A Life of His Own

Reviewed by: sukting

December 18, 2008

Rating: two-point-five

How long
20 episodes

If I remember correctly, this is Hak Kan and Sau Mun's first drama. Do you wish to see them as a couple together? This is the story of a rich man's son who doesn't want to depend on his father for success and prefers to strike out on his own.

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Cheung Kit – Lee Hak Kan
He is the only son of Ying and Bik Wan. He is well taken care of and returns to Hong Kong after graduating with a degree from France. He is unhappy when Ying arranges him to work for him. He rebels against him arranging his marriage to marry Ngar Lai and gets thrown out. His friend, Tommy lets him stay with him, thinking that he still has monetary value. Later, Ying forbids Bik Wan to support him and Kit has nothing left as Ying gives all his property to charity. He even announces that he has disowned Kit.

Tommy then throws Kit out and he has nowhere to stay. Luckily, Fu Guai lets him stay with him. He isn't used to the poor life and gives Fu Guai a lot of trouble. He loses Fu Guai's van and Ying forbids Bik Wan to pay the damages. Kit's identity helps him to get a job at his father's friend's company. But the man's son's position is higher than him and he bullies Kit.

Kit resigns due to resentment and pours his woes to Fu Guai. Fu Guai points out that both belong to the same kind. He gets angry and leaves his home. Bik Wan manages to coax him to return home but Ying still regards him a good for nothing to throw him out again. He then returns to Fu Guai again and promises to work hard. Fu Guai sees him doing odd labour but still endures his boss's scolding.

It is Fu Guai's turn this time who can't take it and gets Kit to work in his designing contract company. After they finish furnishing a home, Kit then discovers that it belongs to Ngar Lai. Ngar Lai then picks on the designing and demands him to change. He has no choice but to change Mun's design. Mun gives him a dressing down again and later realizes that she has made a mistake. She tries speaking up for him.

Kit doesn't wish to make her life difficult so he chooses another project. Fu Guai accidentally breaks an ornament. Kit changes the design last minute and is accepted. He then becomes the company's basic designer. Kit is elated and Mun is also happy for him. The manger later arranges him to become Mun's assistant. This arouses jealousy from others but Kit continues to work hard. Whenever both have problems, they will sit down to iron out the problems.

The two start to love each other but have no courage to reveal it. Ying is happy over Kit's performance and tells the manager to give Kit more chances. Kit is overjoyed when he becomes the main designer, without knowing why. The manager steals construction products and pushes to blame to Kit. The boss gives Kit one month to pay the damages.

Kit feels that he is let down by so many people. He goes missing and Ying is about to pay the damages on the due date when Kit refuses him. The boss doesn't dare to report to the police as he is scared of Ying. Kit then draws portraits on the street to earn a living. Mun and Fu Guai find him. Fu Guai begs for his forgiveness and he forgives him.

Kit finds another designing job and gets mad when knowing that Ying secretly arranges him. He resigns and declares that he has broken all ties with him. Although Ying tries explaining to him with Bik Wan's help, he still refuses to forgive him. Kit is bothered when he can't find another job. Thus Fu Guai suggests that both can open a company. But they don't get a single business. In order not to implicate Fu Guai, Kit suggests winding up. They decide to help an old woman to renovate her home free of charge.

The old woman is grateful and promotes for them. Soon, their business becomes brisk. The television station finds the design outstanding. One magazine interviews Kit and he is widely known now. There is an interior design competition so Mun and Kit participate. Kit decides to marry Mun and he becomes first in the contest. The prize is to go overseas to work for 2 years. He wishes Mun to resign and accompany him and she agrees. But later, he decides not to go since she is staying.

Mun lies to have a boyfriend so that he will leave. Even though Fu Guai discovers her intentions to tell Kit later, Kit still leaves. Fu Guai doesn't know what is on his mind. Kit's designing talent is appreciated and he is invited to join Yeung designing company. He returns to Hong Kong and thanks his father to move back home. He looks for Mun but sees her intimate with Fu Guai so he leaves, feeling down. But they still get together again at the crucial moment. Hak Kan's acting is okay but can be better.

