A Pillow Case of Mystery

Reviewed by: Kimmie Tran

January 09, 2007

Rating: four-point-five

Bobby Au Yeung
Kenix Kwok
Benny Chan
Tavia Yeung
Annie Man
Eileen Yeow

Bobby is a new magistrate of a town. He lives with his mom and three wives. He was blamed for the death of of the the town's well-known person and so hated by the people, especially by Kenix and her "friend" Benny. Kenix works for the court by helping the female prisoners fill their needs. She wasn't married and very greedy. Bobby, to clear his name, investigated on the death of the dead guy and found a magic pillow that gives him clues to the solution to the mystery. After clearing his name. He solved my other cases that made him great magistrate.

Some of these cases are:
Benny was framed of killing two people and injuring one . Benny did not kill those two people and so Kenix, who is actually his sister, helped him run away and live where they are know. The man who accused Benny of killing those delivery men, the guy that was injured, was seen in the town they live in. Although the guy did not turn in Benny, his friend helped Bobby figure out that a fugutive is in his town. Bobby sets out to find the truth with his godsister Tavia, who is also a princess.

Another case is when Tavia's pearl necklace was missing and Bobby and Kenix happened to land on the town the pearl necklace came from. The necklace was supposed to bring the town good luck, but when it was stolen, the town became very poor. The necklace was stolen by a famous thief and piece by piece, Tavia found out that her late mother was actually in love with another man. Thinking her mom cheated on her father, she decided to find the thief who was her mother's lover.

A major case in this series was about Kenix's and Benny's family. Kenix and Benny's family was massacred and that was why they had to seperate for so long. The ghost inside the pillow is actually their grandfather and he said that Bobby's dad sent these men to kill Kenix's family. Bobby, wanting to clear his father's name, investigated this case and found a shocking, and dangerous, sercret.


Bobby and Kenix: Bobby and Kenix hated each other when they first met. But the ghost in the pillow, who is Kenix's grandfather and wanted Kenix to marry a good man with high status, told Bobby that Kenix is his lucky star and that if he sticks to her, then he can solve all his cases. Bobby stuck to Kenix and the two of them fell in love. But their love faced an obstacle when Kenix's family is said to be murdered by Bobby's dad. But they found the real culprit and got back together and had kids.

Benny and Tavia: Their love story is pretty cute. Tavia pretended to be the Golden Flying Fox and stole for the poor. Benny thought she was a student of Golden Flying Fox and so they went on a stealing expedition together. They got caught and Benny found out Tavia was a princess. She later helped Benny prove his innocene and such and they fell in love too.


Bobby Au Yeung - Bobby of course did a fantastic job as the funny and dopey magistrate. He's one of my favorite actors and I don't think I'll ever get sick watching him playing funny guys.

Kenix Kwok - Kenix did a good job as the greedy woman. She looks really pretty in this series. She doesn't look as funny. I like it when her hair was in braids, but that changed when she got married to Bobby. Is it me or does Kenix does ancient series now? I used to only see her in modern TVB. Kenix has a really good chemistry with Bobby. I remember she was in a series with Bobby before and they were lovers too. The two of them were really good in their arguements.

Benny Chan - Man haven't seen him in awhile at TVB. He was really funny. And a good singer too. He sang the theme song for a "A Pillowcase of Mystery". He portrays the thief, but is good guy. I can't imagine seeing another person playing this part. He matches well with Tavia too. They were both funny. But I like seeing him with Annie Man, but they didn't have a romance in here.

Tavia Yeung - Tavia did a good job. I'm pretty sure what I have to say about her is already said in previous reviews. I didn't know Tavia know some martial arts. If she didn't she didn't show that in this series. It seems like Tavia plays the same characters to me. A tough girl who sacriface a lot. But she's good at that.


I really love this series. It reminds me of "Witness to a Prosecution". The cases were intruging and make sense. The twists were unexpected and actually goes with the storyline. No character just pops in out of nowhere. I really like the fact that Tavia uses some kung fu or whatever in here. That was really refreshing, although she did use some in "Face to Fate". I don't have any bad comments about this series.

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