Lam. He feels that something is wrong with him since his marriage fails. What a joke – he should be the one to be afraid instead since she has two families.

Later, Fai’s business sinks rock bottom when it is revealed that he has accepted bribes. Lam helps in the family business upon seeing how Chun Yau is unable to handle it as the restaurant he controls is in a mess. She becomes a successful businesswoman but her love relationship is on the rocks.

5. Lok Mun – Tsui Mei Leng
She is Lam’s younger sister who knows how to please everyone. She is a model. Her parents pamper her rotten and she often gets Fai to give her money to spend. But if she borrows money from Lam, she will pay her back. She works as a part-time model. Both sisters are close. They can forgive each other easily for each other’s mistakes. She is materialistic and accepts presents from Chun Yau even after knowing his ill intentions. But she protects her sister later on, knowing her situation too well.

Mun is aware that Kin is in love with her. But she chooses to be with Ou Seung Yu – a clothes factory owner who often puts advertisements in Lam’s magazine. She becomes more down to earth after that. Mun sees Lam with Hak Lun and alerts Lam but she is indifferent. She feels that Lam should not have given Hak Lun up to Hang Mei so she tries to create chances for them. But being afraid to invite gossip, Lam rejects Hak Lun’s offer to give her a lift home.

6. Lok Hang Nam – Chan Kar Yee
She is Heng Wan’s elder daughter who is submissive. She learns that Fai has another family from Chun Yau who gets to see the present before the rest. She often believes what Chun Yau tells her to convey to Heng Wan on Hak Lun’s past romance with Lam. She has crossed swords with Lam before as they meet at Hak Lun’s home but she is not Lam’s match as she is too eloquent.

She feels empty when Chun Yau is always busy and doesn’t keep her company when he is free. Her in-laws also don’t treat her well so she can’t be bothered to tell them that she is pregnant too when they look down on Fai. They don’t like him to be corrupted and they only bail him out on Chun Yau’s account.

7. Lok Hang Mei – Wong Hoi Yan
She is Heng Wan’s younger daughter. She is a teacher in a high school. She does voluntary work even during the vacation. Also unlike her mother, she is gentle and sweet-natured. Lam meets Hang Mei at Kin’s home for the first time and Lam is cold towards her. Hang Mei hears the maid calling Lam Ms Lok and is puzzled. She later gathers that she is her half-sister after recalling Hang Nam’s words.

She knows Hak Lun on her trip to Hawaii. She borrows a pen from him to fill up a form and forgets to return to him. She goes to his clinic to pass to him. She also visits him when she is ill. Seeing her looking so pale, Hak Lun sends her home. She feels awkward in meeting Lam after knowing her identity. Knowing that Hak Lun is always forgetful, she gets him a new pen.

She is always obliging to Heng Wan. Heng Wan has complained that their engagement meal is too frugal. If not for Heng Wan’s insistence, she will not have invited Muk Yong and Cheng as both only invite their own families. Although Hak Lun and she prefer a quiet wedding, they give in to her as she wants to make it an elaborate affair.

8. Lok Wah – Yam Tat Wah
He is the youngest and only son. He is still a student and loafs around. He only knows how to get money from his parents or elder sisters. He has kept his gay secret under wraps. Lam’s magazine photographer challenges him to take nude photos and he agrees after getting drunk. However, he refuses to pay him the money that he has promised him. He uses it to buy a set of expensive photography equipment. The photographer gets mad and publishes the photos before fleeing. This drops a bomb on both families.

Wah and Cheng are sent to the U.S. to study after their secondary education. Both offend an underworld boss and are nearly killed. They flee back to Hong Kong but have not learned from the lesson. Both patronize a bar again and befriend a gay guy. The guy is suddenly dead and both become suspects. Kin goes to bail them out and luckily, both are found to be innocent.

This is the first time Wah meets Lam as Kin calls her along – just in case if the media wants to blow up the matter, she is there to stop it. He is quite uneasy to see her although he doesn’t know who she is. Later, he learns it from his family. He still doesn’t regret his actions and Fai gives up on him.

Heng Wan decides to send Wah to England this time as he is interested in hairdressing and he is so frightened to face Fai. Muk Yong forbids Cheng to go. She also reminds her that it is hard to monitor his moves when he is far away from her and there is a high possibility that he will bring a ‘boyfriend’ home.
Thus she decides to keep him beside her.

His parents are badly shaken by his gay truth and call him a disgrace to their family. They don’t believe that he is tricked to do that. When Fai’s business fails, he is at a loss. Lam pities him and often gives him advice. He later calls her ‘elder sister’ – to her joy.

Tat Wah is very bony then. I really laugh at the scenes of him exercising at the gym. I must give credit to him to take up this role that can cause uproar during that time. He acts this sissy role well. Perhaps, he is later approached to act in similar roles due to this.