2. Mou Fu Guai – Lee Kar Shing
He is a renovation contractor and soon becomes Kit's buddy. Kit only learns much later that he is Mun's foster brother. But he is in love with her. He replaces Yiem Kiew to watch a movie with Mun and is happy the whole day. He thinks that Mun likes him and tells Kit about it. Kit sulks after knowing it.

Fu Guai knows that Ying is worried for Kit so he keeps informing him about his wellbeing. He doesn't believe that Kit has cheated the company so he tails the manager. The manager wishes Ying to pay the damages or his evil deed will be revealed. Ying rejects him and Fu Guai thinks that both frame Kit for stealing the construction products. But Kit finds that they are always in contact and nearly falls out with him. Seeing that Mun is always out, he suspects that she has a boyfriend.

He grumbles to Kit and Kit feels very remorseful as he is her boyfriend. Fu Guai manages to find out so he lies that Dai Hei is his girlfriend so that he will not feel remorseful. Soon, he gets bothered by her as she believes that this is the truth. Although their renovation company is doing well, his dressing is too casual and thus he isn't as famous as Kit. Dai Hei advises him to change as he is often mistaken to be a worker. But she does a bad job instead.

Mun enters a competition and her design is in the company. The company is on fire so Fu Guai gets for her. He accidentally trips and both his legs can't move. The doctor suspects that some nerves are hurt and he needs to stay in hospital. He doesn't appreciate Da Hei taking care of him. Da Hei is enraged and blurts that he still likes Mun. Kit and Mun overhear this. Kit feels bad and suggests breaking up with Mun. Mun tells him that love can't be compelled so he gets touched to be together again.

Mun takes care of Fu Guai to help him recover completely. Kit still feels that Fu Guai makes a big sacrifice so he decides to let him have Mun. Fu Guai has to scold him to tell him off so he returns to Mun again. But after Kit leaves Hong Kong, he becomes Mun's boyfriend. He loses confidence upon knowing his return. He keeps checking on Mun as she keeps on having contacts with Kit over business matters.

Mun feels humiliated and scolds him but understands him. She suggests marriage and he is overjoyed. Kit is very upset to learn about the news. Fu Guai notices that Mun still keeps the Kit's engagement ring and feels uneasy. He then tests Kit's feelings towards Mun. Kit knows that Mun wants him to go overseas then so he respects her decision to work hard and come back later.

Fu Guai calms down and makes a decision. On their wedding day, he gives her away to Kit. Mun feels humiliated and leaves. Kit runs after her and reveals his feelings. Both are married while Fu Guai also accepts Dai Hei. Kar Shing's acting is quite good. Unfortunately, his plain looks limit him from going far. If only he is as lucky as Liu Wai Hung. Luck is just not on his side.

3. See Mun – Cheng Sau Mun
She is an interior designing student. She is at loggerheads with Kit right from the first day they meet. The woman he is supposed to marry gets rejected. Getting mad with the two, she announces through a press conference that Mun is the third party. Although Kit tries apologizing to her, she doesn't accept it. Mun's teacher recommends her and she continues her studies overseas.

She becomes an interior designer when back. She comes to the site and is surprised to see Kit and Fu Guai there. Seeing how Kit has become, she feels that it is partly her fault. But she gives him a dressing down when he changes her design. Mun meets some difficult customers. Luckily, Kit helps her out. But he later becomes jobless again. Knowing that he is proud, she doesn't dare to let him know that she is promoted.

He still knows it anyway and he also knows that Fu Guai is in love with her all along. So he decides not to see her again. Mun has to knock sense into his head so they finally become a couple. Mun's new boss wishes Mun to stay in Hong Kong .Seeing that she is close to her boss on work, Kit feels insecure and decides to give up the chance to go overseas. Ying feels that he has let go a great chance and tells this to
Mun. Mun doesn't wish to hold Kit back so she pretends to love her boss.

