A Pillow Case of Mystery

Reviewed by: Tee Kayi

August 21, 2006

Rating: four

Bobby Au
Kenix Kwok
Benny Chan
Tavia Yeung
Annie Man

Plot (Spoilers)
When Bobby was about 11, he wandered off somewhere and was lost for a while. When he came back, one of his arms was disabled/paralyzed and he had lost all his memories. Since he had no memories, he was like an empty shell. His mother felt guilty because she felt that it was her fault so she made sure that he would never do that again by making him dumb. She would do everything for him.

Bobby is grown up now and is the new judge in town. He was hated by everyone when he accused the wrong person of stealing. The hatred grew worse when the accused guy hung himself. Bobby was blamed for that too. One night on his way home, Bobby finds a pillowcase. Inside was this old man that would help give him clues to solving the cases. Bobby believed that he was a pillow "god" sent from the heavens to help him, but actually he was the spirit of Kenix's grandfather.

Through the many cases, Bobby got help from Kenix. She would somehow end up finding the clues that the pillow spirit told Bobby. This led Bobby to think of Kenix as his lucky star and eventually wants to marry her.

Benny is Kenix's younger brother. Their whole family was massacred when Benny was just a baby and Kenix was six. Luckily they survived and was raised by their Lady Nine (Mary Hon). They had to hide their identities because they were said to be hunted down by the killer, which made Bobby think that they were lovers at first (funny scenes).

Benny found a beggar one day who stole his coin bag. The beggar turned out to be Tavia, Bobby's god-sister and a princess. Even with their rough start, they ended up being good friends and liked each other without knowing. But because of their statuses they had a difficulty being together.

He was funny during some parts. His character was very likable (if I live in that town I wouldn't hate him), he would always try and try even when everyone told him to stop. He was very smart too, even though he thought that the pillow spirit helped him, it was actually him who solved all those cases on his own.

Her character was funny at the beginning. As the end of the series came, she started to be more dramatic and I really liked seeing her in dramatic roles. Maybe it's because I'm used to seeing her in those kinds of roles. She was such a nice girl, she would always try to make money but she also helps people out too.

Benny and Tavia
They ware so cute and funny in here. They were like kids sometimes with the way that they acted. Tavia was a good princess too, she wasn't all snobby or bratty and she cared so much for her god-brother, she even took a hit for him. The only thing that I did not like so much was how Benny got upset too easily and does things without thinking. Like when he thought that Bobby sent people to kill Michelle, he ran up to Bobby and tried to stab him. I mean he should have done some investigation first!

Bobby's mom
She was too over-protective of him and he was like 30 years old. She was also mean to Kenix too when Kenix wouldn't bow to her husband (Kenix thought he killed her family). She kept saying that if the wife didn't get Bobby a son, she would make him marry another one. It was so annoying when she kept on saying that and the girls couldn't say anything back. When Kenix stood up to her, I was like "Yay go Kenix!!"

The last case (if you have not seen the series these two things will be confusing)

When Benny and Kenix's dad was being stupid and traded his royal title to Tavia's dad. It was so stupid, I mean no one would trade off being a royal person to some guy that they just met.

Tavia's Dad
How can he be so selfish? Just to keep his secret he killed over 50 people! He has no heart. I mean he killed all those people just so that he can stay alive. I thought he was nice when he first came in where he let Benny and Tavia be together but then I found out that and my opinion on him changed.

The overall performance was great. There wasn't anyone in this series that I had major problems with. Even though that there were characters that I really disliked (see above) I will still give them credit because if it wasn’t for them then I would not focus my attention of my likes factors. I think that every series has the annoying people to make the viewers like the good guys more.

Favorite sense (spoilers)
- Any scene with Benny and Tavia.
- Scenes with Bobby and Kenix.
- When Kenix yelled at her mother in law.
- When Bobby kicked Kenix out of the house and he had this angry face but then when she turned around she started to cry.
- When Bobby waited for Kenix in the rain, It was so sweet.
- Kenix and Benny at the very beginning, welcoming Bobby. Their dance and act was funny.
- All those dreams that Bobby had with the Pillow Spirit.

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