9. Ma Chun Yau - Ha Yu
He is Hang Nam’s husband. I don’t think Hang Nam deserves him. This man is unworthy and has no caliber in doing business. He woos Mun upon seeing her at a modeling event and isn’t aware that she is Hang Nam’s younger sister. He even buys a ring for her. Luckily, Lam advises her to return to him. Upon knowing the truth, he drops her like a hot potato.

Normally we will see women causing discord but in his case, he is the one. He often reports on Lam’s family to Heng Wan. He buys the magazine that has Wah’s nude photos to show to Fai. That causes his relationship with Lam to worsen as Fai is made to think that Lam wants to humiliate Wah. He is very petty – Hak Lun and Hang Mei has rejected to have dinner with him once.

Thus upon knowing that Hak Lun doesn’t invite his parents to his engagement, he also feels like absenting himself. Even though he turns up, he is sarcastic to say that it is as if they are having their last meal. According to the bible, this is the fate to the 13 people. He feels that Hak Lun should have omitted inviting this number since he is a Christian while he, a Taoist seems to know more than him.

Chun Yau is jealous to know that Fai intends to give Hak Lun a house for his wedding. Fai has only given him some expensive jewels when he marries Hang Nam. Seeing that Fai’s daughters and Wah have no potential and knows nothing about business, he is pleased that he will be the direct successor. Soon, he discovers that it is hard to manage. Lam appears and his authority is being challenged and he initially looks down on her as a woman.

However, he has no say as she proves to have a lot of foresight. Due to her previous managing of a magazine, she knows many clients and manages to rope in more people. She is also able to switch the ruined company’s reputation into a famous one again. Ha Yu has not changed much all these years and did quite well as this lustful but incapable man.

10. Mrs See Lee Mok Yung – Lee Heung Kam
She is Heng Wan’s partner in Cantonese opera. She looks fierce and is close to Heng Wan. She also loves gossiping. She attempts to help Heng Wan to force Fai to leave Yee Tak by dividing his fortune. She keeps a sissy singer, Eddy as her godson. Eddy is also close to Cheng and Wah. She is really sad to know that her son is also gay like Wah. Sigh – how can she not know when Wah keeps staying over at her place?

11. Chim Pak Lam – Chu Kong
He is an architect at the jobs ministry. He helps Lam in getting information on a holiday resort and she interviews him. For his job scope - he provides the floor plan in building houses but doesn’t interfere in house prices. This is her first interview and she has hoped to make it more interesting but he is an introvert. Just when both are about to end their interview, his ex-wife, Sophie (Lam Kin Ming) comes to look for him to help her in purchasing things.

Pak Lam reads the interview on the magazine and is very impressed. He calls her but she is not in. Lam’s secretary leaves her a note but she misses reading it. She hurries to contact him upon knowing it. But he is already on holiday for 2 weeks. He later returns and invites her home. There is Sophie again taking things away from her room. She is always between them, trying to ruin their dates.

Luckily, Pak Lam manages to get his psychiatrist friend, Jack to treat Sophie so that he can go out with Lam. He regrets not knowing Lam earlier but he tries to make up to her. Although he is always busy, he tries to find time for her.

He grows to love Lam and both become a couple. He mistakens her to be a scheming woman to make use of him to buy houses. (That is actually Chun Yau’s deed.) Getting disillusioned, he goes overseas to leave her alone in Hong Kong.

12. Yim Sau Ching and Kam Wai – Shek Sau and Chow Yun Fatt
The two top leading actors as supporting roles? Am I joking? No – they are as anti-corruption ICAC investigators who are hot on Lok Fail’s trail. Wai first grills the person who accepts money from Fai. It is hell indeed for the Loks as both keep hounding on the two families – checking on their house deeds and bank balances.

Lam is definitely sick of them checking on the consruction company files frequently. Chow is the more proactive type as Shek sends a man, Cheuk (Yu Kar Lun) as an undercover to work in Fai’s company.

Wai is more direct – he even goes to Pak Lam to keep asking him questions. Pak Lam is infuriated when his integrity is being questioned. They surely do not wish to let go of any clue since Fai isn’t around to answer their questions. Another guest star to be their head is Yu Yeung.

13. Cheung Hak Lun - Kam Heng Hin
He is a doctor and gets to befriend Lam when she brings Yee Tuck to visit him. Yee Tuck wishes to introduce Mun to him to be her boyfriend as he is very attentive. He is brought up by his aunt as he is an orphan. He is close to the Hos as Kin is his ex-classmate. When knowing Lam leaves a note to offer compensation for his car after knocking into it, the two men guess her identity correctly and he also has a good impression of her.

