A Matter of Business

Reviewed by: hkopinions

December 31, 2007

Rating: two

Ada Choi
Chin Ka Lok
Miu Sui Wai
Cheng Keng Kei
Florence Kwok
Joe Ma
Joey Leung


"A Matter of Business" is a dramatic comedy but the plot just makes the series awkward. I didn't find the plot too entertaining and the comedy was more or less lame. The problem is not because of the cast, since I think they did an okay job, but the problem is because of the plot. The plot was weak and failed to capture the viewers' attention for long. The first few episodes were good but after the third episode, I was tired of the comedy and wanted the series to be more dramatic.

What about the story

Ada Choi is the star of this series. She lives with her younger brother, great aunt, and older sister. Ada is very straight-forward and careless, causing her to lose her job often. She often speaks out of her mind offending many people. Ada's best friend is Florence. Florence helps Ada get a job as Chin Ka Lok's secretary. Ada has a bad start with Chin Ka Lok and upsets him. They end up being transferred to the same department. Ada's godfather tells Ada to get a man before she turns 28 or never get married again. Chin Ka Lok's friend, Cheng Keng Kai, falls in love with Ada when they accidentally meet. Ada also meets the Joe, the guy she fell in love with a long time ago when she saw him playing tennis. He lives above her apartment. Joe tells Chin Ka Lok and Cheng Keng Kei to hint to Ada that he doesn't love her, but they also mess up. Ada plans a party for Joe but finds out that Chin Ka Lok was saying things behind her back. Ada leaves the party and starts to drink. Chin Ka Lok tells that he is sorry and promises Ada that he will find her two dozens other men...

Ada Choi

Ada did a good job in this series. Although I find the humor lame, Ada still proved to her fans that she can act. Her chemistry with Chin Ka Lok was okay but her chemistry with Joe Ma was just weird. Without Ada's strong performance, this series would not be worth watching. Catch Ada Choi in "Where the Legend Begins."

Chin Ka Lok

I actually liked his character. In the beginning, when the viewers are introduced to Chin Ka Lok, it is obvious that he and Ada will sooner or later hook up. Chin Ka Lok was very funny when he pretended to be gay to make Ada suppress her feelings.

Best supporting actor

Cheng Keng Kei

Best supporting actress

Miu Siu Wai

Worst character portrayal

Joe Ma

What about my comments

The storyline was very poorly written. In the beginning of the series, it was strong but was weak at the end. I find myself holding on to the remote too long and forwarding scenes I felt unnecessary. The comedy was weak and not much for laugh. If not for Ada Choi's and Chin Ka Lok's performance, I would not have watched the entire series.

Watch it or forget it

Well, this series is probably a forget it. I find the series a waste of money. However, if you are Ada's fans, you might want to watch it. Beware though, because you might not like Ada after watching this series.

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