After Kit's departure, she overworks and falls ill. She looks wan even after her recovery. Fu Guai is angry when Kit refuses to listen to his explanation when he calls him. He forges Kit's handwriting to write her letters but she knows the truth. Yiem Kiew encourages her to accept Fu Guai so she follows. Sau Mun's acting is very expressionless. We only see her fondling her long tresses most of the time and she has trouble handling emotional scenes.

4. Tang Dai Hei – Lau Yuk Chui
She grows up in the village and regards Kit as her idol. She thinks that Fu Guai is in love with her. Upon knowing that Fu Guai is sick, she comes to take care of him, spoiling his chance to be with Mun. She deliberately imitates Mun's dressing to please him. She gets his and her photo to enter a contest on choosing the most compatible husband and wife. Both get the first prize but she is upset to find out that he helps Mun out in designing to miss the prize giving ceremony.

Da Hei realises that Fu Guai likes Mun and Fu Guai has to lie to her that he likes her so that Mun will not know about it. Finally, Fu Guai learns that love can't be compelled and accepts her later. Yuk Chui is quite natural in playing this simple-minded character. It is a pity that her pixie frame limits her roles.

5. Cheung Ying – Bao Fong
He is Kit's father who immediately arranges Kit to work in his holdings after his return. He even arranges him to marry his friend's daughter, Ngar Lai. But Kit rejects him on the spot. Getting mad, he chases him away from home. Although he keeps saying that he can't be bothered about Kit, he keeps helping him.

It is Ying's birthday and Bik Wan gets Kit to return home with Mun. Kit buys an expensive watch for Ying. Ying thinks that he has reverted back to his spendthrift ways and scolds him. Both quarrel and Kit leaves. Ying has a heart attack and is hospitalized. Kit visits him and notices that he has aged. His anger vanishes completely but both refuse to take the initiative to talk to each other. Bik Wan and Mun have to help out.

6. Lee Bik Wan – Leung Shun Yin
She is Kit's mother who is sandwiched between Kit and Ying. She spoils Kit and that is why it takes a long time to be independent as he is too used to a comfortable life.

7. Kam Yiem Kiew – Lo Yuen Yan
She is Mun's mother who is a garbage collector. Kit knows her as she often collects garbage near his home. She doesn't feel inferior and brings up her daughter. All are shocked to know that Fu Guai makes Dai Hei his girlfriend. Yiem Kiew reminds Fu Guai to take responsibility.

8. Lam Ngar Lai – Ng Wing Hung
She is the woman that Kit is supposed to marry. See how unforgiving she is to both Mun and Kit. Luckily, their marriage is called off as no one can stand her temper.

'Generation Gap' by Hak Ken is well sung. A fast paced song that all will love to listen to.


The story has a weak plot. Unlike the Chinese title to suggest that Kit is rich and romantic, Kit is far from being a romantic. Kit's willpower is very weak as he keeps changing his mind and he often feels insecure. I only have pleasure to see him always getting thrown out from other homes.

Even Fu Guai gets influenced and learns all his bad habits. Mun is also too arrogant – I can't stand the airs she has when talking to others. I thought she knows better since she comes from a humble background. Dai Hei can be loud and blur at times but she is still more adorable than her.

Talking about this, Mun's home sends me speechless. It is too spacious and also nicely renovated. Should this be the home of a garbage collector? Moreover, Mun is only a student then – where does the money come from?! Sorry but I can't be bought over to believe it even though Fu Guai is a renovation contractor. It will be more acceptable if they are staying in a smaller unit or public house instead.

Getting singers to act was not a good idea then. Hak Kan and Sau Mun are so stiff. They look like fish out of water and they simply read the lines without emotions. They are completely overshadowed by the others. However, they do look compatible as a pair on screen. Nevertheless, we can see that they improve in their acting as the years move on. This drama is for curious fans to observe how they first started out. Sau Mun had a lot of baby fat and was very young then.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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