He later dates Lam and is puzzled why she doesn’t pick him up at the airport when he returns from an overseas conference. He befriends Hang Mei on the plane and treats her when she is sick. He doesn’t know that Hang Mei is her sister. How blur he can be – their surnames are rare and how can it be pure coincidence? Lam guesses that they will end up together in the end like a fairy tale. Still, she keeps the truth from him. Sensing that Lam is jealous, he tries hard to appease her.

Lam pours her woes to Hak Lum over the nude photos. He thinks that she should have checked the facts more carefully. The most pitiful person is Wah as he is the innocent party. He is only 17 years old and this matter must have affected his future. Fai is also getting affected because of it while Lam doesn’t suffer from any damage. Lam is angry with him for not siding with her.

However, her job later causes them to drift apart as he finds her too headstrong. Hang Mei senses that he is close to Lam although he is with her. Later, he straightens his thoughts as Hang Mei is more suitable for him and is glad to learn from his uncle that Lam has a boyfriend now.

Hak Lun is also a stubborn person. He wants to make his engagment a quiet affair so he only invites 11 people. That includes only the Hos, his family and Fai’s family! Even Chun Yau’s parents are not invited. He keeps stressing that he wants to make it a private affair but I also find this list puzzling. Are the Hos closer to him than his future in-laws?!

He really ends up marrying Hang Mei as she expects. He is a filial son-in-law. He and Hang Mei are very loving. Knowing that Fai can’t bear insults from the Mas, he seeks to bail him out when he is questioned by the ICAC for the second time.

14. Ho Tin Fung – Ng Fung
Tin Fong is Fai’s friend. He is the doting god-father of Lam and Mun. Lam goes to Tin Fong’s home to ask him for advice to start a new magazine – rather than approaching Fai. Lam is willing to lend her the money if other banks do not but he wants her to write him a proposal. Fai commands Lam to return home immediately when seeing her there. Tin Fong shakes his head – even though Lam is his daughter, he should not treat her so badly and most importantly, they are at his house!

Lam is surprised that he reads magazines published by her previous company. Not because he likes reading them but because she works in there then. I feel that he seems to be more like her father than Fai. He lies to Lam that he gets a friend to help her to set up the magazine but actually the money comes from him. He knows her ability and trusts her.

Seeing that Fai quarrels with Heng Wan over the nude photos, he offers to mediate between them. Heng Wan treats him with resentment all along but she can do nothing to him as he knows how to talk his way out. Kin might have inherited his genes to become a lawyer then.

15. Ho Kin – Lee Dou Hung
It is funny that both father and son know the existence of Fai’s other family to keep from Heng Wan’s family for so long. Unlike his father who is a banker, Kin is a lawyer. Fai has initially wanted to pair him with Hang Mei but he is more interested in Mun instead. He often appears to give Mun support when she does catwalk on stage. The two pathetic men have to help to mediate between the two wives under Fai’s request. He is stuck when Heng Wan approaches him to sue Lam over Wah’s nude photos.

Heng Wan reprimands him for siding Lam’s family and he advises her to discuss it with Fai. He helps to bail Wah and Cheng out. He also tries to help in Fai’s corruption case to be his law consultant. This man is very busy indeed over Fai’s family’s affairs!

16. Wong Yam Tuck – Tam Bing Wan
He is Yee Tuck’s younger brother who works in Fai’s compnay. He is greedy by nature and isn’t satisfied with what he gets for now. He keeps getting into trouble with his gambling debts. Fai gives up on him as he is unable to stop strikes from happening in his company. Neither can he find the spy who is shadowing him.

17. See Cheng – Lok Ying Kuan
Surprise, surprise – he is Wah’s lover. You get the creeps upon seeing his wardrobe of bright red shirts. Upon seeing Wah’s button is torn from his shirt, he sews for him and does a good job. He also gets involved with a sissy club singer, Eddy. When knowing that Chun Yau is with another woman (who is Mun) at the nightclub, he thinks that it is fair for Heng Nam to know about it. Both guys love swimming and often go to the beach. They also share a room together. The signs are simply too obvious.

18. Sam Po – Ma Siu Ying
She is Yee Tuck’s maid but the sisters treat her like their grandmother. She dotes on them and often brew tonics for them. She knows the unfairness that Lam has been through and sympathesizes with her. Whenever Yee Tuck is troubled over her family, she is always there to offer consolation. It can be strange, though. She is very healthy despite her age but Yee Tuck is so sickly. She is always the one who calls Hak Lun to make house visits!

19. Sophie – Lam Kin Ming
She is Bak Lam’s ex-wife who has a serious psychiatric problem. She wins a beauty contest. She is in low spirits after losing a chance to act in a movie during an audition. She then accepts Bak Lam’s proposal and marries him. Being a boring and plain person, she soon grows sick of this life. She then divorces him but regrets later. She still regards him as her husband and also boyfriend.

She will suddenly appear at his home or at the security guard counter when he is not present. Whenever she fails to find him, she will take drugs and often land up in hospital. She doesn’t want him to with any other woman. Bak Lam has rescued her numerous times and is nearly going bonkers himself.

20. Kam Kwong Hoi – Wong San
He is a shareholder in the restaurant business but is power hungry to get into property business. Thus he often looks around for help. He stays in the village but he knows how to gain power by buying votes.

Interesting facts

This drama was the longest at 110 episodes. Wang was so famous that she shot 5 dramas that year. This drama gave her the deepest impression. Before this drama, she was often portrayed as a gentle woman. The phrase女强人 started from here. Her role as the decisive, resolute, and capable Lam created a new role model for Hong Kong women in the 70s to imitate her dressing when most females were still conservative.

Many liked the clothes that she wore. They were very fitting and beautiful on her. She had gone to Joyce to buy some of the clothes. Others were her personal clothes from Dior and Valentino. She really spared no money to do her job well. When it came to show the part where Fai goes missing, many newspapers had this advertisement by TVB to claim that his children missed him and wished him to contact them as the headline. That was a new tactic that caused the drama to be an instant hit.

Wang was married to a businessman then. Although he was westernized and did not mind her working after marriage, her mother-in-law was very strict and only allowed her to shoot once a week. It was rumoured that Wang had an abortion because of the shooting of this drama. It was not true as it was a miscarriage. After that, she was childless and she actually liked to be a mother. Thus she had 3 goddaughters (as she loved girls more) and 1 godson. All knew that 2 of her godchildren are Tse Yin’s children.

I saw Wang’s old photos of this drama during her 2009 Singapore concert. Around the same time, my neighbour managed to get the discs. However, it is of an incomplete set of the first 30 vcds. But our two families do not mind it as we get to experience the finest acting seen up to date.

Favourite character
Lam, she is very independent and knows what she should do. She faces a lot of setbacks but she never gives in to failure easily.

Most hated character
Fai, all troubles will not have started if he doesn’t have two families. He blames others but not himself.

The luckiest character
Hang Mei – she is born into a rich family and her love life is smooth too.

Most pitiful character
Not one but two. The Hos have to be the middlemen whenever the two families have arguments. What have they done to deserve this?

The drama is well-known too for its theme song of the same title; 家變, which was composed and arranged by Koo Kar Fai, with lyrics by the late Wong Jim and sung by Roman Tam. The song trailer is so professionally made – it has a picture showing Fai with Heng Wan’s family first with the other with Yee Tak’s family. The man really enjoys the best of both worlds but has to taste what he reaps later. This fits the title so well – a house is no longer a home when something geos wrong.

The series was hugely successful after its broadcast and established Wang's status in TVB with her portrayal of Lok Lam. However, you have to put up with a lot of factors. It is a 30 year old drama so the actions are so slow when the people walk and take their own sweet time to say something. It also takes ages for them to finish a meal scene and we must bear with the beatles dressing for those days. Plus the rich do not seem to be rich enough even though they have a maid at home.

Lam’s English name is called Lisa in the drama. The ensemble cast, especially Tang Pik Wan and Pak Man Biu helped to make the series a success. Lam gives the biggest impact to push Wang to her highest popularity and she deserves it. Tang and Nam's superb acting skills also brought the two wives of a successful businessman to life - one being proud and the other is submissive.

All hell breaks loose when Fai is discovered to have two families and Wah is discovered to be gay. Based on the 1970s standard, both are very daring themes. ‘Heart of greed’ and ‘Moonlight Resonance’ involve too much squabbling and catfights. The second wives kick up a fuss over petty issues while the rest love to yell at the top of their voices.

But in this drama, most of the typhoons are unseen and can be terrifying or disastrous. The two families only refer to the other family by ‘that side’ – they hardly mention names. Even though Heng Wan is angry, she doesn’t have to hurt her own lungs or throat. She discovers the umbrella among the presents but doesn’t release her fury.

Instead, she gets Fai to open the present himself and hides aside to see his reaction. So the adequate bitterness is shown with her powerful acting presentation. That is how elegant a rich man’s wife should be. The extra bonus will be listening to Tang singing Cantonese opera – she was an expert. I must confess that I belong to the old school of thought but the artistes then definitely use the right methods for acting.

There are many characters involved but each of them is distinctive. My only complaint is the length. Yet their acting spurs me to continue watching. Do watch it to find out why it is considered a classic.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)
On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)
On songs : **** (Scale of 5)

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